Wednesday, June 21

Rescue Me: Probie's Sexual Orientation Comfirmation

In my last post I was wondering about the Probie's orientation and TV Guide has asked the question to cocreator Peter Tolan. He said, "Probie is a character who has been searching for love---in many cases, in the wrong places. What he finds is not love but compaionship and sexual release. But he's a confused guy, and I don't think he he's gay." The article goes on to say that the show has an 'unhealthy fixation with homsexuality' and they wanted to bug the hell out of Michael Lombrardi, the actor. Tolan continues with "But once we committed to it, we thought 'We've got to protect our character and do right him, so let's really make this plausible." Now this is where my own words come in... If they are now being true to the character, why leave it as a teaser and just lay it out in the open. Now, if the cocreator believes Mike isn't gay, then this may not end well. Or he can just be bisexual but Tolan doesn't want to label him, so might as well be.