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Dream Casting: Jem and the Holograms 2012

I did this before split up but I decided to do it again as new talent has arisen and match up better. It's almost 2012 and I'm talking about a series from 1985!
Jerrica Benton/Jem / Rachael McAdams
Jerrica could have be considered a goody goody two-shoes but she was concerned for her family, friends and foster kids. She had internal conflicts like any person. The mysterious Jem with no last name and no past. Jerrica got to go free. Dunno if she can sing. I know you might be saying, why not Gwen Stefani but unfortunately age is a factor and Jerrica was a teenager or in her early twenties I think. No, I didn't pick Rachael McAdams because of the new pink streaks she has but because I think she has the qualities for Jerrica that would make the audience care for her. On Pop Culture talk show on 9/14/10, Samantha Newark (the speaking voice of Jem) even said she thought Rachael would be a good pick. but people might lean on... Lady Gaga might be the most popular chocie. I know she said she wanted to act.

Rio /  Tyler Hoechlin / Rodrigo Santoro
Jerrica's long time sweetheart who learned under her father and became the group's manager. He fell for Jem and was torn between the two. He also had a mean streak, a thing about liars. Of MTV's Teen Wolf and 7th Heaven, he has those dreamy blue eyes and jet black hair. And he's a good actor, so I think that would be good for Rio. And we know he can handle having a mean streak.

Kimber Benton / Katy Perry
Jerrica's kid sister, the youngest and most passionate of the group. She let men hang on by a string, she dated and dated. She had her own 'sister shadow' issues like any little sister. She wrote the songs for the band. I like her music but I don't like her personality, but eh, people like her and I think she might do a decent job as Kimber, be a little sister to Lady gaga and be the girl who has lots of boyfriends.

Shana Elmsford / Nicki Minaj
In the beginning she played the drums. She was real good at designing clothes and dreamed to have her own fashion line or something. She was a foster girl who grew up with the Benton sisters. She is clearly inspired by Jem, and I think would make a great Shana, even though my last choice Rihanna would still make a good choice too.

Aja Leith/ Jenna Ushkowitz
Lead guitarist and tomboy, Aja also grew up with the others. She was very courageous and no bull kind of gal. Tina from Glee can sing and I think she would make an awesome Aja.

Carmen 'Raya' Alonso / Belinda
Raya was the 'new' Hologram and naive to the show business and had a Latina accent. Mexican pop singer, born in Spain. The only English she has done was in "Cheetah Girls 2".

Pizzazz/Phyllis Gabor / Alecia Beth Moore "P!nk"
The spoiled brat who is really a lonely girl inside, the leader of the Misfits. She was the bad girl you loved to despise. Okay I know what you're thinking, she should be Jem but come on, playing the bad girl is way more fun. I'm sure she'd have fun with it. And I also think, she can pull the soft side of Miss Gabor. I chose her before and I still think she'd be great!

Roxy / Avril Lavigne
The second hand man to Pizzazz. She'd follow Pizzazz but when she wanted to. She was illiterate and came from the 'bad side of town'.  I think she'd have more fun as a baddie. She can sing but Roxy didn't sing that much solo--except for in one episode but they used Pizzazz's singer.

Stormer / Felicia Day
The sweet compassionate 'always look at the bright side' pushover of the group. Oh, sweet sexy Felicia. She was in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, I think she can cover the sweet pushover anytime. And in my fantasy movie, she gets the guts and stands up to her group mates. How will she look like in a dark blue wig? I don't know.

Jetta / April Pearson
She was the tough new girl in the Misfits. She played the saxophone. She took crap from nobody. According to Christy Marx, when she suggested the new Misfit be African-American, the people in charge were against the idea but that a British character would be fine. It's funny. My vision of a black Misfit would have a mohawk for some reason. British actress from "Skins."

