Tuesday, February 26

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Finale Already?

I know there was a writer's strike but "Terminator: TSCC" did keep on recording episodes without the writers. The actresses mention being lost without the writers. 7 Episodes have runned and the last two are being clumped together as a two-hour season finale. In total, 9. It feels too soon for me. it probably is because of the writer's strike. TV Guide says that is the case. There is going to be a cliffhanger because the WGA brought filming to a halt and only 9 of the planned 13 were shot. Executive producer Josh Friedman says, "We ended up with a cliff-hanger that also ties a lot of story lines together."

Florida Power Outage

Okay, here is my take. Around 1:15pm or so, there was and still going on, a huge power outage throughout the state of Florida. I, as a resident, was taking a shower and the water went narrow and thought my parents were using too much water. When I went out of the shower, I had electricity and thought everything was okay. Then I found out the electricity went out at my house but for only a minute or so. We thought it was only us, until my aunt call to tell us the electricity was out in Miami, that scared me. That a lot of the traffic lights were out. We turn on the television, thinking it wouldn't have the news but to our surprise, it is a big scare. Miami-Dade public school told parents to not pick up their kids and chill, because if all the cars went off to the schools and the school buses went into traffic, there would be more chaos. They recently announced that they could pick up their kids at 4pm.

FPL (Florida Power and Light) hasn't released an official statement on the reason for this outage, but it is believed that 5 out of 8 Nuclear Power Plants at Turkey Point in Homestead, Florida went out. 2 went back online but 3 are still out. It is also rumored that they tried shutting down 1 plant and that's how this started. It even surprised me more that not only the local television channels were covering this, but also CNN, Headlines News and MSNBC. They urge people to stay home unless it is important.


NBC forgoes 'glitzy' Fall Schedule

According to March's TV Guide Magazine, NBC will abandon the traditional September launch for the Fall Season for new shows. They plan to introduce new programming all year, calling it a "52-week schedule." They plan to give the ad community a look at its plans as early as April, instead of the supposed 'glitzy' fall-schedule presentations in mid-May. As I always look forward to the unveiling of the fall schedule, I could barely call them 'glitzy.' NBC's competition is reportedly not for it, they believe giving up the attention of the big May presentation. We'll see how this works out, but I believe it is going to very interesting and very confusing. This fall schedule was very confusing, I fear this time.

Sunday, February 24

I knew it 2008

Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis. I was right.

Best Actress
Marion Cotillard won. I was correct.

Best Supporting Actor
Javier Bardem. I was right.

Best Supporting Actress
I was wrong, Tilda Swinton, not Cate Blanchett.

Animated Film
Ratatouille won. I love the movie and it deserved it.

Best Director
The Coen Brothers, I was right.

Writing (Adpated)
The Coen Brothers, for No Country.

Writing (Original)
Diablo Cody for Juno, knew it.

Best Picture
No Country for Old Men

6 out of 9 is not bad.

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Tilda Swinton Suprised Me

At the Oscars, Tilda Swinton won Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton and she delivered the most hilarious and creative (somewhat spontaneous) speech in the past two decades. She was stunned that she won and compared the award to her American agent, saying his head and 'buttocks' are identical and dedicated it to him. She then gave kudos to the humble man of the evening George Clooney, even joking on his Batman & Robin outfit, saying he wore it, nipples and all under his clothes through the whole shooting. I had never heard of her before this and she was so awesome.

Javier Bardem's Spanish Speech

More or less he said this:
Mom, this is for you. This is for your forefathers and your parents Rafael and Matlide. This for the comedians of Spain, who like you have brought dignity and pride to our profession. This is all for the wonderful Spain and this for all of you. Go Spain!

John Stewart's Oscar Opening

John Stewart's opening monologue for the 80th Academy Awards was much more on point that his last one. He was completely different, he was much more confident and ballsy. He was not for one for not doing one of his trademark laugh reactions to other people's laughing, but he was simply wonderful. He did not falter. The first time around, he was nervous and coy. He's funny and when he had to be serious, he was serious. And it was refreshing. For too many times, he would be serious and then counter it with a 'no, seriously...' And he mixed political with hollywood, that was great.

