Monday, August 6

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 9 Review

"Ghost In The Machine"
August 6, 2007

Premise: Lori decides to have an adventure and goes to the woods where the trucker was killed in the beginning of the season. She has been drinking, four beers to be exact. Declan suspects its because of her ambush. The parents are conveniently away and the kids all band together to go to the woods, not listening to Kyle's objections. The woods is exactly where the ruins of Zzyyzx is. Without knowing it, Kyle learns more about his past and Kern. Meanwhile, Jessi blows off Declan for Kyle because of new programming. Also, Foss comes back and Kyle servers ties with him.

Here are my comments:
Cat Fight. Meow. I loved the Jessi and Amanda conversation. Very heated. Jessi is such a bad girl and speaks her mind. Also, what heck was up with Lori? Lori was crazy enough to go to track down where Jessi killed the trucker and go into Zzyzx. It is so awesome they show underage drinking and making masturbation jokes and it is on a so-called 'Family' channel. What is curious is that the closed caption company doesn't think so since when Josh mentions that Scooby Doo has 'pot references' but Closed Captions has 'plot' instead of 'pot.' Pairing Kyle and Declan talking about girls and Lori and Amanda talking about boys is a bit done before but the writers are genius. They lovingly woven Jessi and Kyle's discoveries of information. Kyle beleives he is being haunted by ghost's memories but it could just be a new ability.

He learns Kern, who died in the first episode, was a total asshole and just like Ballantine with Jessi, Kern considered Kyle a machine. This whole season, Kyle slowly learns his new abilities and learns to control them and use them for the great good. While Jessi accidentally falls into them and use them for personal gain or they come out negatively. While I missed the parents in this episode, I did love the dynamics of the kids (most complicated love pentagon ever!) and great flashbacks with Kern, Adam Baylin and Brian Taylor (Martin Cummins). I love Amanda and Kyle's relationship. Lori, as much as I love her, was crazy in this episode. At least she apologized to Kyle. And Kyle openly calls himself her brother and her his sister. Ah, Jessi. Poor torn Jessi--she is haunted as Kyle but not resolved as much as he has. Well, poor all of them. At least, Amanda is the only one just not as damaged as all the others at the end of this. Of course, after Kyle's talk. "Responsible." She is the hero at the end of all of this. She is a awesome character. If Kyle trusts Foss, why can't we? So far three or more or so questions have been answered.

And what Andy revealed that she had cancer... I told my dad (who also follows the series with me) three weeks ago that I knew she was going to die some how. I knew since I first saw Brian Taylor that we could not trust.