Thursday, January 31

Lost Season Opener Review

I thought I gave up but surprise surprise, an actual good episode from "Lost." Smartly, they focus on Hurley, the heart of the show. Wonderful wonderful stuff. I still don't have high hopes for the season but let's see.

Funny enough, there was two Terminator-like lines. "Come with me if you want to live."

Monday, January 28

Latter Days Review

I know the whole gay community know and revere this movie Latter Days, independent movie from 2003. And it is the first movie for both talented actors Steve Sandvoss (Lie to Me) and Wes Ramsey ("Charmed"). This movie also features Amber Benson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Mysterious Skin), Erik Palladino ("ER"), and Rob McElhenney ("Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia"). The basic plot is Mormon missionary Elder Davis (Sandvoss) moves to L.A. with his group of missionaries, (which is more like a frat) to where a party boy Christian (Ramsey) lives with his singing best friend Julie (Rebekah Johnson). Christian, in a romantic movie manner, makes a bet he can 'turn' a Mormon. But, little do they know Elder Davis is has his own secret of his own. When they almost kiss, Elder Davis stops when Christian says his 'line' that always works: 'It doesn't have to mean anything.' He calls Christian shallow and leaves. The first rule he breaks is by telling Christian his real name: Aaron. Christian decides to better himself and delivers meals to HIV/AIDS patients.

Christian meets Keith (Palladino) the obligatory 'tough friend' that teaches the protagonist a lesson. He even says "I was you." Besides the cliches and formulas, this movie has its charms. It doesn't feel like you are watching an independent movie. According to the commentary, Palladino's mom told him, "Three years on "ER" and now you are doing gay porn?" LOL. Okay, back to the plot... Because of an accident that happens to Ryder (Gordon-Levitt), Aaron feels bad, Christian comforts him and they happen to kiss and the others happen to notice and Aaron is excommunicated. On the way back home to Iowa, Aaron has to wait for his flight in Salt Lake city and Christian runs for his love and confronts him. They kiss and make up and end up in a hotel after a snow storm. There they are completely nude in a lovely sex scene and Christian delivers a monologue about his past, getting deeper into the character.

Jacqueline Bisset ("Nip/Tuck," Mr. and Mrs. Smith) plays Christian's boss, she delivers a powerful performance. Bisset, who I have only seen in "Nip/Tuck" was a crazy villain and went a bit too far, but here she is perfect. As for the main actors, Ramsey calls forth vintage Ryan Reynolds in his comedy phase, but that is not an insult. And the marathon of horrible shirts he wears is mentioned in the commentary. Sandvoss gives a honest and strong performance, very heartbreaking and also sexy. With such enthusiasm, Sandvoss can be both innocent, but also has a devilish, yet knowledgeable smirk. I like how even though the character Aaron never came out of the closet and had his 'secret', he was not like 'whoa is me' or ignorant to the mechanics of things. When he strips off all his clothes to be with Christian, he is taking off all his inhibitions metaphorically.

Mary Kay Place (Pecker, "Big Love") plays his mom and she is always known for passionate moms or crazy ladies, she gives a good performance here too. The movie has plenty of little supernatural hints and connections and clues. The movie is about we are all connected. I think it is all about hope, it gives a strong message. It also gives hope to religious gay people. I understand why people love this movie. It is definitely worth watching. And it is not preachy, it is just adorable. It's just good.

Sunday, January 27

Adult movies as kid cartoons of the past

Now that this potential bomb Rambo is coming out, I remember Rambo from when I was a kid in the 80's and I was like 'Wasn't the first movie called Rambo?' But it was called First Blood. I was four and I remember watching the cartoon of Rambo. I knew it was short-lived, I looked it up and it lasted one year, 65 episodes. Cartoon seasons last 65 episodes. Of course they had to turn it down. It was called "rambo and the Forces of Freedom."

When the animated series of RoboCop came out in 1988, I never saw the movie and never heard of it. I was 6. I loved the cartoon. Later on, my brother-in-law rented the 1987 movie on VHS and begged my dad to watch it. He said no because it was rated R. I begged him, saying I could handle it, and then when I saw it, from those people who have seen the movie, you know I was probably traumatized. But, the funny thing is that I wasn't bothered by Murphy being shot down, reasmbled, but what bugged me more was the psychological stuff about Murphy missing his wife and son. RoboCop only last 12 episodes. Toxic Crusaders, RoboCop, and Rambo are part of a special club, that they are animated series intended for children based on R-Rated movies. (Toxic Crusaders was based on Toxic Avenger). Can you imagine Alien Vs. Predator the animated series these days? Or Cloverfield?

