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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2-3 Review

Fans of the old series and not so much of the new one, the new one does have a direction and is using other characters they hadn't used before in interesting ways. Does Season 2 shows the vast cast and not focus on the main 3? No, sorry, it's mainly the main 3. The new series suffers from what the first series did, hard to juggle so many characters that it focuses on a few. Plus, the villains are way more interesting. Season 2 does concentrate more on stand-alone adventures. Season 3 sort of has an arc. It is more continuous like season 1.

"The Frozen Forest"
Summary: The Princess Alliance members face internal dispute owing to diverging attitudes while Catra deploying robots deter the group's attempt to restore the Whispering Woods. Bow suggests capturing an intact Horde-Bot to install a kill-switch program which could take all the Bots out, while Entrapta develops an advanced type of Horde-Bot utilizing First Ones' technology. The gang encounters the four prototypes, who thrash them before retreating to salvage more technology from the Beacon. Adora re-encourages her companions; they succeed in working together in destroying the Horde-Bots, and their inspiration triggers a magical force in them which revives the damaged woods. But while taking the remaining Bot apart, Bow discovers that Entrapta is still alive and working for the enemy.
Review: Not what I was expecting of a season 2 premiere. It could have taken anywhere. It is a stand-alone episode that pretty much fills time.
2 out of 5

"Ties that Bind"
Summary: The Horde has taken Dryl, Entrapta's home. Light Hope informs Adora that she and Swift Wind must form a special connection with each other, and asks Adora to seek out the ruins of the Watchtower, a First Ones' relay station destroyed by the first She-Ra, whose restoration would improve her technical functions. Adora and Swift Wind discover the ruins, but Swift Wind's excited prattling makes it hard for Adora to ask for his assistance until they find a common understanding and thus establish their bond. Upon learning that Entrapta is still alive, Glimmer decides to mount a solo rescue mission with Bow, but they end up capturing Catra instead.Catra exhausts Glimmer's powers with her antics before activating her tracking beacon for Scorpia to find her. Catra then bluffs Glimmer and Bow into releasing her and reveals that Entrapta is helping the Horde willingly, Glimmer and Bow able to escape capture.
Review: Swift Wind is an interesting character, his personality is all over the place. Him talking was like an after-thought last season. It depends on the writer I guess because he isn't consistent. The stuff between Catra, Bow and Glimmer is pretty good. 
3 out of 5

Catra faces Hordak's growing displeasure about her performance, driving her to seek the imprisoned Shadow Weaver's aid. In her search for a tool she needs, Entrapta sneaks into Hordak's laboratory and witnesses him conducting a failing experiment to create a multidimensional portal, impulsively deciding to perfect the process before being discovered. To Hordak's surprise, the next activation succeeds and he accepts Entrapta's offer to assist him. In the meantime, Adora, Glimmer, Bow and Swift Wind investigate the loss of communication with Alwyn, a farming outpost for the Rebellion. There, they meet several ghostly apparitions which Bow eventually identifies as holographic recordings of the First Ones, which are produced by an ancient communication device which has self-activated.
Review: This episode builds the relationship between Entrapta and Hordak which is vital to season 3. The episode makes good use of its 'ghost' motif but yet again it's a trio episode and seems pretty standalone.
3 out of 5

"Roll With It"
Summary: The Rebels prepare to retake a Horde-controlled fortress controlling an important passage, but the operation gets stuck in its planning stage when Adora, Glimmer, Bow and the other Princesses begin arguing about the procedure. While Adora assumed Catra was overseeing the fortress, it was actually entrusted to Scorpia—who is alerted to the group's presence by Glimmer activating her teleportation power and spies on them. Adora, frustrated over the others not taking the planning seriously, is encouraged to trust her friends in watching her back as proceed to take the fortress despite Scorpia's precautions.
Review: A fun episode with different animation styles, includes the 80's version. 
3 out of 5

"White Out"
Summary: Catra, Entrapta and Scorpia are sent to Etharia's north pole region to excavate First Ones' technology, pursued by Adora, Glimmer, Bow and Sea Hawk. Having learned of the First Ones' virus disc which Entrapta restored, she uses it to infect Adora with the intent of making her a tool for the Horde. But giant worm robots that the First Ones created to guard the site were also infected and attack the excavation camp, forcing the two groups to work together despite Catra's refusal to allow the disc to be destroyed. Scorpia ultimately destroys the disc, restoring Adora and the worms to normal. In the course of the fracas, Entrapta revealed to have acquired First One tech prior to the Rebels' attack, Catra first recognizes Scorpia's affection towards her.
Review: Fun stuff with Seahawk and Scorpia and drunk Adora.

