Friday, August 29

Sarah Palin

John McCain's VP choice is Sarah Plain.. I mean Palin. She is 44 and governor of Alaska. She has two sons and three daughters, the eldest at 18 will be deployed to Iraq sometime in September. Her youngest has Down Syndrome.

And Update! [Sept 1] Everyone is talking about her pregnant teenager, which she seems to be taking well and one supporter said "Teenagers don't always listen to their Parents." I am thinking that voters don't either.

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Runway: Keith baby

Many guys have liked Keith's body but his brain is fried. He definitely is the Rami of this season. Rami was of last season. But Rami made it to the last episode though, Keith was kicked off Wednesday. The reason I post this now is to have enough assessment and watching the episode twice. Rami and Keith were both one-trick ponies: Rami drapped and Keith did swatches. Both were stuck up and stubborn. But Keith broke down due to the pressure. He got some criticism from Micheal Kors ("It looks like a sad chicken") and became a big baby. He is supposedly from a small town and this was his only 'chance.'

He won the Lipstick Jungle challenge but didn't succeed in the Drag Queen challenge because he had no cohesive thought. He was kicked off this challenge (making something creative out of car interior parts) because it was badly crafted, not innovative or cohesive. He thought his style was 'too out there' and toned down. He tried making a good pattern but failed at it---his model sat and broke the skirt... but if he made it better than he wouldn't be in the jam. In the end, Kohrs was right (a little bit of credit) to say Keith was just blaming his model and him the critic. Keith cried like a baby and said he didn't want to cry in front of the others. I think he can't take criticism well, I used to be that way so I understand that. But he still has a long way from putting up with criticism.

Tuesday, August 26

Another Installment of: I'm Sick and Tired

I am sicked and tired of hearing how gay and lesbian people chose to be gay and that it is a 'preference.' Black people talk about their strife and long waiting for a Black president and they don't have to deal with people thinking they 'chose' to be black or that they weren't born black. Their counter? Gay people weren't. And the other thought is that gay people suffered a traumatic event or where sexually abused as a child to be 'changed.'

Monday, August 18

No Jon Heder

In the movie "Juno," there is a lab partner that looks and acts a lot like Jon Heder. People also think he looks like 'Butters' from "Even Stevens." He is a former child actor, but Steven Christopher Parker is not any of those. He has also been on "ER" and two current commercials---Dibs (below) and a Digiorno commercial where he pretends to be a pizza guy to go into a rap party. Writer Diablo Cody thinks he might went to the same acting school.

Sunday, August 17

Bob Saget Roast Review

Of course these are repeated over and over again. In the audience was Scott Bakula (I was happy to see him), Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Alonzo Bodden, and Lori Loughlin. Jodie was a good sport, she was roasted a bit, Lori was no roasted at all. Dave gave a lame joke during the break, so we know why he didn't roast him. But Jon Lovitis and Norm Mcdonald bombed. Gilbert Godfried was awesome! The show was really funny, dark and dirty. At the level of the Pam Anderson one, better than the Flavor Flav one. Now that these pathetic comic roasters that have gone around and around (Greg Giraldo Jeff Ross, and company), they even reference the old roasts and Lisa Lampenelli. I changed the channel during the commercials and Adult Swim was showing an episode of Family Guy where they wewre making fun of Bob Saget. They got Chris Hardwick from MTV's Singled Out, he interviews Bob and the gang on the Comedy Central website. Chris is mostly doing voices now for Nick's "Back at the Barnyard" and "The Batman." Hmm, I might cover Chris on my Geek blog....

Awww... Ellen got Married

Congratulations to the couple. So brave of them.

Star Wars: Clone Who Cares

For those who don't know this new Star Wars animated movie coming out was just an afterthought by George Lucas, it was supposed to be a TV Movie but Lucas liked it so much, he put it in the theaters. It is to start a TV series. But most fans and outside audience don't really care, who cares about what happened between the 2nd movie and the 3rd? Especially since we already had the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated series. The one unique thing about this movie is Asajj Ventress, one of the first star Wars villainesses. She first premiered in the Tartakovsky cartoon. She was originally to be the main villain but then Count Dooku was created. Her original name was Juno Eclipse but they didn't find that villainous enough.

In a TV Guide article about the movie, they mostly talked by Ahsoka Tano, Anakin's 'Padawan' but the funny thing is that she only got a small picture in the articles. She gets a small corner in the movie poster as well. The one true strong heronie was Princess Leia, while all the other women have been :::yawn::: So yeah, nice try, Lucas, we're bored.

