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Viral Video: White Guy gets his at Laundry Mat

I stumbled upon this.

Joseph Levitt and Channing Tatum's Stop Loss Trailer

The actors wanted to get the word out to a broader audience, because they believe the current trailer is aimed at teenage girls, so with access to all the footage, they made a whole new trailer.

Saturday, March 29

MADTV: Nice try but too late

MADtv came back after the strike, but a little too late with certain pop-culture jokes. One being a not so funny poorly-executed June sequel spoof. But the one about Eliot Spitzer and her blue-dressed wife Silda. It has already been lampooned on The Daily Show (With Jason Jones in a blue dress next to Samantha Bee at the podium) and the Broflovskis in "South Park." It was actually good, where the press harasses Silda and Eliot exxpresses why he cheated.

Eating Out Movie Reviews

I am reviewing both Eating Out movies, mostly Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.
In the first movie, for those who don't know... After getting dumped by his slutty girlfriend Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan--who openly admits looking like Jennifer Coolidge), Caleb (Scott Lunsford) falls in love with Gwen (Emily Stiles). Because Kyle (Jim Verraros) has a thing for Gwen's roommate Marc (Ryan Carnes), so she makes Gwen believes Caleb is gay. Marc's last girlfriend was Gwen and Gwen has been dating gay men since then and can't find her guy. Caleb dates Marc and Marc starts falling for Caleb but Caleb feels conflicted. And in dating movie fashion, it all ends in a dinner that embarrasses Caleb in front of his parents ('coming out' to him).

The movie is obviously low-quality and low budget. A lot of people love the first movie but while the script and story was great, the production was horrible and the tempo and rhythm didn't jell well. Gwen is the lead girl but she is just all over the place. She is just comes off was a whacked-off weirdo. The first movie comes up like a porn, it all just feels like a porn. Tiffani as a character comes out like a sluttty and unpleasant villianess. The chicks even had horrible costumes and Gwen had so many hairdos, I thought she was two different characters at once point--many she had different personalities. The audio commentary is horrendous and you can't understand a lot of it. It sounds like it is tunneled through a speaker.

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds plot is most around a Ex-Gay group, which has an attractive name called "Coming In." It is headed Jacob (Scott Vickaryous from "Breaker High"), the typical conflicted hypocritical guy. Jacob annoying says "Stop the spread of faggotry" which sounds very faggy anyway. Caleb is mentioned but there is no explanation to his absence---only that he no longer is with Gwen but it is not explained why they broke up. Gwen has a new guy Shane (Andrew Ley) but she breaks up with him because he is not willing to make out with another guy to turn her on. She has found herself that what she wants to satisfy her is two guys to make out. Meanwhile with Kyle and Marc (now played by Brett Chukerman)--they break up because Kyle still has issues about Marc being 'too hot for him' and Marc flirting too much.

This time around Brett Chukerman plays Kyle, instead of fan favorite Ryan Carnes. Many wanted to hate him, but he is a bit likable in this movie. Chukerman has played many gay guys before, but like Sean Hayes, he wants his sexuality to remain a mystery. He has this slime-y-ness and seductiveness he has used before and is present in this movie. In this movie, Kyle, Gwen and Tiffani are in an art class together and meet Illinois country boy Troy (Marco Dapper)--a confused nude model. Gwen makes up the lie this time around---instead of Caleb playing gay, now Kyle is forced to play straight and Tiffani is his beard. Kyle takes Troy 'under his wing' into the Ex-gay group and tries to seduce him with Tiffani's help. When Marc gets his eyes on Troy, Gwen switches sides and tries to sabotage Kyle. After some sexual altercations, the quartet's plan is discovered by Troy, they join forces to stop the anti-gay group and out Jacob.

The sequel leaves behind the off-putting-ness and awkward of the original in favor of a more familiar and warmer version. The two female characters, who were very annoying the first time, are much more appealing. The sequel is much better paced and Q. Allan Brocka wrote and directed the first one, but Phillip J. Bartell, wrote, directed, and edited this one. The sauciness and out-there-ness is still in tact, but thank god the awkward lines have been diminished.

Mink Stole (Cecil B. Demented) plays Kyle's mother in this one, a super open mother who changes gears when she spots Kyle with Tiffani and is thrilled he is straight. But then after mulling it over, she misses her little gay boy and is thrilled he is gay. The star of the sequel really is Marco Dapper, this movie's 'confused' guy who gets very emotional and draws you in way more than Lunsford. While the first movie, you know who is going to end up with each other--the sequel leaves everyone questioning who will end up together. There are so many players, that it could lead anyway. I like that Tiffani joins forces with Kyle in this one, the acting is much more tolerable in this one.

