Friday, November 9

Flaws with Premise of Playing For Keeps

Gerard Butler plays a soccer player in Playing For Keeps (2012)----one of his nine upcoming projects and he is after one woman, 'the one that got away.' The problem is that the woman he is after is Jessica Biel, who is 30 years old. Gerard Butler will be 43 on November 13th. Gerard is 13 years older than Jessica. Jessica would had have like a 12 year span from being 18 to being 30 to have dated Gerard. When Jessica was 18, he was 31 approximately. I mean, it is not a leap but I find the premise hilarious. I mean, it is socially acceptable these days for an older man and younger woman. But there is a double standard with older women and younger men.

Monday, November 5

Homophobic elf in Rise of the Guardians?

 In the upcoming Dreamworks movie "Rise of the Guardians," a male elf kisses another male elf in the trailer. So the one that gets kissed, closes his eyes and punches the other away. Now this is of course out of context but still looks pretty bad. I would have to see the movie to see if the elf just doesn't like being kissed, but I am around kids a lot and they take a lot of trailers in as truth. Some can't afford to see the movie, and only see the trailer commercials. And many kids hit each other. Maybe I am taking this too seriously.

I'm not the only one that feels this way: 
@MicahNR: WTF ? A male elf kisses another on the cheek in rise of the guardians trailer then gets punched in the face?

Thursday, November 1

Jem 2012 Dolls at $135!

 Maybe I am a month late but here it is, what we have been waiting for. And wow! Awesome work! They are releasing three dolls but they are for $135. But they are fully poseable! These are soooo made for collectors, it is not even funny. 

 We got Jerrica, who can turn into Jem. I am surprise Pizzazz is not part of this group because they did release Halloween costumes of her.

 Rio is so hot! And they have him in show-accurate clothing, which is not available before. Even with mundane cream and brown colors, he still looks so handsome!

 Synergy has show-accurate clothes and looks fabulous! Who is synergy? She was the computer that made Jerrica into Jem!

At the SDCC 2012, this Hollywood Jem was revealed. Pre-orders are sold out!