Wednesday, January 23

Gay Version of Levi Commercial

Maybe I am behind but this Levis Commercial, there is the straight version and I didn't know there was a gay version. It mostly airs on Logo and I saw it on bravo during the Levi episode of "Project Runway."

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Tuesday, January 22

Heath Ledger

I am almost crying. I used to cry when I was kid but that has been stifled. I am not the type of guy to be so distraught over a celebrity or actor dying, but this is special to me. Also, it isn't that he is in one of my favorite movies, Brokeback Mountain, I really didn't expect this happening. Brad Renfro recently passed away, for still unknown reasons, I didn't even post something on that. I am not discrediting Brad Renfro, but Ledger's passing is quite frankly a shock and large surprise. I always expected Heath to have a large filmography and keep on acting like Clint Eastwood, Robert Renford, etc. And my prayers go to Michelle Williams, his very young daughter, his parents, and all of his love ones and fans. This is really tragedy, because he had so much potential and it was shame he couldn't see himself on the big screen as the Joker, which he is getting a lot of buzz around.

My Perfect Sci-Fi Monday

With the strike and not a lot of originally scripted shows, one has to wander from network to network for your favorite shows. I hate it when two cool shows are at the same time. The perfect matchup (and I hope they don't change it!) is "Kyle XY" (ABC Family), "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles" (FOX), and "Medium" (NBC) on Monday nights starting at 8pm. The best Sci-Fi shows on television right now. I am glad "Medium" is back on Mondays.

Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Picks eerily correct

Forget if the Oscars will happen, Entertainment Weekly are so finely tuned through the years that they predicted 95% of the nominees.

Best Actor
George Clooney, Michael Clayton
Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd
Viggo Mortensen, Eastern Promises
Tommy Lee Jones, In the Valley of Elah

They actually picked Ryan Gosling for Lars and the Real Girl, they did mention Tommy Lee Jones. They said: "[He] delivered one of the best performances of is career as the father of a missing soldier, but the fact that the film flopped at the box office was likely killed his chances in this category." Apparently not.

Best Actress
Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Julie Christie, Away From Her
Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
Laura Linney, The Savages
Ellen Page, Juno

They actually thought Angelina Jolie would get a nod for A Mighty Heart. About Blanchett, they said because of poor critical and commercial reception and not to mention her sure-thing for Supporting Actress could meaning she wouldn't get a nod, but this year, she gets two nods! Page is the youngest in the category, she will be 21 in February 21st.

Best Supporting Actor

Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Charlie Wilson's War
Hal Holbrook, Into the Wild
Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton
Casey Affleck, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

They got them all right this time. They said it would be hard to pick a fifth slot in such strong performances, but Casey did get a SAG and Golden Globe nod.

Best Supporting Actress

Cate Blanchett, I'm Not There
Ruby Dee, American Gangster
Saoirse Ronan, Atonement
Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton

EW picked Catherine Keener for Into the Wild instead of Ronan, but did recognize her.

Best Director
Julian Schnabel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Jason Reitman, Juno
Tony Gilroy, Michael Clayton
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, No Country for Old Men
Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood

They picked Sean Penn for Into the Wild and Joe Wright for Atonement. It is a surprise Penn didn't get a nom. And Jason Reitman is a pleasant surprise. They thought them two would be left on the 'cutting room floor.'

Best Picture

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood


Monday, January 21

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 3 Review

This series is propelling well. Miles Dyson's widow Tarissa (Charlayne Woodard) is seen again, Sarah visits her at the cemetery. She leads her to Any (Brendan Hines), who might create SkyNet and is now just a cell-phone salesman. He asks Sarah on a date and after charming her, they go out on a date. In which, he shows her his chess-beating computer. She doesn't think much of it at first, she thinks it is hilarious but John makes her wake up. People have complained that John hasn't had a lot of time to shine. He does a bit here. In a 'wholly-cow' scene, Cameron prevents John from stopping a girl from committing suicide. In a strange scene, kids stare at a weird painting on a school wall. As a janitor paints off one, another is made and everyone is left wondering what the fuck it is. The painting is sort of errie. Cameron said it was a reference to something.

