Sunday, September 30

Brothers & SIsters Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Where we last lef the Walkers of "Brothers & Sisters," Justin (Dave Annable) went to back into war; Kevin (Matthew Rhys) started a relationship with Kitty's Senator fiancee Robert's brother Jason (Eric Winter); Sarah (Rachael Griffiths) has separated with her husband; and Tommy (Balthazar Getty) and his wife Julia (Sarah Morris) suffered a loss of their son while their baby daughter is healthy and alive. It starts off with Nora (Sally Field) doing a webcam video for Justin and talking about what the family has been up to. She hasn't seen most of them through the summer. Kitty's birthday nears and so does the anniversary of their father's death. Kitty returns to her mother and gets the cold shoulder. They fight during trying to pick out her wedding dress and it gets on YouTube. Rebecca (Emily VanKamp) is in Kitty's old room and Kitty resents her. They come to a head with their rivalry. Julia is understandably disappeared after the death of her son, she hasn't come out of her house and only talks to her parents. Sarah has hot sex with her still sexy husband Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) and she still has hopes of getting back together.

Through the whole episode we are made to worry about Justin as Nora and the rest of the family. Let me just say Justin Walker is a great character. Not only is he was a surfing recovering drug-abusing veteran, he cared a lot about his family. He moved beyond the hetero-stereotype, he has no problem taking care of his nephews, hanging out with his sisters and had the heart to pull Rebecca into the family. He is surely missed through the episode, it is not a bad thing because I think that is what they were going for. Rebecca even mentions it at the end, that he is the heart. Rebecca is getting to be an interesting character, I like Emily better with this character than the one in "Everwood." The episode gets a bit preachy too but with all the melodrama and comedy, you let them get away with it. The Walkers sure do drink a lot and it is understandable, with everything they have to put up with. I would be drinking too!

Jason drops the bomb on Kevin that he is off to Malaysia to perhaps for a year. Before he does that, we do get to see Eric Winter shirtless. Yay! For pictures from that episode of Eric Click Here at DreamCaps Forums Being that we only seen Kevin and Jason together for two episodes, it feels kind of rushed that they are talking about that Kevin even hasn't said "I love you" or they haven't 'defined' their relationship but Kevin did say Jason was his boyfriend. Maybe if they left it for a n episode more. Fans and viewers like it when you extend a relationship more than two episodes. It felt all too premature. It is all about a plot line that Kevin is learning how to keep the faith and even praying. Their kiss is covered by their heads. As for the other gay storyline, I stand by that Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) is bisexual. His old friend drops by with a picture of them in the past. That is all. He later calls Kevin's bitching a bluff by saying he doesn't know how easy he has it.

I was going to say this next part is full of spoilers but ABC has pretty much done that. I actually am worried about Justin because he is a great character. By the near end of the episode, we get good news and then get bad news again. ABC has been showing clips of a funeral in the previews. I was relived not to see the funeral scene wasn't in this episode but it is yet again shown in next week's preview. What a spoiler. I don't like that ABC or whoever did that. In the scene in question, there is a coffin covered an American Flag and a gun shooting salute. There is Kitty, Nora, and Robert. If ABC is not doing this to spoil us but to fuck with our hearts (they even show Justin in black & white)--that is not called for. I am hoping it is just a friend of Justin's.