"Light Spinner"
Summary: Hordak decides to send Shadow Weaver to Beast Island to prevent her knowledge from becoming of use to the Rebels, much to Catra's dismay because she still feels for Shadow Weaver despite her mistreatment in childhood. In her cell, Shadow Weaver reminisces about her past as Light Spinner in mentoring a young apprentice Micah until her pursuit of dark magic to end the war corrupted her and led to her joining the Horde where she became the infant Adora's guardian. In the present, Shadow Weaver tricks Catra into aiding her escape. In the meantime, Bow is able to decipher the message Adora activated in "Signals", which concerns Mara (the previous She-Ra), the name Serinia, and a portal.
Review: A great episode, the best of the season.

Summary: Trying to find out what the mysterious message means, Bow leaves Bright Moon and seeks out the library of his fathers George and Lance. When Adora and Glimmer track him down, they find out that Bow was supposed to follow in his fathers' academic footsteps, but since they abhor the war against the Horde, he decided instead to become a freedom fighter without telling them. Following the accidental activation of a First Ones' monster robot, Adora transforms into She-Ra, which blows Bow's cover story. Bow pacifies the robot, and after witnessing this, his fathers give him their approval. George and Lance subsequently decode the message as a star constellation bearing the name Serinia which will soon appear above the Crimson Waste. In the Fright Zone, Catra desperately tries to track down the fugitive Shadow Weaver, but Hordak finds out about the escape and punishes Catra after giving her a chance to admit her failure. The same night, Shadow Weaver appears in Bright Moon at Adora's bedside.
Review: Everyone was aghast about this episode, it is pretty much a stand-alone episode within an arc. With the arc ending just tacked on. A good episode but pretty unbelievable that bow could leave his dads in the dark.

Season 2 Review: Like I said, it is all stand-alone and guideless. It doesn't have the overall arc. I am sure this is done on purpose in order to have a break. But unfortunately, since the first season didn't have a break established, it seems ingenious. You can't just go running to all of the sudden stop to smell the roses and then go running full throttle again. It would've made more sense to have season 2 and season 3 be one long season.

"The Price of Power"
Summary: Near-death, Shadow Weaver collapses and is captured before she can approach Adora. Adora sneaks into Shadow Weaver's cell, and after using her powers to heal her, Shadow Weaver tells them about Hordak's plan to open an interdimensional portal to bring the rest of the Horde armies to Etheria for total conquest. She also reveals that Adora has actually come from another world through an experimental portal. Confused, Adora seeks out Light Hope, who confirms Shadow Weaver's tale and reveals her as a First One. To find answers, Adora decides to follow Mara's message to the Crimson Waste, and Glimmer and Bow volunteer to come along. Catra faces public punishment by Hordak, but with Entrapta having located a vital component for the portal and spoken on Catra's behalf, Hordak instead assigns her to retrieve the part from the Crimson Waste - or die trying.
Review: So we finally hear the name of Eternia, Adora's home but hear very little else about it. Fans of the 80's series know that Adora came from Etheria and was twin sisters to Prince Adam/He-Man. Unknown if he will appear in this series. A good opener to season 3, now this is a premiere!

Summary: Entrapta learns that Hordak is a defective clone of Horde Prime who was accidentally teleported to Etheria and conquered it to show Horde Prime his worth. Entrapta improves Hordak's life-sustaining armor, thus gaining his respect. In the Crimson Waste, Adora, Glimmer and Bow stumble upon an outlaw abode and are saved from them by Huntara, whereupon Adora hires her as a guide. However, Huntara leads them into a trap and steals Adora's sword. The three friends track Huntara down and recover the sword; when she learns that Adora is She-Ra, Huntara reveals that she is a rogue Horde Soldier, disillusioned by Hordak's evil. She joins Adora's group and leads them to their destination: The wreckage of Mara's ship.
Review: A so-so episode that makes it better with Geena Davis guest-starring as HUntara, gives it gravitas. Huntara was a little known character from the 80's She-Ra series that wasn't a toy and smart the new series uses her here.

