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Rats in the media on Entertainment / Entertainment Weekly Magazine covers the famous rats and mice in movies and other media... but I think they just covered ALL the rats ever to grace the screen. Just when you think they wouldn't include the Great Mouse Detective... they did. I am glad they praised animation cult favorite Mrs. Brisby from the 1982 classic The Secret of NIMH. But they did forget the Rats from the Muppets.

Thursday, June 28

Hatshepsut: Foremost of Noble Ladies

It was revealed Wednesday, the long-overlooked mummy of an obese woman has been identified as Queen Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt's most powerful female pharaoh. Hatshepsut is believed to have served as a co-regent from about 1479 to 1458 BC--making her reign longer than any other female ruler of an indigenous dynasty. Following the death of King Tohotmos, his son Tohotmos the second,who was a son for a secondary wife, ascend the throne of Egypt, and he was compelled to support his right to throne to marry his sister Hatshepsut, the daughter of the main wife of the late monarch Tohotmos the 1st. But Hatshepsut did not produce any boys but a female child namely "Nefro Ra." After the death of her husband Tohotmos 2nd, his male son Tohotmos 3rd (from one of the secondary wives) was to take the throne. But due to his age Hatshepsut was allowed to reign as queen dowager. Hatshepsut was not one to sit back and wait for her nephew to age enough to take her place. As a favorite daughter of a popular pharaoh, and as a charismatic and beautiful lady in her own right, she was able to command enough of a following to actually take control as pharaoh. article
Egypt ICT article--more on Zahi Hawass

An inscription at the time details this change in power: 'Came forth the king of the gods, Amun-Re, from his temple, saying: "Welcome, my sweet daughter, my favourite, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare, Hatshepsut. Thou art the king, taking possession of the Two Lands". Josephus writes that she reigned for 21 years and 9 months while Africanus states her reign lasted 22 years, both of whom were quoting Manetho. More description here in Wikipedia.

The Woman King webpage
The Story of Hatshepsut
As the Feminist movement matured, prominent women from antiquity were sought out and their achievements became increasingly publicized. Hatshepsut went from being one of the most obscure leaders of Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century to one of its most famous by the century's end. Biographies such as Hatshepsut by Evelyn Wells romanticized her as a beautiful and pacifistic woman — "the first great woman in History". This was quite a contrast to the 19th-century view of Hatshepsut as a wicked step mother usurping the throne from Thutmose III. The novel Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw kept her as a wicked step-mom.

RBD's Christian Chavez tells all to People En Español

In August's People En Español Magazine, that is available now--Christian Chavez of RBD is interviewed for the first time about his marriage to stylist William "B.J." Murphy. They met when the show Rebelde was filming in Canada and he wanted to give up the show and move there. Anahi convinced him not to and he went to tell his parents. They told him they didn't understand but it was okay. Murphy learned Spanish and eventually got married. The gang fully accepted Christian but he was afraid of how the church would react and parents concerned about their kids, that happen to be fans.

En la revista de People En Español de agosto, que está disponible ahora -- Christian Chavez de RBD se entrevista para la primera vez sobre su unión con el estilista William "B.J." Murphy. Ambos se conocieron cuando ellos viajo a Canada para filmar la telenovela y él deseó dejar la telenovela y moverse allí. Anahi lo hizo entrar en razon a y él hablo con sus padres. Le dijeron que no entendieran 'pero si esto te hace feliz, adelante.' Murphy aprendió Español y consiguió eventualmente se casado. El grupo aceptó completamente a Christian pero él tiena miedo que la Iglesia iva venir encima y la responsable por los niños.

Alfonso says he hasn't seen such a loving couple and that they are a great example. The article also mostly talks about their new show RBD: La Familia, that is airing in Mexico. The article doesn't really goes into details about how some gay people may look very 'out' like Christian and still has problems coming out. The article is mostly a generic 'coming out' article. I mean, some may be saying 'what is the big deal?' But remember, Christian is from Mexico, and all his worries are understandable. For him, dressing wacky and having colorful hairdos was his thing and wasn't obvious for people to realize he was gay. The article also calls him out on saying he wasn't gay in the last article but people have to understand, it was a hard time on him. What is funny is that he shares my birthday, August 7. He's a year young than me. His husband is 2 years younger than him. Well the article is refreshing and I am happy for Christian and BJ. Does anybody else finds it funny that his name is BJ?

