Friday, June 30

My Sailor Moon Dream Cast

For you who don't know, there was a live-action Sailor Moon in 2003 done with Japanese girls. It was great. I can't get over the Japanese Live-action version of Pretty Solider Sailor Moon. Back when, there was talks about a live-action movie done by Disney and Geena Davis. I must repeat that this is all my doing. This is my dream cast. These are young actors I think can fit the bill. For characters like Amy who have blue hair, I would espect the same thing as the show where a black hair girl would transform and don a wig. Sailor Moon pictures from Shingestu web. For video on the series, there is plenty on YouTube. There is also fan-subtitled DVDS out there.

Disclaimer: These picks were done before Gossip Girl and Juno came out.

Sailor Mercury/Amy Mizuno (Amy)
Jena Malone
Age: 21
She has a sweet cherub face and fierce tongue, she can handle Ami’s one-liners. They’d probably have to put glasses on her like the PGSM version (Hama Chisaki).
Best known for: Saved!, Donny Darko

Sailor Mars/Rei Hina (Raye)
Ellen Page
Age: 19
She has a sharp tongue and exudes confidence and vulnerability at that same time, she could play most of these characters except for perhaps Usagi.
Best known for: Hard Candy/X-men: The Last Stand

Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino (Lita)
Blake Lively
Age: 19
She can dye her hair. She is tall: 5’8” I see Makoto as a tomboy trying to show off her feminine side by doing ‘girly’ things like cooking and cleaning. Blake would good at this.
Last seen in:
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sailor Venus/Minako Aino (Mina)

Amanda Bynes
Age: 20
Could just as well be Usagi. I am picturing the PGSM version of Minako (Komatsu Ayaka), a more serious role and I think it is about time Amanda shows her serious side. She may be the only ‘teeny bopper’ actress I’ve pick from the bunch.
Best Known for:
What I like about you, All That, The Amanda Show

Sailor Moon/Usagi Tskunio (Serena)
Amanda Michalka
Age: 15
Last seen in:
Six Feet Under
She fits the bill and is sweet enough to pull off charming the other girls.
Best known as: Alyson (
Phil of the Future)’s sister

Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba (Darien)
Justin Chatwin
Age: 23
Maybe a tad close in age to the other actresses I picked but a good rough look to him.

Last Seen in: War of the Worlds

Motoki Furuhata/Andrew (Crown Plaza employee)
Greg Cipes
Age: 26
Best Known for: Voice Actor for Beast Boy in
Teen Titans and others
He can handle comedy and the PGSM version of Motoki is real fun.
He is a turtle-loving goof, still cute though and after Makoto's heart.

Naru Osaka /Molly
Emma Roberts
Age: 15
She is sweet and nice, has acting skills. Knowing her family, she is a jewel in the rough.

Wednesday, June 28


It finally happened and thank god it is not returning to FOX! After Family Guy got renewed, all the legal stuff and I guess gathering of all voice talent and artists and writers to make this happen. Futurama will have atleast 13 new episodes on COMEDY CENTRAL, of all places in 2008. Strange place to put it but it did air on TBS and Mun2 (in Spanish) for a while.

Nip/Tuck Season 4 brings Richard Chamberlain

Guess what everyone! Nip/Tuck is coming back this fall for its fourth season and Richard Chamberlain (Thorn Birds, Shogun, Dr. Kildare) 72, will guest star in the second episode. TV Guide magazine claims he makes a 'rare appearance' but he has done a couple roles in this century, guest starring in Drew Carrey, Will & Grace, and Hustle. Not so rare. Anyway, they made a point that he revealed he's gay three years ago. Maybe the reason he guested in Will & Grace but I don't remember.

Anyhoo, he was a big heathrob back when and he believes that it was best he kept his sexuality a secret. In Nip/Tuck, he plays a gay millionare Arthur Stiles. Now, these days it is still dicey for an actor to reveal their sexuality but good for him that he is getting respect now. In the episode, he brings in his young lover (Thad Luckinbill also from a soap, The Young and the Restless) to McNamara/Troy. Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) makes the guess that Siles is trying to make his lover look like a younger version of himself. In Nip/Tuck tradition Arthur Stiles is a 'man of questionable character.' Apparently this is based on actual events, specifically something Liberace had done.

I wanted to find out if it was true that Liberace did this to his lovers and found an CNN interview between Larry King and former lover Scott Thorson (who wanted palimony at one point) in 2002. Click here for it and here is an excerpt from it:

KING: All right, as I said, you do sound like him, and anybody watching this now will notice the inflections. What do you mean plastic surgery?
THORSON: ...I put on quite a bit of weight. And Lee was not very happy with me. And through his hairdresser, [omitted] he was introduced to a man [omitted] which was a plastic surgeon..... As a matter of fact, I just had the implant for my chin taken out.
KING: To make you look what?
THORSON: ..And Lee
(Liberace) was introduced to the doctor and he says, "I want you to come with me." And Lee walked him through -- went into the -- you know, into the bedroom and said -- there was a picture of Liberace. Oh, I guess he was probably in his 30s, Larry. He says, "I want you to create Scott to look like me when he was younger; so he looks like my son." He wanted me as his son. But at the same time, he wanted me as his lover.
KING: Bizarro.
THORSON: Bizarro, time.

