Thursday, December 31

Two canceled shows on cable -- new home

The NBC show Southland has been canceled but has a new home at TNT, the second season will be shown in all its splendor as the second season got no chance at airing on NBC. The canceled animated series The Goode Family from Mike Judge, was taken off ABC but now will run on Comedy Central.

Monday, December 28

Family Guy Something, Something, Something, Dark Side Review

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side
First of all, I am insulted by the first card saying "When the gays weren't all in your face about," Family Guy is usually gay-friendly but that is just annoying and not necessary. This episode is not as fun as Blue Harvest, probably because the source material The Empire Strikes Back is not happy-go-lucky. The Empire Strikes Back is my one favorite movie out of the whole Star Wars series and it is the only movie I can remember that is a sequel in a trilogy that is a good movie and not just a lead-in to the finale. There are some recycled gags from the show, some F-bombs, but maybe just 3 of them, they curse way more in the commentary than on the episode. I only watch Family Guy on TV so I am not used to cursing, so the one that really felt out of place is Peter/Han's final F-bomb in the episode. Some Family Guy secondary characters return (like 'Phony' Holden Caulfield) and I don't want to spoil it anymore. Their Yoda is not that funny, they spent so much time on the beginning of the movie that the ending feels rushed and we don't get much time with Lando. There are some great movie observations though! And yes writers, I know all the references and know who Rodney Dangerfield and Don Knotts are. The animation is great, there is a lot of wonderful details and they did a great job, but is it funny? Kinda. I give a B.

By the way, the pop-up factoid feature is very entertaining, if you think the movie need something to spice the movie up, this does. Most DVD pop-up facts are annoying, but this are as sarcastic as the show and has fake facts, so watch out. But it does take the episode out of wide screen HD version.

Avatar 3-D Review

Let me admit that I did not want to see this movie. My cousins were all telling me how it was good. And another pair of cousins got me to go, it was IMAX 3-D. The beginning of the movie was great, but the ending wasn't. I can't help but be reminded by the Native Americans, in this way-obvious 'metaphor.' The special effects really are great, Mr. Cameron has really created a new technology with actors' movements and faces incorporated into their CG characters. The creature designs sure are beautiful. I love the color schemes. I'm still not crazy about the blue people. The glowing parts in the forest are just dazzling and the 3-D is fantastic, the last 3-D movie I saw was at Disney World, not any of these current movies. Sigourney Weaver sure looks creepy and hilarious as a Na'vi.

The basic plot is that the main character Jake (Sam Worthington) is forced to go to this planet Pandora (because his twin brother just died and they need him) where Earthlings are trying to take over a planet with peace-loving indigenous people Na'vi for some rock that is similar to diamonds. Giovanni Ribisi plays an annoying character, I just plain hate, not love to hate but just bad. The villains are irritating and seem to have a flimsy goal, especially Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang)--who states they are 'savages' and Lang seems to be transplanted from a Van Damm flick. The movie is beautiful but just horribly sad in the end and unnecessary. My friend offers the glib analysis that this movie suggests that what the Native Americans did wrong was not have a white person play red-face to save them.

Maybe that is not what Cameron had intended. The movie is 2 hours and a half, it doesn't drag on like Titanic but the 3d does, I had to take off the glasses several times because my eyes started hurting. Sam Worthington does a bang up job, at first I don't like his na'vi avatar but then fall in love with it and stare at his little butt. I was not a big fan of Sam's look, but slowly started falling into his charms. I love the first two Terminator movies Cameron directed but Titanic's writing was horrible, and this one has its problems with obvious plot points. The movie is just dribble.

Thursday, December 24

The Santa Clause Franchise Review

Watching the three The Santa Clause movies on Disney channel, I hadn't seen the third movie before. It really is what people say, more softer and boring compared to the first one. When the movie first came out when I was 12, I found the movie too crude, even with its wonder, it had police pointing guns at Santa and everyone against Scott Calvin (Tim Allen). Now 15 years after the first movie and compared to the other two films, this movie is the most charming and very entertaining. I also liked how the movie made a twist on the whole story, with children as elves. Even with the children eleves, the majority of the main characters remained in the three films, which is rare. Most of the time, they re-cast them. His son is played the same guy. When I was little, I fell in love with this Santa Clause TV movie and loved how it was close to the mythology.

