Sunday, September 16

Miami Dolphins/Dallas Cowboys game and Emmys Pre-Show

My dad was excited about the football game between Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. While I excited about the Emmys. (The Cowboys won!) I didn't know the game was going to be on Fox, I was upset to find out it was running overtime and in the way of the pre-show. Thank god for E! and their crazy coverage of the Emmys. Too bad the interviews were pretty quick between the guests. What I don't like about this year's Emmys is Ryan Seacrest (I do feel sorry for him that he has to do double duty--running around in segments on E! and hosting the show) and it being on Fox. The Emmys is rarely on Fox. I have nothing against football but a rift in scheduling always upsets me. Now when the pre-show came on, in progress, they quickly went back to commercial, which was annoying. Maybe the hosts had no idea they just came on the air.

As for the Britney Spears thing, with supposedly apologizing for the VMAs... the viewers of the Emmys are definitely different audience from VMAs. It's like tripping at McDonalds and then apologizing at a fancy French restaurant. I think the rumor started because the Emmys is the only show to air after the VMAs. Also, want to shout out to KATHY GRIFFIN, who finally won an emmy for her brilliant and funny show "My Life on the D-List"! At least she didn't have to kick a dog this year.