"Once Upon A Time in the Waste"
Summary: Arriving in the Crimson Desert, Catra and Scorpia learn of Adora's presence and take up pursuit, but are ambushed by Tung Lashor's horde; Catra defeats him, however, and takes control of his gang. While exploring the ship, Adora's group finds a holographic recording of Mara's last moments. The message reveals that Mara used the sword's power to draw Etheria into another dimension to hide it from the Horde, and warns Adora not to use it herself. Just as the message ends, Catra and her army arrive and capture Adora, although Huntara escapes with Bow and Glimmer. Questioning Adora, Catra learns that Shadow Weaver is still alive in Bright Moon, which evokes her decision to go along with Hordak's plan.
Review: I'm not sure how I feel about the use of Tung Lashor as he was originally meant to be a He-Man character and was used in the 2002 revival of He-Man. He was one of the Lizard Men in the Masters of the Universe toyline but since He-Man was canceled, he was used in She-Ra in order to promote his toy. So He was part of the horde. Anyway, in this new series he is not part of the horde but a nomad. Still a great episode dealing with Adora finding more about Mara and She-ra and Scorpia's relaitonship with Catra. 

"Moment of Truth"
Summary: Catra returns with Adora to the Fright Zone and presents the sword as the key needed to open Hordak's portal. Glimmer, Bow and Huntara return to Bright Moon, but cannot persuade her mother to help, so she frees Shadow Weaver. Shadow Weaver helps teleport Glimmer, Bow and the other princesses right into Hordak's base, but they are soon discovered and forced to fight their way through. In the meantime, Entrapta discovers that opening the portal would annihilate reality, but Catra, obsessed with vengeance, hides this fact from Hordak, and the portal is activated.
Review: Interesting to see Entrapta and Hordak's relationship blossom. With some hinted romantic love and then when Catra lies to him about Entrapta, he seems hurt. Shadow Weaver's use of Glimmer is kind of iffy but interesting. Good to see the other Princesses involved but wished they were used more before.

Adora awakens in the Fright Zone, again as a member of the Horde in a "perfect world"; but as she goes on with her life, several peculiar happenings and strange memory flashes quickly begin to tell her that something is seriously amiss. As her realization grows, the false reality begins to disintegrate. Adora flees with Catra to the Whispering Woods, but Catra willingly lets go of their friendship instead of trying to rectify the catastrophe. Adora is then met by Madame Razz, who tells her that Mara had triggered such a cataclysm before when she displaced Etheria, and gives Adora the advice to "go back to the beginning". As she leaves to seek out Glimmer and Bow, she is followed by Catra, half mutated by the reality warp.
Review: A good episode going back to the beginning and using an altered reality. Some good character moments but doesn't do anything to expand the mythology or character arc. Only to Adora's.

"The Portal"
Summary: Arriving in Bright Moon, Adora is promptly taken, prisoner. Her curiosity piqued by the new arrival, Glimmer drags Bow into questioning Adora, who manages to revive their memories. The three manage to get in touch with Entrapta, who has determined that the portal's debilitating effects are centered on Adora, and that she must remove the sword to fix it. As reality collapses further and her friends disappear before her, Adora is confronted by Catra but manages to overcome her former friend and her doubts. But instead of Adora, Queen Angela, with her memory returned, removes the sword, forever trapping herself between realities. With true reality thus restored, Adora's group returns to Bright Moon; but the interdimensional disruption has enabled one of Hordak's clone brothers to track him down.
Review: A good episode. Great ending! Interesting finale but wish we got more answers out of this season. Apparently, we are getting a fourth season or even longer because of this slow pace. Or a fast pace? Why so little episodes in each season? At this pace, we will get 12 seasons in 5 years. 

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Stranger Things Season 3 Review/Analysis

If you love Stranger Things, you probably already saw season 3. this is do an analysis of it.  If you are not a fan, this is to draw you in. I only recently got  into it. I binged season 1 and 2 and then saw 3 when it debuted July 4th. Stranger Things is basically about pre-teens that love playing Dungeons and Dragons and one of their friends (Will) is kidnapped by a monster. This monster is from the Upsidedown, either another dimension, a mirror dimension of the real world or the future of the hometown of Hawkins. So basically there is a sheriff (Hopper) involved and when he thinks he is looking for Will, he finds Eleven, a test subject. Not to spoil much, it's a fun ride.