My Oscar Picks 2008

Best Actor
Hands down, everyone agrees, it is Daniel Day-Lewis' night.

Best Actress
Marion Cotillard. We rather have Ellen Page for Juno, but Marion is more Oscar-y.

Best Supporting Actor
Javier Bardem. Hated his character, he is the one.

Best Supporting Actress
No idea, anyone's game but most likely Cate Blanchett

Animated Film
Hands down, Persepollis

Best Director
The Coen Brothers, that is my pick. In No Country for Old Men, they paint a deep, dark and beautiful picture.

Writing (Adpated)
Between There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men.

Writing (Original)
will get it.

Best Picture
I think everyone wants Juno. Even though I watched No Country for Old Men, I am not for it. I don't think Atonement will get it. Maybe Michael Clayton, if not There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men.

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Friday, February 22

Moonlight Knight's Inspiration was the first TV Tokusatsu Hero?

Remember the Moonlight Knight in Sailor Moon? He was unique to only the Anime, his real name is Japan was 'tsukikage no naito,' which translates to 'Knight of Moon Shadow.' He was not in the original Manga, comic book. Some believe he was inspired by Moonlight Mask, a superhero in Japan.

Gekko Kamen, Moonlight Mask, made his debut on television in 1958 and was the first Tokusatsu hero on television. As you may know, I am very into Tokusatsu and always talk about it on my blog. Tokusatsu specifically are Live-Action Sci-Fi Children programs in Japan. Even though Super Giant is Japan's first tokusatsu superhero, he only had debuted in movies. Moonlight Mask set the standard as Japan's first live-action TV superhero, and was a huge success. Moonlight Mask's identity was always been a mystery. There were various movies, two animes (one being a gag-anime in 1999), and a manga adaptation. Because of the many concerns over children imitating Moonlight Mask's dangerous stunts, the show was unfortunately canceled in July of 1959, after the end of the final story arc, Don't Turn Your Hand to Revenge. Toei's movies, however, continued well into August of that year. The 21st century has yet to see him again.

Meine Kleine Fabrik

Project Runway Fan Favorite?

I know I am a little late since this show aired yesterday but I could have lived with anyone else as the fan favorite except for supposed 'young prodigy' Christian on "Project Runway" Season 4. I voted for Sweet P, she is so cute. The other contestants thought it would be Chris or Christian. I knew most likely Sweet P wasn't voted for, I was glad to here celebrities liked her as much as I do. She mentioned Jack Black saying she was his favorite. Not that I am bitter or jealous but Christian really is a stuck up bitch. I guess he has talent or whatever but I knew plenty of kids like him back in high school, I went to a high school where there were fashion students, I was not one and the fashion students hated each other but liked me. Anyhoo, I was friends with one of the fashion students that as flamboyant, talented, and 'trend setter' as Christian, but he was humble, smart and a great friend. He doesn't have to put a pistol all the time. Also, he is so plastic, fake and delusional.

That word 'Fierce' gets on my nerves, it is so the M.O. of delusional young skinny gay boys. It might be a stereotype but there are so many of them and deep inside, they lacked the attention they craved and secretly hate themselves so they create this whole over-the-top 'I am the best' motto. If he reads this, he might predictably say "Oh my god!" or 'Screw him' or 'He's so mean' or 'I wouldn't say that' something of the like. He just needs an attitude adjustment. He didn't deserve the money. He is getting too much applause for being ridiculous and unauthentic. It is like Chris Crocker. Perez Hilton maybe a bit of a flamboyant over-the-top stereotype but at least he isn't annoying or pompous. You can tell he is a bit aware that he is just a 15 sec-of-fame kind of guy, so it gives him a bit more of gravitas.

Wednesday, February 20

What Shows are Returning Post-Strike?

Well, now that the strike is over, not a lot of our favorite shows will be back. Some will back in the fall. Obviously, many deals and plans for upcoming projects have been canceled.

