Saturday, March 16

Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

I love Wizards of Waverly Place. The show ended and Selena Gomez has 'grown up.' Disney announced a sequel film, but I thought it was going to be like the Wizards movie that was 2 hours (with breaks) but no, it jut like the TV show, it is just a special. It is an one hour TV special with those annoying laugh tracks. The movie version had no laugh tracks. In this special, Justin Russo (David Henrie) is not present. Selena plays two different Alexes, which gets bad when Mason has to do a choice between the two and picks the wrong one in an uninspired cliche moment, which is a bit unlike Wizards. Also superhunk Beau Mirchoff (Desperate Housewives and Awkward) plays the lead villain but is not shirtless though the whole thing, he has nice abs. Even AUstin gets shirtless in Austin and Ally and he is under 18. Anyway, it was a good effort but I wish it was longer, had a bigger budget and didn't have that annoying laugh track, didn't Selena deserve better?

Saturday, March 9

I'm not gay but my brother is: Celebrity Gay Brothers

I am back from the dead. Wow, I took 3 months to post something new.  Well, this is nothing major, maybe old news but here is a list of hot gay brothers of celebrities.

 Scott Evans
Captain America Chris Evans' younger brother Scott is also an actor and was in the soap One Life to Live, playing a gay cop. He was born in 1983. They are 2 years apart.

 Michael Levine
Adam Levine's younger brother but not the youngest. The gaydom agree that he is hot.

 Michael Hathaway
Anne Hathaway's older brother is gay.

Eamon Farrell
Colin Farrell's brother. Colin Farrell brought his voice to Ireland's Stand Up! campaign against bullying.

Lloyd Kwanten
The "True Blood" hunk Ryan Kwanten, who has been fiercely private about his own love life, spoke to The Advocate in 2010 about his gay brother Lloyd, who is a doctor.