Thursday, March 27

Make Me A Supermodel: Bronnie or Bonnie, it's a bromance

Tonight there was a reunion episode tonight and the 'bromance' was finally addressed. One of the voted off contesants (Dominic) mentioned it being a bromance and the others freaked out. I think it was news for Ben and Ronnie, as they started blushing. They even showed clips of Ben and Ronnie. Ben says he doesn't care if his jail guard co-workers say shit about his friendship with Ronnie. Ronnie says he is no longer in love with Ben and he got over it, Casey says Ronnie would fall in love with a new guy every time. I didn't like when everyone (including that creepy host) said that Ronnie was very good at being gay. The host gave Ben and Ronnie a shirt that says "Bronnie" on it. They are even being sold on One of the girls commented it on it being just one shirt, but they actually gave them two shirts. [They even wore the shirts for the rest of the special!] They asked Ben if he would kiss Ronnie on an assignment, he said yeah and they everyone wanted him to kiss, but he said that he could kiss Holly, he could kiss anyone. And when the host said all the girls said Ronnie was the best kisser and they would show the clips of their steaming moments, Ben got closer to Ronnie, lol, cute. I think Ben has a good perspective of it and Ronnie smartly got over it, he can't push the impossible. Ben is straight and married, he should look for better pastures.

Reaper moves back to Tuesday

To those who aren't keeping up, the CW's "Reaper" moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays, when all the post-strike shows came back. I hate that they moved to Thursdays, because I miss episodes. I am always out on Thursdays and only able to record Lost and rather not watch the encores. April 22, the show will thankfully moving back to Tuesday. Since there was no new Lost this week, I was able to catch up with a new episode tonight. Unfortunately the show is up in the air at the CW, if it will be renewed or canceled is still not known. What I have missed so far is Sam (Bret Harrison)'s relationship with a girl Cady (Jessica Stroup) who may or may not the Devil (Ray Wise)'s daughter. And Sam, Sock and Ben move into a complex and bond with their neighbors a gay couple Steve (Michael Ian Black) and Tony (Ken Marino). They stop being friends with them, not because they are gay but because they are demons. They take great offense when Sam tells them the truth, they said they rather wanted homophobia. What is great they will be repeating new eps next week. Steve is a flying demon, he saves Sam against a lost soul.

Wednesday, March 26

The newest member to the Disney Rangers

I have been covering the Power Rangers at the newly dubbed Disney's Hollywood Studios, there are rumors Power Rangers will end its 15-year run this year, so this might be the end of this. For those who don't know, Power Rangers have their own car part of a Motor Cars Parade and one ranger from different teams pose and then sign autographs. For those wondering, most of the regular teams include red, blue and yellow, while black interchanges with green and pink interchanges with white. Sometimes teams have started with three, and if they do, there is no pink ranger.

2001 - Power Rangers Wild Force - Lunar Wolf Ranger
2002 - Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Green Samurai Star Ranger
2003 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder - White Ranger
2004 - Power Rangers SPD - Red Ranger
2005 - Power Rangers Mystic Force - Pink Ranger
2006 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Yellow Ranger
2007 - Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Blue Jaguar Ranger

This year has a purple ranger (Wolf Ranger) and I was hoping he would be picked but he hasn't appeared on the show yet. But it makes sense they picked the Blue Jaguar Ranger since they haven't ever repeated a color. Expect for the Pink Ranger, but when they introduced the Pink Mystic Force Ranger, they retired the Pink Time Force Ranger. When they introduced the Yellow Ranger, they retired the Lunar Wolf Ranger--but it seems he is back.

Blue Jaguar Ranger versus Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible.

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Tuesday, March 25

Why Photography of Twin Brothers Nude?

[Some pictures removed because of copyright]

I tried hard not to show actual full-frontal nudity. I noticed something through the years about modeling (which my close friend calls models 'clothes hangers')... photography of twin brothers in compromising positions. The picture above and the picture below are of Kyle and Lane Carlson. They were introduced as the "hottest gay icons" on VH1's Totally Gay.

The twins stated on their web site that they are not gay and "If you find gay pictures of the twins on the internet, than[sic] you found faked images of the Carlson Twins". This is a link to their official website.

But I have found plenty of pictures of other brothers in 'homosexual' positions in both porn and regular photography. I searched but couldn't find a lot of pictures of female twins. My theory is that because the majority of photographers are male and which goes hand in hand with my theory of why pornography towards males (whichever the sexuality) are more popular.

