Tuesday, October 28

Greek Cliffhanger?

Tonight's season finale for Greek's season 2/second half of season 1, we were left with a cliffhanger. The frats and sorority are finally turning their pledges to actives. Rusty and his confederate uber-religious roommate said their 'see you laters.' Rusty felt like he had to prove himself to be an active and went to the Omega Chi house to get the paddle he paddled Evan with. Casey wrestled with leaving her new boyfriend Max as he is going to a graduate college in California and she got the opportunity of a lifetime, an internship with a senator in D.C. Frannie made a surprise. She is making her own sorority and the cliffhanger ends with Rebecca's choice: Frannie's sorority or stay. Poor Ashleigh and Casey. We all know her answer. Not much of a cliffhanger.

Guitar Hero Commercial: No No No

I liked the first three but not the last one. The David Cook/David Archuleta Guitar Hero commercial was strange enough (Mormon boxers on a 17 year-old anyone? cringe factor). But now for this 'Rock Band' competition game from Guitar Hero commercial... they gathered along four athletes and the strangest combo ever. Tony Hawk? A bit played out, but fine, dunno how I feel about the helmet. Alex Rodriguez? Okay, fine, whatever. They didn't make him wear a helmet. Michael Phelps? Awesome! Great! Should have been just him! But awk! What?!! Mr. Raped a teen girl Kobe???! What the frak? I mean, okay, maybe he wasn't guilty but no one wants to see him in underwear, he was in nylon shorts but still.. thinking about the sequence, from Tom Cruise's Risking Business and we got to see Cruise's tighty whities, and that thought with Kobe. Eek. And it was kinda cool that Michael Phelps didn't wear briefs but his siwmmer trunks. Wish we saw more.

Thursday, October 23

Sinbad and Rob Thomas guest on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is always nuts. They rarely have guest stars, but when they do. It is awesome! Like the father from 7th Heaven as Dee and Dennis' real father , that was classic. Tonight they had Sinbad and super hot Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. Dennis was put in rehab center to make a book he wrote be true and those two were playing loonies that intimidated Dennis. Rob barely talked and it was hilarious. And it turned out it wasn't really them in the story.

Palin Rant

I took my friend's advice and watched "The View." She watches it for Whoopie Goldberg but she was sick and was not there yesterday. But Bill O' Reily was there and Joy was on fire. I love Joy. They were talking about how Palin talks about being a regular joe, but she was given a big budget to dress 'up.' Also how she used tax payers' money for trips for her daughter and tried to change it. John Stewart compared one of her red jackets to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket, like if she bought it off eBay. The other day Mr. Stewart got mad at Palin for her referring to liberal lefties as 'fake Americans.' The chicks at the View also mentioned Palin being the 'bulldog' and just attacking Obama but not really saying what she will do as vice-president. My dad said it made sense since her lipstick remark. John also demands to know who she is. We know so little about her, but now we are getting flood of information like "Trooper-Gate," her daughter's baby, the rest of her family, her wardrobe budget, etc.

I just don't want our country to be divided anymore.

Thursday, October 16

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist BOOK review

I loved the movie so I had to check out the book. The book turns out to be for adolescents but has more curse words than the movie. You know how when books turn into movies. they have the poster or logo of the movie on the cover? I have a Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump that is like that. Now, what was weird is that the movie-cover version of the book was a dollar cheaper than the original cover! It is the same book, only that this one contains 8 color pages of pictures from the movie. They are basic ones you can find on IMDB but it nice to see them glossy. The book is told in first-person from Nick and Norah. one chapter is Nick and another is Norah and so on, so on.

Of course there are going to be changes, there is a lot of changes in fact. The biggest is that in the movie, Norah is the one who initiates to kiss Nick, but in the book Nick is the one to initiate it. Thom has a boyfriend in the book, his name is Scot. In the movie, Thom is boyfriend-less. There is not much characterization of Thom in the book, in the movie he's Asian, this is not mentioned in the book. There is a lot over the 'h' in his name, which he added and a delightful rant between him and Norah in which she says her name is Pnorah but the 'P' is silent. Dev doesn't have a boyfriend and flirts around. In fact, Dev is the reason why they have no drummer. He is the dog and you can kind of feel that in the movie. In the movie, Dev is the one who gives Norah a pep talk and gives her a bra. In the book, Thom does the talk, no bra, no uniboob but he does give her 5 dollars! I am surprised she wasn't insulted to be like a hooker. But Thom's intentions were noble.