 First, for the ones not familiar:
If you have not seen Stranger Things, you may have seen pieces or heard of it. It has been accused of pointless nostalgia and focusing on Steven Speilberg-ish idealness. The Duffer Brothers grew up in the 80s like me and they studied film but they use stuff from the big blockbusters and mainstream media (Jaws, ET, Aliens, John Hughes movies, etc.) but also Super 8. What draws you into the show is the great story telling and character development. 

Without Spoiling: It's summer and the kids are coupled up. A person gets invaded by the Mindflayer and wants revenge on Eleven, recruits unwillingly participants. A new mall opens. Steve works at Scoops Ahoy, an ice cream parlor with Robin, a former classmate. Dustin hangs out with Steve and stumble into a secret thingy. While Nancy and Jonathan both have a job at a local newspaper, Jonathan is a photographer but Nancy is a go-for. She wants to be a journalist. Hopper and Joyce also team up when her magnets fall off the refrigerator. And that's all I can say.

Spoilers: So it's summer, Hopper is bugged with Mike and Eleven making out and goes to Joyce for help and she notices magnets are falling off the refrigerator. Joyce and Hopper try to see if the old lab is working--it's not. They stumble unto the mayor and a quid pro quo situation. Everyone is in on the mystery. Steve, Robin, and Dustin stumble unto a Russian conspiracy in the mall. Eleven and Max stumble upon Billy being possessed by the Mind Flayer. Nancy and Jonathan investigate about weird acting rodents (which I will touch about in the Review.)  Then all the groups eventually converge, the adults being the last. The big showdown occurs in the mall.

Without Spoilers: Fun, entertaining, funny, perspective on old fashions, gross and I don't know, for some people scary. CGI is not so scary for me. They did do some practical effects. But everything just starts looking the same. Duffers did their homework, took notes about season 2 and took it to heart. In season 2, they skewered away a bit, this time they didn't. Season 3 stays in one spot, the kids are growing up and the show embraces it. They know which actors work best together and others don't. 

With Spoilers: The majority hated season 2 because they went off-ramp and Eleven left Hawkins and went to visit her sister. It was like a hidden pilot spin-off. I actually liked the episode. This season stays in Hawkins. It feels very insular. If you wanted answers about what Mind Flayer is, what the Upsidedown is, forget it. It's just about fun. I liked the parts with Steve, Robin, Dustin and Erica the best. The Party, the teens was okay, pretty run-the-mill stuff and the others have to get powers soon because they all rely on Eleven and Lucas' slingshot is not always going to work. The references to New Coke was hilarious. People call it advertising or rosy glasses view of the past. I think have a critical eye to the past is interesting. Maybe they aren't negative. 

I do not like Nancy and Jonathan were strapped with just the Rat problem. Also, she and her mom had that heart-to-heart and was told that Nancy will make a newspaper article. It would have made more sense for Nancy to stumble upon the Russian conspiracy and try to reveal it in an article. But because that was Steve's storyline, I guess they couldn't have them together. If they flip-flopped and Steve was an exterminator and found the rats, it wouldn't be the same. Robin could've been his co-worker and Dustin could've stuck around. But it would've been similar to Season 2 with them hunting the Demidogs so probably why they didn't do that. I still wish Nancy got something published for the end of season 3. I guess they are leaving that for later. 

Critical Analysis: 
What were the Russians up to? They clearly wanted to use the Demodogs and creatures against the United States. As in Season 1, Eleven was created to spy the Russians. It is not clear. Also, it is not clear about Alexi. what he knew of the Upsidedown or what he was told. What was the goal. As for Hopper, I think he's alive but he's not in Russia. At the end of the last episode, the Russians mention an "American." If he is alive with the Russians, then he should be full of scars and stuff. I think he probably ended up in the Upsidedown. For Season 4 (which will be filming soon), Will, Jonathan, Joyce and Eleven have moved. So if the action starts in Hawkins, it would be that the Party will have to go look for Eleven. Or maybe the action goes to Eleven. Finally, I love the show. I will keep watching. I'm looking forward to Season 4. 

