Wednesday, August 30

The song for "The Dirge of Cerberus"

Watching the commercial for the new Final Fantasy video game U.S. release, there is a rock song, to be more specific it is J-Pop (Japanese Popular song). The song is sang by the most famous Japanese pop icon in the world right now... Gackt. The song is call "Redemption" and was released in January 2005 for the soundtrack for the game. The soundtrack came out a year before the game.

More information on Wikipedia

Lost's Josh Randall's DoppelgÃnger?

We all know that IMDB is always full of false information but sometimes it might find something accurate. Case in point, while looking at the profile of Josh Randall ( Nathan in Lost who tallie Ana Lucia thought was an 'Other', was on Dr. Mike on Ed and Elliot's stalwart boyfriend Jake with a strange unnameable fetish on Scrubs) they claim that resembles mostly independent film actor David Sullivan.

He has recently been on Big Love and Joey. I kinda see the resemblance but not that much. They say in their face gestures and voice. Well I got to hear blondie's voice.

Anyhoo Josh Randall is a super great actor and damn handsome.

Brothers in Arms: Former Child Stars

Watching the commercial for the upcoming movie Gridiron Gang starring Dwayne Johnson tambien concido como (a.k.a.) La Roca (how he says it in Latin American promos), ofcourse I noticed the only white boy in the movie about juvi football players.

His name is Trever O'Brien an I noticed him from...

The Disney Channel's TV Movie Motocrossed which starred teen idol Riley Smith. Trever has recently been on CSI, Ben Stiller's Dodgeball and Cold Case. He was a former child star, being in the movie The Midas Touch. Yes, yes I know he is still young but at 22, he isn't considered a child anymore. I mean Miko Hughes did Child Star Confidential" and VH-1 Where Are They Now: Horror Movie Stars and he is just 20 then there you go. Anyhoo, I degress. I also was surprised to find out Trever is the brother to another child actor.

Austin O' Brien. His name or face might not look familar.

But wait until I tell you that he was in the mini-dino movie Prehysteria!, the kid in The Lawnmower Man worked side by side Arrrnold in the cult guilty pleasure flop Last Action Hero and the love interest to replace Mac in My Girl 2.

Looks familar now? That is him in E.R., he currently was in A Christmas Too Many (2005) and will be in Defining Moments.

Ernesto: How little we knew ye

Well Tropical Storm Ernesto never came South Florida's way. Last I heard it was still a Tropical Storm and killed two Hiatians, it may not be as dangerous as projected. It might not be safe to say but it didn't live up to the hype. I AM NOT DISSAPOINTED. I am damn happy. I knew it wasn't going to a big deal and I'm glad it wasn't.

Tuesday, August 29

Crazyness over Tropical Storm Ernesto

There are lines everywhere for gas, the tropical storm is over Cuba and everyone is freaking out and it even isn't a hurricane yet. I think people are just freaking out way too fast because what I happened last year. Or maybe I just might end up without electricty next week, who knows.

Sunday, August 27

Laura footage used for David Letterman footage

When they showed the writers for the nominees for Variety Show, each show made funny things. Stephen Colbert had bears for all the writers and himself as a hunter. The Daily Show had a guy in a water ball showing cue cards. For Conan's show, they had Indians in a outsourced workplace. While David Letterman showed footage from the Jerry Springer-esque Laura show of people plummenting each other.

Conan's Telemundo claim untrue

For a sake of a joke, Conan O' Brien claimed that Telemundo was broadcasting it in Spanish too and he showed his fake moustache. Telemundo was actually broadcasting a dubbed movie.

The Daily Show won twice

The Daily Show won twice and Stephen Colbert gave a kiss to Jon's cheek much to his surprise and the second time hugged him.

Not Missing the Series Finale for the 4400

As much as I love the Emmys, I am not missing the 4400's series finale. No, I ain't got TiVo. I'm a caveman, I know.

My Name is Earl wins writing & directing

My Name is Earl wins for best writing for the pilot and best directing for pilot. Yay to them! Good luck to them all. It is a great show.

