Monday, July 16

Kyle XY The plot gets thicker

After watching the episode 6 of Season Two "Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?" (Really great episode!), the web (not the world wide) is getting thicker. I just have to shout it to the rooftops that this show is brilliant. While some storylines (Lory and her guitar) have chance of becoming repetitive and annoying, the music plays a key. I loved the symbols in Kyle's 'vision' as a fish bowl, Adam's urn and a postcard. Then when Kyle finally figured out Adam's message, he comes to the conclusion 'why so much work for such a simple message?' Good question. Smart after smart. One you think the plot is going to be simple, it is more intricate but at a wonderful pace. As before I was not liking how show was moving, now it is just right.

Emily is living a double life, not only is Jessi XX her charge but she has a regular life--a child. A child who seemingly lives with her mother. She has to balance them out. If the show makes us think, then one has to wonder why Emily goes through all of this just for a job. You can see it in her face. Teh actress wonderfully says without words, 'why am I doing this?' Jessi is slowly starting to question this all. Another thing is have Jessi and Kyle ever said anything to each other? They haven't been properly introduced. That is getting to be a bitch--which I think will be done by the next episode.

The show is so good that not only Emily slapped Jessi on the Trager's, Emily has become 'friends' with Nicole and Stephen got a job at robot corp (forget the name)---now Emily is flirting with him. I admit I did not expect Ballatine to be much of a villain. I though the didn't know much, but he does indeed know more than he is letting on. Ballatine in the last episode, took Adam's ring that Kyle pawned off and hired Stephen to the company. Smarty.

Of course there is plenty of growing pains such as Josh's first date and romantic triangles. Declan and Jessi vibying off each other and Lori jealous of it. Josh and Andy clicking without Josh being aware of it and Andy not admitting it. Amanda always watches Kyle and Kyle always watches her, they seem so meant to each other. And what I suspected all along was the surprise ending and okay here is the major spoilers if you haven't seen the episode...

Spoilers in White (below)
Adam's message to Kyle was that not to trust Tom Foss.