In the movie, Dev's potential guy Lothario is the one who has the jumper cables around his neck like a boa, but in the book it is Scot. In the book, Dev is the one who holds Nick's hand and quotes the Beatles. In the movie, it is Thom, I am glad it is their incarination fo Thom, it gave him more to do. So bascially, in the book we were shown Thom in a steady relationship and Dev being the flower bee, in the movie Thom is single and Dev is in a potential relationship. The movie has been congruatled for Nick's attitude around his gay friends, having no qualms about being called gay or holding a guy's hand. Nick, in his inner monologue does express that he has no problem about, it kind of feel as though he is trying to explain himself to the straight aduience. I feel that for the character of Nick, he wouldn't be thinking that. The chapters of Nick and Norah is hard to tell if they are being dictated or writing in their journal, for sure it is not 100% their inner monologue.

The narrative is erratic, there is a lot fo run-on sentences, but it is very authentic to teenagers. there is a lot of information that I find as filler and just a range of up-and-down emotions that gets tiring. The book starts out at the Fuckoff's show (in the movie, they are the Jackoffs) where Nick spots Tris and then kisses Norah. The movie starts before that. They were smart to do that. When chapter ends, one character might start right where the other ended or a few minutes before to share the moment on their two points of view or go off on a slight tangent. There are few flashbacks, if they can call that because they are short. The Where's Fluffy show is not at the end but the middle, they attend it and both feel their love for them is ruined. There is no real search for them, but I love that in the movie there is. I also like that they miss the show and we never really see the band, brilliant--it can be anyone's dream band.

Norah's friend Caroline doesn't get lost, she is described a lot but not much action happens to her in present time. But there was a lot of her charater description that was picked up to be in the movie. Unfortunately or Fortunately, there is no throw-up-cellphone-in-toilet-recycled-gum scene in the book! Triss is less a caricature, more caring. The real reason she broke up with Nick was he was head over heals in love with her and she didn't feel the same way and wanted him to find his love one. She does try to sabotage the two but not as much as in the movie. It is also revealed that when Norah had a pregnancy scare over Tal, Tris was there for her. Norah's ex Tal appears earlier than he does in the movie and appears in shorter scenes that he does in the movie. He is more of a jerk and doesn't really persue Norah as much. When the parents don't physically appear in the movie, Norah's father does talk to her on the phone.

I also got to mention that Nick is a bit more confident than in the movie. Norah is the same fiery smart quick-glib girl but a little mroe aware of herself and she is her worst enemy, she is the hardest on herself. What I do like about the book although it has messy sentences and narrative, the dialouge is key, it does move the story along. I love when dialouge does that. In the end, both the movie and the book are worth a look and their own creatures. Very creative and musical creative beasts. And funny! I am SO glad that the movie kept that Norah is Jewish and that Nick is a non-queer bassist in a queercore band. The movie COULD have made it a big conflict of that fact but THANK GOD they didn't. Also got to add that for a Jew, Norah sure does say 'Jesus' a lot in the book.

Wednesday, October 15

Project Runway: Leanne Won!

I knew Leanne would win and everyone knew, they voted for her. She had the most polished, structured and professional-looking line. I do feel sorry for Korto, if she won, she would have been a married woman with children that would show you can be married and have kids and still win your dreams. And also an African woman. As for Kenley, she fought until the end, always defensive and stubborn, she even said 'bullshit' again. Kenley still has to go a long way. And those ropes on the necks, I understand it is inspired by her father but she could put it on the sleeves or as a belt or something, something that made sense, not the choking effect. She is so petty, that she may even blame Tim for being a judge, after criticizing her line. But I really do think what everyone else does that this season was boring and that the level of work wasn't as high as last year's. Last year was wild, the last three finalists were extremely talented and very polished and high-level. This year's still looks like they need work, even Leanne.