Eric Raymond / Julian McMahon
His name is the show writer Kristy Marx's brother. He was the only major character that wasn't a doll. He was the 'villain.' Basically the Misfits made him their bitch. The go-to bad guy? And Eric wasn't sexy at all but heh, its a movie. I think he'd be a nice fit and it be nice women chewing him out for a change. I picked him last time and still think he'd be a good choice, him or Zachary Quinto or Dylan Mcdermott.

Synergy / Brenda Strong
How Jerrica actually transformed into Jem was through a super advanced computer that her father built, originally meant for using holograms to revolutionize the music and entertainment industry but it became so powerful that he feared it landing in the wrong hands so he left it in possession of his birth and foster daughters. Her personality was modeled after Jerrica and Kimber's singer mother who died when they were young. As it can be imagined, it was hard to think about what actress can balanced a stoic computerize mentor that gave motherly advice and also be coy. Brenda is the go-to dead mother narrator, I can see her both being funny and good with advice. I don't know how she will look in purple, but she would be good as Jacqui Benton in flashbacks.

Lindsey Pierce / Sandra Benhard
She is a VJ that had her own show. Now, could any old MTV VJ play her or someone with personality? I think Kathy Griffin would be hilarious as a mix of Lindsey and gossip queen Harriet Horn. Or to be totally vicious, maybe someone like Perez Hilton in drag. Too bad Divine is gone. She could totally do the vicious gossip queen shtick.

Anthony Julian / Lee Thompson Young
Shana's boyfriend and confidant and director for virtually everything involving the Holograms such as movies and music videos. Best known for 'The Famous Jett Jackson,' I think he would be charming.

Vivien 'Video' Montgomery /  Debbie Ryan
The videographer of Jem's friends, if they keep it in the 80's, the big lugging camera would make sense. I guess if it is set now, she can have one of those small DVs and just be a doing a web-exclusive material for them. Sweetheart from Suite Life on Deck and Disney's Jessie.

Constance "Clash" Montgomery / Taryn Manning
Video's cousin. She was the wild and crazy fan of the Misfits, she made a ruckus with symbols on her wrists. She desperately wanted to be a Misfit. Her dad was always bossy over Video's dad. McCrazy, she has done Crossroads, Crazy/Beautiful, and Hustle & Flow.
Zipper / Chris Zylka
He wasn't a doll but had his name on his jacket for some reason. Eric Raymond (baddie) used him for dirty deeds to 'ruin' Jem. He was a shady character that was also used for comic relief. For some reason, in some episodes his hair turned black. From "Secret Circle" and the short-lived "10 Things I hate about you" would be perfect. He's good at being sneaky and hot at the same time.

Techrat / Eric Millegan
When writers got bored with Zipper, a new character was introduced. Techrat, a tech expert who Eric Raymond employed to 'ruin' Jem. Show writer Christy Marx originally wanted Techrat to be a Boy George-like androgynous and ambiguous. Unfortunately, whoever was in charge wasn't comfortable with the idea and made him male. He was on "Bones," it was hard tot ell if he was a woman or a man, I think he'd be a good androgynous Techrat.

Giselle "Danse" Dvorak / Julianne Hough
Guess what she did? Well, she had an awesome storyline in which she broke her leg and had to go through rehab. Cartoon characters going through rehab. Also she was from Eastern European decent. Good dancer and singer.

 Riot / Trevor Donnovan
 Lead singer of the Stingers that came in Season 3 and was competition for Rio, he loved Jem and not Jerrica. He also had daddy issues. It would be an interesting wrench to throw in. Sure he looks like a Ken Doll but wasn't Riot based on a doll? (Even though the doll was not released---as of yet). He has played the bad guy before and also an egoistical jerk, also the sensitive gay guy so I am sure he can handle the duality of Riot being self-centered, but also charming, and have daddy issues.

 Rapture / Annelynne McCord
A con-artist and I found her annoying, she was so self-righteous. 90210, Nip/Tuck, good at being a witch.

