Thursday, November 24

My Top Ten Animated Horses

The majority are from Disney, it can't be helped as they have the majority of horses. I'm not counting unicorns (even though I love The Last Unicorn), Pegasus (sorry Disney's Hercules), ponies (sorry My Little Pony) or robotic horses (yes they exist).

10. Spirit/Swiftwind
She-Ra's horse was suppose to be female but they cast the male voice that did Battlecat in He-Man and he became male. Spirit became the Allicorn Swiftwind.

9. Angus
Disney/Pixar's Brave had Merida and her horse loyal steed Angus. He is a Clydesdale.

8. Bullseye
He doesn't speak, doesn't do much or contribute to the plot but he is a sweetheart and loyal. He debuted in Toy Story 2 and continued on to Toy Story 3 and the shorts and TV specials. He is the only toy horse on the list.

7. Headless Horseman's horse
In The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Sleepy Hollow was adapted and the Headless Horseman had his equally scary black horse with the red eyes. The horse's name was Daredevil in some stories.

6. Samson
Prince Philip's horse in Sleeping Beauty (the 50's) was considered his personality by the animators. The Disney animators before the 80's hated animating the Princes. They thought them boring and stiff but the animators enjoyed animating Samson as an extension of Philip. He is the only grey horse on the list.

5. Phillipe
Belle's dad's horse in Beauty and the Beast (1991). He was smart but a coward, he abandoned his owner to go get Belle. But when Belle stayed at the Beast's castle, he did too. He is the second brown horse on this list.
4. Skydancer
Starlite was cool but Skydancer was the bad boy horse in Rainbow Brite, belonging to Stormy. Stormy was in charge of lightning, storms and winter. Skydancer jumped on clouds and sneeze out icicles. Onyx the robotic horse was cool too but I didn't want this post to be all about Rainbow Brite. He is the only purple horse on the list.

3. Kahn
The loyal horse of Mulan (1998), he always stood by her and protected her but did not help Mushu nor the lucky cricket.  He is the third black horse on the list.

2. Maximus
The horse of the guards of a kingdom in Disney's Tangled (2010), he was relentless to find Finn. Maximus didn't speak but conveyed a lot in his face and actions. He was a bit anthropomorphic as he did things horse aren't even capable of doing. He is one of three computer animated horses on this list.

1. Starlite
Number one has to be the most magnificent horse in the whole universe, Starlite (Starlight) of Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite was a 1983 franchise from Hallmark Cards that included TV specials, a movie ("Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer"), toys, cards and other merchandise. He 'flew' by running on a Rainbow. What made him so magnificent other than he can speak. He entered a large castle on his own to retrieve a stolen belt and save Rainbow Brite. Also, he always managed to outsmart Murky Dismal, which wasn't a big feat unto itself but still.  Plus he is the third white horse in this list.

Monday, November 14

Dream Casting: Doom Patrol

There is no news that Doom Patrol will be adapted into a film, but I think the comics has potential. Doom Patrol is a DC comics in 1963 that has a lot of resemblance to X-Men. So much that the creators have noted this. A group of mutants or freaks lead by a man in a wheelchair that goes against the Brotherhood of Evil. Even similarities to Fantastic Four. The current Doom Patrol has changed since and included Teen Titans staple Beast Boy. Since the X-Men franchise is imploding, Warner Bros and DC Comics could grow on Doom Patrol. A potential adaption can focus on how disenfranchised the group is and given a purpose after being rejected. 

The Chief
Dr. Niles Caulder is a paraplegic gifted with a genius-level intellect. Caulder uses his scientific knowledge to develop numerous inventions and innovations that have made him wealthy. To make it different, I would change the Chief to a female, maybe Gina Tores, best known for Angel, Firefly and Westworld and also being wife to Laurence Fishburne. She has a wonderful charisma, humor and mother-like grandiose. In the comics, he is generally powerless but at one point gains Kryptonian powers but in the end, I would leave the Chief just a super genius. I guess I would call her Nancy Caulder.