Shades of Wondefalls in "Pushing Daisies"

I love 'Pushing Daisies,' it is a great show. I think it really appeals to young dreamers such as myself. Even though it deals with death, it is what Tim Burton did to illuminate our childhood. It is Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands for a new generation. Bryan Fisher is the creator and he created the brilliant but canceled 'Wonderfalls' and in this second season of Pushing Daisies, there are some remnants of the show.

First of all, Diana Scarwid is playing Mother Superior Mary Mary since the first episode of this season, she was Karen Tyler, the main character's mother. Also, in the second episode "Circus, Circus," I spotted the trailer/home of the protagonist of Wonderfalls. I think the trailer was reused for circus ringmaster's trailer.

Jaye's Trailer above.
The ringmaster trailer below.
I don't have a good picture of it, only this from the corner.

There is a Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies crossover coming up, Bryan Fuller says it is up in episode 8, December 4th but the summary doesn't sound to be related:
Ned brings back to life Colonel Likken, who was mysteriously deep fried to death. His world-famous original recipe has gone missing and Likken asks Ned, Emerson, and Chuck to find who stole it.

It is yet to be revealed who from the Wonderfalls cast is coming since the lead of Pushing Daisies Lee Pace played Jaye's brother and her mother Diana already is playing a nun. So most likely we will be getting Miss Jaye herself Caroline Dhavernas. Aintitcoolnews reports that Mary Ann Marie Beetle (Beth Grant) from the episode "Muffin Bufallo" of "Wonderfalls" will appear in this episode. She was into cooking so it makes sense. Beth Grant is best known as the mother of Dabney in "Malcolm in the Middle."


Tuesday, October 14

Campy B-Movie: Tammy and the T-Rex

Some actors have movies they an be ashamed of, like for example George Clooney in The Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Denise Richards and Paul Walker, who are known for bad movies anyway, were in one movie in the 90's that is little known. The movie Tammy and the T-Rex, was about Tammy (Richards) and her boyfriend Micheal (Walker). She was always scarred of her ex Billy and he threatened to kill Michael. One night, he left him with a wild lion and was put in a coma in the hospital. An evil scientist kidnapped Michael even though he wasn't dead and took his brain and put it in the robotic dinosaur body. Yes, pretty corny. But at least the T-Rex didn't talk. It was a pretty long sequence of him trying to explain it to 'valley girl' cheerleader Tammy. The T-Rex effects weren't bad but it did get pretty cartoony... one guy was flatten and one of the villains roll them up. Tammy had a black gay friend named Byron.

Bryon was a unique character, a bit of caricature but his father was the sheriff and had a bit more of substance and wore 'African' design clothes. The only reason Bryon believes Michael is because the T-Rex dusts off his clothes. They try getting Michael's body back, but it is already all moldy and full of rats and they go to a morgue but no go. In the end of the movie, Tammy has his brain in a tub attached to a video camera and he can see her through that and he can talk to her with his voice. She scours through the newspaper looking for recently dead athletic bodies like ski victims for him to have a new host body. What could compel people to make this movie? It didn't even come off as a parody or satire, they were playing this for real. This is one of my favorite B-Movies, not my favorite B-Movie, but a fine example of just a bad twisted movie. People don't believe me when I tell them about this movie.

Sunday, October 12

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist review

The creators of this movie had said they wanted to portray teenagers how they really interact and talk. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist serves just that. Based on a book by David Levithan
Rachel Cohn. Director Peter Sollett drew from his own experiences when making the film. The film takes place over one night in Manhattan, where a number of New Jersey teenagers have commuted in for the night—something Sollett was familiar with and often did himself. The movie of course stars Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno, "Arrested Development") and Kat Dennings (The 40 year-old Virgin), set and filmed in New York city.

It's a good movie and worth a look!