Episodes already airing
12 more episodes, 4 have already been filmed.

there will be total of 13, since 4 already aired and 8 was already filmed, then expect 5 post-strike episodes

Episodes coming Soon
"Men In Trees"
February 27, 11 episodes

"Everybody Hates Chris"
March 2, 12 episodes

March 6, 8 episodes (3 pre-strike episodes and 5 after April 22)

"Two and a Half Men"
March 17, 9 episodes

"Samnatha Who?"
April 7, 6 episodes or so

"Aliens in America"
Late March, 8 episodes

April 14, 6 episodes

"Law & Order: SVU"
April 15, 5 episodes

"30 Rock"
April 10, 5 episodes

"My Name is Earl"
April 3, 9 episodes

Episodes soon to be filmed
April, 4 - 6 episodes

"The Office"
April 10, 6 episodes

"Desperate Housewives"
April 13, 7 episodes (including 2-hour season finale)

"Grey's Anatomy"
late April, 5 episodes

"Gossip Girl"
April, 5 to more episodes

"Brothers and Sisters"
April 20, 4 more episodes

Series Finale up in the air
April 10, 5 episodes
4 episodes for the series finale might go straight to DVD.

Up in the air
"Friday Night Lights"--unknown if it will be back this fall.

Next Fall
The last new episode you saw will serve as the season's finale.
"Heroes" -- you will get a super-sized season
"Dirty Sexy Money"
"Pushing Daisies"
"24"--Jan 2009

CANCELED-- updates 02/21/08

"Bionic Woman"
"Big Shots"--the Charisma Carpenter episodes did air. She guest starred on Heather Locklear's "LAX" but the show was canceled before Carpenter's episodes aired.

Tuesday, February 19

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 6 Review

A lot of my friends were not so positive about "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," but I have been and the episodes are just getting better. Also, Brian Austin Green being cast in the show didn't help things. Fans were scared he was going to play an older John Connor or even Kyle Reese. Last week, he was revealed to be Derek Reese, Kyle's brother and John's uncle. Which is just fine with me. This week, the episode "Dungeons & Dragons" really rounded out things and filled in the mythology. Basically, we are given flashbacks from Derek's perspective of the future. Does that make any sense? Well, to make a place look post-apocalyptic is not hard on television, since everything has to look like a mess and less buildings. We get an inside view on how it is in the future. Derek gets captured by Terminators so much of the episode is in a 'prison' house.

While in the present, John surprises the girls with Charlie Dixon (Dean Winters) at the end of the last episode to care for Derek (above). Derek received nasty wounds last episode. Charlie is Sarah's fiancée she abandoned eight years ago before they went to our time. He still loves Sarah and she has to tell him a bit of the truth, he did pick a bit from the CIA (about the future, etc.). John wants to tell Derek he is his uncle but Sarah is against it. She says they are family but that doesn't mean they can trust each other. Charlie witnesses Cameron taking a Terminator apart and believes the whole future thing better. He even has a conversation/scene with Cameron. He puts emphasis on how scary she is. Could this foreshadowing? Sarah then has to have a heart-to-heart with Cameron about not harming Charlie. Dean Winters is such a great actor, I really feel for his character.

The surprise was they actually got an actor playing Kyle Reese. It is Jonathan Jackson. I don't have a picture of him from the show but he is much more rough looking, with more facial hair, not clean cut like above. Sarah mentions in the episode that he had piercing eyes. His eyes do indeed stand out. This comes from John asking her if Derek resembles Kyle, she says they do, they don't for me, but eh, go for it. In the epsiode, Kyle has the legended picture of Sarah, but it is distinctly different from the one in the first movie. For one, she is in a white desert outfit and the picture has less wear-and-tear than the one in the movie. It still has the same origin, it was a Polaroid photo taken in Mexico. Derek even says he is 'tried of seeing that damn photo.'

