Monday, September 24

Family Guy "Blue Harvest" Review

This was a great idea. They mimic most of the shots of the movie. Some, even better than the original. The new scenes from the 'Special Edition' are not included in this. The scenes that were parodied before, are skipped here, like the ending where the gang gets medals and where Luke makes the other guy like a fool--the womp rat scene. In fact, womp rats are mentioned quite a bit here. The scenes that were leaked through the internet in a convention, are the most funniest of the episode. I even miss the laughter from the convention goers. Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons, and Joe Swanson do not appear in the episode. They were reportedly to appear as Imperial news agents covering the escape of Princess Leia and Biggs Darklighter, but they probably cut. Maybe they might appear on the Cartoon Network airing or DVD.

To please fans and I knew they were going to do this, HAN SHOOTS FIRST. What is also great is little subtle things. There is a part where one guard touches another guard sexually. There are little things you just got to notice. But the episode does mimics the lines of the movie and seems to be stuck in 'Star Wars' mode--some call it a tribute to the movie. They go through the motions. One time, they snap out of this is when Herbert as Obi-Wan sings "I had the time of my life" to Luke/Chris. It is not like Spaceballs, that had its own plot.

Seth Vs. Seth
What is the best is that at the end of the episode, Chris (Seth Green) makes a reference to "Robot Chicken" making a Star Wars episode a few months ago. Their conversation was very funny, Peter putting down "Robot Chicken" and Chris leaving in a huff. Also, Robot Chicken dealt with all six movies, not only 1. It very much feels like a conversation Seth McFarlane may have had with Seth Green. Peter makes reference to the 15 minute run time of the show but the Star Wars special was 26 minutes. Like Wikipedia says, "Peter denies Cartoon Network as a significant network, even though syndication on that channel was, ironically, a major contributor to Family Guy's revival." That is so true.