Tuesday, December 28

I Challenge Governor Ed Rendell to play football in the Snow

I Challenge Governor Ed Rendell to play football in the Snow because he has said "We've become a nation of wusses." The 66-year-old governor of Pennsylvania was not happy with the postponement of the Eagles-Vikings game due to the blizzard that hammered the East Coast. The own stadium was covered in thick thick snow. If he thinks they are wussies, then go play in that thick snow. I also think he is veiled homophobic, I checked online and other people think so to. Well, he's not only that, but also small minded, racist and a bigot. "Some of what Rendell is refreshing and honest. Some of what he says is stupid. This was stupid," ulitzer-winning Buzz Bissinger wrote on Twitter. "[I] love him, but [these comments are] exactly why he could never go national."


Wednesday, December 15

Buffy Season 5 reference in Daily Show

Jon Stewart was mentioning Big Brother as the government last night's episode (December 14) and then decided they don't need a Big Brother but a Big Sister... in comes footage of the episode "Blood Ties" of Season 5 of Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" where Buffy beats up Glory for bothering her sister Dawn. 'Big Brother' is a reference to the novel 1984 (written in 1949 by the way) by "George Orwell" also known as Eric Arthur Blair. For those to young to know, 1984 is about the future as it was written 1949 where the government, or Big Brother would gave the public no privacy at all or freedom. Kudos to Jon and crew to reference Joss' Buffy.

Sunday, December 12

Family Guy Chirstmas Hour Review

Family Guy hasn't had a X-mas special since its second year or so, and I loved the first one, it is a funny episode. This one is a 'A Road to' episode that features Stewie and Brian. It starts out with a beautiful musical featuring the family and almost all the Quaoghians (however you spell it). The plot is that after Stewie is shafted at the mall so he wants to kill Santa. Stewie heads out to the North Pole, with Brian resisting but ending up to say that Santa doesn't exist. But finally reach the North Pole and meet Santa, who is old and dying and depressed. The elves were inbreed and mutated, the reindeer are rabid and like on steroids, hungry for elves. So, yes, the episode ends up with Stewie and Brian being Santa and bringing presents. So it is a dark Christmas special, much like the two episodes of Futurama and the South Park Christmas specials, especially the Wood Critter Christmas.

So the message of the episode is basically the over-commercialization of Christmas, but maybe Futurama handled it better. And even though fans love the Critter Christmas, I didn't like it and found it in bad taste, but that was the point, it was suppose to look distasteful. This Family Guy Episodes I wouldn't want to see over and over again each Christmas, the first one, yes, for sure. What was real funny was Seth Macfarlane's 'father', don't know if it was really he's father, we will soon find out, he sounds a bit like Seth.

Oh yeah and David Boreanaz guest starred as the Aurora Boreanaz.

Ron MacFarlane, is indeed Seth's father.

Sunday, December 5

Superheronies in Young Justice

Young Justice is new cartoon for The Cartoon Network created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. Despite the title, it is not an adaptation of Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck's Young Justice series of comics, it is an adaptation of the entire DC Universe with a focus on young superheroes. It has Dick Grayson/Robin (Batman's ward), Superboy (clone of Superman), Wally West/Kid Flash (The Flash's student), and a black Aqualad (Aquaman's successor). Now, like the other shows, they add two females, some not know that much. I thought Miss Martian was made up for the series, but she first appeared in Teen Titans vol. 3, #37 (2006). The series seems to have more connections to the Justice League TV series than the Teen Titans TV series. As for the chick in green on the left, she is Artemis, which is said to be an obscure DC Comics heronie. The only one I could find was a sometime villain of Wonder Woman and anti-hero Artemis of Bana-Midghdall. She seems to be in place of Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick or Arrowette.

In February 2010, actress Stephanie Lemelin announced that she had been cast as the voice of Arrowette for an upcoming animated adaptation of Young Justice.When the show was officially announced by Warner Brothers in April, the press release referred to the character as Artemis, indicating a change in character. Stephanie Lemelin now voices Artemis. The cartoon Artemis does indeed have Arrowtte's hair color and the color of her original costume. However, Arrowette has been confirmed to appear in the show.