White Brown

All Poterphiles have been outraged in the controversial casting of a white girl to play the black Lavender Brown for the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, who was previously played by a black actress in the second movie (Chamber of Secrets). Jessie Cave has been cast as Lavender Brown. I think one character's ethnicity should remain intact from book to film to remain true to the character, why cancel out diversity? Now if she is a good actress I can understand, but it barely matters I believe in this case.

After some research, I found out they actually have a white actress Jennifer Smith play her in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She also played a random student in the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter Wiki says her ethnicity was not described in the book but it has.

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Saturday, August 16

Visa Commercial celebrating Michael Phelps

After Michael Phelps won his eight gold medal, a Visa commercial celebrated him. What would they have aired if he didn't win? Oh, well, at least you got 7?

Penguin Knighted

Nils Olav, a 3-foot tall penguin at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland and mascot for the elite Norwegian King's Guard, was knighted Friday with all the pomp and circumstance befitting royalty. Nils then was knighted by British Maj. Gen. Euan Loudon on behalf of Norway's King Harald V. Being pushed along by a trainer, he 'inspected' the troops and shyed away from the sword.

Tuesday, August 12

Definition of Controversy?

I want to know what constitutes as controversy. I know controversy is a dispute between people but I always thought controversy was a dispute over something people thought as bad. What I mean is that I related controversy with sin or something people related with sin, perversion or evil. The dictionary says, "Controversy is disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated." Wikipedia says "Controversy occurs when parties actively disagree, argue about, or debate, a matter of opinion. Controversies can range in size from private disputes between two individuals to large-scale disagreements between societies." But now I see the word Controversy be thrown around over simple things like Transformers or Care Bears over what fans don't like. I think the word Controversy is becoming more open to more other disputes or grievances.

The Women?

This movie has the most laziest name, I thought a man came up with it. It just sounds awkward. The announcer in the commercial says, "Come and meet the women." And did they get every actress over 40?! (Meg Ryan, Bette Midler, Debra Miller, Annette Bening, Candince Bergen, Cloris Leachman, Debi Mazar, and the list goes on and on) Is this Sex and the City on Menopause? Most of the actresses have not got any work in years (Like Jada Pinkett Smith), it is like a star free for all. "Hey, want to be in this movie?" Sure! This movie reminds me of The First Wives' Club and that sucked. I am surprised Goldie Hawn is not in this movie. And Debra Messing as the frizzy-haired flake? What a stretch! I think it is positive to have movies with women over 40 but this looks like squeezing them all at once and it simple drek. (Sample Quote: "I met a guy and I think I will give him my real number.")

And while I am on the subject of chick flicks, why in the trailer/commercial for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 has to have almost all the girls falling into sand, water and bumping into things?

Monday, August 11

Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac RIP

In just a few weeks in the beginning of this month, my birthday month no less, two legends surprisingly pass away. Bernie Mac died at age 50 complications of pneumonia unrelated to sarcoidosis he suffered from and had gone in remission in 2005. I respect Bernie Mac very much, I loved his show. Bernie was younger than my father and his daughter is older than me! Issac Hayes, died at 65 yesterday but the reasons are still unknown. He was found dead on the floor by his wife. They were both working on the movie Soul Men. "This isn't like Dark Knight, where Heath Ledger died while editing was in its infancy," Malcolm Lee says. "Most of our editing is done. We'll go back and see if there is anything we can do better. But (Mac) left us with an indelible performance. I think I got him at the top of his game."

Fat Guy Stuck in the Labyrinth

Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet parodies Jim Henson/David Bowe's The Labyrinth and it is hilarious. I thought it would could half-ass in the parody but it kept going into it, it could have done cheap gay jokes but they did good. Also, with the puppets and the songs. They had bad puppets, I don't they were making fun of Henson's puppets but more making fun of their own cheapness. I am trying to figure out with one are the favorite dancers... the purple unicorn guy or the yellow lizard. I cant believe it but they even parodied the mirrorball dancing scene and put Gamberling in a dress and makeup. I am not crazy about this show Fat Guy but this episode was pretty funny and good. Thank god they didn't have the big brown good heart monster or the troll. Oh and of course Gamberling smashed the mirror and heh heh they found the warehouse of the set.

Tuesday, August 5

Disaster Movie: More of a Disaster than Disaster Movies

By watching the trailer, you can't tell what exactly is the 'Disaster' in Disaster Movie they are talking about. Supposedly, I guess that the movie is suppose to be based on those Disaster movies like Day After Tomorrow, Volcano, Earthquake, etc. But in the trailer, it just looks like random spoofs of every other movie this summer such as the Hulk, Ironman, Hellboy, Sex and the City movie, etc. It mostly looks like The Crista Flanagan Movie. Also they make fun of Amy Winehouse, while she is also in the movie??! What a good sport. She plays Britney, a salesclerk, and "Evolet." Kimberly Kardashian is also in the movie.

