Saturday, September 30

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/2

Dustin Milligan
He plays the angsty son in CW's Runaway. He is from Canada and is 21.

Josh Willingham
Florida Marlin. 27 year old. Nickname is the Hammer.

Yes I know the Marlins are off the Wildcard and are loosing.

Robert Buckley
He currently is in My Network's Fashion House (where he plays Michael Bauer) , was in the movie When a Killer Calls and will be the straight-to-DVD Robot Battle.

Adam Zolotin
Was in Zerophila along with Taylor Handley. He's 23. Nephew of former baseball player Lee Mazzilli. One of the first movies he was Robin William's Jack.

Jilon Ghai
Very little information on this cutie, he has been in a lot of horror films like Alien Abduction (2005), Boo, Death by Engaement, Eternal Bliss and Bad Blood.

Him in Icemaker as Icemaker.

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For No Apparent Reason: Marc Blucas

Here is some eye candy of Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Summer Catch, First Daughter, After Sex).

Friday, September 29

Seriously?! Seriously? McSteamy?

I did expect that. [Reference to the 9/28 episode of Grey's Atanomy 'I am a tree']

Thursday, September 28

Adorable Peter Paige in Grey's Atanomy

Peter Paige (Queer as Folk) made a stellar guest performance on Grey's Atanomy as a man Benjamin who had a brain tumor and said everthing on his mind. it was great. Unfortuantely his character died. But he was hiralous. His character was gay as well as he is. He looks so much better on this show and his site.

Johnny Lozada produces 'Tambien Caeras'

Soap Actor and former Menudo performer (along with Ricky Martin) Johnny Lozada is now the host and producer of Tambien Caeras on WGENTV local channel 8 in Miami now owned by Colombian network Caracol.

One of his great telenovelas is Amigas y Rivales and was in an episode of Silver Spoons as one of the Menudo. I once saw him in a local Wal-Mart a few years ago. Unfortuantely, I got to be honest, he isn't looking so hot on Tambien Caeras. I am cool with grey hair (which he has) but he seems not to able to work it.

Tuesday, September 26

The Vault #5: Sailor Moon Video--Usagi/Mamoru/Saiya/Private Emotion

This is a great fan video with the song from Ricky Martin "Private Emotion." It features Usagi, Mamoru, and Saiya love triangle. If you haven't seen Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, this might be a spoiler.

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Monday, September 25

Unknown Hotties of the Week 9/25 Part 2

Cauã Reymond
Brazilian Actor/Model who's soap resume includes "Belíssima", "Como uma Onda" , "Da Cor do Pecado" and "Malhação".

He studied acting in New York before gaining his 2002 role in the series that started in 1995. He was the third brother of five Thor in the superior Da Cor do Pecado ('El Color de Pecado'/'The Color of Sin').

I am not so fond of his new facial hair look sported at a recent fashion show. He is belissimo himself.

Daniel Cross
23-year old Australian Rugby player for the Western Bulldogs.

He can really fill out a suit and coordinate with his date.

Matthew Pavlich
Plays for Freemantle Football club, also for Australia.

He's 24 and he has a nice thighs.

Not much of a backside though.

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Sunday, September 24

Brothers & Sisters Family Tree

I had to look at this series, i know I may not be able to keep track of it since I have so many series I already watch. its abig family series and I got a big family. This is the Walker family, three brothers and two sisters. So who is quick who is who. Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

Sally Field
as the classic mom Nora.

Tom Skerritt
as deceased father William Walker who kept many a secret.

Calista Flockhart as Kitty,
who is a right-wing radio host and at odds with her mother. They fought over that Nora thinks Kitty sent her youngest brother to war because of her political views. Kitty herself lives in New York and was near the twin towers when they fell.

Racheal Griffiths (Six Feet Under) as Sarah
A mother with many kids and in therapy with her husband. She had an affair with her former co-worker friend. She now works in the business belonging to her maternal uncle and father. She seems the smartest. Kitty and Sarah are close.

John Pyper-Ferguson as Joe Whedon,
Sarah's husband

Balthazar Getty (Lord of the Flies, Charmed) as Thomas "Tommy"
who works with the family business as well.

Sarah Morris
as Julia, Thomas' wife who also works with them. She seems sweet.

Matthew Rhys
as gay son lawyer Kevin.