Friday, December 3

Teen Titan's Ravens being developed into a series for The CW

Network The CW are in talks to adapt “Raven,” into a series. Diego Gutierrez (His other credits include “Without a Trace,” “The Shield,” “Kingpin,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dawson’s Creek.”), who most recently served as co-exec VP on “V,” is writing and will exec produce. Raven once appeared before in The WB/Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans." They say it will be a replacement for "Smallville." It is good idea though, to have a heronie. I am hoping for something better than "Birds of Prey," the short-lived WB series featuring Black Canary, the Huntress and Barbara Gordon (ex-Batgirl)--which had bad writing and a so-so cast. But Gutierrez has a good rep so let's hope CW greenlights it.

Saturday, November 27

Disney's Tangled Review

I have loved the Rapunzel story since I was a kid, mainly because it hadn't become a Disney movie yet, but secretly did want it to become one. I have been anticipating this movie for a while, and so have been one of my friends. This movie started out as a story of a boy and girl from modern times stuck in the story, but Disney wisely thought to go back. To lure the boys and avoid the low box office of The Princess and the Frog, they focused more on the man. In the original Grimm tale, the man was a prince and Rapunzel was stolen because of stolen radishes. The witch here has been turned into Mother Gothel, who has no powers. A magical regenerative flower was found by old Gothel. Rapunzel's mother was sick while pregnant and was fed the flower, giving Rapunzel magic golden hair with said powers. Gothel stole Rapunzel and used her power every day to become younger, cheating life. Rapunzel has to sign in order for her hair to glow.

The movie has beautiful animation, using new technology that lets combine hand drawing (digital pens) with computer animation. It is inspired by the Rococo paintings of French artist Jean-Honore Fragonard, supervised by Glenn Keane (producer)---who is responsible for Ariel and the Beast. So, the love interest is Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), who is a thief, not a prince, he steals the Princess crown. Rapunzel's royal parents send off flying lanterns in the air every birthday of hers and she seen them and wonder what they are and longs for them. Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel) does a great job. The songs aren't all that great, they are composed by Alan Menken, but doesn't have the flair the movies of the early 90's had---(I know everyone compares everything to The Little Mermaid), but what is missing is Howard Ashman. There truly is no other like him. But they gotta find one. Because the songs don't move the story, they state stuff we already know.

I went with my best friend, who I know will read this eventually and she says she got swept into the story. The movie is funny and the story is good, you feel it is a developed world, these characters will continue. Flynn as a hero gets knocked out all that easily. Flynn is rather sexy comes a long way since the Prince in Snow White; male animators have always have had trouble with the 'Prince.' Even though it has been reported it was hard with Prince Eric, prince Eric of the Little Mermaid is a pretty memorable Prince by many who grown up with the movie. Many ASFR and Male Knock Out fans will love what happens with Flynn. Rapunzel doesn't back down, she has a love-hate relationship with Gothel, a psychological abusive relationship. Rapunzel doesn't need saving from Flynn but does save herself and him. One thing I have to commend the producers and writers with is that you can feel the progression of romance between Flynn and Rapunzel, there are memorable scenes with them that show progression of them falling in love---much much better than those in The Princess and the Frog.

The romance between the heornie and hero in The Princess and the Frog felt forced. Mandy Moore does a great job as Rapunzel, she was a pop singer and has an awesome voice and she is a good actress so did a great scene. Basically, the movie is funny and the characters are memorable. Okay, here is the SPOILERS: I didn't like how Gothel died. I felt she could have lived, that Rapunzel could have left her, I hate this trend of villains falling to their death in Disney movies (Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, the cat in Cinderella, Mufasa in Lion King, the priest dude from The Hunchback from Notre Dame, and so many others).

Wednesday, November 24

Rapunzel's Pascal is a CHAMELEON, not a Frog Entertainment Weekly!

Entertainment Weekly accidentally says that Rapunzel's best friend pet Pascal is a frog but it is a chameleon in their review of Disney's Tangled. I like he's look, he's great.