Minx / Anna Faris
German character, she was always after Rio and had a hinted romance with Techrat. She was selfish and cruel and anti-American. I wanted a young actress but I can't think of anyone else better. She can handle the accent.

Monday, December 26

Scarce Female Superheroes

We know plenty of male superheroes... Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to Superheronies, there is just wonder Woman. Of course, there is Bat Girl and Supergirl but they are based on prominent male characters. The only independently created superheronie character was Wonder Woman, here in the United States and other countries. In Japan, it is Sailor Moon, who I will mention later. I really wish they had more recognition and were revived in some way.

 Wonder Woman
Created by a male feminist, she had a popular series starring Dana Carter in the 70's and got a new outfit recently. But her movie was canceled, movie plans have been going on for various years, even Joss Whedon is briefly attached but the Powers that Be nixed the idea. Many actresses coveted the role. Adrianne Palicki was signed up for a NBC pilot but it wasn't picked up, after fans were upset about the costume. Joss Whedon said in an interview that we don't only need Wonder Woman, we need Wonder WOMEN.

 Xena Warrior Princess
1995 spin-off series from Hercules, it was a big hit. The story was about Xena, who was a bad guy who went on a road to redemption along with her partner Gabrielle, fighting with a sword and fighting disc. But now she is virtually unknown to children and buried in pop culture. The only mention of her in pop culture was last summer's Thor short reference. I have not heard any plans to revive the series.

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In 1992, a film written and created Joss Whedon, but directed and creatively stirred by Fran Rubel Kuzui. The movie was a bomb but it was pleasantly revived by Joss Whedon in 1997 (to 2003) with the TV series that gained a cult following and has a comic that is still going. Kuzui announced two years ago she was planning a revamp of the franchise with a movie without Whedon, but thankfully we haven't heard a thing. The 'Vampire Slayer' concept continues in spoofs like Big Time Rush Halloween special in 2010 and Vampire Sucks, the Twilight spoof.

She-Ra Princess of Power
In 1985, She-Ra was a spin-off from He-Man, when He-Man was brought back in 2002, she wasn't. Recently they have released commemorative action figures of her. She is remembered but like all others, she is in the past and a small amount of people know of her.

Powerpuff Girls
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup had their own series on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005 and was widely possible, spawning a movie that was a bomb and Anime Powerpuff Girls Z spin-off. It was created by Craig McCracken in 1992. They are known but not as known as Spongebob. Some kids know of them because of reruns on CN.

Sailor Moon
In 1992, Japanese comic book artist Naoko Takeuchi created Sailor V which eventually became Sailor Moon manga which Toei Animation made into a popular Anime from 1992 to 1997, which was been dubbed in 1995 in the United States. It has been dubbed all over the world, it has small cult following. In 2003, Toei made the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series. In America, it was canceled and then the other 'seasons' were dubbed except for the last one. Some people still know about it. 2012 is her anniversary and Toei has been merchandising some Sailor Moon products in the US and Canada this year. Kondasha has been re-releasing the Manga as well.

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders 
It is also known as Starla, was a 1995 series inspired by the Arthurian myths, produced by Bohbot Productions (now BKN) with association with Hong Ying Animation and internationally syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment. The 3rd season has been reportedly planned for the fall 1998 season, but apparently it was then canceled.  She is mostly forgotten.

Pop Culture:
In some other films, there has been fictional superheronies in their worls and
1985 Jim Henson's "A Christmas Toy" proceeded Toy Story and it was a NBC TV special, a spin-off series later popped up in the 90's on Disney. Meteora was a fictional sueprheornie doll, one that never excited. This is sort of the reason I made this post. On how in some films, they have superheronies that don't exist and not real. It is interesting.

Recently before The Muppets (2011), there is a short of Toy Story called Small Fry. It features forgotten fast food kids meal toys, the lead one Queen Neptuna was played by Jane lynch (Sue of Glee). She was said to be part of the mythical (borrowing a word from John Lascetter when speaking of Buzz Lightyear's TV show) show called The Mermaid Battle Squadron. I like her design and wish she really existed.

