Tuesday, October 31

Nip/Tuck's Miami not accurate at all

I don't know if Nip/Tuck films in Miami or not, but of course it protrays Miami Beach more than anything but it is not accurate to Miami at all. Miami has a lot of streets that are undergoing construction, lots of new buildings half produced, and broken old streets everywhere. Also, Hispanics, lots of hispanics and Cubans more than anything. Who are absent from Nip/Tuck. Rosie O' Donnell's earjacking, the street there looked like Miami Beach but who stole her ear were white. There is more white people in Nip/Tuck than there really are in Miami. Nip/Tuck has been on for four years, I forget it is even suppose to be Miami.

There are a lot of houses with wood which is not common in Miami. The only accurate-looking thing is the doctor's parking garage. That one really does look like a usual Miami parking garage.

Monday, October 30

More shocking split: Reese and Ryan

While all other blogs have been all about Reese Whiterspoon and Ryan Phillipe splitting, I am shocked and dissapointed. They have been together for seven years and have kids, I was hoping for the best. I hope they settle their differences and get back together. They are not divorce just yet, just seperated.

Spotted Rusty Joiner in a Suzuki commercial

Rusty Joiner is a fitness model and I recently saw him in a new Suzuki commercial where two guys are stopped in their new car by biker babes.

His official website. He has been in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, ER, CSI Miami, Passions, Pacific Blue and Passions. Apparently he has done improv training too.

I didn't know Blink-182 broke up

Maybe I am always behind (Apparently Mohawks are back for some reason) but I kept noticing magazines referring to members of Blink-182 as former members of Blink-182. So while Travis Barker was having martial disputes on television, the mondo creative and super sensitive Tom DeLonge and funny Mark Hoppus who partly form the band has had a tiff. DeLonge has a new project called Angels and Airwaves while Barker and Hoppus have formed +44, their album will come out in November. Their new song is stuck in my head. Wow, just when I thought everything was fine with them. They hid it well.

Sunday, October 29

Grey's Anatomy T.R. Knight outted

This is an open letter to actor T.R. Knight who plays the lovelorn George on 'Grey's Anatomy' who I feel has been force out because of questions of his sexuality. The tabloids who I hold with a grain of salt that supposedly Isaiah Washington said a gay slur. Anyhoo, T.R. released a statement ten days ago.

[T.R. Knight above with Luke MacFarlane---stage actor now on Brothers & Sisters as the gay brother's love interest]

Dear Theodore Raymond Knight,

I regret it had to be this way but it seems many people are obessed to know if an actor or celebrity is gay and then forget about them when they do. Although it can be said that there is a lot of successful celebrities that have come out but that is like a handful. At least it is in the air now. I honestly admire you, I understand you want to keep to your private life private but you don't care what people care. It honestly is no one business. I came out ten years ago when I was a teenager, and it was a long road but also helped me accept myself. Just let no one get to you (I had my hair blue once too!). Like you said, it is no the only aspect of you and it doesn't define all of you. I think of it, if people know other people have a girlfriend or wife, then why not know this and be fine with it? It is all should be the same.

They freakin' followed these guys.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/30

Brandon Beemer
He's 26, is Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives.

He has been on queer horror b-movie The Brotherhood, and shows like Undressed, CSI, and General Hospital.

Jeff Samardzija
His last name is pronounced sa-MAR-ja. He's 21 and was born in Merrillville, Indiana and is Serbian-American.

He is the wiude reciever for the University of Norte Dame.

He is also a picther for the Boise Hawks and the Peoria Chiefs, both affiliates of the Chicago Cubs.

David Eckstein
Speaking about Baseball... He's 31, from Sanford, Florida. He is the current hitter form St. Louis Cardinals.

He was a member of the 2002 World Series champion Anaheim Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

By the way, it is the end of the month so 'The Unknown Hottie of the Summer' poll is no closed. Only one person voted.

Saturday, October 28

Someone wants attention on Spanish Reality Shows

There are two local Latino channels where I noticed one guy has applied for 'reality shows'. On the new hit Desafio 20.06 on GENTV (which is like 'Survivor'), there is a Venezuelan guy called Daniel Mucerino from Fort Lauderdale and is a waiter. He acts sort of feminine, paints his Chihuahua's nails, and cried in the last episode because his team lost a challenge. Then I realized he also auditioned for MegaTV's 'Mega Modelo' where they picked 12 finalists to finally have one Model for their station. He did not make it to the finalists, his picture below.

No offense to Daniel, if he is reading this--eek, but I did think he was gay. He sure is handsome and has a great body but thats not why. To my surprise, on his short profile on the GenTV site, it says his wife lives in Orlando. Maybe he just acts that way, I don't want to judge. Obviously if you read this blog, you know I am a gay man and I didn't like being judged. As for him being on both channels, more of him is no problem for me. Bueno, duh!, el tiene mi atencion ahora.

