Thursday, September 30

Project Runway Heartbreaking

The pattern challenge was a heartbreaking episode (most of the designer's mothers came and Chris' man and Michael's son). Truly, other than April & Mondo, their patterns and outfits were ugly and boring. Valerie was awesome by telling each designer what she liked about them. Very classy. Finally, the cheating episode is next week.

Better With You Review/Sitcom Problems

"Better With You" is a new sitcom on ABC on Wednesday nights airing along with the three new hits from last season--"The Middle," "Cougartown" and the coveted "Modern Family." Last year, "Scrubs" took the 8pm lead before it was canceled and they would air reruns of either The Middle or Modern Family at 8 during the summer. Lots of magazine and websites have been saying 'the sitcom is back,' this ABC took as 'the bad sitcom' can be back. "Better With You" is any other cookie-cutter sitcom from the 90's, what killed the sitcom. Reality TV didn't kill sitcoms, the laugh track killed sitcoms. Granted, kid's shows on Nick and Disney have laugh track but that isn't network television. "Better With You" wouldn't be different in any other era. It is about three couples from three different generations, much like Modern Family, they are family.

Two sisters and their parents. 20-somethings not married, expecting a child (Joanna Garcia), thirty-somethings married for a couple years and the parents married for like over 20 years and retired (Debra Jo Rupp). It has its funny moments and the quick wit of Jo Rupp is killer. Garcia has experience from "Reba" and Jo Rupp was on "That 70's Show," and the inexperience of the others shows. Kurt Fuller is indeed a character actor and has been on sitcoms before but never as a lead, and with Jo Rupp, they just don't gel. But what bugs me most of the show is the multiple cameras and laugh track. Network executives don't understand that the reason sitcoms like "The Middle," "Cougartown" and "Modern Family"were successful because they are single camera and HAVE NO LAUGH TRACK.

And they put "Better With You" in between the shows, following "The Middle." It is in the title, they show have it in the middle of the schedule. I am sure they thought if they put "Better With You" first or last, people would ignore it. And for good reason, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I think if they got rid of the laugh track and went single camera and changed some of the cast, they would have another hit.

For example, NBC knows what they are doing. With Thursday nights, their comedy shows are single camera and have no laugh tracks. "Community" and "Outsourced" are much in the same style, like mini movies. "Outsourced" is quite funny and the characters are interesting and relateble, even though it takes place in a foreign country.

Sunday, September 26

Family Guy "And Then There Were Fewer"

Season 9 premiere is a 'whodunnit' episode inspired by the board game "Clue" and it is called "And Then There were Fewer" Two-Parter. These two episodes includes pretty much everyone from the show except for Lois' parents, the gang are invited to a big mansion for a dinner, arranged by James Woods, asking for amends. There is no flashbacks and pretty dramatic moments but surprisingly good storytelling. Yes, there is a lot of jokes, but you know what, for the FOX broadcasting, the jokes weren't distasteful, albeit for the jokes picking on fat people of course. There is only 2 new players, obviously to be fodder. Not to spoil much but pretty much all the killings are female characters, just two male, some known characters but all pretty much minor. As revelations go, it was good writing and good acting from Lori Ann too. The ending is semi-satisfying and pretty atypical of the show.

Saturday, September 25

Taran Killam on SNL, being the second to have also been on MADtv

MADtv is over but Taran Killam is a new cast member for Saturday Night Live's 36th season, making him the 2nd SNL cast member who previously worked on its former rival show MADtv (the first being Jeff Richards).

Kids do not watch network television

Children don't watch network television, they just don't, they are addicted to cable. Children from a young age to six or seven only watch Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nick Toons, Disney Channel and ABC Family. Children from eight or nine to twelve start watching History, Discovery Channels and Animal Planet and Comedy Central. Then Teenagers, you know, they will watch Jerry Springer on Syndication but that's as far as it goes for network, some will watch CW and all other cable channels like MTV, VH1, and BET. I know this as a Substitute teacher. Kids under the age of 8 know nothing about ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, they don't know what that is.