Tuesday, November 23

Furt Episode Review

Wow Sue actually standing up for people. She is still principal. The plot is around Kurt. Kurt's dad is marrying Finn's mother and Kurt is the wedding planner. Dave Karofsky is still bugging Kurt, so Rachael wants the girls with football player boyfriends to tell Karofsky to stop bullying Kurt. Kurt didn't ask Rachael so Rachael is amazing for caring so much for Kurt. Sam proposes to Quinn but she's not having it, not just yet. Finn decides not to fight Karofsky. Mike, Sam and Artie do fight Karofsky. Meanwhile Sue's mom (Carol Brunette) arrive for Sue's stupid wedding to herself and Carol does all the mannerisms that Jane Lynch does and it is great. She is really great at it. The tension is high. Sue has a meeting with Karofsky's dad and Karofsky after Kurt's dad witnessing Karofsky making fun of Kurt. Kurt admits to his dad about the bullying but not that Karofsky is really gay and told him he would kill him.

The Glee gang sing at the wedding for Finn's mom and Kurt's dad. The Glee gang does rag on Finn for not defending Kurt. he does start feeling bad, especially when Kurt's dad scolds Finn for not defending Kurt. Oh yeah, and Rachael admitted to Finn to not having sex with Jesse (Power of Madonna), and Finn doesn't tell her that he had sex to Santana. Santana threatens to tell Rachael the truth, even after burning that Rachael did not include her in a girl pow-wow. Will Shue kind of gets a back seat in this episode. Sue and her feelings over her mother and father's decision to abandon them and hunt Nazis (or just family members of Nazis who may or may not have been Nazis, they weren't even military!) are relate-able, but it does link to why Sue is how she is today.

There is such a stunning and beautiful speech from Finn, saying that he and Kurt are brothers, brothers from another mother, that they made a song in their honor, OMG he ask for them to dance together, he said no. But it was so beautiful of Finn and unexpected of Glee to do so, well any TV show to do so. It was also interesting that Blaine was not involved. Probably they thought it would clot too much. It was so touching to see Kurt and Finn dance togehter. Because when Kurt was teaching Finn to dance, he didn't want to be seen dancing with him.

Oh, and the shocker cliffhanger? Oh yes, Kurt decides to go to the all-boys Academy, it is sad that his parents chose not to go to the honeymoon but it was touching and you can see Finn's mom's feelings. It was touching that Finn and Merecedes walked out of sitting and asked Kurt why and plead to come back. At least we are going to see Blaine next week.

Friday, November 19

iCarly - iStart a Fan War - year gap?

In the new episode "iStart a Fan War" (November 19), they go to the fictional Webicon and they mention that a year ago they were to go to the Webicon, refrencing the episode 'iPsycho,' they say it was a year ago, but 'iPsycho' aired June 4---only five months ago! But I guess they filmed it much earlier than that because Gibby looks much older now. But Nick would have at least aired the episodes further apart.

Wednesday, November 17

Glee - Gwen Paltrow Guest Stars

Gweneth Paltrow guest stars as a substitute teacher and I am currently a substitute teacher and I will never do High School. I didn't do great in high school the first time socially and don't want to go through that hell again. Holly Holiday's backstory is that one fat black girl knocked her out when she was angry with her, she called her a female Biggie Smalls but she looked to me more like Precious with glasses. Anyhoo, from then on, she was the 'cool' sub. She subs for Mr. S for Spanish and Kurt gets her to sub for Glee club when Mr. Shue is sick and Ms. Me Me Me (Rachael) tries to take over. There is a subplot where Mercedes is jealous of Kurt's new budding relationship with Blaine (Darren Criss). We only see Blaine in one scene, which is a bit discriminatory as all Mercedes can hear is 'gay gay gay' when they talk but it was funny with a little pink purse came out of Kurt's mouth. And that is not the only delusion, when Shue is sick, he sees the Glee club as little children, saying adorable things like 'oeuvre.'

Sue gets to be principal because she made Figgins sick and made some blackmailing to politicans or some shit, who cares right? Sue doesn't get much done, she proudly wants to disband Football but Coach Bieste makes her realize that what will her famous Cheerios cheerleaders cheer for? How short sighted is Sue anyway? There is a dream sequence of Shue's where Shue and Mike Chan perform the "Make Them Laugh" rountine from Singing in the Rain, which is his favorite movie when he's sick. He's ex-wife comes back, they have sex but he admits it was a mistake. I love the actress but hate the character.

