Tuesday, July 18

I like Rescue Me and Grey's Anatomy

It is no secret I am obessed with Television. I even work in television. But I don't consider myself the usual television viewer. Rescue Me has been getting alot of flack for Tommy forcing himself on his wife a few weeks ago. Dennis Leary and Andrea Roth have been doing damage control. As for me, you may have noticed I didn't even mention it. Dennis on TV Guide said that Rescue Me is no Grey's Anatomy, that you want a sugary donut and then go watch that. I watch both shows and love both shows but I guess I am unique. Dennis also went on to say that people who regularly watch the show don't consider the episode 'the rape episode.' I know I didn't. Sure it shocked me but it was real and it is something that really does happen. Now, I don't watch Rescue Me because it is shocking, I watch it because it's good. It is about the characters and some episodes in the first season melt into each other and not neccessarily plot-driven. People might not even say mierda about the next rape scene.

Well if you ever have a question, these are shows I watch:

Rescue Me
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Reno 911
South Park
My Name is Earl
Kyle XY

There's much more but I don't remember right now.