Thursday, September 23

Project Runway this week Review - Lorelei Project

Valerie said her dress was Rainbow Brite on crack and it was not, it was WHITE. Rainbow Brite on crack, would be a giant amount of colors, crazy rainbow look. AND I didn't like Nina's Guatemala comment. That did not look Guatemalan at all, no dress at all looked Guatemalan at all! I say this because my parents are from Guatemala. Varlie clarified that her family is from Guatemala and Nina then said 'no offense.' I am a bit offended because it meant Guatemala style is tacky. But bygones, she apologized, it's over. Also, I didn't like Andy's Reese-cups on his model's high-end dress.

Tuesday, September 21

Catch Me If You Ken - Fashion's Night Out

On September 9, 2010 for Fashion Night Out in New York, there was a truck that went around with six models as Ken Dolls and had three models for taking pictures.

Jason Morgan is the one in the middle in the blue jacket.

Above (left to right): Gallery Date, Movie Date, Picnic Date, Surf Date, Formal Date, and Tennis Date. I want to know who played them.

Formal Date is the brunette in the tuxedo, the bottom says "He's Always ready for a night on the town!" The Tennis Date says "He's got hot moves on and off the court!" The African-American one is the Picnic Date and the bottom says "He's a Breath of Fresh Air!" Not sure who played the others. Correct me if I was wrong.

The Asian one is the Gallery Date and the bottom says, "He truly is a work of Art!" The shirtless one is Surf Date is played by Chet Corey, the bottom says "He makes Sunsets Sizzle!" Movie Date, bottom says "He's Always a Showstopper." Not sure who played the others.

Damon W, Jeff Tomsik and Adam Miller also played Kens at Meets and Greets.

Monday, September 20

Elizabeth Hassleback Bitch

I thought I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt but she has gotten super bitchy this Monday. Okay she is opinionated but she just goes crazy quickly. Last week she was so adamant that old people would have to pay taxes. She snapped at joy when she insinuated that she was pro-life. She even got face to face with Sherry about having a rule against in vitro fertilization for people who might be able to afford it, in respect of Octo-Mom, Elizabeth just jumped on the subject.

Saturday, September 18

Huggies Commercial using same baby for both genders

There is this Huggies Commercial in which has a 1 year old and his parents and family and the baby communicates through a puppet, shocking the parents. In the first version, it is a boy and it is harsh, he says his dad blames him for gas. But now there is a girl version that uses the same baby and it is the same exact commercial, but a female voice and it is a little softer, it is about what the girl wants. I am all for gender equality, but this is really awkward.

Boy one:

Girl one:

Wednesday, September 15

Evangeline Lilly Livelinks Chatline still airing

Before Lost, around 2004, Evangeline Lilly did a commercial for "Livelinks Chatline." Those companies that caters to people who watch late-night TV. AND it is still airing! I saw it today at 5:30am on TBS. I wonder how Lilly feels about this and if it is legal, wonder how long she signed the contract for.

Monday, September 13

Wow Rudy and Fox News get what Imam said wrong

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf was interview and said that if the mosque is taken away, it makes a message to the terrorist extremists of the middle east even madder with the United States. Yet Rudy Giuliani and Fox News (surprise surprise) chose to misunderstand and take it as a threat or a 'vieled' threat from Rauf himself. Will this ever end?