Alfonso dice "los admiro muchisimo porque llevan una relaxcion bastante buen a." El artículo también habla sobre todo de su nuevo programa RBD: El la Familia, que está en México. El artículo también reclama su negaxion en una preiva entrevista en el 2006 pero la gente tiene que entender que él tienia miedo. Cuál es divertido es que él comparte mi cumpleaños, el 7 de Agosto. Él es un año mas joven de mí. Su marido es 2 años más joven que él. El artículo es refrescante y estoy feliz para Christian y BJ.

[Un poco que excribir en Ingles era difícil para que yo lo traduzco.]

Kathy Griffin around Drive-by Shooting

Check out the video: shots fired who wants to kill Kathy Griffin

Paparazzi were videoing Kathy Griffin (who I was googling to see if she got any publicity) as she left the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and shots were heard in the background and everyone ducked. The video is pretty freaky because there you see cute little Kathy and then it gets black and floor and screaming. The shooting happened around 2:20 a.m. at Hollywood Boulevard and Orange Drive, said Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Officer April Harding. Two men got into a verbal altercation over a space in a nearby parking lot, Harding said. One guy got winged and seen in the video, he was very eloquent. This happened in early June, all reports were posted on June 15th. I wanna hear what Kathy thinks about what wrote. blog click here

Maria Bamford in Super

Check out all episodes, it is up to 8 now.

I love this comedian and she is awesome and this is a great idea.

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Rescue Me: Tommy's Ego takes blows

The June 27th episode
Season 4, Episode 3

Tommy Gavin can be a real asshole sometimes so its funny to see him brought down a couple pegs. The 'probie', Mike, has always reach out to him because he looked up to him. And especially now that his mom is dying. After begging and begging, and through Tommy's avoiding of Nona (Jennifer Esposito), he goes out with Mike for dinner. Nona is the woman who helped tommy out of the fire from last season's finale. Mike was known for being bi-curious but is now celibate, Tommy acts weird around him. When comforting Mike, he notices the restaurant he took him to was full of male couples. Mike called it 'mandates,' where straight men come to talk about something other than sports, thats why not TV sets are in the restaurant.

While Tommy freaks out, a gay man winks at Tommy and the man's boyfriend comes to Tommy angry. It was a pretty funny scene Luckily Nona walks in and Tommy and Mike clench to her. Nona mentions that there are a lot of 'homos' there. Where I don't necessarily approve of them saying 'homos,' it is pretty common in the show. Mike was going to follow Tommy and Nona but Tommy rebuffs him. When Nona takes Tommy home, she tries to make the moves on him and he backs away. She thinks he has a pride problem because she took him out of the fire but in reality, it is about his performance level. He was told by Sheila (the crazy bitch who raped him and caused the fire) that he couldn't perform sexually, so he wants to take it slow. Nona is convinced he is gay and call him 'princess' and 'sweetness.' While it was mean and homophobic, it was a funny scene. Tommy then gets beat up by his daughter's boyfriend.

Jack and Lem Book Review

When the records and accounts of John F. Kennedy are read, a certain individual by the name of Lem Billings is mentioned and that is where it ends. Some biographies just describe him as JFK's childhood friend from Choate (high school) and ends at that. But he was actually there in the White House until Jack (how he is called throughout the book) died. It is rarely known or even publicly knowledged that Kirk LeMoyne Billings (Lem's full name) was gay. Well the word 'gay' is thrown around a lot, I find the word 'homosexual' too medical but in the end, he wasn't really out of the closet. This all comes from the book Jack and Lem by David Pitts. David Pitts was crazy about Jack and kept coming across Lem's name and did some more research and this book developed.

