Thursday, April 29

Who Should Replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

I want to suggest some very apt replacements for Simon Cowell....
Mr. Rude (Mr. Men), maybe it would be took obvious what he would say.
Cobra Commander (G.I.Joe), maybe he might be nicer than Simon by simply saying "Get Them!"
Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants), perfect replacement for Simon! He knows music and he knows criticisms, but the only flaw is that he is not British.
Stewie Griffin (Family Guy), he has the British accent, he can criticize people and he's a baby, that's it, he is the fourth judge!

American Idol wouldn't be American Idol without Simon!

Community couldn't get 'Animal House' theme cleared

On Tonight's "Community," did they college movie parodies. Abed wanted to check off a list, at the end there was a food fight with a cool song but according to the closed caption it said 'Animal House.' Apparently, they planned to use the Animal House song and couldn't get the copyright rights. Aaron Hill (Beaver from "Greek") guest stars in the credits as a Pizza Delivery guy in a porn cliche.

Tuesday, April 27

Glee "Home" Episode 16 Episode Review

Will finally goes on to miss his wife. Kristen C. guest stars again as boozer April (and Will's high school crush) and the writers just know how to write for her and she knows to deliver. And now her character has more apparent feelings for Will, as she sublets with him. Kurt's gay crush for the straight jock continues as it is revealed that he has been engineering a romance between his widowed father and Finn's widowed mother. Finn is shocked to find this all out, as his mother moves out her old bed and threatens to move out Finn's father's chair. Finn clings to this chair. Kurt even engineered Finn's mom's great new makeover. Finn bursts out in anger in the hallway that he wants no changes, as Kurt insinuates that they will be future roommates, which is Kurt's dream. Kurt doesn't retaliate in tears, he retaliates in song, with a beautiful serenade ("A House Is Not a Home") to his love Finn. Kurt looks so handsome as a Cheerio. Puck even commented to Kurt singing to Finn, but it was without sound and I am a bad lip-reader, don't know what he said. Finn took the song as a longing to his father and loosing his memory.

When Kurt toasts to the two parents together, saying it is a new family, Finn is depressed and says they are not a family. Kurt then gets jealous when Kurt's dad bonds with Finn, something he probably didn't expect. Kurt's dad knew that it bothered Kurt and now they had a discussion, a lovely one. He says he doesn't want to change him and he won't change him in exchange. Kurt's dad even suspects that the reason Kurt set him up was not to be happy. Kurt's dad, played by Michael O'Malley is definitely a smarty and a good choice. I mean, the character is smart and the actor is a good choice. It's a great episode dealing with Kurt's relationship with his father (thinking that he might wanted a 'real guy' of a son) and Finn's memory of his father, who walked out on them and died. Kurt makes a veiled comment on it being to soon for his dad to date, that it has been 8 years since his mom died, but I think he is afraid of loosing and disappointing his dad and loosing Finn in the process. Finn and Kurt agreeing to put an end to their parents' relationship was selfish. And like that Finn's mom got a back bone. It was good for the parents not let Finn and Kurt get their way and concentrate on their own happiness as adults. The actress did a good job.

Sue pushes Mercedes to loose weight, which drives her to see her Glee teammates as food and she faints. The weight loss issue is a defiant one. Mercedes tries loosing weight and gains 2 pounds. At the nurse, she is surprised to find Quinn, who knows exactly where she has been. It was suppose to be a shock that she cared about Mercedes, but it is to shown to she has grown. She tells Mercedes that she has always been happy with her curves, Mercedes cries for not being herself and doing something she usually wouldn't do. Quinn said she would stay there for her and saying she is beautiful. The scene was a bit tacky and done there before, but it was okay. Mercedes' speech was inspired but you know that wouldn't happen in real life and the kids would probably laugh at her but I like that there are shows like this. Of course, she sings Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." Funny enough Ms. Pilsbury doesn't appear in this episode. The ending with Sue is hilarious and no surprise Sue took credit for 'empowering' the students. And letting Kurt's dad sit in Finn's chair was sweet but Glee wouldn't be Glee without panning to Kurt outside, sadly looking at them.

Monday, April 26

Are We There Yet?: Very Funny or Very Annoying?

