Sunday, July 30

Prime Review

I am going to be writting a bunch of reviews here but here is one on that recent Uma Thurman/Meryl Streep movie Prime about a 37 year-old woman dating her therapist's 23 year-old son. I thought the movie was going to be more about Uma's character Ralphie but refreshingly it focuses on Dave (One Tree Hill's Bryan Greenberg). He has a best friend who throws pies at women who rejects him (Meet the Parents/House of Wax/Scary Movie's Jon Abrahams). Dave is a talented artist who images his nana hitting herself with a frying pan when he does something she might not approve on. Bryan is hot, not super younger lover hot but has a very warm look. He is also very entertaining and sweet (which Uma doesn't stop saying). Greenberg, his last name, suggests he is Jewish, like his character.

The movie is good but the ending is disappointing. The idea was great but the launch wasn't. The only character seeming to be into giving his all is Bryan. Meryl and Uma seem not give it their all. Meryl's performance barely stands the movie, it is forgotten she is even around. The supporting characters seem to drag the movie down.
Grade: C