Saying Jack and Lem were best friends doesn't give their relationship justice, the author and I agree that they were life partners, not in a sexual manner but they were always there for each other. Lem was Jack's number #1 go-to guy and Jack was pretty much the love of Lem's life. They met in the 30's as teenagers in an all boy school. And as commonly known among gay men, straight boys will play around and would jack off in front of each other or have a masturbation circle. Now, the book details about a ritual if one boy wanted to engage with another boy, he would write a note on toilet paper because it is so easily disposable. Such a note from Lem to Jack existed and briefly mentioned by Jack in a letter to Lem, basically a off-the-collar rejection. No one knows what was written on the toilet paper but those two.

Lem was an attractive individual when he was young but Jack ripped on him about his looks and how women weren't interested in him. The author Pitts deduces that Jack did know Lem was gay and accepted and still want to be his friend. Lem frequently spent time at the Kennedy estates to the point that Teddy Kennedy realized he wasn't his older brother until he was three years old. Jack's parents considered Lem like a son and often wrote recommendation letters for him. After Jack's death, Lem became close to Jack's brother Robert, they weren't as close as he was with Jack but Robert's death did effect him. Lem still stayed close to the Kennedys. Lem had a squeaky voice and always made people laugh with his sardonic humor. With a high pressure family like the Kennedys where when an older son died, the next son felt it was his duty to fulfill the political dream (which was thrust upon not only on Robert but on Jack after Joseph died in 1944)--the Kennedys relaxed with Lem. Lem kept their mind off things. Especially for Jackie and Jack in the White House, they enjoyed having him around.

Lem had his own room in the White House. The guards and secret service knew who he was and he had no pass the whole time he was there. Some people thought he was secret service. After Jack and Robert died, Lem put it on himself to educate the young Kennedys about Jack and Robert, because the older Kennedys felt talking about them when they were alive was too sad. Lem even took Bobby Jr. under his wing for a while. The Wikipedia article is just a few sentences and it does mention Jackie didn't want Lem around at the kids in the end because he was an alcoholic. The book doesn't mention this but it does mention that Lem did get depend on alcohol because he was depressed and heartbroken. Jackie and Lem's relationship was love and hate, sometimes they didn't get along but they got along because of their love for Jack. It is also little known that Lem was the one to encourage Jackie to refurnish the White House.

The book gets a bit repetitive, redundant if you will but it is a sweet fascinating story. I admit I was expecting a little bit more about Lem's personal life but it happens that he was very discreet. Advocate Magazine, in which I learned about the book, believes Lem was sort of protected within the silence regarding gay people, because no one questioned the President if his best friend and constant companion was gay, they probably speculated but never mentioned it. The most sexual encounters that are mentioned are JFK's, his constant womanizing and various ladies. Curiously, Marilyn Monroe is not mentioned in the book. In the early days, Jack would send Lem to fetch his women and in some cases, break up with them for him. I never was really interested in Jack before this book and learned a lot about him. I had no idea how rebellious he was. Lem and Jack were considered rebellious in Choate as they were part of a group referred to as 'The Muckers." Maybe in a nerdy way, Jack's act of rebellion was to sneak into Germany when no American could.

The book does mentioned some men Lem was probably with, but no real details. There is one chapter that details about being gay in America, basic stuff I know about Stonewall; and how Lem did think about what impact it would be if he came out, being close to the Kennedys and all. He really wasn't a public figure, till today not many knew he was Jack's close friend. But back then, it might have made waves if people found out that the President's best friend was gay and had his own room in the White House. The chapter on gay life sort of makes up for the lack of mentioning of it in the middle of the book. The author is very open minded and handles the subjects of gender, sexual orientation and identity with dignity and respect. Lem died in 1981 of an heart attack at home and some believe his heart had been broken for a long time. Many personal friends said he was heart broken after Jack died, even more after Robert did. Lem's dying wish was for his casket to be carried and lowered in the plot by the Kennedy boys. When they arrived to the cemetery, they found the casket already in place. So to honor his memory, they took it out, took it around and then lowered in the plot. Jack and Lem's relationship wasn't scandalous or anything, but dependent. How Pitts eloquently puts it, theirs was a life partnership but not sexual. I think it shows how a great man Jack was, that his close friend was gay and he didn't matter to him.

