Friday, July 21

My Stand on Immigration

I believe I have no prejudice towards any racial, sexual orientation or any denomination. Now in response to my earlier post on Cuban-Americans and illegal immigrants, I want to state that I am a son of Latin-American immigrants and I have nothing against immigration. I think with the latest negativity towards immigrants is purely hypocritical. THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT BY INMIGRANTS. Yes we need to protect our borders but you, all U.S. citizens (as I am too) are from Inmigrants. What you don't like are ILLEGAL inmigrants not inmigrants all together. What I don't understand either is discrimination aganist Irishmen back when. Y'ALL ARE ALL WHITE. I don't understand that their skin is supposedly 'darker.' The Irish are as pale white as the Anglo-Saxons a.k.a. Caucasians are. Makes no sense! So what I am saying is that we do need to protect our borders but when you say something, think about it before you say it. The only true 'Americans' are the race that were commited genocide on.. the Native Americans. Why you think they call them 'Natives'? Now, if you say 'Uh, they are Indians' then I proved my point, you don't have anything more to say.