Spoiler Alert
Cera plays Nick, the usual M.O. for Cera, a lovable geek, but he does it so well. He conveys so much emotions and thoughts with his face, in one look. Nick has been dumped by Tris (Alexis Dziena), who looks like a doll muppet. I saw this movie with my friends but there were lots of teenagers in the movie, the majority who were girls. Just like seeing a Pixar movie and the little kids won't shut up, the teens wouldn't. Plenty of straight guys shouted out that Tris is hot, maybe too hot by Nick, maybe that's what she believed. Nick makes these mix CDs for her with awesome cover work and she doesn't appreciate it. She goes to a private catholic school where Norah gets the leftover CDs. Her best friend Caroline (Ari Gaynor) is more friends with Tris that Norah is, Norah and Tris are more like frienmies. When I first saw the trailer, I thought Caroline was played by Tatum O' Neal, I thought she was like a sister or aunt Norah had to take care of it. But no, Ari Gaynor is a delightful newcomer.

Nick is in a band of the genre of queercore, which I don't know if it was mentioned in the actual movie because it was hard to hear with the audience. Queercore is a subcategory of Punk. Basically he is the only straight guy in a group of gay guys. Dev (Rafi Gavron) is the lead singer and both he and Thom (Aaron Yoo) are Nick's best friends and try to encourage him to get out of his funk. They all love this band called Where's Fluffy? and throughout this movie, they search for this elusive band who will perform in a exclusive location. Where's Fluffy? is bunny related. Rafi Gavron is British and his accent slips here and there, his character Dev has a delightful love interest in Lothatio "The Beefy Guy" (Jonathan B. Wright), who doesn't speak much but is a important plot point. Who doesn't speak much either is Tris' new guy Gary (Zachary Booth). Needless to say, Norah tries to show off Tris and kisses Nick, without knowing he si her Nick.

Nick's friends love Norah so they help her get with Nick. It has been pointed out that it takes a gay guy to give a mini-makeover to Norah, but it doesn't feel like 'a gay man is telling a woman how to dress.' The gay characters in this movie are treated with respect and are just not like the flashy goofy gay guy friends. Watching this movie in a audience of teenagers was interesting, when Dev gave Norah a bra from his collection of women's clothing, a girl screamed out. "Oh! He's gay! Oh wow!" Like she didn't notice they were in a gay band or that earlier nick said it was hard being Straight in a funny in-joke. "Guys, you don't know how hard it is being straight." Dev and Thom looked at each other knowingly. I also like how Dev picked up Lothario, he asked Nick to ask his name and he said it would be whatever he wanted it be. In fact, everyone in the movie was hitting on Nick. There is too SNL-ers in the movie: Seth Meyers, one of the guys who mistakes Nick's car for a Taxi and Andy Samberg as a creppy bum who hits on Nick.

Also through the movie we heard a girl say, "I wish I had a gay friend." Like if we are handbags, an accessory.

So the bandmates offer to take the drunk Caroline home but loose her. So the plot becomes Nick and Norah looking for Caroline and also for Where's Fluffy? As Nick and Norah get to know each other, half-way through the movie in comes Norah's ex Tal (Jay Baruchel). It is hard to understand or even appericate their short but cool names because of the noise in the audience. Jay Baruchel, who played a nerd in "Undeclared" and Knocked Up, plays a total jerk in this movie. Here is a big spoiler, Norah is the daughter of a record producer and Tal still has a hold over her as they are 'friends with benefits' but in the end, what breaks the straw on the camel's back is Tal wanting Norah to give her father his demo CD and wants her to get rid of his club bill. And there is one infamous scene that makes the whole crowd go wild. It starts with a woman in the bathroom. No cup. And it ends/continues with a peice of gum that makes it from person to person. The scene itself was so disgusting I could not look at the screen for probably three or five minutes.

Also, John Cho makes a small cameo in the movie, he is best known as Harold of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Funny enough, Aaron Yoo auditioned for that role.

So Nick and Norah are both drawn to their exes and in the end, you want them to get together and you know they will, because it is Hollywood, but it doesn't matter about it. It is a sweet smart movie. It doesn't make any of the exes into full-blown villains. Sure Tris and Tal do villainous things, the whole audience cheers when Nick leaves Tris in mid-dancing tease to go to Norah and when he window wipes her kiss on his windshield. Also, there is a subplot about Norah not be able to get her orgasm. The communication and body language between characters are interesting too, they feel real authentic. Now, one problem I have with this movie is that it happens all in one night and acts like Nick and Norah are meant for each other, but it can almost be a one night stand! They only know each other for one day. It would have been nice to see how they progress after a year or so. There's always a sequel. or maybe this movie is too perfect to have one.

