Monday, October 1

Pick your Battles... Lucy, daughter of the devil

It is surprising what the Christian Rite chooses to 'rabble rabble' (fight) about. Usually when something on television upsets them, they boycott it. "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil," a computer-animation series that started a few weeks before on Adult Swim has plenty to get upset about. It is sort funny, some parts of it is hit or miss. There is plenty to get upset about. It is about the Devil, his daughter Lucy and Jesus is a DJ. Satan has a Devil's Advocate called Becky with is a woman with a skull head and hair. Jesus is referred to as DJ J and in one episode, a dildo is made of him and in tonight's episode, he writes a book about having a relationship with Lucy and kisses women he auditions. Satan has a club, Lucy is the bartender and their relationship is like the typical father and twenty-something daughter relationship. He wants to be proud of her. Satan wears Cosby sweaters and basically considers his 'work' as actual work. Jesus is portrayed as a 'cool guy,' a little out of it. I don't think Lucy and Jesus' relationship was shown, maybe I wasn't paying attention. In the show, there is also a 'comic relief' goofy group of a priest and a man-ish nun. The show is just absurd.