Sue fires Shue when he returns to school still sick and hires her new BFF Holly. But when Holly allows Mercedes to ruin Sue's car (some bad subplot of Sue banning junk food that apparently only plus-size girls like), Holly realizes she is in on over her head. Thanks to Audio Tuning, Paltrow has a great voice, a sure bet is that she's on the show to promote her new album. I am surprise Paltrow didn't sing a Coldplay song while she was at it. She has great chemistry with Matt Morrison, it is a shame they have so little screen time together. They all do a wonderful Singing in the Rain/Rhianna's Umbrella mash-up mix. Save for Paltrow's character Holly (who I could have seen Lisa Kudrow doing better), Mike Chan's pratfalls, and Blaine, this episode was sub-par because the insulting 'gay gay gay' sequence and the as-insulting insinuation that fat girls only like fried foods and all Mercedes needed was a man. When does longing for food equal to need for a man? And why does she need a man to fix her problems?

Sunday, November 14

Disney's Fluppy Dogs

This animated special featured 5 pastel-colored talking dogs that came through a inter-dimensional doorway and into the lives boy Jamie, with his teen neighbor, Claire. The basic premise for the series, much like the live-action sci-fi show called Sliders, was the story of a band of adventurous, cuddly, dog-like creatures who utilized a crystal key to open inter-dimensional doorways. They became lost between worlds while trying to find their way home and end up on Earth. However, a wealthy collector of rare animals is after them and the key that creates the portals necessary to travel has almost lost its power.

The Fluppy Dogs debuted earlier as plush dolls made by "Kenner". Several other merchandise, including books and annuals were also released. There were six dogs instead of five (the merchandise had 2 boys and 4 girls, while the special had 2 girls and 3 boys), and all of them had different names and personalities to the film. Disney changed its demographics so it appealed more to boys by redesigning the Fluppies and adding the futuristic "dimension hopping" idea which didn't exist in the previous incarnation. Based on these designs it would appear that the Fluppy Dogs were originally targeted to girls, and by the time it reached post-production, the focus was changed dramatically, but it wasn't enough to form a concrete target audience, which might explain its failure to become a regular series.

The Fluppy Dogs special aired on the U.S. television network ABC on December 1, 1986, pre-empting news program Our World. It scored a Nielsen rating of 5.3/10; placing 70th among network programming, it was the week's lowest-ranked program. I remember watching the special when I was four and loving it. I had the coloring book and wondered why there was never a series. I always chalked it up as a movie. But now as an adult, I figured it was a pilot. It is sad it never got a chance, because the animators really did try with the special. It is said that this series was to compete with Pound Puppies but the special reminds me much of Care Bears in spirit as it was cue and cuddly but had serious tone moments and suspenseful music.

Friday, November 12

Avalon High Feminist Plot Twist

I first didn't think much of the Avalon High Disney Channel TV movie, about reincarnated teens of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. A girl has dreams and feels compelled to bring the reincarnated King Arthur to fight an old evil. Even the villain Moore thought she could be the Lady of the Lake but not King Arthur. The actress Brittany Robertson (Allie) said in an interview it is not every day she gets to sword fight and wear heavy armor. The promos and movie has one think King Arthur is the adorably British Gregg Sulkin (Wizards of Waverly Place). Disney Channel kept it a secret but did show video of her fighting in armor and a sword. The movie is not really post-feminist, it is a bit tack in its reveal and a pretty basic Disney Channel movie. But any children's movie that implores strong women is a good thing.

Wednesday, November 10

Mint Berry Crunch???!

It has been 3 weeks since the new episodes of South Park with Coon and Friends, including a kid dressed as Mint Berry Crunch and there is a dozen links and facebook pages and youtube videos dedicated to him:

Darren Criss (Blaine) might be promoted to Series Regular on Glee

I hope it happens! He made such a great impression! He is sooo sexy in this role!