It also happens to be that in the future, Derek met Cameron. Cameron was 'reprogrammed.' Cameron doesn't remember meeting him and explains to Sarah that she was reprogrammed. Sarah is not sure about this. Derek doesn't trust the Terminators as much as he can throw them either. The episode deals with his distrust of them. In the whole episode, he tries hard to meet with John to find out what happened to his brother Kyle who he was separated from. In the timeline, Kyle went to the past to save Sarah. Then later, Derek went to the past with three others to be the resistant fighters. In Episode 2, they were killed except for Derek. So, in the end, Charlie does find out Derek is John's uncle and at least that John's father is dead. As for what Sarah said about not trusting Derek, that is precedented in the ending of the episode, where it is shown Derek did indeed killed Andy Goode (Brendan Hines) and he said he didn't. For those who don't know, Andy Goode is a chess-freak who creates a self-thinking computer that lead to SkyNet and Sarah dates in Episode 3.

Series Finale for Nip/Tuck?

Just when you thought "Nip/Tuck" was crazy and nuts, it went over itself. I know the show is pretty out there and has done lots of crazy stuff, but this last season finale looked like a series finale to me. Here is major spoilers but most fans don't even watch the show anymore, so:

--Julia ends up in a coma and then gets amnesia forgetting everything
--Christian actually admits he has been wrong.
--Julia and Sean's daughter gets in a car accident
--Sean gets stabbed in the back continually by the nutjob that looks like Ms. Doubtfire.

With all that in mind, I feel this like a series finale. It jumped the shark and ate it. Yup, yup after a dwarf nanny, lobster baby, penis-less serial killer, perfect transexual, botched circumcision, assisted suicide to a mistress, and much more, this is what broke the camel's back for me. lol. Nah, it's just too much at once.

Monday, February 18

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 19 Review

I have not been reviewing for a while, mostly because there is not a lot to review. There have been solid episodes but things have been pretty slow and that is not a bad thing. It has been such a good thing. Magda Apanowicz is such a great actress. I do feel Jessie but not as much for Amanda and Andy. Amanda is an awesome character, instead of a hot popular girl for the protagonist to fall for, he falls for a sweet chaste just hot girl. As for Andy, she and Josh have couples therapy with Nicole, Josh's mom. It is awesome to see Josh in a relationship, so grown up. This show is so smart and awesome to have Josh's first girlfriend not just be a regular girl, but have cancer and a funky smart ass. She reveals that her name is short for Andromeda, from greek mythology. Sadly, she says it means 'ruler of men' but it really means 'to think, to be mindful of a man.' Kyle focuses on Jessie for once, well not that Amanda is not a justified distraction. Adam Baylin, stupidly and I hate this, puts Jessi as Kyle's responsibility. Jessi is a wrecking ball, going over the edge and wanting to be the best, better than Kyle and Kyle finds out her mother was just as driven and it took her to her 'downfall.'

Episode Summary: Kyle and Jessi go to the university where Stephen now works as a professor. They crack a program a student created. There, they learn about Jessi's mom. Jessi and Kyle go to a bar with Mark, Stephen's T.A. Lori and Hilliary convince Amanda to go to the same bar to find a 'cool DJ' for the school prom, in which she can't even attend because of her mom. Meanwhile, Josh and Andy bicker over their relationship and Nicole delegates over them.

A fight even breaks out in the show. Declan starts it. It is a fun scene. Also, when Hilary is 'MCing' it and Kyle and Amanda find each other. Also, Lori has a new love interest---Josh Zuckerman as Mark. When Jessi heals herself, which Kyle still can't master, he lets his emotion pour out in concern about her. Her pushing comes with a price, nose bleeds and almost fainting. At least at the end of the episode, Adam admits his fault---that Kyle should decide for his own if he wants to protect Jessi. Even though Kyle and Amanda don't spend a lot of time in the episode, they do in the end and are reflective over their relationship--maybe when Kyle is off protecting others, Amanda can protect Kyle. Kyle and Andy even have a scene together! They rarely have a scene together. Andy actually shows her venerability to Kyle. "When you say it, I almost believe it," Andy says when Kyle tells her everything is going to be okay. And when they hugged, I wanted to cry. Kyle is such a caring character, I like how it is positive that he is sensitive and strong and his sexuality or manliness is not called to question.