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Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 3 Review

"The List is Life"
Spoilers Abound

As school starts, everybody's favorite annoying repenting skank Hillary (Chelan Simmons) appears and there is a 'list' that will come out listing the 'best' or 'most' of everybody, pretty much judging everybody. Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) fears it as much as Hillary does but also starts his new job at the local hangout (which seems to be the new common set in the show from now on) and finds an admirer in Andy (Magda Apanowicz), a eccentric gamer. Hillary and Lori do a 're-virginate' ritual, which is pretty much lame but it is refreshing to see treated with an open mind and so frank (they ask Amanda what 'virgins' do to pass the time) in this family show. Nicole hasn't gone back to her job as a child psychiatrist because she is doubting herself because of her inability to get through to Kyle, who is sticking to not telling Declan (or anyone for the matter) the truth. And with that, Declan is really down and avoiding Lori (April Matson)--she takes it personally. I love her new hair-do by the way. By the way, Ballantine (Conrad Coates) shocks Emily Hollander with a drastic change to XX (Jaimie Alexander).

The episode lags in the first half but kicks into high gear in the second half. Everything pretty much comes together and falls apart. Now, here are the spoilers. Declan has been avoiding Lori and when Lori confronts him, he makes a decision that just doesn't make sense and you wish didn't happened. But usually, with teenagers, it is like this. The show leads you to believe that the reason he breaks up with her because he is crushed because Kyle refuses to let him in. Now this adds to my theory that Kyle and Declan's relationship is an underlining subtext Gay relationship. This is common in early movies and some still believe about Bert and Ernie and Chandler and Joey. Well, I find their relationship refreshing, gay or not. Declan protects Kyle even when he saves a girl from a burning house and he isn't burned. It irks Kyle that the boyfriend of crush of his life Amanda--Charlie has told her the truth of his cheating. He wants to tell her the truth but his friends tell him to stay clear. Needless to say, in a heartbreaking scene (albeit being a bit cliche, it still clenches the heart) the 'List' mentioning before and mentioned in the title lists Charlie as 'biggest slut' much to Amanda's disbelief.

Then and there, Amanda decides to come clear but what is even worse, not only Amanda and Charlie are over and Amanda discovered the truth, Amanda also deduced that this information was what Kyle wanted to tell her. She tells him that he should have told her--adding emotional blow. The show is so smart that instead of having just a plain girl being saved by Kyle in a burning house--she was one of the girls Charlie was cheating with. Also adding another dynamic in this family show, more family--Jessi XX is made to believe that Emily Hollander her sister, making Hollander responsible for her. Jessi XX is inputed information like a computer, entering a scary notion to the mythology---that it could possible that Kyle's memories can be wiped. This definitely going to be interesting.

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Who are you calling a Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker!

This is hilarious! I love the line "Lint Licker."

Unknown Hotties of the Week 6/25/07

David Wright
24 year old All-Star Third Baseman for the New York Mets is like 4 months younger than me.
Here on Caramelitos Baronil

In 2005, he began the David Wright Foundation to increase awareness about multiple sclerosis and to raise money for multiple sclerosis organizations and projects.

Wright's at bat songs this year are "Me & U" by Cassie and David Bowie's "Fame". He recently appeared on the cover of Men's Health Magazine.

Brendan Mackey
Irish actor, he trained as an apprentice electrician, he then auditioned for and won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and won the Sir Anthony Hopkins Scholarship.

He studies Jeet Kune Do and Kali and is a skilled boxer. His movies include Fated, 48 Angels, Boxed, and 9 Dead Gay Guys.

Brian Kolodziej
Has had guest spots on "Grounded for Life" and "American Dreams." He was featured in the movies Flight of the Living Dead and The Girl Next Door. He was also in the pilot of "Gay Robot."

Brian graduated from Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan in 1997. He moved to California five years after graduating High School.

Friday, June 22

Jeffrey Donovan's Burn Notice Shooting at my neighborhood!!!

