Friday, May 30

Lost Season Four Finale Review


I reviewed the season 4 opening episode, appropriate enough I cover the finale, correct? Last season's season finale started the flash forwards with an unspecified time in which Jack was a wreck and tried to convince Kate to come back. Also, there was an unidentified body in a coffin that Jack visits. In the opener, we are taken to Hurley's life off the island and starting to focus on the "Oceanic Six." We were introduced to the Freighter (Kahana) and the 'Freighter people' (Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Frank and Naomi) last season and this season. Many people believe this season was going to be about the freighter people, but it was more about the Oceanic Six. I believe this season was about the Oceanic Six. The producers had said that because of the Writer's Strike, they had to tone down on the Freighter people and people wouldn't find out more about them. They seemed interesting, especially Miles, but i don't really care. I think fans care about the Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, and Aaron.

I am not going to try to breakdown the time line and breakdown of events, but to me, it makes sense. Somehow I am able to separate everything in my mind and everything fits together. I don't care if things are revealed or mentioned, I have got a hang of it. People have complained about season 2 and 3, but I think everything has a purpose. I think it has gotten clearer and we can see the bigger picture now. It is like one producer said, we began with one cookie crumb and now we see there is a bigger cookie. As for the flashbacks, this season we had a mix of everything. Flash forwards, flashbacks, mixed-character time jumps and the patented Desmond time-travel sagas.

In Season 2 we were introduced to Desmond and Penny and little by little, we would get closer and closer to reuniting them. In the amidst of everything happening in this episode and all the threads being tied and coming to a close, Desmond and Penny finally reunited and I was literally shaking and having goosebumps. It was destined. And i loved it when Desmond introduced Penny to his friends. it was awesome. What is so great about the show is that all these characters are connected but someone miss each other. For example and this is very spoiler-y, Ben's daughter (who he stole and wasn't his biological daughter) was killed by Mr. Widmore's men and he vowed to kill Mr. Widmore's daughter and that is Penny. Ben moved the island before Desmond's eyes and later he reunited with Penny, funny enough just a few hours and miles apart.

What I also love is how character evolve. We are given a scene years after they left the island and Sun actually meets up with Widmore. She also blames him for the death of a love one. Jin supposedly died on the Kahana and she gave birth to her daughter. She blamed her father as well and took over his company with the money Oceanic gave them. She then is cold and strong in her confrontation with Widmore. Great scene. As for the unidentified body in the coffin, it was revealed at the very end of the episode. I knew locke was gonna be the dead body in the coffin. Who else would have no one at his funeral? Now, many people might be scratching their heads and wondering why but I think it makes sense. When signs pointed to happiness for Locke, taking over the island... and his life was never fair. Wonder if his island after-life will be any better.

Thursday, May 29

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie reciew

I only knew the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and when I saw the first movie, I was disappointed. The kids were engaging and even though I like James McAvoy, I just didn't like it as a whole, it was enchanting enough or enthralling as it should be. Even though I thought this movie was going to be boring and less enchanting, I was pleasantly surprised. When the movie starts, we are taken to a less than pleasant Narina, inhabited by humans and blood, death, birth and betrayal. Everything is dull and gray. The four siblings don't appear until apart 20 minutes into the movie and are surprised to find things have changed. Now all the fairy tale creatures and living nature are regarded as myths in Narnia and they are called 'Narnians." The Telmarines are humans that came from our world and are medieval-like. The actors portraying Telmarines in this movie are mainly from Mediterranean (Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese) countries; using Slavic, Mexican, and South American actors.

But Prince Caspian is played by the hunky Ben Barnes, who is actually British and his fake Spaniard accent sounds more like Fez's rival Tomas (Nick Gonzalez) from "That 70's Show." I thought he would be an exciting thrill-seeking character but unfortunately he is a lame duck, a dull easily-swayed dunce. And unlike the theory of the Telmarines, the mythical creatures are abound. Caspian was given Susan's horn to call the 'Four Kings and Queens' of Narina. In their last visit, the siblings lived until their thirties as peaceful kings, but when they left, all hell broke loose. So the kids deal with the fact that they were once adults and no longer are treated as such, this tickles the fancy of the pompous adults as well. Italian actor Sergio Castellitto plays the antagonist King Miraz with zeal, apathy and loads of cockyness. The kids have of course grown but the one that has grown the most is Skandar Keynes as Edmund. He has gone from an ugly child to a budding teeanger in bloom.