What could be the fascination over twin brothers kissing? Could it be two of the same that turns some people on? On an artistic stand point, I can say it is beautiful. Not just because I am a gay man, but I am not disgusted by it. I just found it curious. I looked up as much as I could and not much articles have mentioned it.

This is actors Harry and Luke Treadaway kissing in a music video.

Other than twins, two independent movies have been made of male incest, two brothers falling in love. One being Harry + Max, that I covered in this review and the other being a short film called Starcrossed starring JB Ghuman Jr. and Marshall Allman.

Actor/Models Flavio and Gustavo Mendonça

Jed and Jay Johnson, twins who Andy Warhol met in the late 60's. His friend Paul met Jed as a messenger and found out he arrived from Sacramento to New York with his brother. Paul hired Jed to help get a place they had in shape. Jed later became Andy's boyfriend. A book on Jed Johnson has been published by Rizzoli called Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint/Interiors, which covers his career as a decorator/interior designer before his tragic death on TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996. Jay now runs his businesses. In addition to being Warhol's boyfriend in the longest lasting relationship that Warhol would have during his life, Jed also designed Warhol's home in New York and worked for other celebrity clients such as Barbra Streisand.

Warhol Stars | Warhol Stars Winners

Monday, March 24

Which Witch Hazel is Witch Hazel?

In covering Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I stumbled upon an interesting tidbit about Witch Hazel, one of my favorite female Looney Tunes. There was never just one Witch Hazel. Disney had their own version, but the Warner Bros. appeared in Roger Rabbit... well actually, in deleted scenes. Animator Chuck Jones (one of my favorite animators), of his own admission, got the idea of Witch Hazel from the Disney cartoon.

In the Disney cartoon Trick or Treat (1952), which featured a good-natured witch squaring off with Donald Duck inhelping Huey, Dewey and Louie get candy from him. Enamored of the character's voice characterization, provided by June Foray, Jones developed his own Witch Hazel character for the Bugs Bunny short Bewitched Bunny (1954). As Jones was unable to get Foray to play the role, he got Bea Benaderet. The Disney Witch Hazel has a broom named Beelzebub which acts as both her servant and her mode of transport. She also appeared in the Carl Barks's comic book adaptation and two sequels to that story, "Too Late for Christmas" in Donald Duck Adventures (Gladstone Series) #30 in December 1994 and "The Poorest Duck in Duckburg" in Donald Duck Adventures (Gladstone Series) #35 in October 1995. The Disney Witch Hazel never became as popular as Magica De Spell or Mad Madam Mim. This may be because she was essentially a good witch, but it's also possible that the popularity of the Looney Tunes version affected hers. She was often used in the Disney Italian comics.

Bea Benaderet supplied the witch's voice for Bewitched Bunny (1954), which was a re-telling of Hansel and Gretel. Bugs Bunny saves the youths from Witch Hazel's clutches. However, once the witch realizes that Bugs is a rabbit, she chases him to put him into her witch's brew. Bugs eventually uses Hazel's own magic against her and transforms her into a sexy female bunny, prompting the comment, "But aren't they all witches inside?" The Looney Tune Witch frequently says things that cause her to break into hysterical, cackling laughter. My favorite part was that everytime she left, a bunch of hairpins would be left. Jones wooed June Foray into taking on the role of Witch Hazel for the 1956 cartoon Broom-Stick Bunny. Foray had reservations about Jones "stealing" a character from Disney, but Jones knew that there was no way for Disney to establish ownership of the name since "witch hazel" is the name of an alcohol rub. Foray did the character for the final two cartoons in the series (Hazel only appeared in 3 shorts). Broom-Stick Bunny (above) is usually cited as Jones' funniest Witch Hazel outing. Jones would pit Bugs against Witch Hazel in one final cartoon, A Witch's Tangled Hare (1959), a parody of Macbeth. After that, Witch Hazel would do cameos in Transylvania 6-5000, A Haunting We Will Go, Space Jam, Tiny Toon Adventures, The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries (in which Foray played Granny) and Duck Dodgers.

the Little Lulu comic book also had characters named Witch Hazel, and Rembrandt Films had one named Hazel Witch. As for June Foray, I remember hearing her voice in an episode of "Married With Children" as Scarry Mary, where Al Bundy was selling shoes he thought God wore when he was in a dream.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Retrospective

I have had this movie for a while but it is one of my favorite movies and since I have covered Animation before, I decided to do a play-by-play like I did with Clueless.