Tuesday, November 9

Glee Episode "Never Been Kissed"

I had to cover this episode because Kurt is the heart of the show and it was such a great episode.
"Never Been Kissed" is about bullying. Bullying on two sides, student and teacher. Student being Kurt, gay bashing by one specific person--a football player of course. Kurt is upset that no one seems to care. He then goes to spy on an all-boys school. There he meets Blaine (Darren Kriss), who is super hot in singing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry with his glee group. Blaine and two friends take Kurt for coffee and Blaine admits he is gay and when they say they have a no bullying policy, Kurt cries. Blaine asks the other two to leave and they discuss anti-gay bullying. He tells Kurt to confront his bully, so he does and follows him to the boys locker room. The bully kisses Kurt and Kurt backs away so the bully leaves. Blaine and Kurt confront the bully but it doesn't go well. In real life, I would have not recommend doing that. Kurt admits that that was his first kiss.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) is told by Flynn to think about coach Beiste to 'cool down' and not go and have sex with their dates. So Quinn finds out--sort of and tells Coach Sylvester, causing Bieste to ask Will what is going on. Will confesses the truth to her and Beiste quits. The last scene with Beiste and Will (Beiste admits she was not kissed ever either), I knew it would lead to a kiss, predictably. I felt like it was lip-service, but Matt Morrison has this gentleness and authenticity that made the scene understandable that he was not doing it in pity. I don't like the idea of people being bullied being people not being kissed, but I guess it was a coincidence and it had to go with the title. The most effecting parts are Kurt parts.

On the other storyline, Puck got out of juvie and for his community service, he spends time with Artie in a misguided attempt. So he shows Artie bad things as a bad boy but in the end, Puck admits he hated it in juvie and Artie offers to help him, be a good influence. So Kurt continues to be bullying but he is smitten, he hangs a rather large photo of Blaine in his locker room. Wouldn't Blaine just give a new friend a little picture? I thought Kurt and Blaine would kiss but I guess they are leaving that for another episode, how he will be a recurring character. I really love the idea of seeing Blaine more. Like I said before, I hope Blaine doesn't end up breaking Kurt's heart.

Gwyneth Paltrow next week? Wow, that came from left field, even with the over-exposure of Glee that I hadn't heard about her.


Monday, November 8

Conoan First Episode Review

Waiting for this forever and the promos form TBS are awesome. Conan addressed a lot of questions in his monologue, saying his old characters being used on NBC. They did a hilarious video of the masturbating Bear being used for lottery numbers. Glad to see him back. I am also glad Andy Ritcher is his co-host or whatever back. His new set isn't as glamorous as his Tonight Show set, it is a bit retro, as it looks like a round bee hive. It will take some time to get used to. I do miss when he did his monologue in front of his curtain, long ago on the Late Show. Glad to see the band back, but no Max. :( His set does have a moveable moon with remote control and moving moon light.

About Demi Lovato's depression

This has been going around a lot, about Demi Lovato being stressed out too much at work, and she has had the habit of cutting herself lightly, not for suicide but for a release of some sort or whatever other reason. She has admitted herself for help, which I think it is a good idea, that she should get help. I can understand where this is coming form. I have had depression for years and started as a teenage and so was anxiety. People can say that she has everything, a teen star, lots of money and easy job, but it can be stressful, she can be overworked or told she isn't good enough, not thin enough, etc. Even if she is treated well, she could have her own anxieties in her mind that invade. We all have doubts, sometimes they grow too big and get to us. I sure hope she gets help and works out whatever she has to work out.

Sunday, October 31

Monster High Review

I have always had interest in Girls Franchises. This one is interesting as it is not Bratz. Mattel has dolls called Monster High, the commercial for the website has been airing like crazy, more than the doll. The commercial contains cartoon versions of the dolls, so does the Nickelodeon special, webisodes on the website and the msuic video that aired after the special. The animation in the commercial and the music video is much better than the one in the Nickelodeon special and webisodes on the website. The cartoon animation of the webisodes and the special seem to be like Flash animation.