I can't believe it but wow, sounds plausible. Also, if you got enough money, any um, self-love can happen. I forget the love for it. Neptisim? no that's not it. But wierder things have happened on Nip/Tuck. Thad Luckinbill looks pretty happy in the picture at the top anyway. Let's compare young Richard Chamberlain and Thad Luckinbill's looks.

He looks familar? Well, he was the object of everyone's attention in Buffy the Vampire Slayer seventh season episode "Him" where a football jacket made everyone attracted to him even resident Lesbian Willow.

Richard Chamberlin even did the voice of the narator for Saban's The Little Mermaid American dub.

He was recently on CSI. Thad looks like he has been through enough plastic surgery or skinnier than he was before. Strange since history has shown that blondes in Hollywood tend to get chubbier (Leonardo Di Caprio, Nick Carter, Anthony Michael Hall (Edward Scissorhands anyone?), etc.)

Richard in Dr. Kildare, he has been in a thirty-year old relationship with his partner Martin Rabbett and live together in Hawaii.

Hot Picture of the Week: Topher Grace

Here is a hot pic of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3. I sure like their take on Eddie's character so far. As for the Spider-Man stunt dpible picture, check out those abs and thighs. Mercy!

Double duty for Wendi

A week ago I was worried about Wendi McLendon-Covey leaving Reno 911! for Lifetime's Lovespring International but thank god Reno 911!'s third season is premiering Sunday July 9th. Not to mention their movie Reno 911!: Miami. In a recent article of TV Guide, she says her husband of ten years inspired her to pursure her career in comedy/improv. Smart hubby.

Tuesday, June 27

Transamerica Review

I recently saw Transamerica which I was meaning to watch. With the height of Capote and Brokeback Mountain, people couldn't help but say 'ooh there is alot of gay movies out there.' They no longer say 'ooh there is alot of African-American movies out there.' Hollywood has finally figured out it doesn't matter if their main characters are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, the movie isn't necessarily about it. In fact, when I first heard of the title Transamerica, I thought it was some kind of vampire-technology movie. That's my wierd mind because Dolly Parton (who sang the Oscar-nominated theme) thought it was just about traveling the country.

The movie is the first for the director but not noticable but what is noticable is the budget. Now, the movie is a road trip movie but doesn't really feel like it. Only going from New York to the south to Arizona, it doesn't feel like a full America showcase. Bree (Felicity Huffman) is a week away with the surgery that will make her a woman, she is completely 'stleath', not much into the Transgender community. She gets a call from Toby (Kevin Zegers who has been in many teeny bopper roles), the son of Stanley, her 'body history' which she wants to get away from. Her therapist holds the signature she needs for the surgery hostage until she sees her son.

Where I am used to Felicity being a mom in Desperate Housewives and she indeed did this before the show but her motherly-ness is still felt. Bree learns to be an adult and mom, when what she thought she needed to be was a mother. Bree is a selfish prude at first but you still love her. Critics have said that when they go see her parents, it gets Soap-Opera-ish, it indeed feels like the movie takes a halt but her sister is not to be missed. Great scenes. As for Toby, he is a child and so vulnerable, a sexual being, he looks for love and want in the wrong places. He believes that all he is good for is sex. My mom thought he was gay, I don't think they will ever understand. He doesn't need definition. When he discovers Bree's biological secret, he feels betrayed.

I think they really did good by picking Kevin. He is indeed a good actor and needs to evolve in adult roles. Many dismiss him for all his previous roles and a big deal to teen girls. He is a pro, done many roles since he was little and has done House and the new Dawn of the Dead. Transamerica is a lovely movie, Bree is a great character and this movie is a showcase for her.

Presenting Taylor Kitsch

Well all ya'll may be saying 'Oh Gerald is posting more guys he thinks is cute.' Well that may be true, but also this Model/Actor/Nutritionist Taylor Kitsch will be not only in the new NBC drama Friday Night Lights based on the movie and true lives but also in Snakes on Plane, the much-hyped Samuel L. Jackson flick.
If he is in so much hits then he must then just be the 'Flavor of the Summer'. He has an impresive modeling resume, modeled for Diesel, Liz Claiborne, Clairol, and of course Abercrombie & Fitch.
Also in my favorite article in Cosmo Girl magazine, highlighting models. He also guest starred in Godivas and will be in John Tucker Must Die, mentioned before in my 'Unknown Hotties of the Week.'
I of course did a post on this because there are plenty nice pics on him on his website.

