Tuesday, June 30

Being Offline

Tuesday my hard drive stopped working properly. I have been trying to access my information and save it as I had no accurate back-up. So I have been using friend's computers for checking e-mail but I have not been at full force. I bought a new bigger internal hard drive that will hopefully arrive tomorrow and be installed and I can be back in business by Thursday. We will see. But it has been tough. Since I have 4 blogs, 3 websites and a youtube channel, I have been in agony but of course, I think of those without computers, without food and I have it pretty good. But yes, I do miss it and will do anything to get it back. But I have comfort I will be able to. It has been an ordeal with fixing it as well and I will share my plight soon enough.

Rest In Peace Michael: I apologize and refrain

I am going to refrain from calling him Jacko and will just call him Michael Jackson. John Stewart made me realize that there should be some respect for the deceased, even though whatever I might had thought of him. I feel like I've been coerced by all these loving fanatics and the music his week into feeling sorry for him. I was born in 82 and grew up in the hey-day of his career and saw the slow decline of his pigmation, his nose, and his sanity. And his last attempt at fame, with that music video with Marlon Brando was laughable. But now he should rest in peace. A friend mentioned yesterday and made me realize he had only one job his whole life since he was eight and had a lot of money and probably his sanity stayed at age 8 or 14. It is debatable but I say that if you are going to honor anyone deceased, you talk about everything, the good and bad, because that is true to who they were.

Thursday, June 25

Jacko steals Farrah's thunder

This afternoon I hear the tragic news that Farrah Fawcett (62) has died and then when cooking dinner that Michael Jackson is in a coma--that TMZ has confirmed he was dead and then slowly... ABC confirmed it, MSNBC, the Associated Press and then finally Fox News. Geraldo Rivera was even claiming his last interview with him IS the last interview Jacko would ever give and that he is a vampire. I am singing 'ding dong the king of pop is dead,' all little boys rejoice, you won't have to fear him anymore. But don't forget Farrah people. One is an Angel and one is... you know where. As for Ed Mcmahon (age 88), I didn't know he was dead.

Monday, June 22

The Time Traveler's Wife Trailer

Check out this awesome trailer. it is based on this great novel, it stars Rachael McAdams and Eric Bana.

Complaining about SFL

I watch a lot of TV and I have to complain about Southflorida.com LIVE on the CW 39 which is now called simply SFL, which is complicated when looking for online. The website for the TV station WDZL used to be great and big but now it is only a subpage on the Southflorida.com website. Anyway, there are three hosts to the morning show that also streams online and they are so annoying. Before the show started, they had endless promos. Now, all the promos promoting their shows have them. I also hate the drum sound they use, I hear it all the freaking time!

Dave Azer, who used to host a Nickelodeon show, is a total douche. I have no problem with the Black girl, but the white blonde lady is just creepy. She should fire her plastic surgeon, she looks like one of the creatures from Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (above). She is so creepy looking.

Friday, June 19

Futurama has been renewed for 25 episodes for Comedy Central

It was later announced that Comedy Central has finally picked up the show for 26 new episodes that will begin airing in 2010. I wanna know just what took so long, because the last straight-to-DVD movie Futurama: Into the Wold Green Yonder came out in February. But it is true that it has not aired yet on Comedy Central, it is scheduled to do so in September. Futurama creator Matt Groening says, "We’re thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000." David X. Cohen notes that there was considerable debate among the Futurama writers about how to end the movie (Futurama: Into the Wold Green Yonder), and that Groening himself pushed for the actual conclusion. Not to spoil much if you haven't seen it, the writers sure have to write themselves out of the conclusion to continue episodes.

Incestuous brothers in canceled UPN show "Wolf Lake"

They are showing episodes of "Wolf Lake" today on the Sci-Fi channel, "Wolf Lake" was a show on UPN about werewolves starring Lou Diamond-Phillips and Paul Wesley. I have seen bit and pieces of the show, but never really paid attention until now. The episode "Leader of the Pack" is an interesting episode, it is about an important arc. The character Sherman Blackstone tells some people a story that happened, about a big event in which two robbers were about to um.. rob. The two robbers seem to care for each other, John played by Andy Thompson and Eddie played by John Cassini. One even proposed to the other, that they should marry. The other said, "What would mom think?" They ended up being brothers, I found that interesting that two guest characters, that weren't portrayed in a negative light, a bit for comedy but not also sympathetic. I like mentioning this because it has not been mentioned at all. Maybe it has been commented on a board but now it can't be found. Anyhoo, I found it interesting, the two actors had good chemistry. But sadly, in the end, they were eaten by the werewolf Vivian Cates (the talented actress Sharon Lawrence).

Wednesday, June 3

Make Me a Supermodel Season Two Finale

As usual, I screamed at the television. I thought Johnathan was going to win. Johnathan for sure will be a supermodel one day, he has it in him. Everyone thought it would be between Sandhurst and Johnathan. And it was a major shock that Branden won. Branden is such a cute kid. He does have potential, but did he win because of that? One of the judges said that he may not have given him a job without the last picture he took (shirtless and face on) but because it is there, it makes a difference. He wasn't the greatest walker either. I am happy for him but I am shocked. I can't say I am not shocked. Why it is shocking because his inexperience and his body--its not for swimsuits, which narrows things for him. I think what broke it for Johnathan was the fact that he would be traveling like crazy and he has a kid to worry about. I think what what broke Sandhurst was that the judges said he was stiff and too poised, not spontaneous enough. Branden is spontaneous and is free to go anywhere as he has no 'dogs and cats' like people say.

Tuesday, June 2

Sex and the City Movie Was Not a Fluke

Attention movie producers! This comes from a white male between the ages of 18 and 30, you should make more woman's movies! Sex and the City the Movie was not a fluke. Nia Vardalos went on "The View" and mentioned that movie producers now no longer want to make women's movies or 'chick flicks' because they say that women don't go to the movies on Fridays. Barbara Walters then encouraged girls to tell their men on date nights that they are going to see their movie. The reason the first female-driven blockbuster is an important milestone is because there has been a long history of male-driven superhero movies, action flicks, and monster explosions. It's time for Change. Sex and the City the Movie was not a fluke, if you make it, women will come!!!

Monday, June 1

The Principal's Office "Dirty Dancing" Viral Video

I know this happened in January but this recently came to my attention. I love the Principal's Office, when the show came out, I knew it was going to be great. But I had missed this episode and recently came to my attention because of "The Soup" re-run. I am talking about the clip where high school seniors Logan and Brandon having a discussion about grind dancing at a dance with their Kalama High School Vice Principal Nate Salisbury. Since the episode aired Jan. 8, the clip has received over 300,000 hits on YouTube and was featured on “The Soup” on E! Network and VH1’s “Best Week Ever.”

Anyway I got to say I was positively surprised from what the two boys said to the Daily News interview. Logan and Brandon say their lives haven't changed other than comments on their myspace; friends and family only have good stuff to say and their friends and family say they acted the same way they always act. I believe it was not scripted and that is how they always act. I applaud them having a mature attitude about touching guys that doesn't mean its sexual or them being gay, even though they were immature with their principal. I think it is positive sign that they are not homophobic and can care about each other and assert their heterosexuality in a positive way. They know the truth that they are straight and that's all that matters. Did I also mentioned that they were basketball and football players and part of a leadership camp? I have hope for the future.

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