Saturday, September 11

Resident Evil: After Life 3-D Review

I reviewed Resident Evil: Extinction three years ago, I had forgotten the ending and this movie picks up where the last one left off. Only three actors from the last movie return: Mia, Ali Lanter, and Spencer Locke as K-Mart. The movie starts out in Japan with beautiful photography. The writer and director of this one is Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote and directed the first one. The last one was not directed by Anderson and it shows a dramatic change. The last movie didn't feel like a video game, this one sure does. The movie does resort to a lot of Matrix moves and slow-motion moves, but it revels in it, tongue in cheek. This is a marvelous ride of action and has its dramatic moments. Mia does seem like she going through the motions at times and even seems as if she is looking at things with fresh eyes. It seems Ali Lanter gave all she could last time, and used it all up because here she isn't given much to say or do. There are some awesome scenes of females kicking ass and not needing men to protect them. We are introduced to yet more 'survivors' and it seems all for naught. Last time we are given a desert, now we get a former jail in the middle of Los Angeles.

This was filmed for 3-D, but there is much eye-popping stuff, some look good, and some are ridiculous---throwing glasses to the screen anyone? Wentworth Miller knows exactly what this kind of movie is so he doesn't overact--taking it too seriously, nor does he ham it up. He plays the right amount of medium-ocity. There are plenty of predictable moments, just one surprise I didn't expect, but it is pretty common once it's done. Shawn Roberts (X-Men, Psych) hams it up as Albert Wesker, with an uber-deep voice and campy performance to make Ceasar Romero blush.


Friday, September 10

Simpsons / Family Guy Character Comparisons

It has been mentioned before to death but I wanted to cover it. At least 15 or more similar characters. Granted not all the characters are exactly the same but some have similar themes.
Homer Simpson / Peter Griffin
I once discussed this with my ex, on how they Homer was like an idiot but not as retarded as Peter. Peter was registered as clinically retarded. Homer has gotten stupider it the years but Peter has gotten less sexist and more tolerant of women and gay people. Peter is older, in his forties and Homer has remained in his thirties. Both had multiple jobs but Homer has stayed at his job at the Nuclear plant.

Marge Simpson / Lois Griffin
Both are wives to fat dumb men and are housewives but that's where the similarities end. Marge has never burned a cigarette on her arm like Lois has. Lois started out as a politically-aware strong woman who was artistic in that hse wanted to be a theater director and she was a piano teacher. But now she has been revealed to be darker, she has done drugs, been with women and etc. Marge has had her moments but not as dark, she is still like an old-school mother.

Maggie Simpson/Stewie Griffin
Other than being babies and being able to handle guns, they are very different. Stewie is a football-headed, British-accent and diabolical, in his plot to kill his mother and rule the world, when he's not distracted by his love for Brian and ambiguous sexuality. Because Maggie doesn't speak, she is rarely used by the writers, but when she is, she can drag Homer from water and pull off dynamic strategies.

Bart Simpson / Chris Griffin
Other than be sons of the main marriage, they are completely different. Chris may seem dim but he has started to be smart in his own way, he has vast knowledge of pop culture but very little about girls. Bart is a bad boy and a sympathetic one. Even though he is 10, he can drive a car.

Lisa Simpson/Meg Griffin
Other than be sons of the main marriage, they are completely different. Lisa is almost a Mensa super genius for a 8 year-old and she is a Buddhist and a vegan. Meg is berated and humiliated by her family. They have two similarities: They have little to no friends and are misunderstood by their parents. In the future, Lisa becomes President and Meg becomes a man named Ron.

Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II / Brian Griffin
Well Brian speaks for one and he is completely independent character than the two Simpsons pets. But the Simpsons pets have done some amazing feats. Santa's Little Helper has even been a police dog. And Snowball II had been killed by Homer in recent seasons. Brian is an aspiring writer and can't find a good woman, he also has the hots for Lois, he once married her.

Abe Simpson / Francis Griffin
Even though Francis wasn't Peter's biological father, that doesn't matter. He wasn't as dim-witted or prone to spawn long stories like Abe. Abe is a military veteran who lives in a retirement home. Francis is an Irish Catholic who was forced to retire and accidentally killed by Peter.

