Saturday, September 15

Best of MAD TV: "MADTV ruined my life"

MADtv surprised me tonight with a 'best of.' I can't get enough of MADtv, even with repeats on Comedy Central. Some of my friends re-watch skits on YouTube, but it is nice to see the skits from different seasons next to each other. The 'plot' of this special is the Jerry Springer Show. MADtv has worked with Jerry before, but you got to admit it is a bit outdated. That is why the special is called 'Mad TV ruined my life.' I loved how the only cast member in the special was Nicole Parker, she is the best! She can sing, she is funny and she can make fun of herself. I also like how in the special, she slowly becomes much like one of Jerry Springer's guests.

Next week is as special collection of TV spoofs called "Survivor: MADtv" hosted by Jeff Probst. It seems there will be more of these 'best of' episodes until the real season kicks off November 3rd. Perez Hilton hosts a pop culture spoof special on September 29th, while frequent guest Susan Sarandon hosts "MADtv's Most Wanted," a collection of MAD's all time favorite character sketches. Comedians Dan Oster, Johnny Sanchez and Anjelah Nicole Johnson have also been added to the cast. Sadly, Jewish hottie Ike Barinholtz has departed. Unfortunately Michael McDonald is still part of it. TV Guide considers it a good thing. And no surprise, Nicole Randall Johnson is gone, her comedy is much better on her own, she is better to stick solo.

Some cool videos are that here on the Official site. The site was un-loadable when advertised on the show.

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