Major Spoilers:
Kyle's nose bleeds after hugging Andy! Earlier in the episode, Josh suggests him curing her cancer. I love this show!

Wednesday, February 13

Strike Over!


What is up with Chocolate-fying everything?

I now gimmicks have been tried before with cereals and candies, but what is up with making chocolate products out of non-chocolate products? Just recently Chocolate Skittles was made, I haven't tried it because I am slightly repulsed. It doesn't mix in fruit, but it just doesn't look right. About more thna a year ago, Chocolate Lucky Charms was made, it just doesn't look right either.

Tuesday, February 12

Broward votes to protect Transgender residents

An amendment that defines gender identity as the appearance, expression or behavior of a person regardless of the individual's sex at birth has been approved in Fort Lauderdale. Yay!

Sunday, February 10

No Country for Old Men Review

Out of the Oscar nominated picks, I wanted to see Juno, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, but I thought I'd rather watch Juno because it is a comedy. But since the friends I was going with already saw it, I was fine with seeing this one. It being a drama with blood and guns, I expected a nuance and refined drama and that is what I got. It holds. After the movie was over, I discovered it was based on the 2005 novel by Cormen McCarthy and directed by the Coen Brothers. The movie starts off with brutal death, which there will plenty throughout. The key players are police officer Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones), Anton Chigurth (sounds like 'sugar') [Javier Bardem], and Llewelyn (sounds like 'Lou Ellen') Moss [Josh Brolin]. Ed is your basic decent man, Llewelyn is your 'rough-around-the-edges' hero, and Anton is an insane killer that you will grow to hate.

Set in Texas. The basic plot is that Vietnam veteran Llewelyn finds a murder site of Mexicans and heroin, while shooting deer. Only one man is alive and he asks for water, Llewelyn blows him off. He gets a couple of guns and $2 million in cash in a suitcase and goes back home. He doesn't give his wife (Kelly Macdonald) much info and hides the stash. At night, he can't sleep, so he returns to the site with water but the dude is already dead. Meanwhile, Anton gets his murdering on. He has his own sick logic. With a gas store attendant, he gambles his life with a coin toss. His only form of 'mercy.' Because Llewelyn has the money, he is after him. What I like about the movie is that the main characters barely share any screen time with each other but they know the rules of the game, they know what it is at stake. It skips over the usual explaining and leaves some things to fill in for the viewer.

Basically Llewelyn goes a running, especially after a car follows him shooting at him and he chased by a cute pitbull down the river. I saw cute because it follows him swimming through the river. Ed and his deputy or whatever Wendell (Garrett Dillahunt) go to the murder site and smartly figure out two different shoot-outs occurred. The night Llewelyn went back, Anton shoots down two 'big boss' men. I thought the small Texan police corp would fail at CSI with the lack of whatever big city agencies have. It is funny to me that Garrett Dillahunt plays a 'aw-shucks' simple man, when he usually plays these sophisticated sinister villains like on "4000" and "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles." Back to the plot, Llewelyn sends his wife off to her mother who is played by the 58-year old Beth Grant--in a wig and supposedly way older. I recognized her rather quickly. I also recognized Stephen Root (Office Space, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and "King of the Hill") as 'Man who hires Wells.' Wells, being Carson Wells played by Woody Harrelson. As for Brolin, I see no one else playing Llewelyn, he plays him with this bravado and urgency.

I hate the character of Anton to the core, in a good way, as we are suppose to. He is a killing machine, smug and stuck-up and you just want to tear his head off. I didn't include any pictures of him oon this review because I can't stand his ugly ass haircut or face. The movie becomes basic cat and mouse between Llewelyn and Anton, with basic scene 'checkups' on Ed Tom Bell. I saw this movie with my gay guy friends and we agree, there are plenty of cuties in this movie. Other than Josh Brolin, there is Garrett Dillahunt, Woody Harrelson and Zach Hopkins as 'Strangled Deputy.' But no nude or shirtless scenes, except for saggy ass Bardem. If you have a weak stomach and not for many graphic deaths, this movie is not for you. For me, it's business as usual. If it is for the story, it is worth it. It is a good movie but...