Jem and the Holograms Truly Outrageous Complete Series DVD Review

I have been waiting for this in a long time, I got it for Christmas. I have spoke about Jem before, the series based on the Hasbro toyline running from 1985-1987. The DVD set has all three seasons, the first season has 4 discs--26 episodes, second had 4 discs--27 episodes and third season has 3 discs--12 episodes. It is about Jerrica Benton who poses as Jem, lead singer of the all-girl band known as the Holograms thanks to her dad's super-tech computer Synergy. They have a rival group the Misfits who are competition and a thorn on their sides. Misfits are more beloved by fans other than the 'goody goodies' but these girls were mean-spirited, selfish, lazy and greedy. I have the first season on DVD thanks to Rhino back in 2003. They released season 2 but I didn't get it, it was too much money at the time. The original set has commentary from Christy Marx, these dvd sets don't have the commentary but some great featurettes, one including the male producers and Christy Marx. 

 (The Rhino DVD to left and the Shout! Factory to right)

Some great insights such as the opening sequence was rotorscoped, that the music videos were intentionally made to be animated better, the animation was done by Toei Animation (famous for Sailor Moon) and originally they did Anime eyes for the Holograms. Also, the music videos were inspired by music videos of an now-old Anime, whose name is said but i can't find the spelling for. Anyway, the quality isn't that great for the episodes. Some episodes of Season 2 have a darkness and weird tint that makes Kimber's red hair look hot pink. I personally believe that the Rhino Season 1 DVD had better quality. But anyway, I think it is the only time we will get this, so it is a good set. It also has the cool Jukebox option. As for the episodes, I hadn't seen Season 3 in a long time and it was pretty good, the new bumpers were amazing, it is a shame it is the shortest season but Sunbow/Marvel/Toei had a commitment only for 65 episodes and the toy line was already canceled (because the dolls were too tall--boxes didn't fit on shelves and barbie clothes didn't fit them and the prices were too high), plus they introduced lots of characters that were to be released but never were released like Riot, Minx, and Rapture the Stingers and also fashion designer Regine and magician Dazzle.

Wednesday, November 23

Awesome Suburgatory Thanksgiving Episode!!!

It should had been a 1-hour special! OMG, what a great episode. Every episode of this new show has been awesome but this was just gravy. We have our established characters in Tessa (Jane Levy), her dad George (Jeremy Sisto), Dallas (Cheryl Hines), Sheila (Ana Gasteryer) and Lisa (Allie Grant). Now we meet the others in their families, like Dallas' absent husband played by Jay Mohr. Chris Parnell, Ana Gasteryer's fellow SNL alum reprises his role as her husband and Lisa's dad. Lisa stands up for herself in this episode, Sheila is a over-controlling mother and wants Lisa to wear a horrible pilgrim outfit. Geroge asks Dallas to take Tessa out and they end up in Manhattan. We get a little bit of the conversation between George and Tessa, Tessa catches George kissing another woman in Manhattan, she is more upset about him going to Manhattan than going out with a woman without him not telling her. It should had been 2 episodes, it was so good. Maybe squeezing all that stuff together makes it good. We also see Noah (Alan Tudyk)'s wife, Gillian Vigman (who does those Room to Go commercials) who is a MADtv alum, we see another MADtv alum Mo Collins in Sheila's household. Lisa even streaks as rebellion.

