Tuesday, June 26

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 3 Review

"The List is Life"
Spoilers Abound

As school starts, everybody's favorite annoying repenting skank Hillary (Chelan Simmons) appears and there is a 'list' that will come out listing the 'best' or 'most' of everybody, pretty much judging everybody. Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) fears it as much as Hillary does but also starts his new job at the local hangout (which seems to be the new common set in the show from now on) and finds an admirer in Andy (Magda Apanowicz), a eccentric gamer. Hillary and Lori do a 're-virginate' ritual, which is pretty much lame but it is refreshing to see treated with an open mind and so frank (they ask Amanda what 'virgins' do to pass the time) in this family show. Nicole hasn't gone back to her job as a child psychiatrist because she is doubting herself because of her inability to get through to Kyle, who is sticking to not telling Declan (or anyone for the matter) the truth. And with that, Declan is really down and avoiding Lori (April Matson)--she takes it personally. I love her new hair-do by the way. By the way, Ballantine (Conrad Coates) shocks Emily Hollander with a drastic change to XX (Jaimie Alexander).

The episode lags in the first half but kicks into high gear in the second half. Everything pretty much comes together and falls apart. Now, here are the spoilers. Declan has been avoiding Lori and when Lori confronts him, he makes a decision that just doesn't make sense and you wish didn't happened. But usually, with teenagers, it is like this. The show leads you to believe that the reason he breaks up with her because he is crushed because Kyle refuses to let him in. Now this adds to my theory that Kyle and Declan's relationship is an underlining subtext Gay relationship. This is common in early movies and some still believe about Bert and Ernie and Chandler and Joey. Well, I find their relationship refreshing, gay or not. Declan protects Kyle even when he saves a girl from a burning house and he isn't burned. It irks Kyle that the boyfriend of crush of his life Amanda--Charlie has told her the truth of his cheating. He wants to tell her the truth but his friends tell him to stay clear. Needless to say, in a heartbreaking scene (albeit being a bit cliche, it still clenches the heart) the 'List' mentioning before and mentioned in the title lists Charlie as 'biggest slut' much to Amanda's disbelief.

Then and there, Amanda decides to come clear but what is even worse, not only Amanda and Charlie are over and Amanda discovered the truth, Amanda also deduced that this information was what Kyle wanted to tell her. She tells him that he should have told her--adding emotional blow. The show is so smart that instead of having just a plain girl being saved by Kyle in a burning house--she was one of the girls Charlie was cheating with. Also adding another dynamic in this family show, more family--Jessi XX is made to believe that Emily Hollander her sister, making Hollander responsible for her. Jessi XX is inputed information like a computer, entering a scary notion to the mythology---that it could possible that Kyle's memories can be wiped. This definitely going to be interesting.