For those who have seen the movie, I wish Anton died. I really did. He deserved this big elaborate death, but I guess the character is always open for a sequel. As for Llewlyn's death, I feel a bit cheated. We follow this supposed hero through a lot of things and then suddenly he isn't the focus anymore. I hate when movies do that. Quick show of his dead body and move on to Ed Tom Bell. The movie is worth watching, it is a thriller and a chiller. Above is a photo of Llewlyn's wife, in a scene the psycho confronts her and offers her a chance at her life with a coin toss. She refuses to play his silly game and whether she dies or not is up to the viewer.

Friday, February 8

Eric Dane reveals his battle with Skin Cancer

This was surprising but also harrowing. I bet you lots of men were envious or jealous, that would get about McSteamy. Like, 'oh he's so perfect. nothing happens to him.' But in life, you realize there is more to people that we believe. And Eric Dane is an incredible actor, he had one-liners in "X-Men: The Last Stand" and had awesome delivery, no one else could bring out what he does in one to two words. My heart goes out to him and his strong wife Rebecca Gayheart through these trying times.

Tuesday, February 5

Conan and the war wih Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert

First of all, I didn't expect this. I watched "A Daily Show with John Stewart," it started tonight (Monday February 4, 2008) with "A Daily Show with John Stewart" at 11pm on Comedy Central. I am sure the episode will repeat all day tomorrow at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm. Stephen came on the show and explained about the rivalry, something about who birthed who. Then Conan came up behind them and challenged them both to a fight. John explained he had to finish his show. When the show was finished, John went to the hall to only find Conan. Stephen had already gone to do his show. They continued walking the hall. When the Colbert Report ended, Stephen ran to the hall to only find John. Conan had supposedly gone to his show. They go over to the door and it is locked. So it is midnight and I tune to NBC and they are running promos of their brawl, the three dancing and fighting, one of them being knocked into a stack of boxes.

Now, on the Conana show, during the time he is at his desk after the monologue, he recaps the whole feud. Colbert steps in and then John like a cronie. They then snap fingers like those Jets from Westside Story. Than Conan brings out his bat. In the hall, John looks at the bat and hits Conan. They battle comically and John accidentally hits John, so he puts a recycling bin on John and Conan hits him with his bat. Later on, Stephen and Conan throw John down the stairs. John and Stephen throw Conan at the boxes. Then Conan and John throw Stephen down the stairs. They fight some more. Later, the CC boys supposedly throw Conan down but it was his stunt double. They continue fighting and then mimic Rocky and their fists come at each other. Then Mike Huckabee makes a speech, saying 'forget these three idiots.'

NOTE: Highlights of it were shown during the 'Moment of Zen' of Tuesday's 'A Daily Show.'

Monday, February 4

Super Bowl NY Giants Win

Watching ESPN, no one can stop talking about the Patriots coach running in the field with 2 secs to go. it was kind annoying but most of the pros are taking it easy, with stride. They forgive him. As for Eli Manning, like I said before, now people will recognize him more now. Most people thought something else of his demeanor but in reality, it was cool and collected. Even when they had to do that meaningless play at the 2 secs, Eli was completely professional--he takes it seriously and its no big deal. John Stewart guessed the Giants would win, that they would 'put something in' and they did. I hope he won his bet. As for the commercials, they always wane down after the half-time show. Same old same old, I was kinda disappointed when it came to the commercials. The Dawyne Wade/Charles commercial was funny and really rounded out that whole commercial story. Also, Tom Brady was completely professional and a good sportsman about loosing in front of the press.

Sunday, February 3

Go Daddy.Com Web Exclusive Commercial

GoDaddy thought they were clever by tempting viewers with Danica Patrick to go to their website for the 'real' commercial, that is 'too hot' for TV. The commercial 'teases' with a 'beaver,' the beaver actually looks like that beaver from that other commercial--with Abraham Lincoln about a sleeping pill or something. We all knew we weren't going to see anything out of her jacket. Come on!

