Tuesday, July 18

My new guilty pleasure Kyle XY

The new ABC Family show Kyle XY is becoming a big hit, running on Mondays on ABC Family and encores encores on ABC Friday nights. I like it myself. Even for a 'family' show it is pretty open to topics like masturbation, erections, loosing virginity and porn. Kyle had an erection for his lady love Amanda and she caught him with porn. Anyway, other than that, I usually don't like fish out of water stories but Matt Dallas is a pretty good expressionist. His narrations are even entertaining, not like those say of my other favs Desperate Housewives and Grey's Atanomy.

Now, here is the premise. The show is about Kyle, a sixteen year old boy with no belly button found in the forest with no memory. A caring mother who takes of special children brings him home to her colorful family. The father is actual a great character, caring and accepting of his wife and the wife is determined to help Kyle and crack the case. Their children include the horny sneaky teenager Josh (fifteen year old newcomer Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and chubby cute Lori who ditches responsiblity for the chance to get with the so-so cute player Declan (yeah that is a real name! I was surprised too).

April Matson (Lori) and Chris Olivero (Delcan)
April was the nerdy Quint of the short-lived sitcom Quintuplets. Chris was the President's son Kevin Keeler in 24 and the school drama Boston Public also guested in CSI: Miami and the Ghost Whisperer.

Chelan Simmons plays Lori's supposed friend 'super skeez' Hillary and I knew she looked familar and she was the annoying bad girl in Wonderfalls. She looked like she was 26 but she is just a month younger than me--24 in October. She has done alot of work since Wonderfalls and been in lots of '3' movies like Final Destintation 3 and Dr. Dolittle 3. She has a big crush on Kyle.