Best Award show opening ever

I have seen a lot of award show openings where the host 'drops' in movies or shows in the Oscars, Emmys, and MTV Movie Awards. The MTV Movie Awards are pretty bad, they always feel forced and akward. Well, this one's host Conan O' Brien first is in an airplane and drops on the Lost island and interacts with Hurley. He goes into a hatch and drops into The Office and interacts with the entire cast. They even homage the show where Conan flirts with Pam. It was really funny. It was 'office' akward, not 'MTV Movie awards' akward. Then he ends up in 24 and not only one FOX show but two!.... He is diagonised and insulted by Dr. House. Surprise me that he didn't end up in My Name is Earl, that would be fun.

The biggest shock and the biggest laughs from the audience, he ends up animated in South Park and locks himself in Stan Marsh's closet. He pops out when his father comes around and Tom Cruise comes out as well. Lastly, he ends up in a house with Dateline, how to find a predator or something. I guess he made up with the South Park crew (who I skewered in the last post) since their movie which they had him commit suicide.

Emmy Red Carpet

My favorite award show is the Emmies. Nobody wants to admit they like award shows and South Park think its dumb but they are just bitter. (kidding, love you guys! well your show, not you really) Anyway I was watching the E! preshow on the red carpet and then I decided to switch to NBC and they had their preshow where that blonde lady interviewed Paula Abdul and compared Simon to Dick Clark and Paula like everyone else did not agree. Then I switched to E! where she and Ryan Seacrest didn't even pretended to be civil and she told him how she was taken back by the comment. I was happy I caught that. I love live television, you can catch the cattyness.

Yes, yes I will be commenting more about the Emmys all night.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/28 Raviv Ullman

Well for this week, I thought i would try something new. While looking up not-so-uknown teeny bop star Raviv Ullman from Phil from the Future, I found some hotties within movies he will be in.

Raviv was born in Isreal and he is Twenty. His upcoming projects are The Big Bad Swim, Normal Adolescent Behavior, Driftwood and That Guy. I find it awesome that he likes his name and is proud of his heriitage. Go cute jews!

Asthon Holmes
He will be in Normal Adolescent Behavior about the sexual exploits of privelaged kids with Raviv. He was in A History of Violence and in One Life to Live. He is 28.

Scott Mechlowicz
Asthon was in The Peaceful Warrior which Scott starred in with Nick Nolte. Scott is 25 and was in Mean Creak with the youngest Culkin and did a mean robot dance on EuroTrip.

in Mean Creak...

Stripping in EuroTrip...

and in the Peaceful Warrior.

Connor Ross
Raviv Ullman is also going to be in the movie Driftwood
about boys in juvie camp, which also stars this cutie. He has been on CSI, 7th Heaven, Surface and Las Vegas. He is 18.

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Thursday, August 24

Rob Cordry gets a proper sendoff on the Daily Show

Sure Rob Cordry is not as sexy as Ed Helms or as cute as his brother Nate Cordry but Rob sure is some sort of almost-bald, hairy chest sexy. He got a proper sendoff on the Daily Show, now that he and his brother are going on the fame train. Not even Steve Carell got a proper sendoff.

The good part of his comedy on the show is that he is aware of how unappealing he could be and not stuck up like ehmm.. some Corbert guy and also can be a total jerk.. to his brother.

Pluto ain't a planet?!

While Wikipedia has updated Pluto as a drawf planet, since Pluto has been considered one of the nine planets since 1840s and so much part of my childhood I still consider Pluto a planet. Who cares if it has been diminished to a 'drawf' planet and not big enough like other planets, it is still part of our human history and media. National Geographic reports on it.

See? Sailor Pluto is mad.

Wednesday, August 23

Monday, August 21

Taylor Handley

Remember the O.C.'s crazy Oliver Trask? Well the actor was never so crazy. He is Taylor Handley. His role that caught my attnetion was the 2000 Disney Channel movie Phantom of the Megaplex.

In the last year's movie Zerophilla he played a guy that was going through sexual confusion and was going through a natural change which I don't think it is entirely true or common.

Well three different hairstyles here. He is going to be in the new The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and September Dawn that stars the rare appearance by hunkalicious Voodoo Acamedy's Huntley Ritter.

This is the only picture that doesn't have his right hand side profile.