It was a black door. Then a black door with a yellow bra and then that girl started freaking out. Then at the end, it was with a girl kissing a teacher in shadows. John burns to be the hero he is suppose to be but I believe the reason Cameron stopped him was for him not to be harmed. Also what Sarah said was that it would attract attention to him if he was a 'hero.' Catherine Dent also joins the cast as Agent Greta Simpson, a counter to James Ellis. The Terminator from the first episode, re-assembled himself and found a scientist to make artifical tissue for him and then he stole his eyes. Cameron wants Sarah to kill Andy. Sarah thinks of it like what if you could kill the scientists that build the nuclear bomb, would you? Would it make a difference? What she does is burn Andy's house, along with the Turk.

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 15 Review

Jessie and her amazing attention-seeking tricks. Good Episode. She walks on water and leaps down a tall building. Lot of confrontations. Nicole with Brian. Kyle with Emily. Emily with Jessie. Brian with Kyle and Nicole. And at the end, Jessi gets a big confrontation with everyone. Hilary eggs Jessi on, not to be a bitch but because she hurt Lori. At the beginning of the episode, we find out the Trager family have a lot of information on Jessie and Brian. One would expect them to figure it out slowly like they usually do. But apparently Brian is biologically Jessie's father. Nicole is concerned if Brian is a good parent. I think they discovered this to make room for everything else that has happened.

Declan is on crutches because of the battle at Madacorp last week. Curious enough, there was no scene between Jessie and Brian throughout the episode.... until the very end. Tonight we find out the Latnok ring Kyle got from Balantine wasn't the ring Adam Baylin gave him. It was actually Balantine's father's ring. Brian was the one who took the ring from the pawn shop. Now Kyle has both. As for the conversation between Jessie and Emily, basically Emily was recruiting for Madacorp at the Career Fair and Kyle confronted her. Jessie came along and Emily offered being fame and popularity. As for Andy, she is trying out a wig and Josh wasn't all for the career fair and stands up to the principal, saying he will make a difference. It is all because of Andy. He is much more serious which is good, the boy growing up. In a smart move to stop Jessie from doing a third stunt, Kyle 'ruins it' by saying he will do it along with her and the Trager kids do too. Jessie eventually goes on to it but Kyle stops her, using his powers. With water below her, he used the water in him to make her water move and make her back up.

In the beginning, Kyle accidentally levitates in front of the neighbor mother of his girlfriend and it attracts attention. The next day she appears with her friends to see the trick. At the end of episode, it is simply solved with Kyle putting his foot on the sprinkler to make her believe it was nothing. Also, interesting factoid Brian told everyone that Sara, Jessi's mom is dead. And TV Guide and have confirmed that former Rat Packer will play Sarah in an episode near the season finale, so that is curious.

Sunday, January 20

Breaking Bad Review

I always knew Bryan Cranston deserved his own show. He needed an award for his work on "Malcolm in the Middle," but is "Breaking Bad" worthy a vehicle to get his notice? I don't know, "The Shield" was FX's first series and launched them. Some call "Breaking Bad" an effort to do the same for AMC. He plays Walter White, chemist teacher who is lead to making crystal meth in a RV when too much shit piles up: he is diagnosed with lung cancer, his wife is pregnant (Anna Gunn), his son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) has cerebral palsy (done quite well, he is a normal teenager) and they are about to loose their house. How did he get to this? Well, he is out on a bust with his wife's brother that is a cop and he finds a former student is a crack addict/dealer Jesse (Aaron Paul). He eventually convinces the punk looser to team up with him because of his 'connections.' The dumb kid don't know shit about chemistry and don't believe in Walter's skills until he witness the actual drug he can cook up.

These dumb fucks (Jesse and his Latino ex-partner and cousin dealer) don't know shit about chemistry. It is what I have been saying for years: that the actual kids in the meth lab don't know anything about chemistry. Walter is incredibly intelligent but still over his head and a bit of a sad sack. His wife is sure he is on to something. That old nutshell. The show isn't new territory but does have some funny moments and innovative in the pilot episode's climax. The show has a slow pace and eventually the music changes (hip-hop or latin rock for the moment) gets jarring. Let's see what this baby can do. Worth a look.