A new show will premiere on TBS soon, starring and produced by Ice Cube. It is based on his two movies "Are We There Yet?" and called the same thing. I wonder if the CGI Deer will appear in every episode? So just like Meet the Browns, a movie with a black cast becomes a TV show with the same cast. I am happy there is a show with all African-American cast but why the same tired crap?

Saturday, April 24

Gabourey Sidibe offers a hilarious SNL

Gabourey Sidibe (Gabe-o-ray Sid-duh-bay) stumbled with a couple of her lines but was pretty good, the audience laughed a lot in her favor. She was very funny. She knows how to deliver her lines and her timing, when right, is good. Just need more practice. I do understand if she was nervous. Some of the roles they put her on are a bit stereotypical like a Jamaican nurse, poor old lady screaming out of window and a Jazz singer, but she is so delightful and charming, that even with the weak twists, it is forgivable. She and Andy Samberg have a digital short call Cherry Battle that at first looks absurd but then turns out to actually be pretty funny and delightful ends at a high note. You just got to see it for yourself. SNL should have got her as soon as she was nominated for the Oscars, but booking guest hosts has been a bit off since last year (and disaster booking Megan Fox after her movie bombed).

Here it comes: Betty White next week on SNL!

Betty White will host NBC's "Saturday Night Live" May 8, the network confirmed March 11th after weeks of speculation and fan campaigning. Besides featuring the "Golden Girl," who was the subject of a Facebook campaign to get her the gig, the special Mother's Day episode will also reunite six former female "SNL" cast members, most of whom happen to be moms: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch. And while White, 88, has no children of her own -- except for her golden retriever, Pontiac -- Michaels justifies her Mother's Day appearance by explaining, "She's the mother of us all in comedy."


Thursday, April 22

Project Runway S7 Reunion Special

Oh! I miss the Reunion Specials! The last one was the one with Sweet P. They didn't do one with season 5 and 6. I am happy they did this! So thank you! I didn't like that they mixed up the models and designers together. I wish they split them up so I would be able to recognize the earlier designers, not that they look like models but it was confusing. Emilio is very bitter, petty and doesn't think things through. Nina told him the blunt truth. Anthony is the only one to be recognize now. He said a toll booth lady stopped him. Ping is so absent minded that she forgot she was on the show. Jonathan clarified things to Carrie. Emilio is nuts, making a jab by taking Amy's model when she took his (Holly). Nina and Tim know how to push buttons for the special, like Tim asking Holly how she felt about the pink bikini.

Emilio was called out, on his shit, he would apologize but it is all bull shit. Tim asked Holly if she is satisfied with his repsonse. Jay was on fire, maybe too bitchy. Jay crossed the line with Carrie. Poor Carrie, I like Carrie, she stood up for Jonathan and was burned by more than one designer and countless models. So funny that Emilio said he doesn't say anything and then he does gossip and talk shit. Jay, Mila and Antony's bitchinesses feud was entertaining. Mila apologized to Anthony, so classy. Anthony apologized too, he was asked in New York Post and he said '50 years old bitch' and said it had not to do with her age. He apologized in very funny Anthony wrap-around style, "I can't give her a kidney."

Nina asked Maya the real reason she left. She revealed that she just graduated recently and said she wasn't ready for the rest. That she had to grow up, to figure out her vision. Nina wanted her to be part of it. She says she doesn't regret it. Valeria the model knew Seth Aaron was going to win, she did what she did and it doesn't seem like she regrets it. Kristina is happy about it, she cried and says she loves Valeria, she found it sad that she had to leave the show, wish that she could have been in the end with Seth Aaron. But we are happy for Kristina for winning. Tim admits he can make mistakes, he says it comes from him, he cares for them and I believe him.

Project Runway Season 7 Finale

It was really a tough decision tonight for the three judges. They all looked awesome, I loved Seth Aaron's more. Emilio was commercial, I didn't like the colors at all, it did look 90's but not a homage to the 90's but taken out completely out of the 90's. Mila's for me was not surprising, pretty but a bit repetitive (with the black and white). Seth Aaron's was also a bit repetitive, with the plaid swatches. I did like some pieces from Mila's and Seth Aaron's but none of Emilio's. But that is my personal taste. For Seth Aaron, I loved the blue one, that was called purple by the judges (I guess my TV's saturation is not great and I don't have Lifetime in HD) and the judges didn't like it, they thought it borderlined costume-y. I thought it blew me away when I first saw it. Below, you can see it and it is indeed purple!