I saw this movie when I was 5 1/2 and looked so forward to seeing it. I remembered it open on a Wednesday, which was rare for a movie. It seldom happens these days. I saw it a couple times in theaters, which is rare. I first saw it with my parents and then again in a school field trip. The opening cartoon obviously took roots from Tex Avery and i remember having a fascination with Tex Avery cartoons afterwards. I was an animation buff, even back then and wanted to be an animator. Some of this was drawn in England and they misspelled Chili as 'Chilli' and had to re-shoot the sequence with the bottle.

The extreme violence in the opening toon, you can't find these days. Baby Herman passing by a female on the set of the opening cartoon and sticking his middle finger up her dress, and then coming back from under the dress with a drool of spit on his lip. This was edited out of the first DVD edition of the movie, though it can be found on editions of the VHS, laserdisc, and my DVD.

This movie was a huge event for the audience. i remember going and hearing the cheers when a famous toon would appear. The first was Dumbo. It was amazing to see him and be referenced as "we got him on loan from Disney" which was strange for me at that age because I knew the movie was from Disney. I didn't understand at that time the man was talking about Maroon cartoons.

What always gets me and wasn't referenced in the director's commentary was the kids smoking and giving the cigarettes to Eddie. I think it is just plain awesome. So many things got away from the censors, which make this movie cool. It made it more real. Of course, I didn't notice this as a kid. I also like the little touches, even with how this movie was extremely hard to make and everyone involved is still tired... there was a mute veteran with no explanation.

Joanna Cassidy is freaking awesome as Dolores, the heart of the movie. She says the lines with a straight face like "A toon dropped a piano on his head" or "Is that a rabbit in your jacket or are you just happy to see me?" and of course, "I had to shake the weasels." I remember seeing her in Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter is Dead, she played Christina Applegate's fashion-ista boss. Also to the right, the gorilla bouncer who says, "Wiseass." Disney made a fuss but at least it wasn't a Disney character cursing. I remember seeing the VHS in class with other students (third grade) and we all made noise when he said it. The teacher didn't like it of course.

The stuff the octopus' held and all the things in the Ink and Paint Club, they were held by puppeteers. Just amazing. I found it weird as a child that Eddie had to go to an illegal club where humans and toons can be together. I thought cartoons are cool and fun, why wouldn't humans want to be with them. Obviously as an adult, I see it as a civil rights metaphor.

As a kid, I loved Marvin Acme and felt it was a cool explanation on Acme company always used on Loony Tunes. I felt like there was more to this whole meeting of cartoons event, there was this secret world that explained everything. The producers say they thought it was cool to make a character that was related to the Acme company. As for Betty Boop, most kids in the 80's knew her from merchandising. funny enough, the animators who in charge of her drew in frames of her flashing--as tradition as they did back i the day---but it was cut out, while all the other Roger 'easter eggs' weren't until today.

Ah, the famous Jessica entrance. Labidios went high in the theater and anywhere else I saw the movie with a crowd. We didn't really get a real feel for the character until the scene with Eddie shirtless.

The patty-cake scene, where Eddie takes the pictures as Jessica moans---all kids thought it was sex and still beleive it was sex. I found it funny back then and still find it funny these days with the patty cake flip photos.

This scene where Roger went into an alley and looked through old photos of him and Jessica was added to make the audience feel for him because up to this point, he was just 'annoying.' In the background of the pictures is caricatures of the producers.

When they mentioned Eddie's brother, I felt like I missed something. As a kid, I wanted a scene with them together, flashback or something. I still love the background music in this scene. it has a great soundtrack, which the director calls a great mix of film noir oldy time music with toony music. I love the film noir elements, as a kid it made me feel like I was watching a real adult movie, in some ways.

I don't like how in the photo above it says 'some floozy' instead of Dolores. Richard LeParmentier played Lt. Santino, also played Admiral Motti who Darth Vader killed. He said "The Rabbit cacked him last night" in this scene and they took the word 'cacked' from an old Jazz musician.

When Yosemite Sam leaped out of Toon Town, it always made me happy because it like a sneak preview to the wonderful Toon Town. As for the jackass to the right, I hated him so much because he tormented Eddie.

Ah, Christopher Lloyd, I knew him from Back to the Future and for a time, didn't recognize him in this role.

Ah, the infamous Dip scene. This brought chills and moans to all the kids in the audience. It was a big deal but I was never scared. One thing producers decided not to do was have his partner shoe see his partner die.