Never did I imagine any American English-speaking television show would shoot in my neighborhood. This morning I saw a bunch of trucks parked in this spooky area that was abandoned--pictured below. It used to be a children's nursery but was closed down and then collapsed and now homeless people live there. Anyhoo, they were blocking off a lot of areas and the cars couldn't get through. I went down there and asked what they were filming--as soon as they told me "Burn Notice" it made sense. Because the show is set in Miami.

Here from Google Maps, the area a few months ago. I am glad they picked us (Allapattah--not even other Miami residents know where it is), this is the real Miami--not Miami Beach. So, I went to where they were filming in a local dollar store and an AD (I suppose) told me to be in their way. The dollar store always smells but when I passed by the open window and saw Jeffrey Donnovan delivering a monologue, it smell so much better--like a breath of fresh air. It is scorching hot and it is crowded in the store, so I went my merry way. I heard they have been shooting since Monday and will be finishing up tomorrow. I will definitely be snopping for more info or an autograph.

Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of him, took one as I was passing by, also there is not much to take pictures of. This is the place they were shooting in-- La Auxiladora Dollar Store.

Thursday, June 21

Bad Taste in a News Byte about death

One of the local news stations just did a news byte, a teaser for the nightly news and they just said something in bad taste. A couple fell down a 50 foot fall and died and were naked. The announcer said "We will bare all." That is just plain distasteful. Two people just died.

NBC News article

Halifax article

The autopsy is to be done Thursday--I don't know which Thursday it will be. No one knows yet what they were doing but the Taxicab driver that discovered their bodies, believe that they were having sex. Clothing was discovered on the roof.

Video: Gay Robot Pilot

Gay Robot

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This is a MySpace Exclusive pilot of "Gay Robot" written and starring Nick Swardson. Also has ultra hottie Brian Kolodziej. It is hilarious but there is alot of wigger talk that is annoying. "You can't put a speedo on a filing cabient and expect me to bust a nut." is my favorite line.

Tuesday, June 19

Honeys, it is Prince PHILIP--not Charming

Okay, a few months ago, David Beckham posed as Prince Philip from "Sleeping Beauty" for Disneyworld (and Scarlett Johansson was Cinderella).
How he feels about here on YouTube (the crew is from Spain apparently)

I have noticed people call the character Prince Charming... Even Disneyworld fans call him Prince Charming. Okay, let's get something straight---none of the Princes were ever called 'Charming' in the movies. In "Snow White," he was simply referred to as 'the Prince.' Everywhere else he is referred to as 'Prince Charming.' Now, in "Cinderella" all the official stuff calls him Prince Charming but nowhere in the movies is he referred to as Prince Charming.

Other than Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid," Philip is one of the only Disney Princes that has a name! I remember loving Philip, he was so kickass fighting the dragon and was a hot little prince, and was rebellious. I liked his relationship with his dad.

Pictures from here at

Wha? Fantastic on top and Pirates is 'Four'

I know it is Tuesday so I am a bit late but it is still shocking that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is number one in the United States and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End that has been at number one for a couple of weeks has been pushed to number four. I wanted to help Knocked Up but at least it stays at number 3. At least they are still hanging in there. The reason I saw Fantastic Four, is because I went with my cousins and their children. Well, that was interesting. It will get much interesting when Transformers, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and The Simpsons comes out.

Entertainment Weekly Online Movie Charts

The last addition to Smallville: Supergirl

The last from the comics to be added to "Smallville" will be Kal-El's cousin Kara, who will added to the cast. I have only seen the Green Arrow episodes for obvious reasons, so I don't know what's going on now. I have pretty much stop watching. The role has not be casted yet. She will have more powers than Clark--she can actually fly and connect him more to Krypton. On the Animated Series of Superman, Kara was added as a cameo character and later became a integral part of "Justice League Unlimited". During the 90's, to attract more comic book readers, more complicated storylines were made for Supergirl--who first died in the first generation.

What is the importance of labels between straight and gay?