The story is long and slow, but chock full of goodies. There is the usual Christian undertones, like when Lucy sees the M.I.A. Aslan and Peter wants proof, she says, "Maybe we need to prove ourselves to him." When Caspian is disenchanted with the 'help' the Pevensie siblings, he is tempted to call the White Queen, in her short cameo, there is lots of allusions to pagan rituals and the devil of course. Peter is then tempted by her, but it was up to Edmund who was tempted by her before, to break off the communication. It was in an awesome scene, he was cool and collected and made a snide comment to his elder brother who once berated him for betraying them.

Director Andrew Adamson, the director of the first Shrek movies, used to parody movies but here he full makes the fairy tales come alive and makes them interesting and compelling to our time, timeless but also modern at the same time. Evident by the tongue-in-cheek dialog, when asked about their ages, Peter replies that it is confusing for them as well. Susan and Caspian were obviously paired, as many of these modern movies go, but it is low-key. Adamson says, "The kids are growing up. If you look at Ben and you look at Anna, it seems really implausible that they wouldn't have some feelings for each other." He knew it had to be "sensitively handled" though, and ultimately it is not about romance, but "[accepting] the fact that you can have a wondrous experience, enjoy it and move on".

The movie is a great ride. Also a very smart movie. It might be a Disney movie, but there is blood, death and consequences abound. If you never seen the first movie, this will be so-so. If you never read the book like me, you'll like it. But if you have read it and seen the BBC version, maybe you won't like it.

Saturday, May 24

History of Fox Kids/4Kids TV/CW 4Kids

I am posting this because I care about Saturday morning programming because I grew up on it and there is so few this days. Thankfully they have brought back blocks like Kewlopolis on CBS (started 2007), Qubo on NBC (Started 2006), ABC Kids (which has remained strong) and of course the newly minted CW 4Kids.

I decided to write down the history of what was FOX Kids and now is CW 4Kids in some way in South Florida. I live in Miami.

The FOX network started their kid's block in 1990 with such classics as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Series, Bobby's World, Peter Pan and the Pirates, and Tom and Jerry Kids Show. This all aired on local WSVN channel 7 of FOX.

They were all joined by Batman: The Animated series, Animaniacs, Taz-Mania, Tiny Toon Adventures, Eek! The Cat, and the Power Rangers.

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit in 1993, local independent channel WDZL 39 (which is now CW South Florida) took the FOX Kids weekday block. Airing in the morning from 7 to 9am and then in the afternoon 3 (or 2 not sure)-5:30pm. This was a natural move for 39 since they already aired Tiny Toon Adventures since 1990, because the Tiny Toons was syndicated until 1992. WSVN decided to let go FOX Kids by the end of 1993 and WDZL took it for Saturdays as well. WSVN was the first Fox affiliate not to take Fox Kids.

When WDZL became WBZL for the WB in fall of 1997, a new local channel WAMI 69 took over Fox Kids. While channel 39 put their own bumpers and promos in place of Fox Kids ones for a while, they stop doing so by 1997 and WAMI didn't bother doing so, so sometimes some FOX ads would air on WAMI as well. By the year 2002, WAMI was over and so was Fox Kids for South Florida. By 2003, Fox Kids completely be gone and became the Fox Box, which incidentally was picked up by WBFS UPN 33, which is now My 33. Fox Box became 4KidsTV and now has become CW 4Kids. Funny enough, Fox Box had no programming from Fox Kids, most of the Fox Kids programming went to ABC Family which aired Power Rangers, Digimon and other old Fox Kids cartoons (including some Disney and Kids' WB ones like Gargoyles and Jackie Chan Adventures) from 2002 to 2005. That is when Jetix was born, in 2006 Jetix stayed permanently on Toon Disney and left ABC Family all together.

Fox Kids had ended because of this: Haim Saban created the Power Rangers and eventually owned and got share to Fox Kids. When he was doing liquidation in 2001, he sold his share which as the Power Rangers, Fox Kids, and the Fox Family channel (which was the Family Channel) to Disney. Hence, Fox Family became ABC Family and Fox Kids was no more. Besides, FOX affiliates wanted to do more news on Saturday mornings and didn't want cartoons no more.

Very confusing, even for an adult.