For those who haven't seen the other two movies, Ms. Clause is introduced in the second film, along with the Tooth Fairy, Mother Nature (who is black), Sandman (who is also black), Easter Bunny, Cupid, Father Time, etc. Being 'different,' the Tooth Fairy is a man--which seems common these days like Dwayne Johnson's upcoming film. In the third movie, Jack Frost is introduced. The villains in the last movies are an inconvenience, they are a tad annoying--the robot Santa and Jack Frost. In the first movie, there was no villains per say, just the disbelieving adults. As a kid, I hated how the adults opposed Scott and found it crazy really fast. Even though I love Judge Reinhold as an actor, I hate him in the first movie. The first movie is PG, while the other two are G. It gets off to a controversial start, I mean for Scott to become Santa, the old Santa had to fall off a roof. If it wasn't Disney or if it was Tim's way, he would die by the last film.

Tuesday, December 22

Princess and the Frog: Positive Review

Old school is awesome, the animation is beautiful and this a sweet romantic movie. Tiana is a strong role model, she reaches out for dreams with hard work. Tiana's father's dream was to make a big restaurant & he died in the war (presumably World War I). Prince Naveen of a unidentifiable race and fictional country, is a lazy playboy who has been cut off from his money and needs to marry Tiana's rich girlfriend Charlotte. The villain, the voodoo Shadowman turns Naveen into a frog and has his servant pretend to be Naveen and marry Charlotte--in order to kill her Big daddy and take over New Orleans and give it to the demons he has a debt to. Tiana is turned into a frog when she kisses Naveen because she isn't a princess, she wants the money to buy the place to make her restaurant. Naveen is a charmer, he is incredibly handsome, I haven't seen another charming handsome Disney Prince like that since Prince Eric. His eyes are the same as a frog, he is more 'animated' as a frog.

Tiana's friend Charlotte is rich and wants to get married really bad, namely for Naveen. Since she was a kid, she wanted a fairy tale romance, get married to a prince. Charlotte has been friends with Tiana since they were little girls, Tiana's mom made princess dresses for her. Instead of being a mean spoiled brat, Charlotte is still nice to her childhood pal Tiana and comes through for her in the end. What doesn't make sense is why Charolette's dad doesn't give Tiana her the money for her restaurant since he knew her as a kid and goes to the place she works every morning for her pastries. Probably he had offered and she wanted to work on it on her own. Naveen and Charolette are joined in their journey to find the voodoo priestess Mama Ode by Louis, an alligator who wants to play Jazz and Ray, a Cajun firefly who is love with the star that Tiana and Charlotte wish to.

Naveen's servant betrays Naveen and the villain the Shadow Man takes Naveen's blood and puts it in a necklace. When the servant wears the necklace, it makes him look like Naveen, but when the blood runs out, they must get the frog back. The Shadow Man a voodoo priest who wants control of New Orleans and to kill Charolette's dad, and because of his debt to demons, give the city to the demons of the afterworld. Mama Ode tells Naveen and Tiana that Naveen must be kissed by Charlotte--but when Naveen figures he loves Tiana, he wants to marry her. When the clock runs out at midnight, Charlotte kisses Naveen but for Tiana, not to marry him but for them to be happy---but it's too late. Tiana and Naveen figure they will happy as frogs and get married and kiss. Whe they kiss, they become humans again, because when Mama Ode married them, it made her a princess. In the end, wrongs are righted, love prevails and dreams come true.

Thank you Disney for not supplying us with yet another 3-D animated film.

Princess and the Frog: Negative Review

With all the controversies before surrounding this movie, even with the re-writings, the movie still has plenty of negative stereotypes. The movie basically is about Tiana, a girl whose only dream is to make a big restaurant in honor of her father, who died in the war (presumably World War I). Prince Naveen of a unidentifiable race and fictional country, is a lazy playboy who has been cut off from his money and needs to marry Tiana's rich girlfriend Charlotte. The villain, the voodoo Shadowman turns Naveen into a frog and has his servant pretend to be Naveen and marry Charlotte--in order to kill her Big daddy and take over New Orleans and give it to the demons he has a debt to. Complicated Disney villain, eh? As for the stereotypes, there are redneck hunters, most of the swamp animals have less than three teeth, the sniveling fat white British butler who betrays the Prince, and the Cajun speak is unauthentic.

