Friday, July 21

Argentinean Desperate Housewives

It is very common for Argentineans to make their own version of a popular American show (Sex and the City = Quarto Amigas, The Nanny = La Niñera). Yes Desperate Housewives might seem like a novella or soap opera and Latin Americans are famous for their telenovelas but I think the Twin Peaks appeal attracts them the most. They are bascially carbon copying this one. They even recycle the same actors over and over again. One chick (Carola Reyna) from La Niñera is in this one. Oh What's this show gonna be called? Uh... Amas de Casa Deseperadas.

Susan = Susana (obviously), Gabriela stays, Bree = Lia, and Lynette = Vera

It is currently in production.