Tuesday, July 11

Just picking up or Smuggling?

I live in Miami, Florida where we are filled with Cubans and their culture, I work with many of them and try to be non-prejudice. Check the link above. Yesterday, three cuban fishermen found refugees and trying to 'help' them, they got caught by the coast guard and ran away. The coast guard shot their boat, since it was going so fast, one woman passed away. Now, the families of the refugees don't want their family members to be deported again. They are all in custody and the three fisherman will be charged for smuggling when they just say they were helping them. The refugges are the witnesses.

Now here comes my outrage: follow the law people! I know you love Cuba and all but if you 'help' refugees, then you are smuggling, especially when you run from the freakin coast guard! Hello! Idiots in the News anyone?

I feel sorry for the casualty and her family. My prayers with them.