May 27 Update: His Official MySpace page

Friday, October 27

Scrubs back! But I can't see it. :( 30 Rock also moves!

NBC wants to bring their Thursday comedy night back, so November 30th they are moving 30 Rock (which I like) to 9:30pm and new episodes of Scrubs to 9pm which is unfair to me because of Grey's Atanomy! Now, you might say 'why skip comedy for drama.' Well if I want to get the DVD boxsets, Scrubs would be a lot cheaper. I didn't miss one ep of Scrubs last year when they were double upped in Mid-Season in Tuesday. Please, NBC re-consider!

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Thursday, October 26

The History of PWN

The slang word Pwn used by gamers goes back to 1337. Check it out in this article.

Wednesday, October 25

Power Rangers at the Disney Resorts

For you that don't know, Disney acquired the Power Rangers in 2002 due to a package deal in buying Fox Family from Saban Entertainment. Disney now films the Power Rangers in New Zealand along with Village Roadshow. Then in 2005, Disney added the Power Rangers to the car parade in DisneyWorld's MGM Studios (which soon will be renamed as Disney's Hollywood Studios due to copyright with MGM). Instead of having one Ranger team of one series, they selected one ranger from each series. Which I admit is clever is that three of the rangers are not normal colored rangers but 'sixth' or 'special' rangers. Red SPD Ranger from the 2005 series Power Rangers S.P.D., White Ranger from Dino Thunder, Green Samurai Star Ranger from Ninja Storm, Lunar Wolf Ranger from Wild Force, and the Pink Time Force Ranger.

Disney fans don't like the inclusion of the Power Rangers at all. While Power Ranger fans feel they are getting the short stick. There is a rumor that Disney wanted to make a full-fledged attraction where the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' attraction in the same park. Disney fans got upset. I think that discouraged them.

In 2006, to introduce the new Power Rangers Mystic Force, they replaced the Time Force Ranger with the Pink Mystic Force Ranger. The five players have their own myspace accounts and call themselves the 'Power Rangers Disney Force.' Some fans criticize how they don't do the poses right and don't know Martial Arts. I wonder what will happen to them when Power Rangers Operation Overdrive comes on. Bandai America (toy company) consider it the 15th anniversary because it is the 15th season.

Meanwhile, Disney is having good relations with Toei Productions which produces the original Japanese series Power Rangers is adapted from, Super Sentai. Super Sentai has been around since 1975 and since 1979, series change every year. Disney even produced footage for Toei's 2005 Magiranger in New Zealand which now is Power Rangers Mystic Force. For some strange reason, the episode order was shorten for Mystic Force. Even though people didn't know the Power Rangers were still around since 1993, it still has been number one Boys product. Now, the public se dio cuenta que (realized that) Power Rangers still exists thanks to Disney. Everyone now is like 'Its still around?'

I, being a Super Sentai and Power Rangers fan, feel Disney should embrace the Power Rangers because kids love it so much, there are a lot of testimonies online of Parents saying how much it has effected their kids in a positive way. Toei, which is a big company in Japan, of course love Disney and Disney has gained a lot of property thanks to having them. In 2004, the Red Dino Thunder Ranger costume was the number one costume. I'm sure they always are since then. Click this link to a video on YouTube dedicated to a little boy who has passed on.

Also... lots of Power Ranger fans have been making a big deal about Disney taking over the show and how its not as good but actually a lot of Sentai elements have been used more which I consider a good thing but what I don't like that a lot strange things have been edited from the original like fire has been changed to 'magical fire' really screwing up a sequence with real fire that looked real cool.

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Handsome Nobody's Watching

The newest phenomenon "Nobody's Watching" by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence was supposed to be on the WB but it was canceled and the WB is gone and now its on YouTube and online. Taran Killam (Amanda Show, MAD TV, and Drake & Josh) and Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica and Andromeda) make a perfect team.

Check out websipodes here. The plot for 'Nobody's Watching' was that two guys go in to make a pilot and then later find out they are actually being filmed.

One hopes this changes how we watch TV and what we can do to make it better.

Arthur and the Invisibles (Minimoys)

A new CGI movie that caught my eye being released by the Weinstein company and MGM in the U.S. written and directed by Frenchman Luc Benson who also did the books. In France it is called Aruthur et les Minimoys and It will be called Aruthur and the Invisibles when released in the U.S. in 2007. Freddy Highmore (sporting a more contemporary hairdo than in his last two films) plays a kid who turns into a CGI elf/nymph-sort of creature and is guided by a princess warrior sadly played by Madonna (Kiera Knightly was out?). I guess Madonna is doing it because Benson directed one of her videos. Benson is responsible for one of my favorite films... The Fifth Element. The film seems to be a mix of the once aired "B.R.A.T.S. of the Lost Nebula" with Antz and James and the Giant Peach.

