Friday, July 21

Date Movie Review

Saw Date Movie today. Yes, it is stupid and you expect it to be. And not entirely funny. Mostly disgusting moments. Like many recent spoof movies much like Not Another Teen Movie and Scary Movie franchise, just spoof popular movies, in this case Meet my Parents, Meet the Fockers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend's Wedding (I like the two ladies with the flower hats!), Sweet Home Alabama, Shallow Hal, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Hitch. Alyson Hanningan plays 'Julia Jones', which in much of these parody movies, the character's names are taken from the original. Jones from 'Bridget Jones' and Julia probably from 'Date Movie' queen Julia Robert. The inspired moments are when they 'roll drunks' or the Lord of the Rings set (Frodo played by Alyson's fellow Buffy alum Tom Lenk) come in to trade in the ring at a Jewerly store and also an inspired cameo by Lil' Jon. Alyson Hannigan is a comedy pro but not so great at holding a movie together. Newcomer Adam Campbell (Grant) is just beautiful and has a great body. He is real good at looking like Brad Pitt (also good in drag!). He is not as great with holding the comedy but a real sport. He does the 'When Harry Met Sally' sthick which Alyson actually did in a stage version with Luke Perry.

A deleted scene of the Jell-O scene features instead of a racist Taco Bell joke, a non-racist stinky barge joke but would had fly better in my book. A good choice in casting was improv-pros Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge as Grant's parents. In one moment, they say Grant lost his viriginity to the male servant. He says something in Spanish and the subtitle says 'Hi Grant.' In reality, he says 'Hola Papa Chulo. Tu pene es tan grande que te extranado tanto.' Translates as 'Hello my darling boy. Your penis is so big I have missed you.' The 'ugh so tiring ending' is an extension parody to King Kong to just showboat cameo Carmen Electra. What is good to is a scene featuring Grant and Andy in reverse-roles of Pretty Woman.

Sophia Monk (She looks like Billie Piper from Doctor Who) who plays Grant's 'best man' Andy and she is really British but has no accent in the movie. She is trotted around as the 'hot chick' but she is pretty good. She reveals in the DVD that she hasn't been on many dates and that one time she thought she was going to get a kiss but didn't. Throughout the movie, it looks like they digitally doctored her face a lot. Eddie Griffin plays Julia's father and does a good job, pretty much like a straight protrayal of a father. Alyson looked like she had fun with this movie. She is so good at the dramatic as well and making you cry, if they played this straight, you would bawling. What she plays the best is the bad guy, she should do a movie where she is the all out villian. In retrospect, she did good at not doing the 'woe is me' romantic movie and just go out and make fun of it.

Oh yeah... also featured in this movie is cutie chameleon Josh Meyers as Napeoleon and 'date crasher' Owen Wilson... bookending the movie. What is commending about the DVD is an ANTI-Commentary with two critics, awesome. The producers liked the bad reviews so much that they got these people.

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