This is not from an article or anything I heard. Just from the old noggin. I was thinking about something a straight guy asked me a while back, that why was it so important about gay pride. Instead of getting mad, I asked him what he meant. In his mind, gay and straight are equal and he doesn't go around saying 'straight pride' and separating himself from others. I explained to him that there is no need for 'straight pride' because everyone is expected to be heterosexual. He then asked me why bother? I was like, well, we are oppressed all our lives and then when we can come out, we are proud about it and want to say it. It got to me thinking, why are these labels so important if we try to dismantle labels?

Some ignorant people see gay people and say, 'They don't look gay.' They expect a flamboyant man or a butch woman. Then other people get confused with transgender individuals that are female to male and butch lesbians. I always say there isn't an easy this or that. Our need to label people or group them, is fear of the unknown. We want everything nicely packaged. The term 'Transgender' is not even accepted by my Firefox spell checker. Awful. Anyhoo, most straight guys hear that I am gay and then instantly say they are straight. Some people that didn't label themselves is writer Gore Vidal, who didn't want to be label one sexual orientation or another. That is sort of complicated. So yeah, I do believe in some sort of order.

I hate when some gay people say that bisexuals are just afraid of coming out as gay. That they aren't out completely. One of my friends that happens to be a lesbian says there is no such thing as bisexual. That just irks me. It surprises some straight people when I tell them that there is such conflicts between gay people. That most gay men want 'straight-acting' men and that back in the early starting of the GLBT revolution, gay men wanted to be separate from lesbian woman. I personally think it all stems from what we grow up being told. That gay people are bad, so we try to stem away from people who don't fit society's gender construct in order to fit in, even if they are out. I had arguments with this guy, who said he was bi-curious, who didn't believe there was a difference between gender and sex--getting to talk to him more and more, I discovered he found homosexuality immoral. In the end, he was afraid of himself, of course he didn't want to admit it but it seemed he was conflicted. It would be easy to call him hypocritical but it just isn't easy being out, even to yourself. Evidence on how labels can bog the mind.

Monday, June 18

Good Keanu won't be in "The Watchmen"

If you didn't know, Warner Bros is going along with Alan Moore's classic "The Watchmen." And casting has started and reports that Keanu Reeves passed on the role of Dr. Manhattan because Warner wasn't backed away from his pricing. While says who won't be in a movie, i think it will take a while until we know who exactly will be in the movie. I remember when they were casting the first X-Men movie and there were a lot of rumors and the cast that was going to be, we sort of didn't believe was going to be them but it ended up being them. My friends (you know who you are) were talking about Keanu Reeves the other day, that his only greatest role is Bill & Ted's while all the other roles, seem to be religious-inspired, suck. I just don't think they cast him right. Or that he can even act. Anyhoo, enough Reeves bashing, I think they will probably do a 'Silver Surfer' to Dr. Manhattan and hire a no-no and just CGI him. Shooting for "The Watchmen" will commence this Fall.

Related Post: The Watchmen Review

Batmans got a new bag and kids don't mind

My nephew is 4 and my niece is 2, they love superhero movies and besides Spider-Man, Power Rangers, Superman, the Fantastic Four and the Justice League, they love Batman. Well it's like Batman is #2. Anyhoo, they don't care what he is wearing, they just love him, so shouldn't we?

Also, it seems Maggie Gyllenhaal (taking over for Katie) and Aaron Eckhart will also be in The Dark Knight.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 6/18/07

Chason Bridgman
You might not remember him right away, this is sort of from the past really but...

Chason played Bruno on MTV's "Undressed," a guy trying out for a fraternity and was forced to be handcuffed to a gay kid (Mike Greybeal) and he slowly became friends with him--much to the urging of his girlfriend that hung their having sex over his head. That same week that it aired, a commercial for Footaction or some similar shoe store aired with him and an alien and a sale.

He has since was the white kid in the African-American-centered movie Kingston High in 2002 and in 2005 he played the lead in a short film Television.

Paul Tornabene
This cutie fitness model/bodybuilder from New York started with

Apparently that site doesn't exist anymore but according to Sambag's Blog, he was training to be a fireman on Long Island.

Max Thieriot
18-year old coming to age and up and coming actor.