I went to see the movie with my friend who lived in New Orleans and she only said, "That's real," only once, and that was the slums where Tiana lived. For a movie that centers around African-Americans, they spent most of the time as frogs and there are heavy metaphors, slapping you in the face. Every time anyone sees the frogs, they scream and want to smash them, the two protagonists as frogs feel discrimination personified. Mama Ode is the epitome of the Mammy stereotype, a blind voodoo priestess. The songs are not that great, not catchy, except for the one part in her song where she goes "Mama Ode told you so!", I wish the song was called that. The only song that has stayed in my head is Tiana's, "Almost there." I don't like how Tiana has to get married in the end to order to be a princess.

All the princesses have had to get married, Cinderella was a commoner that got married & became a princess; Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was a princess but had to get married; Jasmine (Aladdin) was already a princess but had to get married--got married in the third movie; Belle (Beauty & the Beast) was a commoner who got married to be a princess; and finally, Snow White is the only of the main Disney Princesses that didn't have to get married to be a Princess. S0, yeah I don't like how Tiana had to fall in love and get married in order to be happy and get her restaurant. Tiana works hard to get her restaurant---and the villain offers her the restaurant in exchange of the Princes' blood, he reminds her of the opposition she's had--one of the brothers she is buying the property off of says, "of your background," either to be construed as a nice way to say 'race' or 'poor.' So times Tiana even brings out the sassy black woman attitude. The main villain is a voodoo priest, the only major Black character in the movie that isn't dead is the Shadow Man. He uses voodoo dolls, demons, spirits, and blood; he even kills one of the characters.

Ray the firefly is ugly, but maybe to teach kids to make friends with ugly people. The alligator Louis is forgettable. Ray falls in love with the star Tiana and Charlotte make wishes to and spoiler alert--he dies and becomes a star, blegh, I could have gone without that. Most of the scenes with the leads as frogs are boring and obviously to build their relationship but are flimsy. Maldonia is a fictional country and Prince Naveen speaks a made up language an is voiced by a Latino. Also the white people are stereotypes, John Goodman plays Big daddy, a 2-d Southerner with no complexities. Tiana's rich friend Charlotte can be construed as a bimbo at first, but she is more than that, she is a true friend, the only positive in the movie is that if though she is a rich white girl, she doesn't forget her childhood friend Tiana and comes through for her in the end. It's not like I am looking for failures in the movie, it's just concerns and it's funny how disney writers have to fall on these things, Ron Clements & John Musker are great writers and they probably didn't notice this.

Sunday, December 20

Brittany Murphy passes away today

On December 20, 2009, Murphy was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after suffering a full cardiac arrest and pronounced dead. Reports of her death were confirmed by the Los Angeles County Coroner's office and a spokesperson at the hospital.

Friday, December 18

Dollhouse "Epitaph One" Review

Epitaph One
FOX counted the pilot as the 13th episode of the first season of Dollhouse. In order to give a 13th episode for the DVD's, international broadcasts, and for repeats. All shows have to have 13 or 22 episodes. Well except for the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anyhoo, Joss used little budget to set an episode ten years after the first season in the future. So it is set in a post-apocolyptic future where anyone can be 'programmed' without having to had been an Active with a press of a button. So there are very few that are imprinted, those that are still themselves, are called "Actuals." Written by Joss' brother Jed and Jed's wife, actress Maurissa Tancharoen. This episode did not air on FOX and did not involve most of the cast.

