Monday, August 27

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Spoilers AboundAugust 27, 2007

I believe this show has gotten so textured and layered, that it is important to dissect it. Lori wants vengeance on Jessi, Josh is on her side and both Kyle and Nicole are worried about Jessi. Tensions are high in the Trager house to say the least. Lori and Josh are upset at Kyle defending Jessi. While initially Balantine's plan to break Kyle's family apart felt one-sided and unrealistic, it has grown true. Nicole locks the kids in the house because Jessi is out there and is a threat. Predictably, their friends that were going to go to, come to them but this time, Amanda makes a surprise visit. She asks Kyle for help to what she should do.. stay or go to the music school.

While most TV and film writers feel the protagonist knowing too much leaves them in plot holes, these writers are not afraid to go there. Kyle knows Manticore sent Jessi, he still doesn't know why or what the propose is. Emily makes a surprise move by calling Kyle. She tells him her family is in danger and so is his and to be careful and hangs up on him. Kyle gets 'episodes,' feeling the pain. He goes into a sleeping state and talks to Adam in inner monologue. Kyle feels responsible for all the pain everyone is feeling--I admit to feeling like that. Is it selfish? Or is it being selfless? He wants the best for his family. Kyle does the usual 'hero' thing, go into the trap, knowing it is a trap but not wanting to believe it. Kyle asks a question I have been wondering: Nature and nurture, why did Kyle get a loving family while Jessi didn't. Kyle's mind maybe more complex than he could have foreseen, even for him.

As for everyone else:
Hilary calls Kyle 'Dr. Phil' and mentions Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) from "Heroes." She says 'for the love of Peter Petrelli.' About the scene between Stephen and Lori, it is heartbreaking and so truthful, I have been there before and not necessarily with a parent, but it was a authority figure. Nicole and Stephen finally fight and bicker, I say finally because they haven't with all the pending issues. Josh has matured very quickly, also in his relationship with Andy. Andy admits to 'withdrawing.' Josh is upset at Andy keeping secrets. Josh, feeling uneasy with Andy's ultimatum and night of making out is no resolution... leads to sex talk. Well, I call it that because I can't find the word for it. "You're ruining it." Josh is very truthful and it is freaking touching in its bluntness. Stephen continues to wonder what is going on at work and gets deeper. The harsh line: "Find someone else to feel you up."As for trusty Tom Foss, he's alive... for now.

Where's Jessi?
Good question, she doesn't come into until the third act. Everyone talks plenty about her throughout the episode but it is a poignant scene where she returns to the scene of her only murder and remembers exactly what happened. Jessi is basically traumatized and can't believe what she did.

Hilary finally brings up the issue that Kyclan (Kyle + Declan) has interfered with Lori and Declan in a funny scene.

The ending is a dozy and well worth it! A must watch!