Wednesday, January 16

Male Prostitution Ring in the White House 18 years ago?

In 1989, Washington Times reported about the federal authorities investigating criminal aspects in a prostitution ring. This was the biggest scandal in the history of the U.S. history. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a blackout on American news media on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it. One of the ring's clients arranged a middle-of-the-night tour of the White House for friends and two male prostitutes were part of the six persons. Credit card vouchers were found that were made payable to the escort service and they were tun through a 'sub-merchant' account of the Chambers Funeral Home. It was done by a son of the owner, without the company knowing. Many of the clients not only Reagan and Bush administration officials, but also government officials, locally based U.S. military officers, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides, and other 'professionals.'

Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat and one of two openly gay members of Congress, who threatened to reveal a list of Republican homosexuals in Congress, said he was 'not surprised' by the revelations. He has also been known to say in 1996, "I'm used to being in the minority. I'm a left-handed gay Jew. I've never felt, automatically, a member of any majority." The New York Times reported in 1990 that the House Ethics Committee recommended "that Representative Barney Frank receive a formal reprimand from the House for his relationship with a male prostitute." But it failed. Frank said, "there's an impression that there aren't any Republicans. . . . This is the proof of the prejudice in our community."

According to the Washington Times, Paul R. Balach, a top Labor Department adviser to Secretary Elizabeth Dole resigned yesterday after acknowledging to them that he had procured male prostitutes and was subjected to blackmail threats by one of the call boys. Balach said in an interview, he was told by the department's solicitor, Robert Davis, he must either resign or be fired. He said he was not allowed to talk to Mrs. Dole about the matter."The Washington Times story is a rank attempt to sensationalize a fact that should come as no surprise to anybody: that there are gay people in the Republican Party and in this Republican administration," the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force said in a statement. "The story The Times does not tell is the story of the repression and fear that still mars the lives of gay individuals in politics."

A child prostitution ring was rumored and then dubbed 'Franklin Coverup Hoax.' In July, 1990, a county grand jury in Nebraska's Douglas County concluded that the charges were a "carefully crafted hoax", although they failed to identify the perpetrators of said hoax. In 1993, Yorkshire Television, a British-based Television channel sent a team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case. Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television. The documentary, titled "Conspiracy of Silence," was to air nationwide on May 3, 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But at the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast since.

Tuesday, January 15

Golden Globes and Oscar Rant

I swear the Golden Globes is my favorite awards show, out of all the award shows, the only ones I watch are the Emmies, Oscars, and the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes have always been the punching bag of the awards, not really respected. The reason I like it is because it not only gives awards to movies, but also to television. It also gives a chance to movies that may not win an Oscar. Everyone is talking about the press conference that had to happen and narrated by Larry King on CNN. Conan O' Brian expressed how strange King's commentary was. Entertainment Weekly talked about five possible ways for the Oscars can be handled. John Stewart, who has been chosen to be the host, is now under a heat lamp. Even on his show "A Daily Show," his fellow 'correspondents' teased him about hosting 'that trainwreck.'

One and unlikely solution is for the strike to end before Feb. 24. Second, the strikers give the Oscars a free pass to let the actors and writers to go. WGA has already said it would deny any request from the Academy to allow writers to whip up jokes for Stewart. Third, If the powers that be believe that the strike will end before late March, they could postpone the show for a while and wait for it all to blow over. Fourth, the Oscars could copy the Golden Globes and just do a press conference. Lastly, it can be canceled in a worst case scenario. But the big problem is that many many loose money. Why? No stars means no red carpet, which means potential lost revenue for limo drivers, hoteliers, restaurants, jewelers, fashion press, stylists, and clothing designers. The right gown on the right star has launched many a designer's career because of the Oscars.

In all honesty, I wouldn't mind not having the Oscars if it means it compromises the writer's strike. It doesn't bode well for the Oscars, I believe any decision is not going to satisfy anyone.

