Monday, February 28

James Franco was high during Oscars?

People are saying James Franco was high during the show, I was checking if he was because he definitely was during Saturday Night Live---I don't recall if it was the first or second time or both, but I remember one time I saw him he was high (also Joseph Gordon-Levitt when he hosted). I saw the whole Academy Awards and he did look a bit wooden and sleepy, maybe on some medicine, but not weed or crack.

Sunday, February 27

Academy Awards Red Carpet: She-Ra Revival?

This year with the Academy Awards, it seems that what is in fashion is very glamorous and embroidered and fantastical looking dresses. So much that they remind me so much of She-Ra: The Princess of Power (1985-1987), a cartoon, sister to he-Man.

Cate Blanchett, seem to have a lot of inspiration from Spinerella.

Mila Kunis, also seem to have some inspiration to Spinerella.

Scarlett Johanson

And finally Nicole Kidman, looking a lot like She-Ra.

Melissa Leo also seems reminiscent of She-Ra and her friends.

Sunday, February 20

Family Guy - Terri Unmarried

Justin Timberlake played Paul in The Cleveland Show on Fox. The episode where Cleveland's best friend Terry's newest relationship is with a guy. Terry is hot and a player, never committed to a woman, but now he is serious with Paul. The scenes between Terry and Paul seemed a bit rushed. It seemed more caught up with the B-story where Rallo is trying to get off his habit of eating his own boogers. Yes, eww. Even more eww Justin Timberlake sings for the booger. Justin Timberlake used an accent for Paul and deepened his voice so he is kind of unrecognizable. If you are a JT fan and know his voice, you'll be able to recognize him, I hear his timber (pun intended) in between the accent. Paul and Terry even marry, let's see how long this lasts. But I am glad Terry is gay, they needed a gay character in the Family Guy universe that was just not an off joke---I know there is the two gay newcasters in American Dad, but they are not best friends to Stan. Anyway, it was a so-so episode but JT did a good job.

Tuesday, February 8

Glee - Silly Love Songs - Both Kurt and Blaine's hearts broken

Fans have wanted Kurt and Blaine to get together since the character of Blaine had been introduced. But in this episode "Silly Love Songs," Blaine tells Kurt he loves someone and he is inclined to believe it is him. But Blaine has the hots for a guy named Jeremiah who works at the Gap. Kurt and his girls at his house, they talk about he got his signals messed up. So he gets the Warblers to sing to him at the Gap. It is a very hot cover of Thicke but doesn't go well. Jeremiah is fired and tells Blaine he made it up all in his head, he tells him he is too young. It is funny and great of the episode, turning everything on its head, where Blaine is as clueless too. We all thought Blaine had it together. Kurt admits it to Blaine, that he has feelings for him. Blaine admits he was never anyone's boyfriend before and he is going to mess it up. So Kurt and Blaine are... it's not so clear. I believe they are taking it slow. It's real smart and cute.

Sunday, February 6

The Office - the Search - the best of the 7th season

Season Seven has been luckluster, kind of bitter and not really funny, only some interesting developments. Everyone is hoping Holly and Michael will get together. Holly has returned but she still had a boyfriend and Michael was impatient at them being together. Holly broke up with her boyfriend after an ultimatum. Now that she is single, she tells Michael she just can't be in a relationship with someone from work again. He is so sure it is a certainty. In this episode Michael and Jim go to someone important but Michael stops at a gas station to pee. Pam's mom locks Ceecee in a car on the way to the doctor and Jim leaves Michael alone without a cell or wallet. So Dwight, Holly and Erin go on a search for Michael. I love Erin and I love that included Erin. Dwight is just a cartoon character now, with no humanity. Michael tells the cameras to go away, but I don't know why the cameras didn't explain to them where Jim went.

Holly doesn't want to admit they are soulmates. The trio don't know where to go but Holly suggests the bakery, just for the smell of it. They then end up at a store and Holly writes a fake name for a cell phone company, which Michael also did and Dwight and Erin recognizes his fake name. They are then sure she is the key. Holly is hypnotized about an ad about a giant eggroll, which Michael is at the restaurant. Then in the restaurant, they find out Michael skipped out on a check and wrote 'Thief.' Holly doesn't want to admit she is the key and wants to head on the top of a building to see Michael, from the city. Erin follows her. When she is there, she ends up finding Michael, who wanted to see if he could see the DM office. The B-story is funny and entertaining about Pam having a caption contest for the other workers.

What a delightful episode, a wonderful episode. A diamond in the rough. Worth the watch.

Wednesday, February 2

Upcoming Disney features (2011 and on)

Now I am not talking about Disney/Pixar, I am talking about just Disney. Which stopped traditional animation at Home on the Range in 2004 and went on to do the lack-luster computer animated films Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons (2007), and Bolt (2008). They went back to traditional animation with The Princess and the Frog (2009) but got mixed reviews. The computer animated Tangled (2010) was just a hit. But officially it seems Disney is only planning the traditionally animated Winnie The Pooh (2011).
"King of the Elves, a fantasy based on a story by Philip K. Dick, was originally scheduled for a 2012 release before development was scrapped. Allegations have recently emerged that work has resumed on this project. Even better is the recurring rumor that the film has been retooled as a traditionally animated feature." -
To tell you the truth I confused King of the Elves with Starz Animation's Gnomeo and Juliet. King of the Elves was to be computer animated. Here is the wikipedia page. Originally slated for release in 2012, the film was reported as shelved in December 2009. In July, 2010, it was reported by various sources that King of The Elves is back in development and it is being directed by Chris Williams, co-director of Bolt. It is based on Philip K. Dick's 1953 short story fantasy "The King of the Elves", the film is about a band of elves and one dwarf living in the modern-day Mississippi Delta who name a local human, Calder, their king after he helps save them from an evil troll.

Wreck-It Ralph (Formerly Reboot Ralph and formerly Joe Jump)

And that leaves almost two years before the next announced animated feature, "Reboot Ralph" scheduled for March 22, 2013. I got a lot of people asking if this was the formerly titled: "Joe Jump," and it is/was. -

It seems that there was a film being mulled over for a while called Joe Jump about an old videogame character (maybe from the 1980's) that tries to get into a new videogame. Sounds interesting. It is now called Reboot Ralph.

There were plans in 2003 and 2008 for Snow Queen adapation. Glen Keene had quit on it in 2003. There are rumors it is still being worked on. But no official word. But supposedly it has been canceled. Above picture of her looking like a cook might have helped but that was just one concept, I am sure it would have been great.
This concept art is by Harald Sieperman, a concept artist working on the last iteration.

In December 2011, Disney announced a new title for the film, Frozen, and a release date, November 27, 2013. A month later, it was confirmed that the film will be a 3D CG animated feature. On March 5, 2012, it was announced that actress Kristen Bell will provide her voice to the lead character, and Chris Buck will be directing along with John Lasseter and Peter Del Vecho producing.

And rumors are on Jack and the Beanstalk, as 'boy' films are in demand now and the 'girl' films aren't doing well (Princess and the Frog) and Disney might think since Tangled was a combo of the two, that a 'boy' film is the way to go. More here:
One article did say: "Indeed, Catmull and Lasseter killed two other fairy tale movies that had been in development, "The Snow Queen" and "Jack and the Beanstalk."