Thursday, April 28

Franklin & Bash Incorrect Spanish subtitles

The new TNT network Franklin & Bash has promos with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, who star in it. In one commercial, Breckin Meyer speaks Spanish and makes fun of Mark-Paul Gosselaar's character and says in Spanish 'Tiene una nalga guapo' which means Has a nice butt but the subtitles says 'nice bank.'

Tuesday, April 26

Television: When the Woman Proposes

UPDATED 7/28/14
I noticed a trend in Television, that when the female proposes to their love, everything goes wrong and ultimately the man proposes and then they get married. There may be other examples but I can't remember them right now. This has all come up because of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."
Boy Meets World
Cory and Topanga were the big couple on the show and they got married in the last season. Anyway, Topanga was the first to propose to him and it was at the end of Season 5 when they graduated and continued into Season 6 where they eloped but ultimately she said 'I don't' and they decided to get married with their family present. So it showed that when the woman does it, its wrong. because when Cory proposed, he got on one knee in a park with Cory's parents present and a heirloom ring.

Before Chandler proposed, Monica tried but couldn't and she ended up crying and said that is why the men do it, and Chandler ended up doing it.

Sex and the City
Steve proposes to Miranda when she says she is pregnant, which prompts her to yell at him that she doesn't want to marry him, to which Steve responds that he doesn't really want to marry her. Miranda proposes to Steve, he accepts, and they get married in a small, tasteful ceremony. One rare turn.

The Secret Life of American Teenager
The reason I bring this up because of this show, because the girl proposed to the boy, he said yes but he is having doubts. Will this end up the same? Why is it important to me that the woman proposing and things ending up better? Because it should, because screw tradition, why does to have to be the man? In the end, they didn't marry. Amy went to college with Ben and left her kid with his father Ricky.

The Office
Jim and Pam are now married and have a kid on the show, Jim proposed under the rain, Pam never proposed and that was that. With Michael and his lady love Holy, he proposed.

Golden Girls
Back in the day, in the Moonlight Madness party episodes, Rose proposes to Miles on one knee. He says "I'm going to cry." They ended up not getting married.

Tuesday, April 19

Sonny With a Chance becomes So Random

Demi Lovato has gone to rehab because of her cutting herself and depression, she opted not to continue on her Disney Channel show "Sonny With a Chance." Disney is fine with that, they were reportedly planning to make the show more about their sketch show So Random and do less of the Behind the Scenes stuff. But now that she won't be returning at all, they are sticking with that plan and renaming the show 'So Random.' I see they aren't showing the show reruns as much, probably the phase it out for kids. What will happen to Sterling Knight (Chad Michael Murray)? His character is not part of So Random, let's see how they handle it. Maybe McKenzie Falls is canceled and he has to join So Random.

Monday, April 18

Sexy Grandpa from Geico

"I'm not your daddy, I'm your Grandpa," is very popular with high school kids and kids in Elementary school and they sing it a lot. It drives me crazy. I thought it wasn't much of a song, but it is really catching on. People like it a lot and Geico even has it for free download. But Really? REALLY?!

Thursday, April 14

I love Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation is a great show, Leslie Knope is an awesome character and Amy Poehler is hilarious.

PINK is a color!!!!

As usual, the Daily Show brought it up to me: J. Crew Ad Controversy: Boy with Pink Toenails. And of course everyone is freaking out and especially Keith Arlow, who Jon Stewart brings it up as the cover of his book with Glenn Beck looks like a same sex raising book. And it is true, it does. And like Jon says, a weekend with children gets boring. PINK IS JUST A FREAKIN COLOR, not a gender constitute. Just because a boy wears pink anywhere doesn't mean it will effect his psyche so much that it will determine his sexual identity or orientation. Now, yes in our culture pink is seen as a girl color. But it is just one little ad, it is not like a PSA or a goverment thing. And plenty of athletes have worn pink for Breast Cancer support to find the cure and no one has said bub-kiss.

Wednesday, April 13

Happy Ending Review

I didn't have high hopes for the new ABC sitcom about 6 friends: 3 male, 3 female; any like those will be compared to 'Friends' but this one has woman and man having a wedding in the beginning and Elisha Cuthbert leaves the guy Dave (Zachary Knighton) and kind of wedges in between the six friends. So Alex (Cuthbert)'s sister Jane is married to the black friend Brad. And the third guy Max is a gay guy, who was fat as a kid and might be a little chubby now and doesn't like that people say she might be chubby. Max (Adam Phally) is a delight. Brad does seem like a oreo, white guy in black skin. They aired another ep at 10, its regular time--good slot since Cougartown should be coming back. And the third girl is the delightful Casey Wilson of Saturday Night Live as Penny, who knew Max from college and they are 'gay married,' where Max is Penny's gay husband. Max is a masculine gay guy who isn't above 'gaying' it up. I really like the characters of Penny and Max, but not so crazy about the other four. Dave is a bit charming, but after what Alex did, it's hard to like her.

In the second episode, Penny says she was a 'gay gay' which Max calls a stereotypical 'Sex and the City' gay guy that would touch her boobs in a platonic way, so he does get one--by the name of Derrick. Hiliairous. I didn't think the show would go that far. ABC even called it a 'Modern Family' of 'Friends' and it might as well be. No laugh track, like I like, it might be a bit exaggerated and outlandish. The show just needs to calm it down a bit and rely more on the sly writing, and get a note off "My Boys" from TBS, they know how to do it.

Wednesday, April 6

Justice - Cilivization in Adidas Commercial

Justice's new song 'Civilization' is in new Adidas ads here in America and I swear it sounds like they were saying 'The beating of Megatron.' But here is the real lyric:

The beating of a million drums.
The fire of a million guns.
The mother of a million sons.

Friday, April 1

The mystery of Double Trouble

Currently there is this Master of Universe Classics series that has figures of He-man, Skeletor and the Masters of the Universe. But now there is Hordak, She-Ra, Grizzlor, and Bow. Soon Catra will come around as well. In that, I think back to She-Ra Princess of Power and how the 80's series and toys were treated. The toy line only had the girl characters and Bow but no Hordak. The Horde was a concept put in by Lou Scheimer for the cartoon t0 advertise Hordak, who was meant to be a villain of He-Man. Anyway, the only villain toys in the Princess of Power line was Catra and Entrappa, but Horde was not mentioned.

Double Trouble was one character that had a toy and even appeared in the first wave but didn't appear in the show ever. And this is a mystery. Her card said she was a spy and she had a 'good face' and a 'mean face.' Her toy came with a comic that didn't mention the Horde but that she was a good spy that pretended to be Catra's friend. I think it would had been an interesting concept for the show that she was a spy for the Great Rebellion and pretended to be part of the Horde.

An early prototype for Double Trouble had her different colors, in blue and purple, possibly to be a bad character.

She even appeared as part of the Great Rebellion in the coloring books. Fans hope she will be part of the MOTUC collection, I am hoping for Scorpia, who was a villain who appeared in the series but no toy. And MOTUC has made figures of obscure characters like Morla from Robot Chicken.