Saturday, October 11

Sarah Palin on SNL October 25th

Well Sarah Palin is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live on October 25th.

Palin to play herself on SNL

Friday, October 10

Gay School proposed for Chicago

Kath & Kim Review

I didn't think I would do a review on this show, Kath & Kim started as an Australian show. Now NBC has an American version with Selma Blair and the wonderful Molly Shannon. While the original Kath & Kim, Kath was much older looking than Molly Shannon. The show is not only about a mother and daughter, but two selfish materialistic superficial women. The joke would be that they are dumb and we are smart, but it doesn't end there, Molly and Selma bring an emotional truth to it. With improv comedians, being filmed with one camera is a gimme, you would think you would be tired of it. The series needs more than just that. When I heard Kim wanted a divorce, i thought it would be about a real reason, but it is just a dumb reason. Kim basically is an ignorant spoiled brat. Her new husband Craig (Mikey Day) is your typical young 'dude' but he does seem to be 'smarter' and more idealistic about marriage. In the pilot, the Bodyguard is refrenced and a smart thing was not using the song "I Will Always Love you" and use another Whitney Houston song. John Michael Higgins, a Christopher Guest staple plays Kath's boyfriend/fiance and his character is much more delightful than his past characters.

Wednesday, October 8

Project Runway: Kenley Stay, Bye-Bye Jerrell

Sorry Boo-boo. When Tim Gunn went to visit Jerell, it was warm and also I identified a bit with it. He introduced Tim to his sister, 'love interest' (I loved how he put it), and his mother. It looked a bit uncomfortable between Jerell's mother and his love interest, but i think she is okay with it, but perhaps not with the cameras. Some old school moms are like that. It was no surprise his love interest was white, but he seemed to be the only white guy, other than Tim. Korto's family looked so shocked to find a skinny old gay white man in their house. Cultural shock! What a surprise it was down to Korto and Jerell. Jerell's serve-up was garish and un-well-thought-up and Korto's was over-worked. Her entire line looked very plain, it needed more oomph. Leanne's looked beautiful, awesome, and great. She did add color! Kenley's was cute but yes, we have seen it before. Kenley, herself, still hasn't let go stuff after a month or so. She apologizes but she is still a bitch, especially to Korto. I think Jerell is ready emotionally but not professionally, his work needed a tune up, to be edited and refined. Kenley needs to look at professional collections and not copy them. Leanne just needs to get happier. Korto needs more variety in her collection.

No On Amendment 2 Florida

Tuesday, October 7

Gay couple in new FOX Space show

For the topic of male-on-male couple in the new FOX show Virtuality, TV Guide says "Sci-Fi Goes Gay." 'Gay' has always been in 'Sci-Fi.' Come on, Xena and Gabrielle, Willow & Tara, etc. I appreciate their enthusiasm but it makes it sound corny. And the way they describe the characters... 'emotional' Manny and 'more centered' Val. It makes it sound more like the stereotypes expected of masculine and feminine. Anyhoo, the show will start out as a two-hour movie in 2009 about a 10-year mission with 12 passengers. It is true Manny and Val are the 'first gays in space.' Manny is played by Jose Pablo Cantillo and Val is played by Gene Farber. I appreciate the publicity for such a couple but FOX sci-fi shows don't ever last that long. Remember "Firefly"?


UPDATE: The two-hour pilot episode aired as a movie on June 26, 2009 but the show wasn't picked up.

Sex and the City Movie DVD Review

Yes, Yes, I know that the movie is old news and I should have seen the movie when it came out. But I was to see the movie with my ex-boyfriend and we didn't and we broke up and I ended up going to other movies with other friends. And then it was gone and then on DVD, so I rent it (inside joke intended). I expected a over-extended episode, instead got served a long long movie. I love it, it's good, but it does drag a bit. Our girls go through tired-and-true old storylines... getting dumped on the altar, being cheated on and separating, getting pregnant and thinking of cheating, but it is all served up with history and it's our girls! Carrie and Big have been through everything and the movie does speak true to their relationship and both characters, as best as they can. It is a bit predictable movie, but just put around in other orders.