Emilio looks a bit like a bum, with the jacket and black scully hat. I am sorry to say I was happy to hear Mila was 'out' and then again, I would be happy to if Emilio was called out. Emilio was unperfessional, he kept making faces when the judges applauded the others. Seth Aaron knew how to dres for the show. Yes! We all knew who would win. Seth Aaron was a winner since the beginning. Congrats to his family and congrats to him. I am glad Emilio did quote Anthony but I will not miss his lisp and his judging of others. Seth Aaron is also the youngest of the group and he is amazing that he made so many outfits. Interview with Seth Aaron

Conan-Leno joke too late in 30 Rock 'Khonani'

Jack has to choose between two women and decides to concentrate on a Janitor situation instead, procrastinating but it is much like he's first situation. Anyhoo, one janitor wanted the night shift because he has a contract with Jack since 2005--clearly like Conan. And the other guy, got his shift moved at 10, like Leno. And in the end, the Conan janitor had to be fired, he said he was okay he had to go to Fox Casino. Um... they should have said TBS. I guess they filmed this before the decision was made.

South Park 201 Censorship

Last night that '201' aired, Muhammed was bleeped and I thought it was Comedy Central but when entire speeches of Kyle, Jesus and Santa were bleeped out, I then thought that it was on purpose by Matt and Trey as a meta-joke. I thought it as well as Muhammed was covered by CENSORED bar and then Tom Cruise was. But actually it was Comedy Central after all.

According to the website South Park Studios, Comedy Central censored episode "201" after delivery with bleeps as a reaction to several threats made on Parker and Stone's life by New York-based organization Revolution Muslim. The censored version bleeps out any mention of the word 'Muhammed', as well as entire speeches given by Kyle, Jesus and Santa at the end of the episode--I personally thought this was a meta-joke. The episode isn't officially available online (as of Thrusday 22nd) because the studio doesn't have network clearance to show the unedited version.

New episodes of South Park are usually re-aired at least three times on Comedy Central: Wednesday original airing at midnight, then at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, and at 11:00 p.m. Sunday. Instead of episode "201", the network re-aired "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" at 12AM, and according to Comedy Central's TV schedule, it will be re-aired Thursday night. The network will also re-air "You Have 0 Friends" on Sunday instead of episode "201".

On the afternoon of April 22 the creators posted this statement to media outlets:
"In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it."

Episode Summary:
We are treated with a flashback of Mitch Connor (as Cartman's hand) in the Vietnam War. Back in the present, Mr. Garrison sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto to find out who is his father. Meanwhile, the Gingers and the town citizens are negotiating the handover of Muhammad when Mecha-Streisand begins to attack South Park. Muhammad, who is visually obscured throughout the entire episode by a black box superimposed with the word "Censored", is taken by Stan, Kyle, and Kenny to Dr. Mephisto's lab. There, the Gingers make their way into the lab and retrieve Muhammad. They agree to share Muhammad with the celebrities in exchange for the use of the celebrities' "goo transfer" machine, and give Cartman over to the "head ginger" Scott Tenorman in Batman villain style. Scott reveals to Cartman that his own father Jack, a former Denver Broncos player whom Cartman killed and put in chili, also fathered Cartman, making Scott and Cartman half-brothers.

Tom Cruise transfers Muhammad's "goo" and gets the "Censored" box and Cruise declares himself immune to ridicule. After neutralizing Mecha-Streisand (by having her sing with Neil Diamond), the Super Best Friends attack the Ginger lair, where the Gingers and celebrities are fighting over who will get the goo next. Super Best Friend member Seaman scuffles with Cruise, causing Stan to say that "Tom Cruise has Seaman on his back." The "Censored" box disappears and Cruise becomes angered that the "goo" is not working. Tenorman escapes, and Kyle says that "there is no goo" and that "I learn something today." He, Jesus, and Santa Claus all give monologues that appease the squabbling parties, though continuous audio bleeps prevent the viewer from hearing the contents of each speech.

