Wednesday, August 31

Young Male Celebrities and their Overbearing Dads

"American Idol" Alum David Archuleta's Father Busted For Soliciting Prostitute

Jeff Archuleta, the father of “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta, was charged with alleged patronization of a prostitute back in January, according to court papers acquired by Access Hollywood. Sgt. John Salazar of the Midvale, Utah, police department confirmed to Access that on Jan. 14, Archuleta was cited for the alleged misdemeanor during a sting at the Queens of Reiki massage parlor. Police had reports of improper business conduct by the parlor, which they discovered did not have a business license.
Taylor Lautner's publicist is fucking done with him professionally and it isn't because of a gay scandal or anything like that. It's because Taylor's father is the second coming of Kit Culkin wrapped in White Oprah and incubated inside of an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras.
They are called Stage Dads. But hasn't this guy learned from his son? I mean, he's so fat! I know Taylor had to eat a lot to build up muscle but this is ridiculous.

Monday, August 29

Bo Beep in Toy Story 3

Bo Peep does not appear in Toy Story 3. It is implied that sometime between the events of Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, Bo was sold in a yard sale with her sheep. The only toy to mention her was Rex when the remaining toys remember their friends who are no longer with them. When Rex says her name, it is apparent that Woody is still saddened and hurt over her loss due to their romantic relationship. However, she appears only as a background toy in archive footage at the beginning of the film during a home video montage of Andy as a child.
Bo Peep's shrinking role in the series after the first film is explained in The Art of Toy Story 3. Bo Peep was among the main cast of the first film as a voice of female reason, and was not Andy's toy, but a porcelain lamp. Due to being unable to find a believable spot in the story, Bo Peep only appears in the beginning and end of Toy Story 2. Bo Peep was ultimately written out of the story due to the fact Molly and Andy wouldn't want her anymore, and emblematic of the losses the toys have had over time. She also was written out due to the belief that Andy wouldn't have anything to say about her when he gives the other toys to Bonnie at the third film's end. Although she is not in the third movie, she appears in the Toy Story 3 videogame in toy box mode.

It had also been hard to find a place for Bo Peep in Toy Story 2, which is why she appears only at the beginning and end of the film. The filmmakers felt audiences wouldn't accept a porcelain lamp going off into the city and having an adventure. They even joked that she might roll herself in bubble wrap and FedEx herself to Al's apartment.

Sunday, August 21

Glee Project Winner

I don't have Oxygen, so I can't see the finale episode "Glee-Ality" until it is on Thursday on I will give a review when I see the whole episode. Anyway, I don't mind knowing the winner, er winners. I was hoping the winner would be Damian. I was sure Alex would win, but wasn't nuts about it. I for sure didn't want Samauel or Lindsey would win. I was most against Lindsey because I found her boring, undeserving and fake. I felt Samauel was boring and fake. Anyways, Damian and Samuel both won! Yay Damian! I admit that I would had accepted a character for Alex, a love child of Mercedes and Kurt, but I figure it would cover the same things as Kurt. As for Damian, I definitely like the idea of him as a sweetheart who Britney doesn't understand his accent. As for Samuel, even not watching the episode, I am sure he will be the new Chrisitan character but Damian could had easily been a Christian character (he has said 'Jesus Christ' more than once on Glee Project).


Thursday, August 18

Trainwreck waiting to happen: Charlie Sheen ROAST

Comedy Central said today that Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane will host the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, which will tape in Los Angeles on Sept. 10 ahead of a Sept. 19 airdate -- which happens to be the same night CBS premieres the post-Sheen post-Two And a Half Men. MacFarlane has hosted two previous roasts.

Comedy Central's head of original programming and production Kent Alterman added:

“Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast… which scares even us.”

These roasts are often therapeutic for a person,” Jeffery Ross (The unicorn in Toy Story 3) said, in an interview with EW. “These are things he needs to hear...I see this as a comedy intervention." Ross also hinted about the "long list" of people from Sheen's past, who might come back looking for revenge. “I think people are going to be blown away by the line up,” he replied “There has been interest from very surprising people."

"There's less [cocaine] left on the planet because of me, so roast away," Sheen acknowledged, laughing. "If that's what's in store for me, then bring it," he said, agreeing that cocaine and hooker jokes would probably be "vying for first place" in terms of frequency up on the dais.


Thursday, August 11

Glee Project - Lindsey should had been eliminated

In the episode "Believability," Hannah won the homework assignment and I felt you could root for her. They asked her to long for Alex but she was longing for Damian in the music video, and they day she was distracted. And Ryan said he would root for her. But she was eliminated. They had more of a conversation with Lindsey and Samael. He says he won't root for Lindsey, and he doesn't see underdog in Samael. And he only had positive words for Hannah. So it was weird that he say 'bye-bye' to Hannah. When Ryan told Samael about Christianity so then Samael was like "I love Jesus Christ." Zack called Hannah a 'great actress.' They felt Sam was one dimensional. But Ryan has cut people that were not deserving before like Emily and Matheus. Well, Emily would had been eliminated eventually. Anyway, yeah they should had eliminated Lindsey. I see where all them could had fit on Glee: Hannah, the cute fun vulnerable one; Alex, the loud talented--he is Kurt and Mercedes combined; Lindsey, the new competition for Rachael; Cameron, cute Christian; Samael, the cool guy that there was more to; and Damien.... I don't know. Lindsey seemed more upset about Hannah being kicked out, when she was alone. Hannah was close, she was 5th, but I hope Ryan calls her back, there is always a possibility. You never know, they could bring her for a small part like Lauren (Puck's latest girlfriend) and bring her back.

(I see Glee Project on Hulu, the episodes air on Oxygen on Sundays and on Hulu, on Thursdays.)

Wednesday, August 10

About Rebecca Black

When I first heard of Rebecca Black, I saw the Katy Petty music video "TGIF" and I didn't know who she was. I thought she was like one of those rich people who are famous for not being famous, like the Kardashans or something. But tonight watching Dateline Primetime, I find out she was just a YouTube breakout and 13. I didn't even know she was 13!!! I thought she was like 21 or something. Say what you say about Rebecca Black, I found out she has gotten a lot of flack and death threats. That is just wrong. First the machine makes kids want fame and then when they get it it feels like a punishment. Why can't we be happy for people? They really are jealous people. I don't care if she has talent or not, there is a reason we are talking about her, like her fame ride itself out. She's 13 for god's sake, she is still a kid, just a kid. If you think she is untalented, then go ahead and do the same and see if you will get the same fame. So yeah basically this is my written 'leave Britney Spears alone.'