He was in "Catch That Kid," "The Pacifier," and now the new Nancy Drew movie as her guy friday.

He will also play Hayden Christensen's lead character at a younger period in Jumper.
More on him here at Caramelitos Baronil

RJ Helton: I could have told you that

RJ Helton from the first season of American Idol announced last year that he was gay, saying that current natural disasters made him wake up to the fact that life was short. While Jim Verraros was the first openly gay contestant, I always felt R.J. was gay too. In 2004, I read an article about his Christian music and how much he love god---while that is fine and all, I felt sort of disappointed. I felt he wasn't true to himself, even he said it was hard to be gay and a Christian singer. Article from People Magazine.

Sunday, June 17

Robot Chicken Star Wars Review

Tonight Cartoon Network/Adult Swim ran a special about Star Wars-theme Robot Chicken, a half-hour long.

I thought it was going to mostly clips but in truth, it had a lot of new ones, sprinkled with old clips (Darth Vader spoiling everything for Luke, George W. Bush dreaming he is a Jedi). Some that are great are Yar-Yar Binks bugging Darth Vader, alien strip club, Death Star general telling the others to pretend Darth Vader strangles them, Boba Fett pretending he is fighting with Han Solo (when he was a trophy at Jaba the Hutt's place.) and then gets romantic, and background story on the guy in the Cantina that Obi-Wan cut his arm off in Episode 4. One part I really really love was with that worm monster that couldn't get the Millennium Falcon--another one comes about and it is hilarious, I love that they have British accents and I believe one of them is Seth Green. Some are hit or miss like Luke Skywalker and the Emperor doing a 'Your mama' battle or a scene with Luke when he blew up the Death Star and wants to call his uncles and realizes the facts. Also, George Lucas did a guest voice as himself.

Sierra Mist Commercials

Jim Gaffigan and Michael Ian Black are best known for the Sierra Mist Commercials. But when it started a few years ago, it mostly starred Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson and Aries Spears (Mostly in the background) from MADTV with Michael.

Then Jim joined in. Every commercial, they change, become new characters. In some cases, it seemed Michael and Nicole were a couple. Kathy Griffin and Tracy Morgan did two or three commercials.

Then most of the MADTV alumnis except for Debra disappeared and it was just Jim and Michael.

In a recent commercial, Jim and Michael appear with Nicole Randall Johnson (current MADTV member) and this other guy I can't remember his name.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Review


I did not expect to see this movie and I have not seen the first movie. Of course I was happy to see Chris Evans, he is all over the movie. I was waiting for his shirtless scene and it reached until like 45 minutes into it (I sound like the guys from "Knocked Up," watch it!). Iaon Gruffudd is sort of boring as Mr. Fantastic, I don't think it was good fit to begin with. When he is enjoying himself--it looks forced. Iaon was hot in "Hornblower" but unfortunately it only translates in waves. And they still don't got the stretching effect to be seamless, it still lacks fluidity through the live-action and CGI. Also, Kerry Washington (Alicia, the blind girlfriend of The Thing) is great in the movie. The Fantasti-Car makes its debut, at first you think: what is the big deal? But it is actually alright.


The Silver Surfer was employed by Galactus to destroy planets--in exchange for sparing his planet. Just when Sue and Reed are finally getting married, the silver dude makes his appearance. Dr. Doom, who is now disfigured, comes to the newcomer to team up or steal his power and is effected by the alien. Coming in contact with him effects Johnny (Chris Evans), as shown in the commercials and effects the others.

It was a good movie, it did not suck.

Saturday, June 16

Possible Dogma Sequel?