The town begins to rebuild after the Streisand attack. Cartman is grieving over the fact that he has just learned he is "half ginger", but Connor makes him feel better by reminding Cartman that he is also "half Bronco". Cruise is still dejected, and wishes he could go somewhere to live without fear of mockery. Stan and Kyle reveal that they know such a place and will help Cruise get there. (Making the viewer believe it is Marklar.) The episode ends with a static image of Cruise and the Killer Whale from "Free Willzyx" both lying dead on the Moon. The episode had almost major character except for probably Towelie and Lemmiwinks. Pip even gets killed by Mecha-Streisand.

Tuesday, April 20

David Archuleta, a litlte mixed up

What day and age are we in that a young man has to explain what he is doing at a gay club. It is just a club, where people dance and sing and make out, just like any other club. When people found out David Archuleta, former American Idol contestant, went to a gay club. He had to defend it on his Twitter account. “Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice.” I find it hilarious that he had to ask before it was a gay club, like as if it was a place to avoid. Plenty of male celebrities, including Justin Timberlake have gone to gay clubs without problems and still remaining their heterosexuality in tact. But of course, Archuleta is a mormon and young and apparently ignorant. He said 'Wasn't my kind of place.'

Now, he said the twitter comments by others were inappropriate. I agree, they were homophobic. I don't believe Archuleta is gay or closeted, I do believe he might be a bit ignorant to gay culture. And it is not his fault. It is because there isn't any proper education about LGBT people and everything is word of mouth and guesses.

JustJared Article

Rick Sanchez is such a blow hard

Rick Sanchez says he doesn't expect a volcano in Iceland, saying it is too cold. He clearly has not made no research. He even said he thinks of Hawaii, but wasn't he a month ago thought that the Galapagos Islands was Hawaii back when there was an Earthquake in Chili. I hated him when he was in Miami on Channel 7 and now the rest of the United States has to put up with him.

Huffington Post

Glee Madonna Episode Review

"The Power of Madonna"
When I first heard of this episode, with Madonna songs throughout an episode, I'd thought it was interesting. It is really surpassed expectations. Glee is a ray of sunshine. Yes, some people believe most of it is full of stereotypes but I think it breaks them down. This episode does have more Sue than I wished but I like the feminism and gender roles issues in this episode. How men treat women, how women are expected to be--double standards and silly gender roles. Jesse is a welcomed character as he wedges the team more. Now I understand why they made the Glee group all ooey-gooey friends in the last episodes of the first half. Because now they got to break them apart.

Sue even confesses to Mercedes and Kurt about her 'handy-capable' sister. Sue, Kurt, Mercedes and Artie recreate the "Vogue" music video, semi-shot by shot--they changed directions and angles and shorten it and moved around some elements and captured the mood. It is unsettling to see Sue close-up but it was okay. It is a shot-for-shot remake. There is a montage of "I Feel Like a Virgin" with Rachel & Jesse, Finn and Santana, and Will & Emma. I don't like the montage because it makes sex look spectacular, it is romanticizing sex. I think it was a bit too soon for Will & Emma to be in bed, I think it was wise what happened afterward. Emma admitted she wasn't ready and they didn't do the deed, Will admitted he shouldn't have agreed to it. Rachel didn't want to loose her virginity to Jesse because she felt like she would be betraying her team. Finn actually had sex with Santana and felt nothing. So Finn and Rachel lied to each other. Rachel said she did it but she didn't and Finn said he didn't and he did.

I like that Finn didn't like sex afterward because that is truthful. Santana says it takes more after 500 times to enjoy it. It is a good message to teens watching. But I don't like how it insinuates that it would have been better if it was someone he cared about. Not always true. You guys could love each other but still be too young. Kurt and Mercedes join the Cheerios, Kurt looked so hot and masculine in "4 Minutes to Save the World" duet with Mercedes. Chris, you were never been so sexy! And to insinuate that gay people are not sexy when they are effeminate. So Jesse joins the Glee club and claims it is for love--because he loves Rachel. Jesse even wants a 'sing-off' with Flynn in order to settle things with Rachel. I love how the blond Cheerio thought Will is Jesse's father.

