Friday, July 21

Haley Joel Osment injured in car incident

Eightteen year old actor Haley Joel Osment driving his 1995 Saturn about 1 a.m. when he reportedly lost control of the car amd collided with a brick pillar and flipped. The 18-year-old actor was awake and talking following the crash. He was alone in the car. A doctor at the hospital where he currently is admitted at said, "He's pretty uncomfortable and resting. He just wants to let everyone know he's going to be OK." Um... umcomfortable? They don't usually say that! Anyway... not so long ago, Nickeoldeon staple Drake Bell was also in a car accident.

"Drake's face smashed into the steering wheel because his 1995 Ford Mustang had no airbag, causing a broken jaw, a fractured neck, six dislodged teeth, and a deep cut across his chin, which left a two-and-a-half inch scar. He told People that, "I could fit my tongue through it. It was like a second mouth." Although his injuries were disfiguring, they were not life-threatening, and he made a full recovery. He had his jaw wired shut for two months, thus, going on a liquid diet. The article continues that, " milkshakes and smoothies were his breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Production of the fourth season of Drake & Josh was postponed for a few months while he recovered from his injuries, but he is now back to work." -Source: Wikipedia

I understand if Bell doesn't have alot of money but Haley must have enough to afford something more than a 1996 model and thats dangerous to not even have an airbag. I personally was in a car accident and I didn't know airbags deployed an awful ordor and smoke. I still remember it. It was horrible, I almost choked in it because I couldn't find the door handle--I was disorientated by the accident itself. But the airbag saved my life, like it or not.

And more bad news.. Paul and Young Ron on the radio said that supposedly an undisclosed Miami Dolphin player was shot in the buttocks.