Monday, June 26

The O.C.'s Michael Cassidy in Zoom

You may not recognize Michael Cassidy but he played Zach Stevens in The O.C., Summer's rebound guy. He was an unknown and now bascially is one again since he is off the show. He will be in the upcoming potential bomb (or kid's cult hit) Zoom.
Zoom stars Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, the go-to precocious kid Spencer Breslin, Kata Mara (Enis' daughter Alma Jr in Brokeback Mountain and Matt's Lesbian girlfriend Vanessa in Nip/Tuck) and newcomer Ryan Newman the third as superhero kids taught by a former superhero. Much like last year's Sky High.

Michael sports a more feathery hair-do looking like Taylor Hanson. His power seems to be invisiblity. Bad choice for such a beautiful creature.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 6/26 White Boy Round

White Boy Round
Nick Steele
Who has a real cool name and a website. He was guested in the eight season of Charmed as Whit, a guy who speed dated Paige and made her realize she wanted to be herself again. which always had hunks in their show. He even played Kevin Federline in Date Movie and Meet the Spartans. Ironically, he went on to star in a commercial with Britney Spears for her Fantasy perfume as 'the hunter.' He was even I Wanna Be a Soap Star on the Soap cable network. He's 26, 6 feet tall and born to an Australian father and American mother.

Matt Dallas
He is the star of Kyle XY, a new original homoerotic ABC Family series. He will be 24 in October and is two months younger than me. Born in Phoenix, Arizona and was in small roles just since last year. He narrates Kyle XY and barely talks outloud.

Penn Badgley
This 19 year old beauty who was in the short-lived WB series Do Over about a man who travels back in time to his High School days. He was recently in the other short-lived Bedford Diaries but thank god that ended. He has lots of projects in the works. As Jesse Matcalfe's brother in John Tucker Must Die. Also the TV series 3 lbs. (Three Pounds).

Shane Meier
He is a 29 year old Canadian actor that still looks young. He was in NBC's Matthew Shepard story.
I saw him in a movie called Silverwolf with the guy Michael Biehn from the first Terminator.
He was in one episode of Tru Calling but recently in Supernatural.

Wednesday, June 21

Murderball Rant

Usually I would do a review, I saw Murderball, great movie, but I still got to reasses it or see it again to do a review. The eye candy attraction is Mark Zupan but the true star and were there is real development is the bitter Joe Bishop. Calling him bitter isn't fair but he is a wonderful person to see in movie form. This is a documentary if none of ya'll know. Joe Bishop, was in the U.S. wheelchair rugby team. He was a champion, then there was rift and then he became the Canadian coach. The movie goes through the motions as he perpares his team to beat his former team.

Yes Mark is hot, he has this redneck rock star jock quality. When people said 'All-American' they think cleancut, blonde, blue eyes, corn-fed but he is a true American. Being himself and relax with himself and kicks ass.

The Heat Won

As a proud Miami-ian (I want to get out of this city!) I am happy to say that the Miami Heat won the playoffs. Shaq ofcourse mumbling at the press confrence as always. I had a feeling today there would be a seventh game but I was wrong. Yeah, I said it. There was only six. I like basketball out of all sports. I'm not crazy about sports to begin with. They are okay but just not my thing. Bye Dirk. I rather have Manu anyday.

Rescue Me: Probie's Sexual Orientation Comfirmation

In my last post I was wondering about the Probie's orientation and TV Guide has asked the question to cocreator Peter Tolan. He said, "Probie is a character who has been searching for love---in many cases, in the wrong places. What he finds is not love but compaionship and sexual release. But he's a confused guy, and I don't think he he's gay." The article goes on to say that the show has an 'unhealthy fixation with homsexuality' and they wanted to bug the hell out of Michael Lombrardi, the actor. Tolan continues with "But once we committed to it, we thought 'We've got to protect our character and do right him, so let's really make this plausible." Now this is where my own words come in... If they are now being true to the character, why leave it as a teaser and just lay it out in the open. Now, if the cocreator believes Mike isn't gay, then this may not end well. Or he can just be bisexual but Tolan doesn't want to label him, so might as well be.

Tuesday, June 20

Anatoliy Tymoschuk and Urkaine Players

Looking for hotties for my World Cup Special was easy but I found it hard to find any pics of the Urkanie players. Perhaps because there are not many Urkainian sites or because of the characters needed.

But I did find a site on Anatoliy Tymoschuk (Анатолій Олександрович Тимощук). Here are plenty of pics. He was born March 30, 1979 in what is now Lutsk, Urkaine.

Sporting the ripped jean look.
Sporting the no shirt look.
And just plain sporting.
He had the long hair look for a while.
Him and his wife have a daughter together.

His fellow player:
Andriy Nesmachny
There is like three 'Andriys' on this team but he's the handsomest. He was born Feb. 28, 1979 in Brjansk. He is just a month older than Anatoily.

Added June 21, 2006....

Andriy Shevchenko
Born in Dvirkivschyna, Ukraine September 29, 1976. His nickname is Sheva and he was a boxer at an early age but because of his size restrictions, he was forced to go into futbol. Andriy was 9 when the Chernobyl disaster happened in April 1986. His village wasn't not far from Chernobyl and was also affected making his family one among thousands who had to abandon their homes and relocate to the coast to escape the after-effects.