I always found Baby Herman cool and interesting. I remember there was always a debate with kids over the baby was female or male. His arm moved strangely because it was a robotic arm moving the real cigar. As for the scene to the right, 'Eddie' was put in blue screen to cut out a bit of scene to make it shorter. Unfortunately if they wanted a scene out, they had to take it out completely, animation and all.

The best detail was the fingerprints on the chair Roger touched. As for the scene to the right, the image always got on my nerves.

In this scene where Roger and Eddie are handcuffed together and they are in a secret cellar, the light swings to and fro, giving a on-purpose challenge to the animators by the director. They had to match the light on Roger. As for the 'big pills' joke, Roger confuses probate with prostate, even the producers asmit fans will probably get it now that they are older, because back when in theaters no one (in all-kids audience) laughed.

In a deleted scene, now known as the 'Pighead sequence,' Eddie returned to Jessica's dressing room to find her, Judge Doom, the Weasels, and the doorman gorilla. This was broadcasted on CBS as part of the movie and when I saw it on TV, I found it strange I didn't remember it since I already saw it in theaters so many times. It was also included in the laserdisc, but on current DVDs, it is as a deleted scene.

The Weasels take Eddie to toon town, the camera pans up to Witch Hazel zipping around and being hit by lighting from a cloud and the moon acting none the wiser. The sun then comes up.

Eddie comes out with a bag on his head to reveal he has been and I quote, "tooned-a-rooned."

He washes it off in the shower in a creepy sequence as the eyes pop into the drain.

This is why he is shirtless when Jessica comes into his home in the movie. To ease the transition, they had Jessica's silhouette behind his door and we heard a toilet flush, supposedly he went to the bathroom with his shirt off. As a kid, I found this sequence crucial in Jessica's character. She says how she is not really bad, she was just drawn that way. I don't know if it was because I am gay but I thought you couldn't trust her and I had a sigh of relief to discover she was not bad.

To the left is a sequence which is one of the few or just the only errors in the movie, Dolores fixes Eddie's collar and in another shot, it isn't fixed. This is because more of the plot was fleshed out and shot in California, instead of England.

The chalk sequence in which Doom squeeks a chalk, always got on me and my nephew's nerves as kids. What I didn't notice was that Doom used the amputee's sleeve to clean the board. My favorite scene is the reverse psychology use on Roger to drink his drink.

One indicator to later in the plot was Doom staying away from the dip. To the right, Roger and Eddie hop in the Toon Patrol car and find Benny the Cab. Roger was so thrilled but I was scratching my head. As a kid, Roger, Herman and Jessica were all new characters to all of us obviously so it was kinda exhausting to be this long into the movie (for a kid, minutes are longer) to discover yet another new character.

The short Goofy Gymnastics (1949) was used for the movie, even though it is set in 1947 because it is the only wacky Disney cartoon they could find for the movie. As for the pull in when Eddie reveals to Roger that his brother was killed by a toon, producers were afraid of moving the camera with a cartoon but they believe it all came out fine. I personally think it pulled out too fast, a bit like macromedia flash action.

When Roger was upset about a news reel, I never knew about news reel being shown in movie theaters when I was 7. It was interesting. As for the picture to the right, it is a classic death, what editors' dream to do to their boss with their old editor machines.

One of the producers said a woman said 'thank god' in a screening when Eddie poured out their drink. Everyone complains about the drinking, but as a kid, I found it more real. As for the tunnel, as a kid, I loved this scene but I wa shocked to find out it was a miniature tunnel. It looks pretty well.

Now I notice that the mushrooms look like Chinese stereotypes and on top of it, the controversial Tar Baby from the even more controversial Song of the South is to the far right. He has a sign that says 'Visit La Brea Tar Pits. ' I think it was supposed to be Brer instead of Brea.

Droopy Dog not only appeared in this movie but in some of the following Roger Rabbit shorts. And of course, the famous scary-looking Jessica-impersonating Lena Hyena (Toon Hag).

The door nob is the doornob from Alice in Wonderland and the writing on the wall says, "For good time call Allyson "Wonderland." The best is yet to be.

When Tweety is taking off Eddie's fingers, he looks so disinterested. And with Mickey and Bugs, many swear Bugs gave Mickey the middle finger but he is just twiddling his fingers. According to Wikipedia: For one frame in the middle of this, animator Dave Spafford claims that he deliberately drew Bugs as flipping Mickey off, and requested that the animator working on Mickey respond with a shocked expression.

other than the ending, a brief cameo of Porky Pig is to the left on an advertisement. And some say this silhouette who speaks to Eddie is Dick Tracy.