I really liked the movie "Dogma," many regular movie fans and Kevin Smith fans don't. But as you readers may have noticed, I am not the usual moviegoer or movie enthusiast. It is essentially a superhero movie. There is lots of scenes I love in the movie. I even liked Selma Hayek in it. Even though there was turmoil between Linda Florentino and Kevin behind the scenes, he still managed to get a strong performance from her. Now, when the movie was coming out---Kevin got protests from not only Catholic groups but death threats-- "Over time, the filmmakers received over 300,000 pieces of hate mail. Among these were 'two-and-a-half' death threats. Smith explained this in his movie An Evening with Kevin Smith: One of the letters was threatening to start with, then became more friendly further on." -(Wikipedia)

Now there is the rumored sequel since 2005, that Kevin said in an interview that while he hasn't written or planned anything, he did however give some thought to an apocalyptic story with the Last Scion--which I guess is Bethany's daughter (probably played by Alanis Morissette). He thought more about it since 9/11, I think it speaks strongly about Smith. I think it would be cool but I am concerned about his safety because he says the story most likely will anger Islam, which he says he might have to consider. Also, he says this may be years away. Even though he loved "Clerks 2" and not many liked it and not many like "Dogma." There you go.

Wednesday, June 13

Rescue Me Season Four Premiere Review

In the Season Four Premiere of FX's "Rescue Me"...

Our favorite sport-loving, homophobic (yet the show isn't) and prank-pulling brotherhood of fire fighters have gone sentimental. Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary) listens to Joyce B. and constant worrying about his drug-experimenting and vomiting drunk daughter and his equally vomit-spilling newborn son. Kenny can't deal with his sex-crazed girlfriend who happened to be a nun, Sean's new wife (Tommy's sister) is porn-crazed and Franco's girl-chasing days may be over with his girlfriend who happens to have a horny obscenity-spewing brother. Everyone is saying how the show is red hot, I have always liked the show but I feel this episode is pretty much same of the same. I wouldn't have it any other way, because when watching it, it really does feel like a family and that's alright with me. I just wish Sheila disappears.

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Lil' Bush Review

Okay, when I heard this new show "Lil' Bush" from Comedy Central was coming out, I thought it was just going to fade away. Comedy Central has been pushing this show like crazy. For one thing, it doesn't have time correct, it is escapism.. sort of. Lil' George Bush (David Bianculli, not Frank Caliendo) and his little friends are around the same age as Cheney and they are little when Bush senior is president. Now here is the distasteful stuff (and there are plenty)---Cheney cuts chicken's heads off and sucks their blood; talks like The Penguin and mumbles; Jeb is blonde for some reason and a retard; Lil' Bush's mom has sex with Lil' Cheney and he gets stuck in her stomach; Lil' Hilary and Lil' Condi kiss; and Lil' Laura for some reason doesn't talk. And one of my complaints is that Lil' Rumsfeld's voice doesn't sound at all like him and talks too clearly. So yeah, I am not going to be watching this show ever again.

Tuesday, June 12

Kyle XY Season Two Premiere Review

The episode was called "The Prophecy," I'll try not to be spoiler-y. And if you don't want more spoilers, don't go to the gallery on Least to say it was an excellent episode. This is an ideal mesh of Science Fiction show and Family drama. It has established its mythology and some have said this episode has a lot of exposition but I love exposition. Well in the first episode of the second season, you get plenty of answers. The answer is feasible in its sci-fi world. You don't exactly get more questions but you get a feeling of what is coming up. Great performances from Marguerite MacIntyre, Matt Dallas, and Nicholas Lea, whose character Thomas Foss is a grey character but definitely wants to do the decent thing and protect Kyle.

Monday, June 11

Ito Yuna - "I'm Here"

Unknown Hotties of the Week 6/11/07

Dan Wheldon
English Racing car driver, next week he will be 29 years old.

He currently lives in St. Petersberg, Fla.

He has a well-known rivalry with Danica Patrick.
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Chad White
22-year old 6'2" model from Portland, Oregon.

He has been around everywhere lately, GQ, Out Magazine, Dsquared2, D&G, Versace, and Vogue.

He played baseball in college and was drafted for MLB, he injured his hand and had to fall out.
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Matt Barr
19 year old actor Matt worked with Danneel Harris and Elisabeth Harnois in Ten Inch Heroes before getting the role of 'psycho' Derek in One Tree Hill.

Matt is 6'1" and 175 pounds. He was also in "Commander in Chief" and American Pie Presents: Band Camp.

He starred in Ten Inch Hero and The Head Hunter.