Saturday, September 1

Kid Nation: For Sour Patch Kids and Justice for all

I am sure everyone has heard about this on the news, the CBS reality show that saddles children from age eight to fifteen years old were put in a deserted town to run it without adults. They cook, clean, and run the town on their own. Now parents are complaining of a two kid's burns and a couple drinking bromide (they are fine). Exec. Producer Tom Forman said he was horrified by the media to throw around the phrase 'child abuse.' In the trailer, with the kids the kids they chose are smart and believe in the concept. Like anything in the media, it has been blown out of proportion. There is one camp now saying the parents are greedy--they signed a long (and in my opinion, scary) agreement and got money ($5,000 for their participation and $20,000 if winner in a competition) for it--and now are asking for more money.

It premieres September 19. I say to watch it and judge for yourself if it is abuse. Entertainment Weekly brings up a good point, that the so-called 'racist' Survivor last year got a lot of hype but little ratings. So bad press may not be good press after all for "Kid Nation." The aforementioned 'scary' agreement is highlighted in Entertainment Weekly of September 7, 2007: "I hereby assume any and all risks that may be associated with any relationship including.. emotional distress, illness, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and pregnancy, if applicable." So they said, yes to all of this... including death, so now they come complaining just about some burns compared to if they kid was dead and they signed that was okay? CBS, I think it was a ambitious and interesting idea and I'm sorry it has been blown out of proportion. It is obvious this kids were game.

Entertainment Weekly comically asked the producers if for the second season (which they are scouting) they would do: Kid Nation: Guatemala? Now, I got to do this because who else is going to speak for the Guatemala-Americans? I can take joke as well as Carlos Mencia or Dave Chapelle or Kathy Griffin but, why everybody gotta be ripping on the Guatemalans? Just kidding! I mean.. Not even "Survivor: Guatemala" had any Guatemalans in it. It didn't even look like the Guatemala I know! It looked like any other national park.

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