Sunday, April 18

Two Gay Couples with Surrogates on ABC

Applauds to ABC to have two shows with two different gay couples with surrogates, trying to make a baby, trying to have a baby. One is Lee and Bob on "Desperate Housewives," which became apparent a month ago. The second is Kevin and Scotty of "Brothers & Sisters," who have been with this arc for over the last couple of months. Now, I know the two shows work separately and probably didn't know each other, but it is awfully convenient that both shows air back to back.

Thursday, April 15

Tim Gunn visits the Designers on Project Runway

I love the episodes where Tim Gunn visits the finalists. I always look forward to those episodes. The final four are no surprise, they are Seth Aaron, Emilio, Jay and that lady with the hair. I like how Tim Gunn is harder on this season than the past two seasons at least. He has been speechless for Christian. But for these four, he has been very tough and critical. And the four were real tough and defensive back to him (especially the wasp, Jay, and Emilio). In TV Guide magazine, Tim Gunn was critical of Emilio's hardware bikini and said he is a good bullshitter and they got in a shouting match in their house. He was tough on Seth Aaron (saying he had to start over) but Seth was at least receptive.

Brothers & Sisters - Time After Time - 2 hours Special Review

The show already aired Sunday April 11th 9pm & 10pm but I needed time to think about it. I love Brothers & Sisters, I haven't reviewed one episode. My mom and I watch it religiously, my mom loved it, it probably look two years for her to figure out Kevin was gay. She watches it when she is doing stuff so never looked up, just heard it. Anyway, this was a great episode, well 2 episodes.

We see the Walker siblings in the 80's, when Sarah is a college student, she has a party at the family business. Tommy got drunk and had a car accident, this was the mis-de-direct. We are to believe Tommy was the big secret. Because Nora announces, in real time to the family that they are being blackmailed and are getting money for the company. So the family deduces that the thing Dick York is blackmailing about is Tommy maybe killing a guy. But in the end, they find out it was Kevin. It was very emotional and I think very cool, sort of ground-breaking. What happen was that Kevin had this friend from another school. This friend Aaron (Tyler Neitzel) tried kissing him, they were both drunk and Kevin punched him and they both fought.

Kevin was only 14 at the time and not out yet. The boy fell on the ground off a height like in a dock and got in a coma, and ended up paralyzed. Kevin didn't know, at that moment, his dad came into the scene. His dad only saw the fighting, according to his mom. Parents lied to Kevin, Kevin thought the boy was fine, and not paralyzed. And since Kevin was drunk and young, he barely remembered. Now he discovered the truth and he went to visit Adult Aaron (Christopher Thornton), who is in a wheelchair and happy with his partner. What the guy said to Kevin was to move on and to me it rang like a gay person wrote it. It is not negative, but it is very knowing and the dialogue is not that fluid, it seemed rehearsed. But of course, the guy might have rehearsed that speak for 25 years. So Kevin is having negativity against his mother. After the two parter, I am surprised he is still holding a grudge but I gues it will be a longer arc.

Wednesday, April 14

Shelter (2007) Movie Review

This movie came out in 2007 and I just recently discovered it because I was looking up actor Ross Thomas. This movie is one indie movie that is one in a new (awesome) trend in gay uncles or big brothers that have to take care of their little nephew or brother and fall in love. It follows Zach (Trevor Wright), a young man who lives in the ghetto of San Pedro, who says he didn't get accepted in Art school. He surfs and graffiti in some places, as he is an artist. His nephew calls him his 'daddy' as his father is no longer in the picture.

He has an off-again, on-again childhood girlfriend Tori he neglects. Ross Thomas ("Breaking the Edge") plays his best friend Gabe, who goes off to college. Zach goes to the backyard of his house and bumps into Gabe's step-brother Shaun played by Brad Rowe. Anyhoo, Zach and Shaun know each other since they were kids and they re-connect. Even though Brad Rowe (Billy's First Hollywood Screen Kiss), who was 37 at the time and Trevor Wright was 25 at the time, they don't look that much of a mis-match. Zach and Shaun get drunk one night and Shaun kisses Zach. The next day, Zach throws his tongue down Tori's throat. His sister Jeanne warns him about Shaun and doesn't want Shaun near her son Cody because Shaun is gay. Shaun tries to deny who he is but ultimately, after breaking up with Tori for good, he seals the deal with Shaun. But the honeymoon is quickly over when Gabe returns. The night Gabe throws a party at the house, Zach breaks down and breaks up with Shaun.