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Tyrus: Disney Channel's first official gay couple

 It has been a while since I write on this blog and it mostly go to the fact that I speak my mind more on Twitter. Recently my Surface shut down and had to switch the battery and screen. The second, my laptop lost its wifi combability. I'm trying to fix that while I have teaching workshops for work during the summer. Anyway, enough about me...

Andi Mack is/was a Disney Channel program about pre-teens and their trials and tribulations. A coming of age story that was controversial with the bible belt and conservative parents because Andi finds out her sister is really her mother. The show deals with gun violence, bullying, unplanned pregnancy and other topics. Anyway, after three seasons Disney decided to cancel it. No real reason was given. Some suspect it has to do with Stoney Westmoreland (Andi's grandfather), being arrested for attempted sexual liaison with a minor. He was fired and all scenes of him were removed from new episode. I don't think it has to do with the LGBT storyline.

In the last episode "We were here," one of the main characters Cyrus (Joshua Rush) developed a friendship with his friend Buffy''s former bully/rival T.J. (Luke Mullen). Throughout season 3, their storyline is about their blossoming friendship and underline romantic love. The creator of the show Terri Minsky (who also did Lizzie Maguire) says the majority of their storyline was subtext. TJ hung out with Kira, who seemingly seemed romantic but he assured Cyrus it wasn't romantic. Cyrus seemed left out. In the last episode, they are at a party and Buffy tells Cyrus that there is a reason why TJ is with Kira. The reason is not revealed. Kira makes fun of Cyrus' dancing and TJ calls him out and she gives him an ultimatum. He says Cyrus wouldn't give him an ultimatum. This answers her question and she leaves. TJ, Cyrus and gang sing Lady Gaga's "Born this way." Then TJ and Cyrus sit on a bench and Cyrus bugs him to learn his real name. he tells him, Cyrus tells him he loves the name. TJ asks Cyrus if he wants to know any more and it becomes a loop of them asking themselves those questions. And they hold hands.

I only seen a couple episode of Andi Mack, mostly of when Cyrus came out and his interactions with TJ. It is a good episode. I am sad the show ended. I wish we could see the rest of Cyrus and TJ's journey. I did initially wanted Cyrus and TJ to kiss like Buffy and her love interest in the episode. But Terri Minsky spoke about it saying it was appropriate for their story/journey that they touched hands and not kiss. And their relationship was subtext. My perspective of it is that if the show was ending, it was their last chance to go all out and they could have just kissed. The show was already cancelled. 

The future I see is different spinoffs or a reunion movie. When I say movie, it could a TV movie.

  • Andi Mack reunion TV Movie on Disney Channel
  • Andi Mack reunion TV Movie on Disney+
  • Andi Mack mini-series on Disney+
  • Cyrus + TJ Spin-off on Disney+
The following are my ideas only, they are not real---yet:
Andi Mack TV Movie
Andi has entered the Art high school and still hangs out with Buffy and Cyrus. Buffy and Cyrus cope with being Andi-less. Cyrus and TJ cope with the relationship becoming public. 

Andi Mack Mini-Series
Same as the TV Movie but more drawn out. A couple episodes like 6 or 8. Andi has entered the Art high school and still hangs out with Buffy and Cyrus. Buffy and Cyrus cope with being Andi-less. Andi struggles making friends in school and makes a new friend who is a girl and Buffy becomes jealous. Cyrus and TJ cope with the relationship becoming public. 

Cyrus + TJ Spinoff (Tyrus)
I think this would be better for Disney + because it wouldn't have the scrutiny of Disney Channel. They could have the Andi Mack TV movie or mini-series to continue her story so this would be the whole focus of Cyrus and TJ. The reason I say Cyrus and TJ, not only Cyrus because TJ wasn't a main character in Andi Mack. We can learn more about TJ and his family. I foresee them having a strong relationship but having some outside influence. Not that all the kids would bully them but there would be people like Kira that might sneer. Also there might be things that take their time like basketball  movie making or what not.

I think the reason "Tyrus" is fascinating is it is the jock/arty kid relationship you rarely see on TV or gay movies. It usually is the bad boy and arty kid or the macho guy and the feminine guy. It is rare to have relationships like that. TJ and Cyrus is just a completely cute relationship. 

