Friday, July 14

The Amazing Screw-On Head! Watch it!

Check out this cartoon!!! It's freaking awesome, it is on the Scifi Channel website.

It is based on the Dark Horse comics, it is drawn in the style of Men In Black and The Big Guy and Rusty animated series. Paul Giamatti plays The Amazing Screw-On Head, an agent assigned by Abraham Lincoln to fight supernatural forces. His archnemesis being Emperor Zombie (wonderfully played by David Hyde Pierce). Screw-On Head has a Alfred-like assistant that he is afraid of getting close to because Emperor Zombie was a close friend of his and his lady love was turned into the vampire Patience (Molly Shannon). I never read the comic but this animated venture is seriously wonderful.

TV Insider: Beware, there are long seconds of black between each Act because they probably just ripped it off the tape and didn't edit it at all. Most tapes where shows come on have atleast 10 secs of black in order for the operator to have plenty of time to preroll.

Gay Connection: My favorite gay producer Drew Fuller executive produces this, he did the wonderful but cancelled Wonderfalls about a sarastic slacker who starts hearing voices from little toys who may or not be God.