The CW4Kids: Got my answer

A while back I asked what would happen to the Kids' WB as the WB and UPN merged into the CW network. For a while, the Kids' WB stayed with its name and programing. Lucky enough I tuned in today and found out today was the premiere of the whole new CW 4Kids, which is a merger of 4Kids TV (which was formerly the Fox Box and in some places airs on FOX) and the Kids' WB. So Kids' WB is 'over' but still available online as KidsWB Beta with such programming as Looney Tunes, old Hanna-Barbara cartoons, Static Shock, Justice League, Scooby Doo, Zeta Project, Batman Beyond, and the 90's Batman The Animated Series.

The CW4Kids has advertised having Batman, Ninja Turtles Fast Forward, and that new Scooby Doo in the schedule, but last on. The new show for the line-up is a new version of Spider-Man with a cool but not killer theme song called The Spectacular Spider-Man. The current schedule includes Kids' WB's Will & Dewitt, Tom & Jerry Tales, Eon Kid, Magi-Nation and Johnny Test. There is a bunch of cartoons that I don't recognize. As for the other 4KidsTV cartoons such as Winx Club and Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have no idea about their fate, but 4KidsTV has gone beta as well so you can see their programming online.

As for my local channels, channel 39 which is CW South Florida is broadcasting CW 4Kids on Saturdays, which channel My33, which used to air 4KidsTV on Sundays, apparently it still will be broadcasted tomorrow.

CW 4Kids
KidsWB Beta

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Thursday, May 22

Sex and the City Movie maybe the first female blockbuster

For all those naysayers, might not think Sex and the City is a big deal or that it is being hyped, but I actually think it is a good thing the movie is being hyped. It is beyond the weirdness that it is making such a fuss. It has surprised the stars, producers and even backers. Sex and the City premieres all over the country on May 30th and women and men are expected to make big lines for this movie. The reason the first female-driven blockbuster is an important milestone is because there has been a long history of male-driven superhero movies, action flicks, and monster explosions. It's time for Change. heh.

Sunday, May 18

Desperate Housewives Five Years in the future

In the end of season four, there was a fast-forward to five years and the next season will be set so, there are some questions to be answered. Thank god the girl's haircuts were not completely different. Lynette did suffer from year-change cuts and Bree is much more repressed.

Bree - What we saw was that she seems to be an acclaimed cook and book writer and Andrew is her assistant. Her husband was not see but it sounded like Orson.

Gaby - Gaby comes home to two little girls. Adopted? We don't know for sure. No sign of Carlos.

Lynette - She comes to Tom to find out their son Preston is in trouble, not his twin Porter who seems to be the one who gets in trouble the most, being in Juvenile detention.

Susan - Gale Harold plays Ken, Susan's new husband she comes home to. No sign of her two kids.

Katherine - Everything is peachy. No sign of Adam.

The only husband of the housewives we saw was Tom. And definitely the kids who played the kids are out of the work. Look out for new actors next year.

Friday, May 16

The Office Season 4 Finale Review

Totally awesome episode. It was just plain great. It was the last day of Toby, so Michael of course wants to throw a big party. Angela and Phyllis bump heads over party planning. Jim plans to propose to Pam. Toby introduces everyone to his replacement Holly (Amy Ryan), who Michael wants to hate but then falls in love with. Dwight 'hazes' Holly telling her that Kevin is a 'special' worker and it is just hilarious because every thing he says can be construed as being that way. Lots of surprises are abound such as Kevin revealing to Michael that Jan is pregnant.

I loved the inclusion of many of the characters like Meredith in helping Dwight with the raccoon in Holly's car (the reason they join together is in the deleted scenes) and taking the picture of Toby and Pam. I love Holly, she is awesome. When Jim was about to propose to Pam, I saw Andy (Ed Helms) and I figured he didn't get naything and weas quiet. To me, he looked like one of those muppets in a muppet special that used get to take and didn't take. So when he stole the thunder of Jim, it was hilarious and a shock. I liked Michael's joke about Andy proposing to Oscar as well. The biggest nugget of dessert was Phyllis walking into the office to find Angela and Dwight having sex.

Look out for awesome deleted scenes here.

Wednesday, May 14

Iron Man Movie Review

I do love myself some comic book superhero movies, but with the recent treatments and flops, I feel the excitement is wanning on the classic superheroes. Iron Man I do consider of the classics, of Marvel of course. I got to admit, I was not expecting much from the movie. I was pleasantly surprised. The Premise: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) inherited Stark Industries and is well known for his weapons. He is not just the head of the company but he can make machines and missiles himself. He goes to Afghanistan and is abducted and is shocked to found out terrorists are using his weapons. They force him to build a missile and him being the 'bad boy' he is, he builds a 'iron man' armor to fight them off, destroy the weapons and get out of there. He makes an enemy in the not-so-threatening Raza (Faran Tahir). Tony makes friends with Yinsen (Shuan Toub), who helps him with the armor but of course is a sacrificial lamb and dies, and not mentioned again.