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power/She-Ra: Princess of Power Comparison

This is just to see differences, not to criticize. Just to compare. She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985) and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)
Body: Same body type, just younger.
Outfit: Same color scheme but now she has pants, not what looked like a long sleeve unitard. Also she has a red jacket instead of vest.
Personality: Major difference between Adora and She-Ra now. Before Adora spoke softer and She-Ra had a more authoritative booming voice but the personalities were the same. Now they are different. Adora is more unsure of herself and questions herself. 

Body: Younger and taller. Still with muscles but not as boosom-y which caused an uproar with men who grew up lusting over her and calling the new version a boy but she is clearly more feminine than the current Adora.
Outfit: Modesty shorts, a shirt, shoulder pads and the red gem is not on the tiara.
Personality: Basically at first she was an entity but soon Adora takes control.

Body: Tan, shorter and more thickness. She still has a flat stomach and much stronger. Hair inspired by Cutie Honey. I like her positive body image.
Outfit: Same pink, purple and light blue color scheme but in different places. She lost the strange headdress and now has gloves. 
Personality: The original was a little worry-wort but this one much more. The power set is the same and both have something to prove. Glimmer originally was more the one to be saved, now she is the one doing saving--even though she does get kidnapped and gets a 'flu' effecting her powers.

Body: African-American, different hair, skinnier
Outfit: Same colors but re-arrangement and slight armor. Still have the middrift.
Personality: The original was boastful and a little full of himself, this sort of transferred to SeaHawk. Bow is more the heart of the team but still an inspiration to townfolk. 

Body: Similiar, wings seem to be less feathery than before. Her hair is more similar to Glimmer.
Outfit: Her bright pink has become faded and more purple this time than blue. Similar motifs.
Personality: More of a doting mother this time and still protective of her daughter. Her British accent is more heavy this time. 

Body: Similar, dark hair instead of red.
Outfit: Original had blue and orange. New one has gold and purple.
Personality: She is more of a doting passive aggressive aunt. In the original, she was a sage adviser with magical knowledge and a past with Shadoweaver.  

Madame Razz
Body: Shorter, chubbier
Outfit: Where the left was a stereotypical American witch, the right is the stereotypical Anime witch with moths. She has longer hair and glasses now.
Personality: Original was more of an old Jewish aunt with faulty magic. Now she has a faulty memory and quirky. Her humor is more low key.

Swift Wing "Swifty"
Body: Same body, same color scheme, wings are different as the back are pink and the inside multi-colored. His mane is much more wavy. 
Outfit: No more mask.
Personality: Much more active and talkative than before. His original had a gruffer voice and much more a commenter than an active member of the team. 

Body: Skinner, scrappier, shorter hair, more cat like ad with tail. Doesn't turn into a cat as she is a cat. Two colored eyes.
Outfit: Similar with same color scheme.
Personality: Catra in the original was a one-note villainess with a silly voice. In the new one, she is complex anti-hero that is geninually hurt Adora left her and also felt like second fiddle. 

Shadow Weaver
Body: Similar, her hair peaks out more.
Outfit: Instead of just a one-color cloak, her outfit has different shades of red and she has a mask now. 
Personality: Still evil and scheming, now she is more of the strict loveless mother. Both second-in-command to Hordak. Original she had her own magic source. The new one she relies on the Black Onyx.

Body: New Entrapta is shorter and more scrappy, her hair is an extension of her and she can use it to boost her height and get her out of tight spots. Her hair is pinkier.
Outfit: Her new outfit is more of a mechanic and has a welder mask, much different than her original incarnation.
Personality: Originally a run-of-the-mill villain. Both have the same tech skills and pensile hair. In the new one she is a part of the Princess Alliance first and then stumbles into the Horde, other than in the original where she is just part of the Horde.

Body: I'm guilty of loving the original Frosta design and be hesitant of the new 11 year-old Inut-like child. She has grown on me. She also has darker and shorter hair.
Outfit: From sexy busiter to jacket over outfit and pants. And the tiara.
Personality: A little cold but always friendly to She-Ra, she had a big crush for He-Man. In the new one, she is young but strict on the rules. Hesitant to trust Adora.

