Monday, July 3

Unknown Hotties of the Week 7/3-Red, White and Cute

James Scott
Okay Okay not exactly American but didn't they all the Anglos originate from England? 27 year old Newcastle, England actor originated the role of Ethan Cambias on All My Children in 2004 and now started the role of E.J. Wells in Days of Our Lives a few months ago. His official website here. He says he doesn't like to shirtless or nude but his character does.

Mike Jacobs
New Florida Marlin/old New York Met. He's like 26 or something. Can't believe 1980 babies are now 26.

Dang it. Couldn't find any more red blooded cornfed Americans. Wait a minute, I did that last week. Lost of whitie in there. Anyway, I believe the United States was build by immigrants and made of immigrants. Here is big golf star.

Camilo Villegas
He is 24 and born in Medellin, Colombia. He know lives in Gainsville, Florida.
His nickname is Spider-man. Wonder why...
He was voted one of the most eligable bachelors in the People magazine.

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