Tony returns home three months later, determined to stop making weapons and destroy more weapons that are with the bad guys. The guy who took over the company between Tony's father and himself, Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) is not so happy. Obadiah cares for Tony but not as much as about the money. He finds Tony amusing, but he considers himself the 'big boy.' Tony locks himself in his basement perfecting the Iron Man technology, worrying everyone else, while he is being locked out of the company by the board. The movie makes its research and is believeable in the context of science fiction. Most of the 'flying' and other technology is made pausable and grounded in reality. It is a 'smart' superhero movie if anything, and it doesn't shave off the fun in the process. Of course, when the movie gets to the final battle, it goes full-fledge sci-fi but I ain't spilling it, because the movie pretty much keeps you in suspense on who is the real bad guy. The terrorists don't come off completely cartoon-y or stereotypical, like I said they made their research and comes off realistic.

There is great acting from Tony's Gal Friday Pepper Potts (Gwen Paltrow), best pal Jim Rhodes (Terrence Howard), and Bridges. Bridges does great in the gray area, and revels in it with a smirk. I am not crazy about Robert Downey Jr., I haven't been able to sit down through any of his movies, but he does come off charismatic here. I don't think I completely believe him in his cause, but I do see he is having fun when 'making' the Iron Man technology. I couldn't help but look at Downey's body, it looks good in this movie. He has fluctuated more than Matthew Perry from skeleton skinny to chubby strange, but his butt is not ignorable. The smart thing about the movie is that it sticks with its central characters and central plot, it doesn't try to have a b-plot, it is very universal, comes back together in a circle.

An Army of Smoky Bears

When I was growing up in the 80's, I remember seeing the commercials for the army that would say "Be! All you can be be... in the Army." Also the Smoky Bear "Only You can Prevent Forest fires." And I was like, why would I want to start a forest fire? And I don't ever see any forests around my neighborhood. As a kid, I couldn't grasp this. How did the fire start and why am I onlt the one that can prevent it if I am 4? So it is so strange to me that the slogan hasn't change since the 40's and the army slogan has change twice since. From the forgettable "Army of One" to the now weak "Army Strong." Why can't they just go back to "Be all you can be"? Well, that was just my little rant.

Thursday, May 8

Scrubs Season Finale Review

"My Princess"
May 8, 2008

This is the episode that was be the first before the 4-part series finale, that was to probably be straight-t0-DVD. But now because ABC pick them up, this will serve as the season seven finale and NBC's finale. NBC dubbed it the 'Scrubs finale.' The show creator Bill Lawrence and his wife Christa Miller (Jordan) decided to make an episode that their children could watch. In this episode sightly inspired by The Princess Bride, Perry tells a story to his son Jack that was slightly inspired by events that happen that day at his job. Even though Bob Kelso retired in the last few episodes, he is magically back as the Chief of Medicine. Perhaps Cox was telling a story that happened long ago. Or Lawrence couldn't resist having Kelso as the bad guy in this one.

J.D. is the village idiot, Elliot is the princess naturally, Keith is a prince, the janitor is a Giant, Ted is a hunchback minion to evil Kelso, and Carla and Tuck are mixed into a witch named Turla. Also Lavrene ended up in the story, not named but it was her personality. The storyline revolves around Elliott and J.D. trying to save a patient/servant. The episode supposedly wraps things between Elliott and J.D. But what I like about the episode is at the end, Jordan is huddled in front of Jack's door listening to the story and wants to know if the patient survived. It was a so-so episode, with a uneven story, and the special effects were understandbly bad, but the cute ending made it all good.

Andy Bernard is a for sure for The Office Spin-Off

A Spin-off of the American "The Office" is all the rage now. Some fans, including buddytv, that a spin-off would be a terrible idea at a first glance. the premise and name have not been announced but there is a tentative premiere date of after the 2009 Super Bowl. Now, as NYE says.. Andy Bernard would be the most likely character to be spun-off. Andy is easily removable from the first show, but can survive on a new show. His character was designed as a scene stealer and Ed Helms is just great as him. NYE is correct, Andy is much like Michael, that the spin-off can have a similar dynamic. An insider says it is most likely Ed Helms. I don't know if i am looking forward to it. For example, I like "Grey's Anatomy" and was looking forward the spin-off but "Private Promise" was a big disappointment. I would had rather a "Desperate Housewives" spin-off.