Cliff Steele became Robotman, initially dubbed Automaton, after a race car accident destroyed his body. Caulder subsequently placed Cliff's intact brain into a robotic body. After the operation, Cliff suffered from frequent depression. In my version, he would be called Automaton because Robotman is too clunky of a name. Caulder would be responsible of the accident but not race car but of a prototype rocket.  Teddy Sears did a great job as Zoom in The Flash but I think he could call sympathy as a man disconnected and not feeling like a man. Also I would love to see him as a robot, malfunctioning and perfectly built. 

Negative Man
 Larry Trainor sees himself as a victim as much as a hero, and his superpower as an infection rather than a blessing.  He is accidentally exposed to a radioactive field in the atmosphere while piloting a test plane. This experience leaves him radioactive himself, but also gives him the ability to release a negatively charged energy being from his body; the being, also referred to as Negative Man. In later comics, he can surround himself with it so I would have both abilities. Since he is mostly in bandages, he can be any actor. Who he has such a great voice is Luke Hemsworth.

Rita Farr is exposed to unusual volcanic gases and discovers that she can expand or shrink her body at will—from hundreds of feet tall to mere inches in height. When she gains greater control of her powers, she discovers that she can enlarge one limb at a time. In the comics, she was an actress but I would change it to a work-a-day job. She would be the audience surrogate, more like a regular person. Since the Incredibles had an Elasti-Girl, here she could be called Elasti-Woman, Elasti-Lady or Miss Elastic. Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men would be a good fit as she is plucky, funny and can 'bring the feels.'

Element Woman
Emily Sung  could transform her body into any of the elements naturally found in the human body and shape them at her will. She can change her hair color using metals, and she can create silicate faces that fall off after a while. She uses the faces for ashtrays. She is not an original member but I think she would be useful. She has had different origins in the comics but in this version she can a snarker and strong character. Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls, Thor) is a defiant snarker. 

Dream Casting: New Mutants

Rumors are 20th Century Fox wants to adapt the Marvel comics "New Mutants." "New Mutants" is an extension of X-Men, Like its parent title, It featured a large ensemble cast, including the introduction of Deadpool. With the end of the first series, the characters were relaunched as X-Force in a new series. Sunspot was one of the main characters, he was played by Adan Canto in X-Men: Future Days of Past. 

A female werewolf. Pretty much can be played by any actress but I think someone like Shailene Woodley like Willow Shields of Hunger Games can handle it. Rahne was a shy emotionally repressed girl. She's 16 but I guess she will be of age once the movie is made.

Doug Ramsey is a mutant with the ability to easily understand any language, whether verbal or written. He later forms a relationship with Wolfsbane. Even one form of Legion had a crush on him. I was thinking of Ross Lynch from Austin & Ally.

Sam Guthrie is a mutant who uses the ability to fly at jet speeds while encased in an impenetrable force field. Austin Butler who has been in Switched At Birth and The Shannara Chronicles

Karma is a mutant endowed with the ability to seize control of another's mind, though she has sometimes been depicted with other more extensive psionic abilities. Maybe Ardan Cho from Teen Wolf. She can make an audience feel. 

Danielle Moonstar originally possessed the psionic/psychic ability to telepathically create illusions of her opponents' fears or wishes. She later developed a wide range of psionic and energy manipulation powers. Since she is Native-American and there aren't many popular actrsses that fit that discription, I imagine this would be a newcomer. 

Was part of Generation X and New Warriors but I like this character so much I would squeeze him into New Mutants to replace Sunspot. Jonothon Starsmore possessed the ability to cast energy blasts from his chest. He had limited control of his power and destroyed much of his chest and lower face when his powers emerged. They did a Generation X TV Movie in the 90's and he was not in it because the special effets were not up to par back then. The special effects could definitely be done now. Thomas Barbusca od Preacher and Middle School is young but he again will be of age by the time the movie is made.