Wednesday, October 26

Teeth Movie Review

 This movie came out in 2007, even though not a straight out horror movie, it is still a movie that has plenty of gore. Dawn (the brilliant Jess Weixler) starts out as a teen speaker for abstinence and has a purity ring. She lives with her mom and step dad and evil step brother. Brad (Nip/Tuck's John Hensley) starts out like a bad person, someone who resents his step-mother, who actually wanted his father to cut him some slack. Of course things go wrong, Dawn was born with teeth in her Vagina and never knew. She later finds out about the myth of Vagina Detana. As soon as she meets Toby, its love t first sight, they want to act on their urges but try to suppress it but eventually get to the point where they are about to have sex in a cave. Dawn has second thoughts and he aggressively pushes her on a rock, knocking her semi-unconscious. When he proceeds to rape her, her teeth come out and bite off his penis. She leaves and when she returns tot he scene, she finds out that his jeep is still there, his bit-off penis has a crab on it and he died, probably because of blood loss and shock.

Dawn gets plenty of bulling and harassing from kids at school, which I think is a bum-wrap. I wish there was one movie that had teenagers with purity rings and Chasity and didn't end up loosing it before marriage and breaking their pledge. I am as liberal as you can get but it is totally true that Hollywood and indie movies don't show the positive side of teenage virginity. I didn't do it on purpose but I remained a virgin through high school and it wasn't bad. Anyway, Dawn's mom gets really sick and her brother Brad doesn't seem to do a thing about it. Dawn takes her to the hospital. Her dad sends her home but home sucks with brad and his girlfriend fighting. Dawn freaks out and goes to this other boy Ryan, a loser who wanted to be with her. She tells him about the teeth, he doesn't believe her but seduces her with pills and ends up having sex with her, sans teeth. She is so happy that the next day she has sex with him again and finds out mid-coitus, the asshole has the audacity to admit he had a bet he could bang her on the phone with a friend. 

So she learns to use her 'adaption' for revenge and cuts his off, but he doesn't die, he goes to the hospital to have it re-attached. My favorite line in the movie: "Some Hero." Dawn then goes to the hospital to see her mom and finds out she died. Dawn's step-dad Bill goes home and kicks Brad out, Brad sicks his dog Mother on him. Bill and Brad's girlfriend are found by Dawn at the hospital and she finds out Brad knew her mom was in danger and didn't do anything and also what Brad did to Bill so she goes back home determined. She seduces him, since before he flirted with her and said he always loved her, in a lustful way. He knew she bit him but then realizes that it wasn't with her mouth teeth. When he is inside of her, he figures it out but it is too late, his penis is gone. Dawn gets off the bed and drops it on the floor and his dog eats it. She leaves him crying in pain. Dawn hitchhikes and ends up with an evil old man asking for sex. She just smiles.

Great movie, a great study and great performance by Jess. But it is not a movie for those teenagers with purity rings, it might freak out teenage girls that no nothing about sex. It is more for people who have had sex and know more about the world. A vagina is nothing to be afraid of, even though that might be the movie's intent, it might get misconstrued by younger audiences. As for the gore: we see cut off penises, we see blood, and we see men with bloody stumps. As for nudity: We see her breasts, we see Toby's butt, some random guy butts, and three detached synthetic penises (not before) and we see no vagina, we just see one detached tooth. I like that she becomes more powerful and it is about growing up. Other reviewers say that this movie challenges gender norms and I don't see that way, I see it crossing a line in the sand between the binary because basically every man Dawn has sex with, looses their penis or in the case of her va-jay-jay doctor--his fingers. Now, does the message say that all men are bad? No, I mean, her step-dad is a nice guy and a sympathetic character. It is a fun watch and funny, maybe or maybe not on purpose. I think it is on purpose but it is not ha-ha funny, it's a dark humor.

Thursday, October 20

Anya is another Fourth in Project Runway History

Anya not going to the final three is s sad.. what? no! She is going too? Yes! They have done fours before. Josh of course had to have a problem with it, I swear everything he said in the show was hilarious but not on purpose on his part.