Like any of these gay indie movies, this one rings true. Even though it has no major camera moves, it is an intimate look at the relationships. Zach's angst and turmoil is understandable and relatable. But there is a lot between the lines. Zach never out says he is gay nor does he let anyone say it. Zach has never had a same-sex relationship or encounter before, but basically he was trying not to be true to feelings or confusion. He wanted to be everything for Tori but couldn't, just didn't know why. He gave up everything (his own sexual identity and happiness) for his family. His sister is not that encouraging, by saying if he was rejected once by the school to not try again. He reveals near the end, when he is accepted by the university once again that he was not rejected the first time but declined to attend.

Oh yes, also got to mention that when Gabe finds out about his step-brother and best friend, he is okay about it and open-minded, but he does bug Zach--asking if he finds a guy hot and if guys give better blowjobs. But Zach isn't having it. Gabe does hug him in the end, saying they are still 'bros.' Thank god this movie has no sad ending, lots of these gay indie movies have sad endings. Well, it is worth the watch. If you wanna show this to your parents, skip one sex scene in the middle. The sex scene is not much, just an alluded to fellatio, and some shirtless kissing. Zach and Jeanne's father is only seen one scene and barely mentioned afterwards. I love this subject (gay uncles taking care of their family) being touched on, the sacrifices young gay people have to do for their families.

Tuesday, April 13

Joss Whedon to Direct Avengers Movie!

Variety and E! Online confirmed that Joss Whedon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Firefly") will direct the Avengers movie featuring Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Thor. It is to be released in theaters May 4, 2012. The above picture is inaccurate because it has Venom and Wolverine, but they were Avengers once. I am happy for Whedon. He didn't get to do Wonder Woman, but he has written for the X-Men comics, so directing this is natural. People should have no fear in his movie directing skills, that he only directed Serenity, but he has directed many Buffy and Angel episodes and studied film-making. And he knows comics very well. SO this is the best move the powers that be have ever done since Singer and X-Men and Raimi and Spider-Man.

E! Online

Monday, April 12

Taco Bell Commercial Announcers should be more proficient in Spanish

There is this new Taco Bell commercial where the announcer pronounces 'Tortilla' wrong. He says "Tor-til-la" but it is pronounced "Tor-tea-yah." This isn't the first time it happens. Once for their Queso commercials, the actors in the commercial kept saying 'Kay-so' when it is 'Keh-so.'

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Conan moves to TBS; Very Funny.

Disappointing Comedy Central and Adult Swim, Conan picks TBS over those channels for a spot in cable. Not only that but choosing it over FOX. "In three months I've gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I'm headed to basic cable," O'Brien said in a statement. "My plan is working perfectly." The currently untitled one-hour show, which will be produced in Los Angeles, will debut in November at 11/10c after the World Series, and will air Monday through Thursday. It will be followed by George Lopez's Lopez Tonight, which currently airs in the timeslot and has averaged more than 1.2 million viewers for its first season. I am glad the Lopez Tonight's light will go back,. it makes sense, since it is the only cable network to have a late night talk show (well there is Chelsea Lately but that's anti-celebrity).

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TV Guide

Thursday, April 8

Project Runway: Mila vs. Jay SHOWDOWN

Next week is a big tie-breaker which has happened before on Project Runway with Rami and Christopher. Mila and Jay are natural born enemies and next week they will go head to head.

Tracy Morgan says Black Barbies sell low in Arizona

As a joke, Tracy Morgan's character on "30 Rock" alluded to the fact that black Barbies sell less in Arizona. Actually in real life, black Barbies sell less in Louisiana, specifically Wal-Mart, they have them on discount. Walmart spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien responded to an inquiry regarding the price discrepancy, explaining the valuation of the dolls was set "to prepare for Spring inventory, a number of items are marked for clearance. Both are great dolls. The red price sticker indicates that this particular doll was on clearance when the photo was taken, and though both dolls were priced the same to start, one was marked down due to its lower sales to hopefully increase purchase from customers." And another view is... "The implication of the lowering of the price is that's devaluing the Black doll," Thelma Dye of the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem told ABC News. Retail analyst Lori Wachs says Walmart needed to look at the bigger picture. "I think there are certain things companies have to be sensitive about and clearly this was one of them," retail she told ABC.