Super Bowl XL II Crazyness

I couldn't post a pre-feelings of the show today, I wanted to post my feelings before the game and then later, but might as well do it now. Now, I used to go nuts about Brady and the Patriots going to the big game, but this year, I feel more for Eli Manning and the Giants, now being called 'the underdogs.' I really don't feel them as 'underdogs.' I think they passed that last year. I think Eli proved himself enough. But I guess everyone else will decide that by the end of this game. As for Brady, I don't feel the same way about him anymore after personal decisions (even though we all don't know the whole story and appearances can be deceiving) and his stubbornness of wanting to be on the game, even though of his knee. He could have put his ego aside and let baby boy Cassel play. But I guess he is a little thickheaded to think they wouldn't win without him. I find myself cheering for nimble Wes Welker, who is finally getting proper attention after not being able to do it before.

Every Super Bowl I usually watch the commercials more than anything. Even though the majority of them we will be seeing all year, some they won't run again, so it always interesting. When most go to the bathroom during the commercials, I used to go to the bathroom of the game Usually by the fourth quarter, I got bored. This year, I really am not cheering for either the Pats or the Giants. Just hope things work out, if that makes sense.

Friday, February 1

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

As everyone may know by now, I am a tokusatsu fan. And many might know, when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first came out, there were plenty of followers and rip-offs. Saban, that started it, did a bunch of them such as VR Troopers, Masked Rider, and Big Bad Beetleborgs, but there were two others that didn't belong to Saban. There was DIC that did Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (from Gridman) and the USA network (produced by DIC, they still own the rights) brought their own original show, not made from a Japanese series and it showed. I am talking about Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters. When I first heard this show was coming out in 1994 on TV Guide, I thought it would be an animated series. I imagined aliens with different colored skin and tattoos on their foreheads.

But alas no, It mostly followed the MMPR plot to a tee. A glob much like Zordon contacted teenagers to fight an alien force. And the teenagers weren't likable, they were annoying. The show had like what felt to be 13 episodes, they had 40. The writers Jim Fisher and Jim Staahl came from Chicago's comedy troop Second City, so it could have been believed that it was a parody. But maybe it was too much on tact to be so. It is notable to have had Zsa Zsa Gabor as a guest star, Michael Bower from Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts, and one episode had Kevin Castro (Tanker) of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. I remember that episode very well, he played Orion, a former Alien Fighter--who warns one of them about the blob Nimbar that he will betray them because he betrayed him. I found this interesting because this was not ever covered in Power Rangers, if you could trust your 'mentor.'

Friday Night Lights: Better case for "Everyone Leaves Me"

Those teenage shows where the character says "Everyone leaves me" gets annoying, but this episode ("Leave No One Behind") is actually good and rings true. When I heard the character of Matt Saracen was going to rebel and drink, I thought it would be far-fetched and wouldn't make sense in just one episode. Actually, he has alot of problems to deal with. In this episode, he hangs out with Riggins and drinks and goes to a strip club---when his grandmom is admitted to the hospital emergency place. So, the coach grabs him and pours shower water on him. He has a heart breaking monologue, saying his coach left him for a better team, his coach's daughter left him for another guy, his last girlfriend---his grandmother's caretaker left him for her home country of Guatemala (which my parents are from!) and more importantly, his father left her for Iraq. He then asks what is wrong with him, his coach replies nothing. Simply touching. It made so much sense.

Why oh why resurrect Paradise Hotel?

Why oh why resurrect the train wreck that was Paradise Hotel? Those of you who don't remember the short-lived FOX reality show, it has come back. Season 2 will air on MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality channel. At the end of the first season, they had a preview of season 2 and FOX canceled. The show was about men and women in a hotel and at the end of episode, there would be an elimination round. The men and women could switch their partners and had to sleep in the same room, but that didn't mean they liked each other. And supposedly they had to 'play the game' but there was really no rules to the game.