Nip/Tuck goes to the Future!

In the upcoming November 14 episode of Nip/Tuck, they go to the future 2026 where Annie is played by Jennifer Elise Cox (Brady Bunch Movies, Lovespring International) and Conor by Stark Sands (Hope & Faith, Six Feet Under). Jennifer, by the way is who I mentioned in a post back in June. She's 36, which is a bit older than Annie would be in 2026 but close enough.

Stark is 28 which is way older than Conner would be: 20. I'm surprised they went past their teen years but thats great they are going so far.

Tuesday, October 24

Movie Little Rascals' Alfalfa on 'Justice'

I normally don't watch Fox's new drama Justice (I think its too pretentious) but I found out Bug Hall was playing a kid accused of crucifying a bully. Bug Hall played Alfalfa in the movie version of The Little Rascals in 1994. He has done small roles here and there on CSI, Strong Medicine, Cold Case, Charmed and Disney Channel movie Get A Clue with Lindsey Lohan. He is now 21 years old.

Monday, October 23

Marshall Allman Pictures

Marshall Allman plays LJ Burrows on Prison Break and is so super adorable.

He was with Jonathan Tucker in Hostel.

He was in the 2005 movie Starcrossed with J.B. Ghuman Jr. where they played brothers (yes another gay brother movie).

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/23

Johnathan Cherry
He was Rudy in House of the Dead which ran Saturday on Sci-Fi Channel. He was in the short-lived WB seires Black Sash, Final Destination 2, and Christmas in Boston.

Matt Ryan
He is a FSU Freshman, current quarterback and has a high tolerance for being pummeled.

Unfortunately couldn't find a face pic but did look hot on TV.

Jan Ruschke
Model, not much info on him only that he is 186 cm tall, his waist is European 80 and shoe size 45.

Sunday, October 22

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!

Remember this? If you were a child of the early 90's you might remember a Roger Rabbit-esque adventure featuring the Ninja Turtles, Garfield, Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, the Smurfs, Muppet Babies, Alvin and the Chipmunks, ALF, Slimer, the Duck Tales and more helping a cute little girl's big brother about the dangers of drugs. My parents wanted me to listen to the moral but I was more stoked about my fav characters getting together. It aired on the major networks at the time NBC, ABC, CBS and Univision (in Spanish of course) at the same time. At the time, ALF had a cartoon on NBC Saturday Mornings and the Smurfs were on it too. Remember when NBC had cartoons?

Bugs Bunny was the one hardest on the kid. It didn't seem out of character at all but the music does get a bit heavy and out of place. And don't get me started on how weird it is the Muppet Babies talking about drugs. But that smoke dude was pretty creepy villian. Pretty good writing and colab anyway. The 'say no' song sucks though. Also, how does Simon know about Mari-ja-uana anyway?

In Parts on YouTube

WikiPedia Article

ABC: Ghostbusters, Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny
CBS: Garfield, Ninja Turtles, Muppet Babies
NBC: ALF, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Smurfs

Meredith Grey left THIS GUY?

Poor Finn, but if I knew my guy could do this, I wouldn't leave him for any McDreamy.

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Saturday, October 21

I Hate Borat

Everyone loves this supposedly visiting inmigrant Borat but this poor and offensive caritcurate (that the nation of Kazakhastan are aganist of) by Baron Cohen (Ali G from the Ali G Show and the Madonna video 'Music'). I suggest not to watch his movie/film, but I do live in a free country. What everyone is inspired by is that Baron doesn't break out of character but who gives a flying mierda? Borat is as inspired as a cheap Perfect Strangers Balki knockoff.

Freak Show and Drawn Together Switch Places

Comedy Central thinks they cleverly outsmarted us by switching Freak Show (which convientally was placed after South Park on Wednesdays) and Drawn Together (after an encore South Park on Thursday's places. Now, one might wonder why such a change would occured. My suspicion is that Drawn Together can't draw an audience and from all the rave reviews David Cross' brain child is gathering, it would make sense that it will be able to hold its own on Thursdays. This is a positive outlook other than thinking that the network doesn't like Freak Show so they are burning out eps on Thursday but with all good buzz I hear, I doubt it. I didn't like the idea first but it is a fairly good show. What the promotions fail at is saying that just because they are handicap, they will fail but fail to explain that a closeted republican becomes a big bear, I thought it was just a S&M guy they were considering a freak.