Felicia Day (of the Dr. Horrible's Sing-along blog fame) and Zack Ward (of "Titus") star as Actuals who hide out and find the show's dollhouse, without knowing what it is and discover it is the source of all their trouble. They then encounter Whiskey (Amy Acker), a doll who was once imprinted as Dr. Saunders. Amy Acker is very important in this episode. She hasn't appeared yet in Season 2 but I hope they wrap that in a nice bow with a good reason. There are 'flashbacks' and 'flashfowards' in this episode, very important and fascinating episodes. I've been watching season 2 of "Dollhouse" and I am glad I saw this now when I did because it makes more sense. They have a flashforward where Paul is Echo's handlerer and has a headache, which conincides with season 2 ep "Meet Jane Doe." For fans and non-dollhouse but Whedon fans, should definitely watch this! It's a great stand-alone and deep-mythology episode. There are common Whedonesque plot twists but very welcomed.

In Jan 22, the 13th ep of season 2 airs "Epitaph Two: The Return," I hope it does air because news is that the show has been canceled by FOX.

Dollhouse Pilot Review

I saw the Dollhouse pilot on the season one DVD. Having being a fan, seeing all the episodes, also season two, I understand why Joss Whedon decided to re-do the pilot and shoot a new 1st episode. The pilot is confusing, only understandable about fans. It is like chess pieces, some pieces are ahead of others. Joss probably wanted to go in another direction, he pulled things back and pushed things forward. The pilot shows off as a showcase to Eliza, but not much of a conscious one to a new viewer. Also, certain rules have changed and they were feeling things out as they went along.

For example, in the pilot, Paul Ballard is only getting started. We are revealed in the pilot that Victor was programmed to trick Ballard, but it took about five or so episodes to reveal it in season 1. Echo is actively programmed to kill Paul in the pilot, but not so in the first episode. Things with dr. Saunders are pushed forward in the pilot and pulled back in the series, spread out. Also, Sierra is already an Active in the pilot but is a 'new' Active in the first episode. The first final episode is more polished and better to understand.

Wednesday, December 16

Roy Disney passes away

Roy Disney has passed away, so sad, he died of cancer at age 79. He was nice and did the best he could, being the brother of Walt Disney and not actually be his brother. When I was little, and I knew Walt was dead and found out about Roy, I thought it was great, there was some one in the family in the company, protecting his brother's vision. But then I thought it wasn't, that he wasn't but in the end, it was true, confirmed by other animators, writers and directors in dvd's.

Friday, December 11

Dollhouse faux paus

Dollhouse is getting better, last week's episode was awesome with Summer Glau as the guest. This week's episode they made a faux paus, where Echo says in Spanish "Ocho minutos" which means Eight Minutes but the subtitle says four minutes. We finally saw Echo in her more human, she is determined in taking down the dollhouse with Paul. While Adelle is no longer in control of her branch and feeling small due to the new regime. Echo meanwhile tries to save an illegal immigrant from prison.

Monday, December 7

Kathy Griffin on Law & Orer: Special Victims Unit

Kathy Griffin is to guest star on "Law & Orer: Special Victims Unit" or how Maggie Griffin, her mother, calls it 'SUV,' on the Feb. 10, 2010 episode. She is to play a lesbian 'Al Sharpton' activist an may have the obligatory lesbian kissing scene with Mariska Hargitay she said on the George Lopez Tonight show (which I only saw for her). She also hollered out to her Gaytino fans (me included), we love you Kathy!

TV Guide

Sunday, December 6

Taylor Lautner in Max Steel

Taylor Lautner has been announced to be in a film based on a Mattel toys from 2000. There was a CGI series from 2000 to 2002, it was one of the first CGI series from children and ran on Kids WB!. I found the show boring, it wasn't that popular of a show and had a rival--Action Man, the 2000 CGI series I found a little better. Action Man actually has been a longer running toy franchise. The Max Steel cartoon I found dumb that Max would change, from blonde to brunette, blondes are more fun, why become a brunette? And his dad was black and unexplained if he was adopted or what.


Friday, December 4

Out Celebrities and where they are now

There is a big thing in Hollywood saying that open gay people wouldn't successful (even though there are plenty of gay people in the industry!!!), but these days, things have changed, thankfully. There were rare cases, but nowadays it is getting safer and safer for gay actors to be successful and people to still believe them when they play a heterosexual character. But some gay actors still want to be anonymous and that's fine. And some agents don't want their straight actors to do more than one gay role because then people will think he's gay (Like Brett Chuckerman who is straight but has played a lot of gay characters). How many 'Out' Celebrities are there out there and still have a job?