Where Jessica saved Eddie, Judge Doom ran away. I remember seeing this and thinking it wasn't Doom, I was confused and thought it was another character. I was aware enough to know it wasn't Christopher Lloyd. It was actually Ken Ralston, the visual effects supervisor. As for the scene to the right, Jessica's famous panty showing has been 'covered' on the DVD. What it basically was just skin-color, no actually vagina. When the DVD set was reissued in 2002--which is the one I have, the scene was reanimated so that a piece of Jessica's skirt strategically covers Jessica as she rolls down the hill.

One of the weasels reaches in to Jessica's breasts and finds a bear trap. Eddie called it a 'booby trap.' Lame pun but not so much for Disney, it's considered risque. Meanwhile, a classic look: a car driving a car. You don't even see that in Cars, where a car rides inside a truck.

When Jessica sees the Dip, the shot always freaked me out because of her exaggerated reaction. The animators mentioned how if humanoid characters did something un-characteristic, it would look horrific, which this does, we even see her nose. To the right is Eddie and Jessica's reaction to when Judge Doom says, "People will going off and on... off and on all day." Hilarious dirty innuendo.

In this final battle sequence, it gets tiring to see the dip 'almost' get Jessica and Roger about 2 to 3 times. One cool thing about Judge Doom that people don't know is that he originally was going to be the guy who killed Bambi's mother but of course, Disney didn't approve.

There was much debate if either the Frank Sinatra sword should be the old or young Frank, it was a reaction to caricatures of celebrities in early toons. As for the big reveal of Judge Doom, it always freaked me and the younger kids in family out. His squeeky voice still runs chills down my spine. When he would pop up walking, I knew it wasn't traditional animation when I first saw it--I was 6. Indeed it was stop-action animation.

This sequence where Judge Doom tries killing Eddie, it takes Beetlejuice territory and a bit too, I don't know what, even for the movie. When Doom dies, he says, "what a world, what a world' which supposedly the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ said when she died similarly but I don't recall her really saying it.

This is a rare known fact that in the train that passes them that it contains different murders inside the windows. A toon is hanged, one commits suicide and various other killings occur.

The first toons of the horde of toons that appear at the end to appear first is Peter from Disney's Peter and the Wolf and various little woodlen critters.

Above: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Daffy, Donald Duck, Baby Herman, Sylvester, Tweety, Bambi, Pinocchio, Pluto the dog, Dopey...

Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales*, Wile E. Coyote*, The Road Runner*, Jose Carioca, The Singing Harp from Mickey and the Beanstalk, Koko the Clown, and Droopy Dog
* - denotes the characters were created after 1947.

Brer Bear, Woody Woodpecker, Hector the Bulldog, Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Foghorn Leghorn, Marvin the Martian*, and the next picture: Clarabelle Cow. Look how Bugs Bunny looks mildly interested.

The Reluctant Dragon, Various Fantasia characters, and the Joker from Noveltoons.

From back in the center of the picture to the left, I see Sam Sheepdog*.

In the back, the guy in blue is Pete. Then even more confusingly, Porky comes up behind him in a similar blue outfit with hat. I remember seeing Porky Pig and Tinkerbell together and thought it all came full circle. Like I said before, it was a big event picture was happening and it was the coolest thing ever. Zemeckis says they added Tinkerbell for Michael Eisner because he said, "We are ending the picture with a Warner character?!" I still feel like Porky ended the picture.

This the 'test' done to see if the movie could be done and approved. One of the big wigs at Disney thought it was a guy in a costume. The first time I saw it, it freaked me out a bit.

To the left, an animation mistake, Roger disappears through the pole. As for Eddie, it is a stand-in actor.

They used rubber stand-ins for the characters for reference and then filmed it without them and those frames were used as backplates for the animators.

Charlie Fleischer, the voice of Roger famously dressed as Roger to 'go into the dressing room' like the other actors. Around the studio. they could hear people go, "did you see that guy in the rabbit suit? Who is going to see that movie?"

Famous Studio/Paramount characters Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl, Little Lulu, and Casper the Friendly Ghost, as well as Pat Sullivan's Felix the Cat and MGM's Tom & Jerry, were all scripted to appear, but the rights to the characters could not be obtained. Although, a photo of Felix shaking hands with R.K. Maroon is seen in Maroon's office when he first hires Eddie and Felix also appears as as the masks of tragedy and comedy on the entrance for Toon Town.