Monday, January 14

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 14 Review

"To C.I.R., With Love"
January 14, 2008

Summary: Kyle comes home and tells his family the whole truth. Unfortunately he is too late to say goodbye to Amanda, she left home early. The Tragers and Kyle decide to take down Madacorp, by Kyle being hooked up to that brain chair and take down Madacorp's mainframe by Stephen hooking the chair to their mainframe. Madacorp is having a convenient "Open House" for all the Tragers to attend. Kyle offers himself to Ballantine, only to find out he already has Jessi giving him the information. Josh's girlfriend Andy uses the 'cancer card' and tries to get Josh to tell her 'the secret.' Declan and Lori reunite, since Lori found out she wasn't responsible for Declan breaking up with her, it wasn't something out of their control. Stephen is found out Emily and he tries to get to her by 'thinking about the family.' She turns him in, saying she is. Kyle and Stephen are detained, while Jessi is hooked up tot he chair and given memories of being the Trager's daughter, instead of Kyle as they get the data they want. Kyle connects with Jessi and intercepts the illusion.

Kyle then gets the information. Brian comes in and tells Kyle he can't take over the computer and he will be fried like charcoal. Emily then lets Jessi go, the guards chase after her. Nicole, worried about he rboys go after them and finds Jessi. Nicole gives a frazzled Jessi a pep talk. In the chair, Kyle goes through all his memories with the Tragers and goes into cardiac arrest. Ballantine goes to maximum power, as Jessi connects with Kyle mentally and they 'end' it together. Stephen is freed from his room, when they make the glass in the room break. He connects the wire to the mainframe. They cause a blackout in the city. Jessi wakes up but faints and ends up in the hospital. Turns out, Ballantine was doing all of this without Madacorp's knowing and they arrest him. Emily takes his job. Kyle then talks to Tom, who tells him he has to be a big boy and be on his own. He then finds Amanda in his tub/bed, that her flight was delayed because the blackout. Jessi then gets a visit from Brian, saying he is her father. He gives her some info on her DNA donor: her name is Sarah and he took the picture of her and Adam.

Stuff I liked:
It was funny when Lori said, "Kyle gave us the 'previously on' recap." It was really strange and heartwarming seeing Declan and Lori shred their old memories and oh god, too inappropriate moment with the condoms. Kyle connects with Jessi and intercepts the illusion, disrupting her perfect world as the Trager's daughter. In this awesome scene, she reminded of who she really is. The TV talks about the murder on the news. Lori doesn't appear for a while, when she does, she has the mark she caused and then Declan's necklace appears in her hands. Awesome episode.

Sunday, January 13

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot Review

My friends have given up to the franchise since T3, but I haven't. If anything "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will rejuvenate the series. As fans know, this series is set after T2 and I see it more like a sequel to it. Appropriately enough, it begins with the car on the road. The series brings up many feelings from the movies and rings true to T2. The first episode starts out with a standard Terminator scenario in a dream and to reveal it has been two years since the events of T2 occurred (it is now 1999, but T2 occurred in 1991). Sarah finds true love, a perfect guy in Dixon (the sexy Dean Winters from "Rescue Me") but she leaves him after he proposes to her. Lena Headey does very well as Sarah, and evokes what one would expect in a movie portraying the caring and determined warrior of mom. What other mom would say, "Get the guns packed. We are having pancakes."

James Ellis plays Richard T. Jones, a FBI agent follow Sarah, believing she killed that Skynet guy Myles from the second movie. Quickly, Cameron (Summer Glau) comes into the scene as John's classmate in High School. She is an awesome pick for a Terminator. In the movies, no Terminator, neither the female Terminator was at the same level as Cameron. She is what we don't expect.. a sweet teenage girl to be a killer. I just love it when she says, "Come with me if you want to live." Joss Whedon, who direct Glau before in "Serenity" and Firefly, must be thrilled about this. It is true to John Cameron's vision as well. Glau being a dancer, it is funny she is doing fighting roles and crazy chick ones too ("The 4400"). Some fans believe Thomas Dekker's John is a mix between Eddie Furlong's and Nick Stahl's John, I tend to agree. He is rough around the edges but a total delinquent, he doesn't hesitate to jump out a window. The Terminators are deadly as ever, still evoking fear at every turn with their chilling expressions and incredible strength.

Oh, and the Terminators have a less roboty programmed into them. Enough for them to fool mostly anyone. Also, they have the same powers as before, like mimicking voices. Owain Yeoman ("Kitchen Confidential," and "The Nine") plays the first Terminator to bug them. He is British and plays Cromartie with a flawless American accent. Heady is half-half on the accent bent. Nick Wechsler from the show "Roswell" funny enough played the son of a Sheriff is now playing a Deputy. The original movie said the original Terminator came from 2029, Cameron says she is from 2021.Cut enough, she opened a safety deposit box in 1963. It is not boring at all.

