Friday, September 28

The News is Out

Well four months ago, I was vague about this, now I can be open about this. The Yes Institute I volunteer for strives to prevent teen suicide and stop bullying in schools. 80% of male students that are harassed for being gay, identify as heterosexual. Tim Hardaway has been going to the institute to learn more. "I was scared out of my ... mind,'' Hardaway said of his first visit. "I didn't know how they were going to act toward me. But you know what? They welcomed me with open arms. That eased a lot of my nervousness.'' Martha Fugate, director and founder wrote a letter for the media, "Thanks to his honest albeit misguided reaction, Tim did find his way to YES Institute and the education he got was not just about others, but about himself."

A blogger on ESPN wrote: I'm a big believer that if you have a problem with a whole big group of people, don't huddle in your basement thinking nasty thoughts about these theoretical people. Get out there and talk to real people. Put a face on it. Learn about each other. Be honest as appropriate and be a good listener.

What we strive for 'putting a face' on the issue or issues. So that's good he sees that.

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Tim Hardaway said, "I have taken steps and I'm happy that I did,'' Hardaway said. "If I didn't, I'd still be naive about it, ignorant about the whole thing. But I can talk about it now. I'm a polite person. That's how I am.'' Also: "I just wanted to go in and get educated, that's all. Get educated on what I said and why I said those things. I'm working on understanding it now. I'm not really trying to make amends. I've been there trying to get help."

I think if people find out more about the Yes Institute the better.

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