Lenny Leonard / Glenn Quagmire
Okay, Lenny doesn't have much characterization and they are not similar at all. But they are skinny 'white' best friends of the main fat guy. Lenny has been alluded to have a bromance with Carl. Glenn's close friend was also Cleavland but things got messy when Quagmire cheated with Cleavland 's wife. Quagmire is basically a whore and rapist.

Carl Carlson / Cleavland Brown
They both were black friends of the main fat guys and names first start with the letter 'C'. Cleavland got his own spin-off but before he was a deli owner with a wife and son. Carl works at the nuclear plant with Homer and hangs out at the bar. It has been alluded to that he has a wife, we saw her once but we never heard of it again. Cleavland divorce his wife and his wife then died.

Police Chief Clancy Wiggum / Joe Swanson
Both cops, but Joe is more competent than Wiggum. Both have to storm into the protagonist homes to arrest them or bear bad news. Wiggum has a wife and dim-witted son. Joe Swanson has a wife, daughter and a dead son. Joe is a paraplegic that happened because of an accident, but he is sporty.

Sea Captain / Seamus
Both sea men, ha ha. They are very similar as they pop up for a joke. We don't know the Sea Captain's full name, sometimes it is alluded that he is gay. Seamus, we have discovered is a head on wood.

Apu N. / Carl
Both work at convenience stores. Apu is Hindu, Carl is not. We do not know much about Carl. Apu has a wife and eight kids and has stayed at the Simpsons home and has had episodes centered around him, Carl has not. Carl was Chris and Meg's boss at one point.

Moe Syzlak / Horace
Both own bars that the protagonist hang out at. Horace is a minor character and has never gotten his own episode, nor do we really know anything about him. Moe has though, he is bit depressive, almost even suicidal. Bart used to play pranks on him. Moe has had lady loves from time to time, he even bonded with Maggie on time.

Mayor Quimby / Mayor Adam West
Adam is an exaggerated version of a real life actor. Both are very irresponsible mayors that do crazy things.

Monty Burns / Herbert / Carter Pretersmitt
Well, not so similar, but I think Carter and Herbert can make up one Monty. As Monty is old and rich and evil. Carter is old and rich. Both torment the main fat guys. Herbert is just what the writers use to make old jokes with and so is Monty. Herbert is a pedophile and pervert and has an affinity for Chris.

Kent Brockman / Tom and Diane
They are newscasters. Kent mostly works alone, rarely do we see any other newcasters. Family Guy has a whole team with Tricia and Ollie. Tom has been explored, as he has a son with an upside down and martial problems. Kent has a daughter and has a sister who is in the news biz as well. Kent and Tom both are superficial and self-involved.

Doctor J. Hibert / Doctor Hartman
Both doctors, Hartman is well-meaning but a bit incompetent, or when needed, the voice of reason. Hibert is the voice of reason but he can laugh at inappropriate times.

Judge Roy Snyder / Judge
The Judge in Family Guy has no name, but he is black. Judge Synder changes color form Yellow to Black, but has mostly remained to be black and his toy is black. Roy Snyder is mostly easy going on the simpsons and says 'boys will be boys.' The Family Guy Judge has been hard on Peter.

Wednesday, September 8

Jaime Pressley in Raunchy Axe Commercial

I just recently saw this commercial but apparently it has been around longer. This Youtube video below has been online since January. It is way too obvious an raunchy and I am surprised Jaime Pressley participated in this. Clean your balls!

Anthony Romero has DSLs

Anthony Romero of the ACLU appeared on the Colbert Ropert again last night and he is openly gay and I just want to say that he has DSLs.

Thursday, September 2

Project Runway: Peach has Issues

I am glad that Michael D. was not taken out, because he did a good job and his client liked it Peach was for sure Sweet P and Stella of the season. But she doubted herself too much and I think she calls for drama when not needed. Last challenge, he brought drama with the group when it wasn't needed, I think it was too much for her. I think she made too much about age, she should have just relaxed. But her challenge, I think she chose to quit.