Lance Bass
After coming out on his own [3 years ago in 2006], he still doesn't have a real steady job. Supposedly he is producing now.

T.R. Knight
After starring, being outted during [3 years ago in 2006], and leaving "Grey's Anatomy," he is in the musical Parade.

Adam Lambert
After outting himself on June of 2009, six months ago, his album is out and doing well.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia derossi
Ellen came out in 1997 during her hit sitcom's run and the show was canceled the next year. It took six years until she got her hit talk show in 2003. She has paved the road but it has been a rocky road. At least she is still working and biggest example of openly homosexual success. Portia came out in 2005 after dating Ellen, she currently is on the show "Better Off Ted" and they married last year August 2008.

Rosie O' Donnell
She left her talk show in 2002, came out, lost her magazine, went to the View an after much turmoil, she rather be without makeup and staying home. Many can love or hate her, I personally love her as she speaks her mind. But she does indeed very passionate.

Neil Patrick Harris
Another success story like Ellen, his success came late. He came out in 2006, three years ago and has success with "How I Met Your Mother" and award show hosting and stage shows.

Meredith Baxter
"Family Ties" actress came out recently. I'm happy she found love.

Chris Colfer
Newcomer with "Glee," his star just started rising, he is 19 and I am happy he is openly out. It shows how times have changed.

John Barrowman
Openly gay and has been with Scott Gill since 1991. Scottish actor is successful with stage shows and "Torchwood."

Yes, Clay Aiken is openly gay too but he was forced to after much nagging. And there are so many other gay actors, singers and celebrities out there but I thought these were worth mentioning. Only very few aren't "Hot" now. I am sure there are some I am missing.

Wednesday, December 2

Barbara Walters interviews Lady gaga and Adam Lambert

I am still kicking myself for not watching the music awards in which Adam kissed a musician, because I can't find it on YouTube. ABC says they don't want Adam again on their network but they are letting him on her special--I have seen commercials only singling him out "I'm Homosexual, get over it." Today on the View, fame hog, opportunist and crabby child Perez Hilton revealed to Barbara that Lady Gaga was dressed like her, in honor of her. Barbara was surprised because she said she was so dressed down and looked good. It's funny Miss Gaga wanted to dress like her, that is so different from most guests on her specials, who are nervous, like Paris Hilton that one time.

Barbara Walters show airs next Wednesday the 9th.

Tuesday, December 1

Grady Sizemore angry about pictures leak

Nearly nude pictures of Grady Sizemore sent to his girlfriend through his cellphone camera were leaked into the web. Someone stole them off his girlfriend's e-mail. She claims it is a stalker that stole them. Grady is upset that the pictures on the web. Grady has contacted MLB to have them contact websites to demand the pictures off. So slowly pictures are coming off, most of them are on gay-orientated websites. has been targeted, they say, "Despite how the photos were originally leaked, we are well within our right to keep them up." Gay fans believe this will only help his fanbase. And claims it is a 'witch hunt' to attack sites, because now that is news on news sites and news TV channels, then it is 'public domain' now. Also, other fans say that he should speak out to teenagers and twenty-somethings warning them not to do nude pix for their girlfriends/boyfriends or others will see them.

Grady is not the first, as it has happened to Pete Wentz in 2005 and also Miley Cyrus [even though she kept her shirt on]. And plenty of pics of college athletes regularly hit gay pic forums, via their own Myspace or Facebook or twitter pages. Cyd Zeigler jr. of OutSports says, "He was the idiot who took the photos and sent them to at least one other person. What famous person takes photos of themselves like that, emails them and doesn’t expect them to leak? He looks good and his fanbase has increased because of them." The e-mail from CAASports says, "Such posting, therefore, subjects the Website, you, your employees, and principals, and all individuals associate with this activity to serious potential liability. Should you fail to comply immediately with the terms of this letter, we will be forced to explore all available remedies against the Website and you." Basically I think these people shouldn't do these pics but if they do, then they shouldn't complain when other people spread them around because it was their own dumb fault they put them online or THAT THEY TOOK THEM THEMSELVES. If they are private, then don't have them through e-mail and go through more security or don't even take them!!! Better safe than sorry!