Cute enoguh, Cameron takes them to bank where they take out pieces of a device from safety deposit boxes. In a awesome scene, Cameron offers Sarah a way to destroy Skynet, by traveling in time from 1999 to 2007, where it starts. In a uncomfortable moment, John, Sarah and Cameron find themselves naked in 2007. What a three-some!

"They're back!!!"
Grade: A

Friday, January 11

Amas de Casa Desesperadas Review

With the popularity of "Desperate Housewives," it not only has been dubbed in many languages, but in Spanish and also re-done for Spain, Argentina, and now, for some reason for Univision, the American Spanish channel. With a whole new cast and new names, it is completely in Spanish and set in the United States. Instead of Wisteria Lane, they live in Manzanares (Apple?) 'estrit' (Street). The first episode aired last night, it airs at 10pm Thursdays. It doesn't feel like a rerun, even though they follow everything to a tee. The first episode is exactly the same, as if they are stuck in a loop. It is interesting to see a soap opera satire done by telenovela actors. I guess they did this for those stubborn viewers would wouldn't watch any American show, in English or dubbed and will only watch Univision.
Con el popularidad de "Desperate Housewives," estado doblado en muchas idiomas, en Español también y también se ha hecho de nuevo para España, la Argentina, y ahora, por una razón, para Univision. Con actores nuevos entero y nuevos nombres, basado en los Estados Unidos. En vez de Wisteria Lane, viven en la Calle Manzanares. El primer episodio ayer por la noche, de los Jueves por la noche al las 10pm. No se siente como un capitilo repeatido, se siente neuvo but si se siguen todo exactamente como el original. Es interesante ver una sátira de una telenovela hecha por los actores del telenovela.

Mary Alice, here is called Alicia Arizmendi and played by the famous and legendary actress/singer Lucia Mendez. I used to look up to her as a kid with a song of hers about strawberries and kisses. Unfortunately, I don't think she suited to be the sweet and nice counselor that Mary Alice was. Alicia is exactly the same character but Lucia comes off as fake and bitchy. She looks more like a villain than anything.
Alicia Arizmendi se basa en el papel de Maria Alicia, hecho por la famosa y legendaria actriz and cantante Lucia Mendez a. Como niño, la admiré. Me gusto su canción sobre besarse y fresas. Desafortunadamente, ella sale más como un antagonista que un narradora dulce.

Teri Hatcher doppleganger Scarlet Otriz portrays Susana Martinez, Susan Mayer in the original. She acts like her exactly, even the nuances and movements. But it is not like she is imitating her. The girl who plays her daughter Julie is exactly the same as our Julie, it is like they were made to watch the original.
Scarlet Otriz retrata Susana Martinez, que se parase, actúa, y mueve justo como Susan Mayer en el original. Pero no es como ella solo la está imitando. La muchacha hacer como su hija Julia es exactamente igual que la Julia original, él es como le hicieron mirar el original.

Talking about imitators, Julieta Rosen, exactly imitates Marcia Cross' Bree as Regina Sotomayor. She is a carbon copy. She enunciates just like her.
Julieta Rosen imita Marcia Cross. Ella retrata Regina Sotomayor.

Ana Serradilla protrays Gabriela Solis, which had no name change at all. More of the same, what can I say?
Protrays Gabriela Solis de Ana Serradilla, que no tenían ningún cambio de nombre. ¿Qué más qu puedo decir?

As for Lynette Scavo, her name here is Leonor Guerrero. Where as Lynette has class and was believable as a working woman, Lorna Paz plays her here is a comical way. She is no stranger to Spanish conversions of American shows. She was in the Colombian version of "Married with Children." She was PEGGY! It shows here. She comes out more ghetto than anything.
Aqui Lynette Scavo se llama Leonor Guerrero, retratado por Lorna Paz que ha hecho "Casada con Hijos" como Dolores "Lola" de Rocha en Colombia.

Their Edie, Roxana Guzman doesn't look like a 60-year old Botox Barbie. She is portrayed by Gabriela Vergara.
Gabriela Vergara retrata Roxana Guzman, la rival de Susan. Su nombre era Edie Britt en la original. Ella no pasere como ella tenía cirugía plástica como la original.