Body: Similar, her hair is darker now.
Outfit: More armor like with similar color scheme.
Personality: Mermista had a strange voice but always helpful. Now she has a disinterested voice and personality. Seahawk has a thing for her now. 

Body: Similar, but his hair is darker. Before it was red.
Outfit: Still has the neckerchief, it was purple but now red. He now has a blue jacket. No more bright brown pants, now darker.
Personality: He was a cool bad boy in the original. In the new version, he is boastful and accident prone and prone to singing. He has thing for Mermista. 

Body: Similar
Outfit: Similar, now with green shall and the hat now is lower. 
Personality: In the new version she is hippie-like and doesn't want to fight and learns to. I don't remember her in the original version. Wiki says she wasn't afraid of the Horde.

Body: Muscley but now she is much bigger
Outfit: Black and scarlet, now completely scarlet-y but she still uses black from time to time. She lost the hair dress and now has white hair. 
Personality: Originally dumb muscle. Now she is a sweetheart and friendly, also talkative.

Body: Similar, shorter hair
Outfit: Got rid of the ugly hairdress but has another one. She has the same color scheme but more streamlined than the 80's look.
Personality: Originally she came from a region without the Horde. In the new version, she seems to be already allied with Bright Moon. She was real close to Spinerella in the original but now confirmed a couple. Her net tossing powers weren't really powers in the original. Now they seem to be a super power.

Body: Much more curvy than before
Outfit: More skin on arms and legs. Silver arm bracelets. Now she has dark purple long-sleeve shirt and lavender leggings. Her hair is more tied up.
Personality: Originally she came from a region without the Horde. In the new version, she seems to be already allied with Bright Moon. She was real close to Spinerella in the original but now confirmed a couple. Her power set is the same. 

Body: Similar
Outfit: Similar, now with cape and loin cloth and armor.
Personality: Same, less funny. No snort. 

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season One Review (SPOILERS)

When I first heard there would be a reboot of She-Ra, I was excited as I always felt it needed to come back. I don't like using the word 'iconic' but She-Ra has so much potential as a eternal franchise. When thinking of a reboot, I thought it would be impossible to not include He-Man as he was essential in making Adora into She-Ra but this new Netflix animated series proved me wrong. She is a clear hero for not only little girls but everyone. While the series has been applauded for sticking to the main plot, keeping the character names and colors, its been criticized for re-threading themes and morals from Steven Universe and the Legend of Korra. I for one like it and don't think its a weakness. Where I see the weakness is the plotting seems lost in the big scheme of things. Even though it tells an overall arc, the story pacing seem a bit off. Some episodes take a break from the overall arc. But it is emotional in its core. It seems to fall in same preoccupation as the original focusing too much on its core cast (She-Ra, Bow and Glimmer) than its expanding one.

1. "The Sword" Part 1
Synopsis: Adora has been appointed Force Captain by the Horde and on a joyride with Catra stumbles upon an intriguing sword and meets Glimmer and Bow who enlightening her on the crimes of the Horde upon Etheria. 
Review: A good opener in establishing mood and keeping names of locations such as the Whispering Woods and Fright Zone. This series does what the original did not--have Adora and Catra have an emotional tie and ethical conflict and have the Rebellion not right away trust Adora.

2. "The Sword" Part 2
Synopsis: Glimmer and Bow enter a First One Temple with Adora and finally let her have the Sword of Protection to fight as She-Ra.
Review: A bit jumbled as Glimmer obviously has to give the sword back to Adora to become She-Ra but seems a change of heart seems more like a Heel-Face Turn. 

3. "Razz"
Synopsis: Adora looks for help with her sword and finds it in hermit Madam Razz.
Review: Razz was an original Filmation creation and the equivalent of Orco from He-Man, in an old Jewish woman caricature. She was part of the Great Rebellion in the original. Here she seems to be loosing it. She still carries around Broom but he doesn't talk. Lookie could be imaginary but fans say he is an easter egg. A jumbled episode where Razz takes a while to appear. Also, she calls She-Ra Mara, which is the name of He-Man's female friend in the forgotten New Adventures of He-Man from the 90's. 