While a blogger questions the new 'So In Style Dolls,' especially the African-American ones, headline styled by designer Stacy McBride-Irby. They are not called Barbies but they are called 'So In Style.' I think it is great that there is a toyline dedicated to African-Americans, especially little African-American girls. But, I am concerned that it feeds to the stereotype that African-Americans are only good to be fashionable and musicians, it is like a positive stereotype that "Asians are smart." Comedian Chris Rock began promoting his documentary “Good Hair” a few weeks ago on Oprah which began after he observed his daughter telling her white friend that she had “good hair” implying that she had hair better than her own. That is an issue.

I have a friend that is half-Cuban and half-Dominican and her mother is of dark complexion and she came out caramel, she is stunning and beautiful. But one acquittance said she had 'nappy Black people hair,' which I find ridiculous. Why is one hair better than another? Straight hair doesn't always equal good. And sometimes I hear some racist people saying only black people have fros but I have seen plenty of white people with fros. Anyway, my point is that there should be more diverse choices for little girls.
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Tuesday, April 6

My Mom mistakes Sir Ian Mckellan for Anthony Quinn

I was out on the town Sunday night and my mom was sick and drowsy and wanted to sleep. She has the TV on and saw a movie and saw it had Anthony Quinn. She loved Anthony Quinn, Zorba the Greek was the first movie she ever saw here in the United States. It just so happened that she was watching the Lord of the Rings on TV--namely Return of the King. Basically she thought, in her dazed state, that Sir Ian McKellan as Gandalf the White was Anthony Quinn. And on top of that, I get a text from my dad, trying to confirm a bet between him and my mother that the movie was part of the Harry Potter franchise. Now, when I mention my dad's mistake, he has to make me feel guilty for knowing 'frivolous movie trivia' and he has more important things to focus on.

Friday, April 2

I don't like how only female celebrities are in those Snickers commercials and treated negatively

These are two commercials for Snickers featuring female celebrities. One features Betty White, as a guy who is hungry and returns to normal with Snickers. The other features Aretha Franklin as a 'diva' and Liza Minnelli. I would be okay with these commercials if they featured a male celebrity. I am not calling them sexist, because it probably was not their intention. For me, it unintentionally features that men can become feminine and inappropriate behavior for men if they are hungry, hence they become women. Okay, maybe it's a little sexist. If they had an old male celebrity (like Abe Vigoda at the end of the White ad) or a jackhole and say they are acting like a jackhole, it would be more even.

Blossom back on Monday Nights a.k.a. Blossom gets Big Banged

Mayim Bialik, best known as "Blossom," which ran on NBC on Monday nights in the 90's, will guest-star as a potential love interest for Jim Parsons' character Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory," which also airs on Monday nights, but on CBS. Bialik is a real-life Ph.D in neuroscience. She is described as the female version of Sheldon. Executive Producer Bill Prady says, "The way he deals with her will be consistent with the way he deals with the world up until now, He won't not be Sheldon. She'll be someone he certainly appreciates."

Thursday, April 1

Maya leaving Project Runway

Maya decided to the leave the competition in the latest episode, I totally understand why she did, I don't blame her. She is incredibly talented and I wish her the best. I really do think she should have stuck in there but it was her decision and more power to her. All other designers were shocked and perplexed that Maya leaving Project Runway. If the show wasn't recorded months go, I'd believe it was a planned April Fools joke. Emilio is so... not understanding and rude by saying it is a cop-out that she left, saying she should have stayed and waited to be kicked out. They always catch him when he talks out of his ass. I know there are editors but the complaint is he gives them the material. Like how season 4 winner Christian said he is not really as annoying as he was portrayed on the show. I think it really means a lot that Maya and Mila were friends and were the last women. Very interesting.

Designers have left before, so a one from before has come back. The promos hinted it could be Jesse, Ping or Anthony, and it was Anthony---so yeah, there you go. His foot back in the door. I am sure Fans are happy. I was really hoping Maya would win a challenge, I wish she won the last challenge, Michael Kohrs said he loved her print.