Gay Homecoming King

Matthew Pope may be a stereotype, an openly gay male cheerleader in a high school, but he also made homecomign king. He bravely came out in freshmen year and to his mother as well. I think he is extremely brave and bright kid. I was came out in sophomore year in high school, I was 14.

G.I. Joe will be released on my birthday?

So far there is a big cast including Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum (above), Sienna Miller, Ray Park, Christopher Eckleston, Adewake Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. August 7, 2009. Lordy. I did watch G.I. Joe the show and had some of the toys. I loved Kristy Marx's writing of the show. Dunno if I am even going go to see the movie, as I didn't even do so for The Transformers.

Monday, May 5

Gossip Girl Eric is finally out

Everyone have been expecting Eric (Connor Paolo) to be the male character to come out on "Gossip Girl,' I had one look at him in the first episode and expected it (I mean, come on, he tried to commit suicide!). Not only does he come out, also the new character Asher (Jesse Swenson). Dan had to be the one who caught Asher in the act of kissing a guy. Dan and his dad Rufus are both against Jenny dating Asher. Dan confronts Asher, thank god the word 'queer' was the only epithet uttered, not like Degrassi that bounded about 'Homo.' Asher denies and then Jenny intervenes, being lied to and not the wiser until Gossip Girl lets all of Jen's little friends know through text. So he tipped it off to GG and then Blair questions him. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch the first part where Eric and Jenny talked and what they talked about.

Whose sexuality is questioned through out the episode is Asher. Blair gets into Asher's e-mail, while Jenny visits Asher at his house and starts making out with him. He mentions the 'bargain.' In Entertainment Weekly, they mention them using them. When Jenny questions his sexuality, he becomes mean and uses the 'date someone like you. ' Asher makes Jenny commit to GG saying she lost his virginity to him. At home, Dan confronts Jenny and Jenny tells Dan she knew Asher was gay and they made an arrangement. Things get hot for Eric when new bad girl Georgina (Michelle Trantenberg) arrives at Serena's house unannounced and she is the one who spills the beans to Eric's mother, Mrs. Wasp/Stepford wife. Serena finds out Eric was talking to Chuck--who supposedly doesn't judge him. Serena and Chuck cat about how she didn't know and her support now. He explains he met Asher at the place he was at and that Serena connects it.

Georgina is just an awesome villain, she manipulates and acts 'all innocent.' She kept repeating to Eric's mom that 'Eric has a boyfriend,' 'Eric kissed a boy' and 'oh I didn't know you didn't know.' And doesn't break out the 'malicious face' from the innocent one once. Sadly, Blair is old news in the bad girl department. She crashes the Jenny/Asher party to 'drop a bomb' but please, learn from the best dumb bitch. Much like Gossip Girl, the gay issue wasn't a big deal or even the main focus. The episode doesn't treat Eric or even Asher coming out as a big shocker, it is natural. And Serena's speech to her brother about her supporting him was good, it didn't feel phoned in or gay for straight 101, but the conversation felt real sisterly, like any conversation between Serena and Eric.

Blair even admits she cares about Eric. Eric crashes the party and admits he is gay and Asher is gay. Asher calls him a faggot and then Blair uploads the e-mails to GG, at Eric's command. I think it was great everyone stood up for Eric such as Serena and Blair. Nor so much Jenny but she was protecting her back. Eric's mother later reveals to Rufus she didn't feel right about her reaction. No coming out episode is not complete with a mother/son talk. Eric's mom tells him she is scared, that she wants the best for him--much like what my mom told me. He speaks about honesty. She talks about love and seems pretty understanding. This all comes off as a negative for Jenny, her friends label her a liar. So both coming outs didn't come out great for both boys, but Eric is a stronger man for seeing his boy's true colors. Hopefully Dan or Chuck will make a good boyfriend for Eric in the future.

What is it with bowties?

Tucker Carlson ("Hardball") made proof colored bowties are tacky. They should only belong on ventriloquist dummies. Even modern ventriloquist Jeff Dunham only has one puppet with a colorful bowtie and that is his staple Walter. Why you think pundit and 'Dancing with The Stars' castoff Carlson got rid of it? other pundits continue wearing it. the only place I still see it is white men and black Muslims.