As for men.....
Mary Alice's husband is ugly and so is Bree's husband. When Rex looked like a Suburban husband, but yet a bit sexy, here the actor is just plain ugly with gray hair and a thick black mustache. As for the breakout hit hunk in the original, the gardener is not much of a hottie. Maybe at the same level as Jesse Metclafe. The plumber, is eh. But the hottest for me is a surprise, it is Bernie Paz, portraying Gabie's husband Carlos Solis.
Check them all at Caramelitos Baronil.

Bernie Paz- Carlos Solis
Ezequiel Stremiz- 'Gardener John'
Diego Ramos- 'Plumber Mike'
Diego Bertie- 'Tom Scavo'

Tuesday, January 8

Futurama: Bender's Big Score Review

Much like Family Guy returning, Futurama had to make its stabs at Fox as well but in a much elaborate fashion. The movie goes to the trouble of introducing the characters again but it is clearly for fans of the show, more than a mainstream audience. There is a lot of time traveling and Futurama logic to go through, but it is just great. They follow a lot of their rules and serve up so many past episodes, its hard to keep track. The movie's main antagonists the Scammers, three nude aliens, are lack-luster, hit and miss and don't come off as threatening as they should be. The movie is set in 3007. The movie goes through a extremely slow pace in the beginning but it is later learned that it is necessary for the aforementioned confusing plot points and twists. The ending is worth it though, it is touching. The ending also opens up the plot to the next movie.

The basic plot is that the evil nudist aliens Scammers plant a virus on Bender, making him their slave and he steals all the Earth's priceless historic treasures through time travel, they discover on a tattoo on Fry's ass. Nibbler reveals he talks once again to Leela... and most of the gang as well (he wiped their memories before) to try to stop the Scammers but fails. Hermes literally looses his head and his wife in the process and is stuck in a jar for the majority of the film. In the process, Leela meets Lars, a head-cleaner guy and they are so luvey-duvey that it gets on Fry's nerves. Fry then decides to time travel as well to go back home to 2000 and the Scammers send Bender to kill Fry.

There is a lot of butts, nudity (not full frontal), deception, and body chopping off, violence and such. Just warning those prudes. Well, that I haven't seen them like that, it is interesting to see them that way, a little hard to get use to but, they did go nuts with the allowance they got. As for Lars, I first I didn't want to like him, but he is likable, does grow on me. I did get a bit ticked off that the love Leela was feeling for Fry in the first season finale (He learns the holophonor). It isn't even mentioned in this episode. But without spoiling anything, the ending of this movie is worth it and I'll excuse it. The only thing that sucks is the songs. Well, nothing can be 100% perfect.

The DVD is delightful and full of funny gags throughout. Like, above, the chapters menu. It of course includes a commentary by David X. Cohen and Matt Groening and others. Also a live comic book reading by the cast (unfortunately we don't see them. We only see the comic book with the audio. Hilariously, Billy West gets confused doing Fry voice instead of the Professor voice), deleted scene storyboard animatics (there is a reason they are deleted), Al Gore 'You Tube' promo for An Inconvenient Truth with Bender (delightful video commentary with Al Gore, Groening, and Cohen), a math lecture (spotting various mathematical references in past episodes and the letter 'g' for the Alien Language #2.) with Cohen, Groening (who delightfully draws Bender off hand), the writers being kookie, 3-D models, the original first draft of the script, character design sketches, and more. The DVD is worth the bucks, beautiful box and illustrations inside. Even an offer for 1 of 195 works of art. Best Buy offers an extra disc featuring animatics and a un-colored sneak peak to the next movie The Beast With a Billion Backs.

Scenes are scattered through. The big time rips from the ending of this one begins this one. The universe or Earth is in trouble, so the Professor and his rival Wormstrom get involved. Out of the rips, come these giant tentacles. Fry meets a girl (Brittany Murphy) and discovers she is a polygamist. The tentacles then control Fry to be some sort of pope and then all the humans leave the robots on Earth. Also Kif and Amy get married, which is more expected. Kif barely appears in Bender's Big Score, he is mentioned by Amy but there is no scene with them together. Zap B. is his best man. The Beast With a Billion Backs looks good.