For those who haven't seen it or have forgotten it, here is the basic plot: Carrie and Big pick an apartment to live with each other and plan to get married. Miranda, my favorite character, is cheated on by Steve and she separates from him and moves to another apartment. Samantha is living in California and feeling the pangs of being Smith's agent and barely see each other, with her flying to New York to see her friends and him busy at work. Before the wedding, Miranda is met by Steve and gets distraught and tells Big they are crazy for getting married. It was little but it hit him. She doesn't tell this to Carrie until six months later and starts talking to Carrie, forgive me forgive me, I didn't mean it, just like what Steve told her and doesn't see the similarities. I love Miranda, one of my favorite characters, even though this is a side of her, i don't think the movie shows her in the right light.

Anyhoo, Carrie goes through all the pains after being dumped and after that, gets an assistant, Jennifer Hudson. She is a light in the movie, even though she enters half-way in the movie and only interacts with Carrie, the movie really is about friendship between women. As for the other storylines, After her best friends get dumped, Charolette is a mess when she finds out she is pregnant for the first time and frets the worse. Samantha lusts over a hot guy next door and is tempted to cheat. What guy would make her cheat on hunky blonde blue eye sweetheart Smith who shaved his head when she went into chemo? An European hunk. Well, it doesn't matter, she doesn't cheat, which is great, I was happy that didn't happen. Somethings feel like filler like Charolette fearing jogging when pregnant and Samantha's humpy dog, but they do feel like things from the show. It is good.

There is plenty of Steve and Big, but not much of Henry, Charolette's husband and the gay friends Stanford and Anthony. They kiss on New Year's Eve and it was spoken about a lot but there wasn't ever really much build up to it. People who never seen the show, wouldn't have known they hated each other. Anyhoo, it's not Gays and the City. My 18-year-old niece never saw the show but loved the movie and cried at the end of it. In reality, this movie is the ultimate chick flick, the mother of all chick flicks, what is great great about chick flicks. DVD extras? not much, it would have been nice to have a featurette or something. Commentary? yes, at least! God!

Kevin in Str8 Kiss in "Brothers and Sisters"

TV Guide reports that on "Brothers and Sisters," sibling Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) will be seen kissing his sister-in-law Julia (Sarah Jane Morris). He is now happily married to Scotty. "We're all happy that Matthew got to switch it up," co-star Emily VanCamp has said. At hearing this, I don't think it is a threat to his sexual orientation. It is said that Kevin will be 'on heavy meds' and a hint that leads to the kissing, "It'll have something to do with the sperm Kevin donated last season to help Julia and brother Tommy conceive." I think it would speak true to the situation, whatever it is. Just because a gay guy kisses a woman, it doesn't mean it isn't an honest portrayal of gay people.

TV Guide mentioned GLAAD, in maybe having a problem with this, but I think a more outrage is the cover article with Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie. The cover says 'Bromantic' (which I believe is more platonic than anything), which is fine, but when asked 'Can this bromance be saved?' Leonard instantly related this with homosexuality, which makes me think he doesn't know what he is talking about. And then after Laurie tries salvaging it, Leonard dares to say the dreaded "Not that there's anything wrong with that." harking the old Seinfeld joke, where yes, they do consider there is something wrong with it. So disappointing some guys still don't get it.

Friday, October 3

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 1

[Shibue Joji above]
Now, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just rating anyone in their underwear is shallow but I don't want to focus on that. Many men (regardless sexual orientation) do not want to concentrate on a man's beauty, they believe that exclusively is reserved for a woman. 'bish┼Źnen,' the concept of beauty in men, is most popular in Japan and refers to males with distinctly feminine features typically exhibited in their pop culture idols. But what I am talking about when talking about the beauty of the male form is nothing to do with feminine features but the male body can also exhibit its forms of beauty. Most women and gay men would agree with me.

Now my blog Caramelitos Varoniles has been touted by a select few from being distinctly different from other 'hot guy' blogs because it displays not only 'beefy guys' in underwear but other forms of handsomeness such as Michael Arden, Jeremy Davies, Brendan Sexton, and Kevin Rankin (above). Whereas this blog has been called grammatically incorrect. I take both as compliments. First up, I will be discussing anatomy.