A 30 minute episode entitled 'Dawn of the Dance' will air on Nickelodeon October 31st 2010. The show is made for Halloween. I saw the episode, the episode is pretty a-typical for a girl show, even though the girls are daughters of famous monsters and have creative names, the episode in itself is stereotypical in girl worries. Frankie Stein is the new girl and wants to be a cheerleader (here Fear Leader), she worries about fitting in and lies to Cleo, the head Fear Leader, telling her that hot boy Deuce M. Gorgon (son of Medusa) is her boyfriend but in reality he is Cleo's boyfriend. So Cleo throws a hissy, Frankie 'fixes' it by having Justin Biter (Justin Bieber only has the name in common, he looks nothing like him, more like a stereotypical 90's rocker) do a concert. The web shorts are the same too, basically what old men think girls worry about, no real morals and it doesn't seem it is a in-joke. I think they are actually being serious.

Ghoulia Yellps (above, left) is a smart zombie that did not appear in the commercial nor the music video, but did appear in the TV special and web series. At Comic Con 2010, new figure Hot Hyde and Ghoulia were revealed, they are part of the 2nd wave of the line. The first basic line includes Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Cleo De Nile & Deuce Gorgon. I am surprised to say that the dolls are beautiful crafted and detailed. My favorite design is Lagoona Blue, who seemed to have an African-American voice in the commercial but an Australian accent in the special and web show.

Review on the Dolls

And the daughters of famous monsters going to a school is not a totally original idea as in 1988, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School already cover daughters to famous monsters.

Saturday, October 30

The Black Cauldron on ABC Family

The film is based on Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain book series, which is in turn based on Welsh mythology. It debuted in 1985 and took many years to make, maybe 8 or 5. John Katzenberg came in when it was almost finished and he wanted to cut out a lot of the violence. The animators told him you can't edit an Animated film once it has already been animated. Anyway, Katzenberg made the hard work into a mess, the quality isn't 100%, it was a box office failure. This morning I wake at 8:30 to discover it was airing! It aired from 7am to 9am on ABC Family and it is not scheduled to air again any time soon. They most likely aired it for Halloween, it would have been nice to get a heads up.It was the most expensive animated feature made as of its release in 1985. It cost $25 million to produce, but grossed only $21 million at the North American box office. In September, it was released on DVD.

Thursday, October 28

Project Runway Season 8 Finale Review

Wow, a pee break. The discussion between the Judges was interesting. This was a 2-hour special and the reunion special was sandwhiched in between. I wish it was a bit longer so they could lay more into Ivy. And those promos with the Fairy Job Mother were horrible, those guys are no actors, well, except for Ivy. I loved what the judges had to say. I didn't like Andy's, I like Mondos, but I think it could have had more oomph, it wasn't as strong or polished as Seth Aaron's last year, and they were very much alike. Gretchen's looked much more better with styling, but it could have had more color and more diversity. Gretchen wouldn't stop crying through the 2 hours, it is true that women get called bitches when they are strong but she did say back-handed and two-faced things about the designer's designs. She said it wasn't personal but to their faces, she said the DESIGNS were good and then something else to the cameras. But I know women like her. ARGH, I can see her panties! Eww!

Salt and Sugar, which is your choice?

Tuesday, October 26

Rocky Horror Glee Show Review

Good show. It had many homages to the movie, with some nods to the stageshow. It moved the plot along. it also had a message of teenage men and body image, an important message. When I was 12, I first saw Rocky Horror Picture Show and I loved it, it was awesome. I caught it on Bravo back when they aired movies and I caught it in the part where Rocky was born and I loved the blonde white boy, it was so cool. When I went to High School, Halloween party there was a thing with the seniors doing a song from it and the class hunk, white and blonde dressed as Rocky, shirtless and all, me and my friends were like falling apart. That stayed imprinted in my memory.

Thursday, October 21

Project Runway: Andy vs. Michael

I knew it would be Andy vs. Michael. I feel for them all, they all did good, but all together, they really need to grow. I was like, that's all? All other seasons have been more polished, more together. I knew Michael would be out, because they showed a promo of next week and they showed Michael in the work room while they show everyone else at Fashion Week. It look so sad seeing Michael by himself, the episode really made you feel for Michael. I don't hate Michael, I think in reality Andy should have be kicked out. Michael really has a polished collection and Andy's headdresses are ugly and only the green last minute one I liked, I mean he did his collection in 2 weeks, he is a lot better in a hurry. Poor Michael, Gretchen and Andy were such bitches to him to begin with. I don't blame when he cried and hit the wall. I didn't like that Gretchen hugged him, she is so full of shit. But I do feel bad for her that she was practically homeless and moneyless. I didn't like her clothes, they were boring, the only one I liked was the green one. Apparently green works for Andy and Gretchen.

