Tuesday, July 4

Presenting Bouken Silver!

The latest Super Sentai series in Japan is Boukenger ("Adventure Ranger") and next year it will be Power Rangers Operation Overdrive here in the states and eventually a year later in Latin America, the U.K., etc. Power Rangers is now being filmed in New Zealand where it doesn't even air anymore because it was banned because of the violence. I rarely put Sentai stuff on this blog because thats bascially my life--my website.

But I thought this sixth ranger was pretty interesting because of the level of silver, it is like an aliminum silver and the blue is a shiny lavender-sort of color. It is interesting. There has been like two other silver rangers in Sentai history but they were pretty different shade and quality. Yes, I know the guy playing him is pretty andyronistic but they are all like that these days.