[Cristiano Ronaldo above]
Many people have asked me what is the first thing I notice in a man. I don't know how to answer them. Because it depends. Sometimes it is their eyes, something its their butt. But one my favorite features in my man's anatomy is their thighs.

[Steve Sandvoss above]
What drives me crazy is those handles below the underwear line. Of course the 'treasure trail,' the bit of hair trailing under the belly button.

[Steven Strait above]
What also drives me crazy is the pecs. When they pop out like that. I also covered nipples on this blog.

[Sebastian Rulli above]
A little hair on the chest is not bad. I am not crazy about too much hair. I like a little bit of facial hair but not beards or scruffiness, I hate when stubble rubs on my skin. I love hair on forearms, and some select places but that's about it. I absolutely must mention that I don't like when guys shave their nether regions. Also, veins are awesome on the forearms and hands. I don't know if a lot of other people are digging that, I have never heard of it discussed.

[Tyler Batchel above)]
I like this photo because it is a contrast between a purse, usually a female staple and a naked man. Let me talk about body type, anorexia in men is a real thing and I am not crazy about really skinny guys. there is a difference between men I think are attractive and men I will date, but I wouldn't be attracted or dating a super skinny guy or super beefy muscular guy. I do like beefy guys but I guess what I am saying is not exaggerated.

[Jamie Jewitt above]
With strength and power, which are agree-upon staples expected in masculinity, I believe there is also a vulernableness and tenderness to comes with that strength. Yes, the picture above has a somewhat stereotypical feminine aspect about it, but I think it also illustrates my point.

[Above, Cody James]
He is a good example of a strong yet vulnerable male body. Every naked body looks vulnerable, but certain naked women look strong, independent and powerful. Here the body is smooth and supple and the thighs are big, like I like them. The hair streaming from the thighs are also sexy.

I like the photo collections from Terra's The Boy, they really challenge what we think about in male beauty, pointing male models in different positions, not common when men are posing. It has been going on for about 4 years and of course has gotten lots of attention. Early porn photos and Playgirl shoots look ridiculous because they didn't know what was sexy and avoided poses that are in The Boy.

More to come when more occurs to me. Next up clothes. Just like women, sometimes men are hotter with their clothes on!

Thursday, October 2

The Vice-President Candidates with Gay Marriage

Bidden says that he and Obama are for same-sex civil unions, he is for rights, medical rights, and etc. Now, he did say he is not for gay marriage because it is up to religions and groups for their definition of 'marriage.' It was a smart thing to say. He said people in love, they should get the same rights if they are homosexual or heterosexual. He did have some trouble saying heterosexual, probably he hasn't said it a lot. That is fine, most heterosexual people don't say it a lot. Palin was very very careful with her words. She said that she has friends that wouldn't agree with her decisions. She did said she was for certain rights, but her wording was beating around the bush. She certainly shows she is like most of America that has to be careful with that they say. She didn't even say the word 'gay' I think. She couldn't say she had a gay friend or gay relative. I had a feeling she had the feeling to say something, that she almost did say she had a gay friend, but she went around it. I got so mad about the feeling around this country that I broke my coat hanger.

Kenley should have been kicked out!

If Kenley gets out of the 20th century and gets to a computer and sees this, she better not leave a comment. Get over people saying shit about you, until you stop being a bitch! What a child, when she said she didn't like any of the other's designs. She also said she didn't know why people single her out. Yes, I understand that people are edited in reality shows, made to look in a specific way. But you gave them the material to work with! And I was so upset when Kenley was not kicked out. Heidi, even after Kenly backtalked to her, still is interested her. I guess her German upbringing made her skin thick. With Korto, Kenley even had the nerve to say she HAS BEEN THROUGH MORE THAN SHE DID TIMES TEN. Oooooh, if I was Korto, I would slap that bitch silly. Bitch, you grew up in Florida, not Africa during murders and war. Maybe she meant what she went through on the runway but the way I saw it was all together.

And it is confusing when the reunion will be taken place.

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