Saturday, October 15

Toys R Us beats most big Toy Store Chains

  K·B Toys
 K·B Toys (previously known as Kay Bee Toys) was a chain of mall-based retail toy stores in the United States. I remember liking to go into this store in malls, they sold things more expensive than Toys R Us but had sales, that were cheaper than them. It was founded in 1922 by the Kaufman brothers. K·B operated 605 stores in 44 U.S. states, Puerto Rico as well as Guam. Following the company's second bankruptcy in five years, the chain was liquidated beginning in December 2008. Toys R Us acquired the remains of K·B Toys in 2009, consisting mainly of its website, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.

FAO Schwarz
FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862 under the name Toy Bazaar by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz, in Baltimore, where he and his brothers retailed toys from a fancy-goods store. Additional locations of Toy Bazaar followed in Philadelphia and Boston. Shortly after its business peak in 2000, the company faced financial failure. Vendex put the 42-store chain up for sale. In 2001, The Right Start Company bought 23 of the 42 stores. The other 19 unsold stores were immediately closed. In 2002 the Right Start Inc. changed its corporate name to FAO Inc. operating stores under The Right Start, Zany Brainy and FAO Schwarz names. In 2003, FAO Inc. filed for bankruptcy, emerging from bankruptcy in April 2003. The company filed for bankruptcy a 2nd time in 2003. In 2009 Toys "R" Us acquired FAO Schwarz for an undisclosed price. As a result of the acquisition, Macy's closed the FAO Schwarz shops in its stores. Toys "R" Us planned to continue operating FAO Schwarz's retail store in New York in the GM Building.

 Lionel Kiddie City
Lionel Kiddie City was an American Toy store under the ownership of Lionel Corp.. By the early 1980s, Lionel operated some 150 stores, under the names Toy City, Lionel Kiddie City, Lionel Playworld, Lionel Toy Warehouse, and Lionel Toy Town. For a time it was the second-largest toy store chain in the United States. Lionel ran into financial trouble during the early 1980s recession and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 1982. The Lionel trademarks were purchased by Richard Kughn, a Detroit real estate magnate who had bought the Lionel product line from General Mills in 1986.The mascot was a Kangaroo, compared to Geoffry the giraffe mascot of TRU.

I live in Miami and remember it mostly as Playworld and I remember it being as big as Toys R Us.

 Toys R Us had a store chain that no longer operating independently as of 2003, Kids "R" Us sold children's clothing. Kids "R" Us stores now are co-branded with some Toys "R" Us stores, located inside most Toys "R" Us locations. Kids "R" Us is also the brand name label of kids' clothing found at the Geoffrey Stores. As we all know Babies R Us still exist and some co-exist with Toys R Us. I remember going to Kids R Us and it wasn't that great.

Most, if not all, of these 90 stores were opened in vacant shopping center and mall spaces that had been vacated by various store chains closing their doors during the recession (including KB Toys locations, several of which were taken over by Toys "R" Us). Toys "R" Us' original plan was to keep the Holiday Express stores open until early January 2010 and close them shortly thereafter, but the success of many of them prompted the company to reconsider and several were kept open. These stores are now branded "Toys "R" Us Express".  Beginning in June 2010, Toys "R" Us began opening more Express locations nationwide, with 600 stores eventually opening. In addition to those 600 stores, four Express locations were converted to Toys "R" Us Outlet stores.

Wednesday, October 12

Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series

Now you can relive the adventures of Jem and The Holograms and their archrivals, The Misfits and The Stingers, in this first-ever complete collector's edition DVD box set. All 65 episodes of the hit series are included, accompanied by an exclusive bonus disc of brand-new and archival material rarely seen.

Mantequilla in South Park

In the new South Park episode, Butters is hit on the head and thinks he is a Mexican Immigrant and taken in by a white family. He calls himself Manti-key-ya and I know Spanish and it took me 15 minutes to realize that Trey and Matt were saying 'Mantequilla' which means Butter in Spanish.