Dave Annable
as Justin, who is a veteran, went to Afghanistan and got into drugs and is trying rehab but still embarrassing the family. Very close to Kitty who encouraged him to go to war.

Ron Rifkin (Alias) as Uncle Saul, Nora' brother
who is nuts and creepy, maybe embezzling money for the business.

Patricia Wettig (Prision Break) plays Mystery woman Holly Harper and is part of the cast. She had an loving affair with father William. Wettig is also the wife of the creator.

Dave Annable get another chance this season

This face might not look familiar but last season he was in the short-lived FOX (what a surprise right? they are a pilot cemetery) series Reunion about high school graduates who we see them a year per episode to find out who was killed and who killed them but that was canceled.

He is now a part of Brothers & Sisters with Calista Flockhart, Sally Field, and Rachel Griffins.

Desperate Housewives Season 3 Premiere Review

Can you believe Season Three has begun?

Season Two got complaints were that the 'big secret' was slow moving and boring and the girls weren't together too much. This episode, not neccessarily an omen for the season but it suffers of more of the same. The gang meet together but seems forced. Six months have passed since what happened last and they love to mention it.

First off, Orson's (the mysterious guy who hit Mike Delfino in a car) backstory is touched upon about his wife mysterious dissappearance. It seems Bree is the focus for the season again. It just might seem that way. Orson and Bree get engaged. In a very funny and obvious but not so bad that you can't enjoy it, Bree has her first orgasam and thinks she is having a stroke. Midly interesting but the writers are all aware that they have pitted her with a psycho before and perhaps all this evidence that he might be evil is not so.

Susan mourns over Mike is in still hot in a coma! The hot Dougary Scott also has his love one, is wife, in a coma starts to get smitten with the oblivious Susan who is still clumsy as ever.
Gabriele has to deal with her chinese surrogate and she is doing all the work. She has to deal with the fact that after the baby is born, she has fight over rights with her husband. Linette must fight with the baby's momma of his hsuband in the usual family stuff. The 'other lady' is hiralous and much of a match.

Overall, more of the same, much drama and comedy but good use of its characters of Wisteria Lane to intermingle, they might have learn a bit from Arrested Development but they still suffer from everyone at the 'main event.'

Burning Questions:
Where is Bree's son and daughter? Her son was abandonned by her and daughter suffered loosing her boyfriend.

Why did Orson hit Mike?

Where is Zack (Mike's creppy son) in all of this?

Christian Bale and Michael Caine again in a Christopher Nolan Film: The Prestige

The last film Christopher Nolan did was Batman Begins, the last actors he has worked with was Christian Bale and Michael Caine and it was the said film he worked with them.

For Trailer click here

Now in the Prestige, Christian Bale and monsterhunk Hugh Jackman play competing magicians. Michael Caine plays their assistant Cutter. Scarlett Johnansson, David Bowie and Andy Serkis (Gollum from The Lord of The Rings) are also in the film.

Sizzling Unknown Hotties of the Summer

Well maybe this is a bit belated but this is a new idea. From all the Unknown Hotties I mentioned this summer, including a couple of weeks ago of course, you get to vote for the smoking hottie of them all. I have chosen five candidates, all you must do is vote. Voting ends October 31. Soon the voting poll will be on the side of this blog.

David Harold Monahan
Acor; Click here for more.

Joey Harrington
Miami Dolphin Football Player; Click here

Matt Dallas
Actor; Click here

David Leitch
Stuntman; Click here

Marcell Jansen
German Footballer; click here

Who should be the Hottie of the Summer?
David Harold Monahan
Joey Harrington
Matt Dallas
David Leitch
Marcell Jansen
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Watch Talk Show with Spike Feresten

Completely lifted from Wikipedia:
Spike is a television writer for The Simpsons ("Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"), Seinfeld ("The Soup Nazi", among others), The Dana Carvey Show, and an episode for Saturday Night Live who now hosts Talkshow with Spike Feresten on FOX.

FOX has saddled Spike with his own late night talk which hasn't been tried since Chevy Chase.. I think. It started September 16, 2006 after MADtv (at midnight) but I only got a chance to see it tonight the 23rd. It is actual pretty good. I think its live too! So the show is actually called 'Talkshow.' He even made a facct on how no one knows who he is. He made a reference to Dave Chepelle. Even those unscripted moments are hiralous. This show is worth defiantely watching and given a chance for FOX. They didn't advertize it all but word of mouth works.