Thursday, October 14

Project Runway Season 8 Final Five Review

The final 5 were Gretchen, April, Andy, Michael C. and Mando. Tonight April was sent home. Gretchen was strung out and admitted she didn't like the challenges. She's nuts, she is debt and has done some gambling with her credit, she is also super bitchy---still criticizing the other's designs yet she can't take critiques right. April just didn't take risk, Tim Gunn told her to use color, yet she did not. When everyone was asked for asked 2 to pick to go to Fashion Week, no one picked Michael C. and everyone looked bitter when he was the first to be picked and win. Michael has talent and the others are jealous, it looks like laziness but he really puts thought into what he will do. I think next week it will for sure by Andy vs. Michael C. for the third spot because the finale will definitely be between Mando and Gretchen.

30 Rock Live Episode Review

I am in the East Coast, so I only saw the East Coast feed, When I heard 30 Rock was going to be live, I was excited. But I did not realize it would look at this. It is shot differently, like SNL and the regular show is filmed with film, not video, so it is hard to get used to. The sets are also different and there is no natural light. Also, there is applause and laughter, which it is hard to get used to. We even finally get to see sketches on TGS with Tracy Jordan, which was not bad. They were pretty good. The lines sound strange live, with applause. The show works because it has no laughter and it is shot on film. This episode was funny, I just close my eyes and ignore the laughter and imagine it like a regular episode of 30 Rock.

Tuesday, October 12

Glee Episode Review "Duets"

Great Episode, it seems Sam (Chord Overstreet) might not be for Kurt afterall, but for Quinn. Quinn needs an Emmy for her subtle performance of a woman scorned and all she has suffered. Tina indeed has changed a lot since last season, form shy wallflower, to a woman who knows what she wants. Rumor is that Kurt will be getting a gay mentor from a all-boys school but I hope it doesn't turn out like in Dawson's Creek where the gay guy fell for an older guy and he turned him down because he already had somebody. In two weeks, we get Rocky Horror and Sam is the shirtless hunk! Yay! Anyhoo, Mike Chan is quite charming. Also, it seems that Brittany may indeed have feelings for Artie. For you guys who haven't seen the episode, Brittany wants to duet with Artie, for revenge against Santana, who wants to duet with someone else. They have sex and Artie looses his virginity.

Monday, October 11

Beauty and the Beast Comparison between Original and Extended Edition

The "Human Again" sequence was added to Beauty and the Beast for the 2002 DVD (after the duet "Something There"). It has been re-released once again on DVD this week and I say thank god because the 2002 DVD was impossible to find and out of print. The new one comes with new extras... only available on Blu Ray unfortunately. I don't have Blu Ray so I can't see it but luckily it came with regular DVD, so I can see it, it has the three versions--regular, the extended version and the unfinished one that showed in New York (which is a fun watch). Anyway, I have never seen anyone compare the scenes after "Human Again" because in that new sequence, the gang cleans the house---so the Beast's room has been spruced up, but up until Belle leaves, so logic tells us the Beast messed up his room again because she left.

The "Human Again" sequence was added immediately before Beast takes his bath, as you can see, they fixed the torn sheets, fixed the mirror and cleaned up the floor.

And as you can see below, Lumiere's chair has been changed to some sort of footstool probably because the chair was at an angle and it would be too much to add a chair.

It seems Cogsworth's movements had been changed a bit, including one animation I loved and I have no idea to why they changed it.

Now here it is the part, it is to after Belle leaves...

Cogsworth asks Beast 'Why?' and he does it in a dramatic fashion. This animation has completely been redone and I have not seen anyone mention it online. It is not even mentioned in the Director's Commentary. As you can see, in the new one, he has barely any shadow and Beast's tail is barely in the shot. Cogsworth does a more subtle 'why' looking upwards. I loved the way he used to do it. I've been trying to make a video of it but having great difficulty in doing so.