Above is Richard Schlesinger, political writer, with a bowtie.

I think the ONLY and only truly acceptable bowtie can be the black bowtie on tuxedos. Of course, made sexy by the James Bonds (six of them above).

Sunday, May 4

Why Brothers & Sisters is good

While 'Desperate Housewives" fluctuates from awkward sitcom-ish comedy and soap opera-ish drama (husbands becoming blind and drug-addicted husbands), "Brothers & Sisters" is something worth watching and savoring. With only four post-strike episodes, they had to cram many storylines together. Next week is the season finale. What fans were suspecting for a long time, Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) is not a Walker, enabling Justin and her to act their impulses. Tonight, the can of worms was released, all the shit hit the fan.

Rachel Griffiths had shown her acting prowess enough to overpower the acting hurricane that is Sally Field. And progressive as it is, Kevin (Matthew Rhys) proposed to Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) and a commitment ceremony will be held next episode. As Kitty got married last year's season finale, it is only appropriate there would be another wedding on this season's. Another storyline was wrapped up/revealed, that Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin) finally came out as a gay man and appropriately to Kevin. Rarely do gay characters come out to other gay characters on prime time network television. The shows has come along.

Saturday, May 3

Unfairness for Girl Celebrities in Same Crimes

Okay, you know how like the media is going crazy about female celebrities and their exploits, that include car accidents, showing bush, naked pics, and arrests... But Entertainment Weekly has brought up a good point. That with young celebrities, male and female, with similar incidents or controversies, girls get it worse. And guys get a pat on the back.

Amateur Nudity
"Vanessa Hudgens apologized after a nude shot hit the Web last year, while Pete Wentz got away with warning fans against taking risque photos after his own pics leaked in 2005." My own take is that on the radio, DJs made fun of Wentz but had a 'boy will be boys' attitude about it, while Hudgens was either applauded by the men and treated as a serious issue by the media. Also, Hudgens is a Disney kid, while Wentz is a 'rock' star, people expect that more, well these days everyone expects things from Disneylings like we do from Catholic School kids.

'Artistic' Nudity
"When Lindsay Lohan re-created a topless Marilyn Monore photo shoot for New York magazine, the website recieved millions of hits but so did her struggling career. Yet frenzied fans snapped up tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe get naked in Equus." The photo didn't help Lohan's already falling career and Radcliffe's photo did raise eyebrows, some were concerned because he was 17 at the time. But like myself, all blogs posted all the pics around.

Edgy Movie Role
"Sundance 2007: Dakota Fanning's Houndog--featuring the actress in a rape scene--bows amid a public outcry and calls for an investigation. Sundance 2008: Audiences shrug off a sex scene in The Wackness that involves Josh Peck of Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh." I never heard of either movies and I am a movie nut! Also, Josh (21) is a little older than Dakota (14) . If his role was involved in a same-sex rape, maybe more concerns would be raised. Or if he was the raper in a rape scene at the age she is now.

Acting out in Public
"Blogs went nuts over video of a slurring Ashlee Simpson at a Canadian McDonald's in 2005, but after Shia LaBeouf was arrested for allegedly refusing to leave a Chicago drugstore in 2007? Lots of talk about his supercute mug shot. Oh, and the charges were dropped." I remember some were concerned about Shia in the media but all in all, right now it is brushed aside. And he does look cute there. As for Ashlee, she is just hated and I don't see anything redeeming her.

I agree, the girls are treated harsher and this should change. yes, I understand some of the situations are the same. My parents says that how the world is, but I believe it should change.

What? Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan???!!!

In 2004, it was announced Conan O' Brien (who has proved himself in the writer's strike as the true king of late night) would take over The Tonight Show for Jay Leno in late 2009 when Jay is contractually obligated to leave. It has now been announced that lamewad Jimmy Fallon ("Saturday Night Live") will be taking Conan's spot as Conan takes over for Jay. On Entertainment Weekly, an unnamed network executive said Jimmy is a smart choice, I have to disagree. His two leading movies Fever Pitch and Taxi have been less-than-stellar hits, he hasn't done anything since those Pepsi commercials in 2007. The exec went on to say that he is a 'cute guy that will draw women in' would have been true two or three years ago. Jimmy comes off as annoying more than funny these days. I will miss Conan's show at its regular time but looking forward to the new vibrant Leno-less Tonight Show.