Raising the Bar

TNT has a new series coming along called "Raising the Bar" starring Jane Kaczmerek, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Gloria Reuben. I like Gosselaar, glad he is getting work, and I like guys with long hair, but if he is head-lining his first series, I think they should have let him go with shorter hair. I guess hair doesn't matter. Writing and acting should be enough. Oh wait, hair does matter on television. Remember "Felicity"?

What an interesting mix, Jane Kaczmerek and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And Jane as a judge? She has played one before.... on "The Simpsons!" Also in the cast, Whedonite Jaime August Richards ("Angel"), I am glad he is getting work. He has played a lawyer before on "Angel" and "Conviction." Let's see how this goes.

Saturday, August 2

Alice Upside Down--why didn't advertise Luke Perry

I just saw a commercial for this Straight-to-DVD movie Alice Upside Down, that according to a IMDB review is a dismal movie. It is the first starring role for dancer/actress Alyson Stoner, who has been in Cheaper By The Dozen, "Camp Rock" and the Missy Elliott video "Work It." So the commercial advertises Alyson Stoner and Lucas Grabeel ("High School Musical"). Luke Perry plays his dad but he is not advertised. It is probably because the commercials is on ABC Family and that is their audience. Or the real reason is... the movie sucks and they don't want to embarrass Luke Perry any further.

Up next for the 15 year-old is The Alyson Stoner Project written and directed by fellow child actor Kevin Schmidt.

Friday, August 1

British MultiGrain Cheerios "Americanized"

This commercial is the American-version but the original is with British actors. In this version, their voices were dubbed over by American actors and their cereal box was photoshopped to the American style of the box. In Canada, they see the real version but sometimes also see the American version. One believes this is done to achieve 'familiarity' with Americans, but there have been commercials with British actors before but i guess advertisers see it if the product applies for it like Grey poupon.

Watchmen Mother and Daughter bond Watchmen article:

Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman, who play mother-and-daughter superheroes in Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie, told SCI FI Wire that they hung out off screen to work out the dynamics of their on-screen relationship--which was especially important, since the two actors' ages are really only a few years apart.

"We probably had about three weeks to sort of just hang out together and get to know each other, and we definitely just got along right away," Akerman said in a group interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego last weekend. "Like [Gugino] said, we have a lot of similarities in our lives and in our families that sort of brought us even closer. So we could relate these characters to things that have happened in our lives and sharing those with each other so that we knew when we were doing our scenes where that was coming from."

Akerman plays Laurie Juspeczyk, the daughter of Gugino's 1940s superhero Sally Jupiter (aka Silk Spectre). In the alternate-history 1985 timeframe of the film's story, which is based on Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel, Laurie is the twentysomething daughter of Sally, who is in her 70s, and she has taken up the mantle of the Silk Spectre at her mother's urging.

Gugino, who is not yet 40, was surprised when Snyder approached her to play the elder woman.

"When Zack first said, 'I would love to talk to you about playing this character,' I thought, 'Well, this sounds amazing, but in the graphic novel, especially, there's so much more of Sally Jupiter [as an] older [woman] than there is [in her youth]," Gugino said. "We have the flashback to the rape and a couple of [other] brief moments, but [not much else]. ... So I thought, 'That's interesting. I would think he'd want a much older actress,' And, ultimately, ... in a way sort of showing the passage of time and how we come from the '40s to the '80s, he ended up adding in a lot more images of her as a young woman. ... I think you need to see Sally Jupiter shine in her own right so that you can understand why she tries to impose that on Laurie."

Gugino did wind up artificially aged for her scenes as the aged Sally. "I was in full prosthetics when we were doing this," she said. "Otherwise, it never would have worked."

Beyond their similarity in age, the two actresses said they had an emotional bond that worked to their advantage when playing mother and daughter. "It was a really natural sort of connection for us in our lives," Gugino said.

Gugino added: "There wasn't that much screen time to really establish that relationship, either, but I think any daughter [would say] that their relationship with their mother [is] complicated on some level, probably like any son and their father. ... I mean it's just an intense, complex thing. So it was great to be able to have the chance for us to talk about all of those elements in our own lives, because it does bring things to light." Watchmen is set to open on March 6, 2009. --Patrick Lee, News Editor

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