 4. "Flowers for She-Ra"
Synopsis: In the "Princess of the Week" motif, the trio find themselves in Plumeria to get Princess Perfuma to join the Princess Alliance but she wants peace for her people and doesn't want to get involved.
Review: Here we get to the hippies that don't want to do things for themselves and also echo religious fanatics "Let destiny (or God) take care of it. Bless the good and punish the wicked." A good episode even though i felt too quickly for Perfuma to find her powers are better at kicking ass than just how she says it, making flowers. 

5. "Seagate"
Synopsis: The trio must get a boat captain Seahawk to take them to Mermista and she needs help in fixing the seagate.
Review: Feels like 2 episodes but well crafted. Even though I don't like Mermista's "millianal" accents, I do like the episode. Plus with now Seahawk and Mermista's romantic 'will-they or won't they" dynamic. In the original, Seahawk was linked to Adora. Even though I thought Seahawk was first gay by his new design, it works great he loves Mermista. 

6. "System Failure"
Synopsis: The gang arrive at the castle of Entrapta where she taps into First One tech that gives a virus to her robots and technology.
Review: I love how Bow can inspire people. Everyone is liking Entrapta and I am too, she is a neutral where she enjoys company more of technology than humans. She is not too concern about good and evil, she is more of an observer. Her servants are interesting even though we don't see them later on.

6. "In the Shadows of Mystacor" 
Synopsis: The series takes a break on meeting princesses and meets Glimmer's aunt Castaspella and Shadow Weaver attacks Adora but the others don't believe her.
Review: Castaspella was not Glimmer's aunt in the original and was part of the Great Rebellion. She was part of the opening sequence but somehow she isn't part of the Princess Alliance in this one. I have no problem with it, I just find it strange. I like her new outfit but miss the red hair. Being a fan of Castaspella, I hope she will still serve as an adviser as she did in the original. Given she is voiced by legendary Sandra Oh, I'm hoping she appears more. Shadow Weaver and Castaspella were  connected in the original too. 

8. "Princess Prom"
Synopsis: The gang are invited to Frosta's palace where all princesses are invited, including Scorpia. Catra is her plus one and Adora suspects her of no good.
Review: This is where the series shines. Juggling multiple characters and keeping the audience guessing on what Catra's plan is. Scorpia is given a happy characterization here compared to her dumbness in the original. I like they used her but puzzled why other villains Leech, Grizzor and Mantana have been left on the wayside. 

9. "No Princess Left Behind"
Synopsis: When Glimmer and Bow are kidnapped, the Princess Alliance helps Adora save the from the Horde. 
Review: A lovely blend of comedy, heart and action. The cast really melds well and its exciting to see characters never put together before work together. Devastating what happens next and the irony of the title...

10. "The Beacon"
Synopsis: Everyone blames themselves for Entrapta's loss, but they're wrong about what happened. Glimmer tries to hide the glitches in her powers from her mom.
Review: They don't even try to contact Entrapta or try to find out if she really died or not. It didn't even look like she did die. Anyway, a good episode on the bad guys side as Catra manipulates Entrapta. Also some good scenes between Glimmer and Angela.

 11. "Promise"
Synopsis: Adora enters the First Ones citadel with Catra on her tail. Inside, they're caught in an illusion simulator that brings back painful memories.
Review: Critics have applauded this episode as it only focuses on Adora and Catra. Noelle Stevenson says this episode was inspired by an old one where She-Ra and Catra are first sent alone to a strange land but where she thought it would go it didn't and this one does. 

12. "Light Hope"
Synopsis: Swift Wind comes to Bright Moon, Entrapta decrypts the First Ones data crystal, and Light Hope tells Adora about the history of She-Ra and Etheria.
Review: Why didn't Swift Wind talk before?! Does this happen because of Razz? And why didn't they use Swift Wind to fly to some of their destinations? Especially Mysticor?! Anyway, this episode does a good leeway to the next and explains a lot of the lore. She-Ra, like He-Man in the original, is a mantel worn by many and wielded in many ways. She-Ra in the original was not displayed as such. Also I like the subtle touch that Light Hope is now female. 

 13. "Battle of Bright Moon"
Synopsis: The Black Garnet is sucking the energy from the entire planet and the other stones. Catra takes her forces to attack Bright Moon and the Princess Alliance must come together. 
Review: Good build up and great battle between Catra and She-Ra. Also great action. Also the ending is satisfying. I hope the villains get more focus in season two (I'm confident even though no official statement has been released!).