Super Mario Bros.' Other Princess

We all know the Princess in distress from the Super Mario Bros. Franchise. In the first games in the U.S., she was known as Princess Toadstool. To accommodate her original Japanese name Peach, she is now reffered to as Peach since 1996. Now, if you still play these games or a super nerd like me you would notice that there is another princess.

Well, the real Princess Daisy from the games is the main princess in the Gameboy series Super Mario Land. She wasn't used for years until Nintendo 64 in Mario Tennis and now a standard character for the Mario party and sport games. The only NES game she was in was the NES Open Tournament Golf as Luigi's caddy. Her first game in the kart series was Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Some also may remember the small cult live-action movie the main princess was known as Princess Daisy, but we all knew her as Princess Toadstool. The producers probably picked Daisy because it sounded more normal than 'toadstool.' I like the film, I found it wierd and disturbing when I first saw it but I have fond memories of it. My nephews love the film.

More Amazing Screw-On Head

I saw Amazing Screw-On Head online a month ago or so and premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel in July 27th on Thursday at 10pm but I saw it tonight at midnight Sunday night. Well, hope more episodes come forth.

Sunday, August 20

4400 is awesomely confusing

Every ep is pretty great, a new surprise every week. Especially with the chilling Isabel around and the newly ressurected Jordan Collier. Thank goodness Jordan didn't appear until the end of the third season. But now the show is getting really confusing. With the 4400 center, NTAC, the Nova group and Isabel with Dennis Ryland, you don't know who the bad guy is. With Dennis Ryland getting out of NTAC, Tom and Diana to help the 4400. But doesn't mean it has been easy street for Tom or Diana. This season, Tom has been impersanted by a 4400 Nova member, his girlfriend helped the Nova group and has been on the run, his son Kyle has been in prison almost all season and he has been told to kill Isabel by those from the future who took the 4400. While Diana, her future-seeing daughter Maya had been plucked from time and taken earlier in time and she suffered her loss and then was injected with promicin and almost killed her. Meanwhile, Shawn has gotten in bed with the recently-adult Isabel, almos tgot married with her and was betrayed by the Nova group. Richard, Isabel's father has had to take care of Shawn and see invunerable Isabel get darker and gotten his own telekenic powers.

I do like where the season has gone. Great stuff with Isabel, really. And they have added plenty of new stories to be continued next year. There is a war is coming but I wonder if this X-Men-lite will live up to what it is building up to.

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Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/21

Santiago Douglas
This Puerto-Rican actor recently in the Exit movie as a crossdresser and his breakout film was Michelle Rodriguez's love interest in Girlfight. He took a break from acting to concerntrate on his music.

Tyler Hynes
Actor who 'has been a devote Scientologist all his life.' What? When since he was diapers or something? He's only 20 for god's sake. Anyway, you might seen him as Atreyu in the super weak The Neverending Story Hallmark channel mini-series, as the baby's daddy in Lifetime's Mother at 16 and the Disney Channel's The Other Me with Andy Lawrence.

He is one of the most recent child actors.

Reynaldo Rosales
Who sometimes has to credit himself as Reynaldo Christian, he has been on 4400, The Closer, Numb3rs, Charmed and Smallville. He was on the short-lived series Inconceivable and an Excedrin headache commercial a few years back.

He is Latino but I know of no origin. They usually cast him in non-Latino roles. He is has a very Hispanic name.

Brannan Elliot
He is the hottie Ben that tempted Diana to sleep with her sister's boyfriend in the 4400.

Friday, August 18

Worker trapped in vat of Chocolate

I could say so many things right here. I wish I had the picture but couldn't find it. Saw it on the news, the guy was skinny and kinda cute. I don't know how exactly here got trapped in the vat of chocolate but he stayed there for 2 hours and they had to cocoa butter to get him out. I wonder if he was naked or what before but I guess they had to get rid of his clothes. Guess no body wants to eat that chocolate unless his lover is into it.

Thursday, August 17

Thank you for comments

I always like comments from people who see my blog, I check through old posts and found some wonderful comments. If you wonder where I get my info from, whatever interests me, i check the web. Most things I pick up from watching so much television and work in television. Also, I get most movie and television info from magazines and sites. Well, thanks.