Sunday, January 6

Desperate Housewives Last New Episode Review

I can see why ABC did not hold off on this episode until after the strike was over, it would have been lackluster if it wasn't for Bree pimping off her son Andrew for a contractor to fix her house. In a hilarious and progressive sequence, Bree tries to hook up the 'great contractor' yet 40-something heartbroken Walter with her son Andrew, Andrew tries flirting with him for the promise of a flat screen television for his apartment, and Susan tried and successfully vier off the May-December romance (because she wanted Bree to stay in her house) by mentioning how young and hot Andrew's ex Justin was. It was also hilarious to hear Bree's husband try to lure Walter by saying Andrew has a great mesh-top.

Día de los Tres Reyes Magos

Today is Three Kings Day. What does that mean? El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos is a Commonwealth of Puerto Rico official holiday, as well as a religious holiday. It celebrates the Three Wise Men's visit to see the newborn Christ by exchanging gifts. Traditionally, children stack bundles of hay in boxes and glasses of water for each King's camel, to then find their boxes exchanged for gifts. (Sounds familiar? Milk and cookies for Santa?) This is also done in Cuba and several other Latin American countries. In the Eastern church a variety of different names are given for the three, but in the West the names have been settled since the 8th century as Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Also, Latinos don't take off their Christmas decorations until after January 6th, when some believe the three kings have arrived to Jesus, hence ending the celebration. In Miami, Florida; there is a parade called the Tres Reyes Magos parade on Calle Ocho (8th street) in Little Havana. Floats and activity has decrease through the years, due to lack of funds and interest. Sometimes certain aunts and uncles, neighbors and other family members that forgotten children in Christmas give presents to kids on this day.

United Press Internaitonal talks about how retailers are embracing it.
(Why would they have a problem with it? More money!)

Saturday, January 5

Winter Shows When & How Many?

When are the shows premiering and how many episodes will there be? Red is the new shows. Italics and the * means I will be watching. I don't own Showtime or HBO, so don't get on my case. UPDATED JANUARY 11th

The L Word
January 6; Showtime, 9pm; 12 episodes
The Wire January 6; HBO, 9pm; 10 episodes
Cashmere Mafia January 6; ABC, 10pm; 7 episodes
* Medium January 7; NBC, 10pm; 9 episodes
One Tree Hill January 8; The CW, 8pm; 12 episodes
* Friday Night Lights January 11; NBC, 9pm; 5 episodes
* Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Jan 13; FOX, 8pm; 9 episodes
* Brothers and Sisters Jan 13; ABC, 10pm; 1 episode
* Kyle XY January 14; ABC Family, 8pm; 10 episodes
* Breaking Bad January 20; AMC, 10pm; 7 episodes
Mind Games January 28; HBO, 9:30pm; 43 episodes
Eli Stone January 31; ABC, 10pm; 8 episodes
Lost January 31; ABC, 9pm; 8 episodes

Welcome to the Captain
Feb 4; CBS, 8:30pm; ??
The New Adventures of Old Christine Feb. 4; CBS, 9:30pm; ??
Lipstick Jungle Feb 7; NBC, 10pm; 7 episodes
* Jericho Feb 12; CBS, 10pm; 7 episodes
* New Amsterdam Feb 22; FOX, 9pm; ??

* Unhitched Mar 2; FOX, 9:30pm; 6 episodes
* The Return of Jezebel James Mar 7; FOX, 8:30pm; 7 episodes
* Greek Mar 24; ABC Family, 8pm; 8 episodes
The Tudors Mar 30; Showtime, 10pm; 10 episodes

Battlestar Galactica Apr 4; Sci-Fi, 10pm; 10 episodes

Wednesday, January 2

Shin-Chan and the New Super Sentai Go-Onger!

This is a promo advertising the new Super Sentai to premiere in February. Of course, it is a man in a suit depicting our favorite adolescent Shin-Chan.

Futurama Promos have started on Comedy Central

As soon as Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network had their big bang last marathon of Futurama all weekend to bid farewell, today I spotted one of the first promos promoting Futurama's new home on Comedy Central. Seeing that it starts tonight.

Tuesday, January 1

Two Boys tried out for Macy's Rose Queen

Two boys went for the Macy's Rose Queen to be on the parade according to HGTV on the 2008 Tournament of the Roses Parade. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any articles confirming that.