Mad at "Man Up"

"Man Up" has been an expression for five years or maybe more, I thought it would die down like 'For sizzle my nizzle' or 'hinky' but apparently not. Even 'Metrosexual' has died down. But I think the word 'Man Up' has to do more as a revenge or revolt over Metrosexuals, Gay Marriage and supposed feminine man take over. I don't like 'Man up' because it is unnecessary, I know 'Man up' can be broken up to mean 'step up, show some courage.' But when I hear 'Man up,' I think about stereotypical behavior such as playing football, burping, butt scratching, being masognistic and stupidity. Also, that if someone tells you 'man up' that you (as a man) are acting feminine, like eating low-fat foods, waxing eyebrows, etc. and that is bad and should stop. Dr. Pepper 10 is no girls allowed, supposedly, it has 10 calories and it is for men. I think it is a revolt against the notion that men have 'soften up' and need something 'manly' like a ManWhich or a ManMeal. I also don't like the terms ManDate, ManScaping or ManPurse. Hopefully the new ABC sitcom "Man Up!" will be the recently canceled sitcom. (The promo below shows them drinking drinks that are probably considered feminine just because they are bright, colorful and fruity.) I recently tried Dr. Pepper 10 and it is like Pepsi Zero, not as great as the original.

Thursday, October 6

Project Runway After the Show

After the Show is a new 30-minute show after Project Runway, which isn't as great as the other behind-the-scenes shows. Joshua personally attacked Laura (season 3) came as a blogger and interviewer. This was obviously staged and more staged before others. Joshua even calls this out (saying she was being nice to the others and not , he even threatens her saying it is not a pleasant meeting. The interviewer blonde lady tried settling it but Joshua didn't look that happy. Joshua runs out before the others at the end, predictably. I like what Laura said because it was true. I was surprised that Laura didn't appear and that they didn't mention where she was, I suppose she wasn't a focus in the episode. It is true that viewers are to make Joshua into a villain and it looks like that in the episode, a seriously disturbed little child who doesn't know how to even rebuttal appropriately (I'm not hiding behind the computer). And yes, I would say this in his face. He is not a needle in a haystack, he is just another piece of hay, reminding me of many other gay men like him. I liked what Viktor said about being gay but it felt a bit like an excuse. Young Gay men got to stop being Joshuas and start being Viktors. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Anya dealt with criticism better.

Tuesday, October 4

Glee Season 3 Episode 3 Review

The third episode of the third season concentrates on Rachel vs. Mercedes but also on Mike Chang, we find out he is Michael Chang Jr., his dad is Michael Chang Senior. Finally Mike gets a focus episode and Harry Shum Jr. can handle it. We always think he is just a quiet dancer, but we find out he was the pretty much stereotypical Asian dad that wants him to be a doctor or something like that, and make A's and stop dancing. But his mom, who at first we think will be against him, is actually on his side, wish she was as brave as him, which I can comprehend as my parents have told me I'm braver than them in some respects. It was definitely a stronger episode than last week. I still think that they had gone too fast Quinn----making her normal again, they should had left her 'bad girl' in three more weeks. And that black football player Shane that is now Mercedes' boyfriend influences her in a bad way, making her rebel against Glee. 

I guess Mercedes has to take Quinn's place and only one bad girl is allowed. Mercedes has vengeance against Mr. Shue for codling Rachael instead of her. On the other side, Will thinks that Emma is ashamed of him in front of his parents, but she is ashamed of them as they are Ginger supremacists. And we learn the roots of Emma's condition and the mother wonders where she got it from. Will calls her parents out on making fun of her OCD. Ginger Supremacists is so Ryan Murphy. Kurt takes the high road from last week, giving Blaine flowers for his audition and not letting it get to him, Blaine ends up winning the role but anyway still looks pained. I still feel Blaine looks out of place in the Glee group, too hot and built for the mismatch team. An episode with praying and young gay love and a hot Asian is a BIG ASIAN A+ to me! Mercedes acts true to character and so does Rachel, but Mercedes' points come out more vibrant. Next week? Santana and Mercedes join the new Glee Group by Rachel's mom.