Wednesday, July 26

Unknown Hotties 7/27 Round 2--The Covenant

The Covenant is the new movie coming out September 6 about four boys at a private school who are descedents of witches or something. Anyway, this looks like a mix of X-Men and The Craft (the poster even looks like their poster!), and the looks like it will suck as bad as The Faculty--the movie with Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett about the teachers being aliens. Anyhoo, this ain't a good idea but the roster is A&F-esque lads.

Steven Strait
He's 20 years old and looks like he is Hispanic. He plays the 'leader' Caleb.
Here is he superhot with long hair in Undiscovered. He sported the long hair in Sky High that was about superheroes as well.He has those sexy pecs that pop out. He has his own band called The Tribe. His 'website' which is just an ad for Undiscovered here.

Taylor Kitsch
I mentioned him here. He plays Pogue? What the freak kind of name is that? He's Caleb's right-hand man and confidant. Steven Strait looked like the character he plays here in Sky High.

Toby Hemingway
He is English and he is the 'joker' Reid, makes things hard for the others. He is a newcomer.

Chance Crawford

Plays Tyler 'the shy one', he was mostly a model until he did a Lietime movie and this one. he kinda looks like Lost's Ian Somerhalder. He is now best known for "Gossip Girl."

Sebastian Stan
He plays the 'new guy' that challanges the four.

Also in the movie...
Kyle Schmid
Who was just a kid in Fox Family's "I was a Six Grade Alien" but recently in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and that Lifetime Vampire show. He Plays Andrew, the bully adversary of the others.

Robert Crooks

He was in the last season MTV's Undressed and played a gay jock and has a very good look, he plays Andrew's bully buddy.