Thursday, August 30

Evolve your Creation Cake and eat too

Well, here is my spin on all this evolution debate...
Evolution is a heated topic. People who believe in creationism or basically that God created everything, believe that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution takes God out of the equation. While, evolutionists aren't exactly atheists but just see the scientific side of things. I don't know how Charles Darwin gets pinned on this, since evolutionism has been known to be theorized as early as pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximander and Empedocles. Some critics, one linked below, has point out that both creationists and evolutionists over-simplified things too much. But I think even as complicated as it can be, it can be simplified, only to reveal the complexities.

My personal belief and theory (belief, looked up in the dictionary mentions god and theory, mentions Darwin) is that god created science, everything around us and including us. But we did evolve. From monkeys, I don't know but, evolution is very apparent when you see butterflies. Caterpillars evolve into Butterflies. How hard is it for religious types to believe that god created evolution? And I think it is just not because it is in the bible. Most likely because it doesn't go along with their religion. As for politics and religion, I think they should stay apart. Also science and religion. Because they are different things and people have different beliefs. Our government, primarily, is supposed to let people believe what they want and do what they want. But of course, people don't agree and it creates chaos.

I was talking to a religious fellow a few years ago, he wanted to be a archaeologist but he didn't believe in cavemen. So, I went to him "How can you be an archaeologist and not believe in Neanderthals?" He told me about religious archaeologist, like those who found the Dead Sea Scrolls and such. I found that interesting but consider it a niche. I told him he was narrowing the field, which is not great to do with your life. Narrowing your view.

My Apple Dictionary's definitions:
Belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists : his belief in God | a belief that solitude nourishes creativity.
Theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, esp. one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained : Darwin's theory of evolution.

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