Wednesday, July 12

Uncover the Unknown/Rescue Me Roomie

For weeks and weeks on Rescue Me I was trying to figure out who played Mike's roommate he was having casual blowjobs with. I checked the credits and stuff and finally found out he is. The character doesn't have a name yet! The reason I named this post 'Uncovering the Unknown' because I always do 'Unknowns of the Week' when I cover basically unknown handsome talent and I am usually good at finding the names of these people. But I have had trouble on this one.

His name is Timothy Adams. In the 7/11 episode, it was revealed he has a boyfriend on the side. So he really is indeed gay even though he says he isn't. It gets confusing because Mike says he isn't gay and the producer says he isn't. And a phone conversation between the roommate and Mike made it sound like he cares about Mike. So he must want Mike to believe he isn't gay but he really is but the confusing part is that he makes it sound like his feelings matter.

He's 38, he was in the show Ocean Ave and side roles in the movies Bad Boys 2, Die Hard 3 and the Virgin Suicides. He played Casey Mitchum on NBC's 1997 soap opera Sunset Beach.

He has such a great body that he made the cover of Men's Health, which is a big deal for a model to make the 'cover.'

The DIOS MIO! moment is that he was actually married to DAISY FUENTES from 1991 to 1995! Four years mijo! His nicknames are supposedly 'flex' and 'muscles' according to IMDB.

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